PETITION TO REPEAL CARTER COUNTY SALES TAX 1. In March of 2004 the petition drive begin. 2.

We found a lot of people not registered to vote who wanted to sign petition, we asked Tracy Harris Administrator of Elections if we got registration forms for them to register would they be counted if they signed the petition. She told us she would count everyone that his or her card was turned in by the petition date. But she did not do this, "after" the word come down that this issue was not to reach the referendum. 3. By September 3, 2004 there had been 5,365 people that had signed the petition. It was very easy to see what the will people was. 4. September 3, 2004 was the date the petition was to be turned in, to be judged by Election Commission. 5. After checking petition Tracy Harris Administrator of Elections said (see the two local news papers) the petition lacked 100 qualified signors for the petition to go to Referendum. She said that 2916 signors checked out to be good signors (see petition report Petition Number Tax). She said at the beginning of the drive we would need 3,015 good signors. 6. When Tracy Harris was forced to do a second count she found 171 signors that she had disqualified on first count that were a qualified signor. There were hundreds of signors that she said someone else signed for them and disqualified their names, we polled 37 of the hundreds and found the signors, and they gave a sworn affidavit that they signed the petition and that the signature on petition was their signature. (2916+171+37=3124) These are the signors she said some third party signed for them. If we would have had the time and money we could have found 3 or 4 hundred or more of these signors. The signors on petition were never counted as to the deciding of the issue, if they had been counted the issue would have went to a referendum. 7. Judge Richard Johnson said at the beginning of the legal proceedings that he was going to follow the law, which he did not do. If he had done so the voters of Carter County would have decided this issue. These are the ones that took the people right to vote away, George and Kathy Dugger, Tracy Harris Administrator of Elections and Sidney Davidson, Millard Garland, Dean Perry, Bud Whitehead, and Leonard Lewis the Election Commissioners also Judge Richard Johnson and Assistant State Attorney General William Helou. 8. The Tennessee Assistant Attorney General interpretation said petitioning meant that anyone can talk to the people representing them. He said any ruling the Election Commission makes is a true ruling and they cannot be challenged. He also said a petition could be taken on any issue, but it will be left up the local Election Commission if it is approved. And that a petition like ours probably would be disapproved. He also said anyone could say anything they wanted to any official but that they probably would not listen to anything that was said. If you have the power you can interpret anything, anyway you want no matter if it is correct or not. Get a dictionary and try to interpret the definition of a dictator or dictators No matter what you think of this issue, lookup what the word democracy means.

9. We did get our legal case dismissed in Chancery Court, but we did not lose our case all together in Carter County. We found who is setting every elected official into office and who is controlling all referendums. The voters are not doing this. The Election Commission does what they want and no one can challenge any thing they say or do whether they are right or wrong. That is the way the Assistant State Attorney General interprets the Laws and the Constitution of Tennessee, and the Constitution of the United States. 10. If you are going to run for an elected office in Carter County take your checkbook and head for the election commission. You may think all this was said because we are bad losers, but this issue could not have been lost if the petition had been judged correctly. Relax and let your mind tell you who lost the most when the case was dismissed and who gained the most. Thank you: Webster Dictionary: Democracy> Government by the people: esp: rule of the majority. A Government in which the supreme power is held by the people. The common people esp: when constituting the source of political authority. Webster Dictionary Democrat >one who believes in or practices democracy. A member of the Democratic Party of the U.S. Webster Dictionary Democratic> 1 relating to or supporting democracy. 2 egalitarian. 3 (Democratic) (in the US) relating to the Democratic Party. Webster Dictionary Republican >1 belonging to or characteristic of a republic. 2 advocating republican government. 3 (Republican) (in the US) supporting the Republican Party. >noun 1 a person advocating republican government. 2 (Republican) (in the US) a member or supporter of the Republican Party. 3 (Republican) an advocate of a united Ireland. WEBSTER DICTIONARY Republic > 1a government having a chief of state who is not monarch and is usu. A president; also a nation or other political unit having such a government 2 a government in which supreme power is held by the citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives governing according to law; also a nation or other political unit having such a form of government 3 a constituent political and territorial unit of the former nation Czechoslovakia, the U.S.S.R or Yugoslavia. WEBSTER DICTIONARY Dictator> A person ruling absolutely and often brutally and oppressively 2: One that dictates. WEBSTER DICTIONARY Dictatorship>1 the office of a dictator 2:autocratic rule, control or leadership 3:a government or country in which absolute power is held by a dictator or a small clique.