Poetically Poetically Yours.. Yours…..
Rosco Rosco

Disparate Reflections

Your thoughts are expressed in ornate vocabulary Mine remains yet to be expressed Your emotions flow out in a rage Mine lies suppressed, hidden and forgotten

Your aim is to reach for the world Mine lies battered and Wrapped delicately in my trousseau

Your dream is to capture the world Mine confronts me in the darkness of the night Your pain conducts through the air

Mine flows out through the corners of my eyes Your wishes are my command Mine lies forgotten in the folds of your handkerchief

Your feelings sway with your mood Mine has been trampled and dead long before, By circumstances

You are free to fly I lie here, broken winged Chained by the norms of the society All because we differ

You are a man I am a woman You are still in search of destiny Supposedly… I have long attained it in your vicinity.

Mundane Existence

Yet another day The sun sinks slowly Pulling down the shutters of daylight

She stands at the window Elated Excited Eager Looking at.. The busy street The hustle bustle

The endless stream of excitement Displaying her mood She waits Impatient Desperate Her eyes brighten Heart leaps Smile reaches for her ears!!

She dashes downstairs Hopeful Happy All smiles She escorts him to the room Mustering courage..

Eager Impatient Ecstatic She promised herself Today would be the day!!

She mumbles hesitantly “Can we go for a movie ..maybe.. This weekend..?”

Pregnant silence Emptiness The T.V. grins sarcastically His fingers dance on the remote control impatiently

The wall clock mocks her insecurities Impatient “can we?” He frowns oddly “I have a meeting tomorrow..”

Her smile disappears Her heart feels heavy

Her vision blurs with tears She waits yet hopeful For an explanation Or perhaps a change of mind Pregnant silence greets her farewell

Rigid, stiff She walks back Quietly consoles herself Maybe next time..!! She strolls back to the window Her only access to the outer world

The street now dead Resembling the fountain of joy within her Which only a moment before ….bubbled and danced…. Now dead..!!

Mute Witness

Lost between two worlds Into the sea of eternity Deeper and deeper I drown Alas! A helpless spectator I am Watching myself drown in the sea of time!!

Numb, still I stand .. Here, in the nowhere land. My childhood days, suddenly a vague image

Ahead stretches an endless journey.. No place for me and I Anonymous days ahead merging into anonymous weeks instead !!

Lost between two words.. I see myself falling into different moulds, A helpless spectator I am of my losing identity My feelings stacked for eternity

Lost I am … inside the veil of my bridal dress.


Think not Of what could have happened Think of

What is happening Think not Of the sun that is sinking

Think of the dawn that is approaching

Think not Of the misery you have suffered

Think of The happiness you have felt

Think not Of the tears you have shed

Think of The laughter you have emitted

Think not Of the turmoil you are in

Think of The moments when you would be laughing at it

Think not Of the pain at the moment

Think of the pleasure its bringing

Think not Of the gloomy clouds looming over you

Think of the sunshine in queue

Think not Of the people criticizing you

Think of the people proud of you

Think not Of the people – gloomy, depressed and defeated

Think of The people smiling, satisfied and fulfilled

Think not Of the dead and buried

Thank god, You are still alive and breathing

Think not Of what could have happened Thank god for what is happening!!

Silent Warrior

She fights not with a canon Nor with a sword Though she fights better Than the best warrior born

Never learned to yield She fights like a lioness in the battle field The wounds in her heart By now a forgotten tale

The pain o so intense Yet the smile on her lips Never ceases to expand She fights like the toughest warrior

With courage so immense Her head held high The shadow of fatigue On her face concealed behind her smile Bravely she fights her endless battles

She battles not for territory Nor for treasure She fights for her existence

Persistence Patience Strife Struggle Her invisible marshalling troops

Alas! In the solitude of the night She vents her fears Vulnerability And Pain

Through the corners of her eyes Softly, ever so silently Weeps her fatigue out Alone In the solitude of the night She dares to be a woman Freeing the woman within O! she weeps for the battles lost She weeps for the battles won

For the pain welling up in her heart is so immense Yet at the crack of dawn Faithfully, she marches to her battlefield Her façade of bravery Her only shield

She battles not with cannon nor with a sword Though bravely, silently gracefully she battles her endless battles for existence for she knows her battles last from her childhood to grave.

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