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towing blog about tow trucks, repo, wreckers, rollbacks, heavy duty hauling,tow parts Friday, July 27, 2012 Add This

Towing or Rollback Cable

Towing or Rollback Fiber Core Wire Rope Cable

Fiber Core Rope - 100' x 5/8" with Swivel HookPart Number: 6598 Made in the USA : Perfect for towmen, towers, rollbacks, rotators and other towing professionals Your Cost: $199.43

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towing rollback cable

Take advantage of this offer and view other towing parts now by Clicking

Here More information about part number 6598 (towing cable)

Towing Cable / Wire Rope

Fiber and Steel Core wire rope assemblies are manufactured from plow steel 6x25 rope

This Towing cable / Wire ropes is functional for car carrier, towing, carhauler, autohauler, wrecker and rollback functions.

Towing Cable made with a galvanized thimble,

Tow Cable made with steel sleeves

----More towing / Rollback Cable Choices

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Many Sizes of towing Cable Available

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Many Sizes of towing Cable Available

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American Made Towing Cable

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Cops put Staten Island tow-truckers on the hook From By John M. Annese 1/26/11 STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A driver for ...

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