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St. Germain through Joanna Neff (Jyoti Alla-An)

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I am St. Germain. It is a great honor and privilege to be with you here this evening. We
have been discussing energy. As you may have understood in having read information
about me that has come through--either erroneously or truly--other channels, and so
forth, I am considered a master of the use of energy. An alchemist, a magician, if you will.
In my Merlin expression I am interpreted as quite a crusty old fellow . . .very gruff, sort of
world-weary and tired of it all, and so forth. We all have our grumpy days, and so it is in
soul expression, in so-called "past" lives and in various other expressions.

When you're in a body, and when, day after day, no one around you seems to want to
relate to who they really are, it can get frustrating to a "magician." It seems easy when
you're not in a body to make all these plans for what you wish to accomplish when you're
in a body, but when you get in that body, you say something like "Oh, no! What have I
done!" And you're doing that in many lives at one time. There's this ringing chorus of "Oh,
no! What have I done!" throughout your many lives. But you come into expression as a
soul group to explore certain issues--for example, Courage. Truth. Freedom.

Many great masters, as you know, came into being at the time of your American
Revolution. All your Founding Fathers were masons--very mystical men, as you know.
Spiritual adepts. Again, you have a period in history in which there's an acceleration of
consciousness. One such obvious one would have been the Renaissance. Suddenly,
seemingly out of nowhere, there was the flowering of the Arts. This was a shift in
consciousness. Every great age is a representation of a shift of consciousness, only none
can compare to the one you're going through now in your Ascension consciousness.
Understand that this is not the first time this has happened. It happens with regularity
and in cycles.

This evening I wish to give you some information about mastering your use of energy. You
have thought of the mastery of the uses of energy as magic or alchemy: translating base
metals into gold, and so forth. This is nothing but understanding that everything which
you live here is a hologram. Therefore, you create holographically within the rules and
dimensions here what you need in your life, whether it be financial, relationship, and so
forth. Once you get into a holographic kind of perceptual habit, then you learn the rules
and you extend from your spiritual evolution into the ability to call forth. You demand. You
don't say: "Please" and grovel. You say: "I command. I demand." This is your mastery.

Because of some confusions in the interpretations of religion and so forth, people have
come to feel that it is wrong to demand and to command. But, you see, that is what
masters do. Boom! "I command this to manifest in my hand" or whatever it might be. Of
course you're not going to do this overnight because your belief structures are not going
to allow you to. But, I assure you, if you were able to come into total, absolute belief that
you could manifest piles of $100 bills in your hand, you could. So only your lack of belief
holds you back.

When manifesting it is important to be in a state of expectancy. Expectancy is a state of

being, and I would use this term instead of "expectation" just because of the connotation.
Expectancy doesn't require some outcome. Expectation does. You say, "I am in
expectation of such-and-such, and if it doesn't happen, I get disappointed and
depressed." And there's the attachment, you see. Expectancy is a continuous state of
being where all possibilities can come to me in this day, in this hour, in this minute.
Virtually an infinity of options can play out. But the starting point, the first step, here is to
see that this reality is a hologram and that you create holographically within it.

It is not difficult to create money if you realize that money is just energy. Money is a thing
that represents energy and that moves like energy. In fact, money moves energetically
more than it moves actually. You know that it moves electronically from bank to bank. No
bills go anywhere. Correct? That's just energy moving from one location to another.

The trick to creating your ideal world is to stop looking for the reflections of your being,
your acts. Gurumayi Chidvilasanda, the great Siddha Guru, has said, "If you want your
dreams to come true . . . wake up!" This means changing your consciousness. As you
evolve "spiritually," you lose self-consciousness, and this is both in the sense of feeling
self-conscious and being conscious of self as an identity. The more empowered you are to
work with these holographic-energetic structures, the less self-conscious you will be.
When you are self-conscious, everything is reflected back to you and then processed. So I
say this, and it reflects back, and I say "This is the effect it had on so-and-so," and I
process it through my ego. That's what self-consciousness is.

When you come into mastery, you are no longer attached to the outcome of your words,
your thoughts, your actions. This is what the great enlightened masters mean by
becoming detached. No, you don't become aloof and arrogant and non-loving. You have
compassion, but it is not an attached compassion; meaning, "I feel compassion for you
and I want to see in the mirror that you're grateful," do you see. True detachment is not
being attached to the results of your actions, thoughts, words, feelings or deeds--bad or
good. Karma has been created as people are attached to the results. So if I do good
deeds, and I am attached to your thanking me, and on your putting my name on a
plaque?, I create karma. So, in the next life, you have to give back to me. The idea is not
to create karma. Now, you know that in this great age karma is said to have been
dispelled. It is the end of Kali Yuga, the darkest spiritual age. You are coming into the
Golden Age of Light. But you create karma within a day, within an hour, and so forth.

You may be wondering why I am telling you all of this in such detail. It is because it will
help you track your thoughts. You can say: "When I said this to so-and-so, was I expecting
a certain reaction or was I looking to see what kind of reaction there would be?" There's
the attachment. And so you move into your mastery when you come out of the reflection
back to self. You just do for its own doing. Or you become what you're doing. You are in a
state of being. Then you get the ecstasy and the joy. Then you get the freedom from
having that mirroring going on, which only gratifies the mind momentarily and which
must be constantly fed like an addiction, again and again.

I would like someone in the group to pose a question, a hypothetical situation, and see
how I would answer you. For example: "I have such-and-such a situation in my life. How
would I work with it energy holographically to manifest?"

Question: I'm going back home to complete the circle with my father, to claim my power.
What I don't understand is why I have this phobia about encountering spiders when I get
there. Is this somehow connected with my father?

Oh, I have an answer right away, and this comes right out of [the channel's] experience.
What you're talking about is fear of starting over again and again. I will tell you a story
that shows this is truly what your fear of spiders is trying to tell you. It's about a very big
spider, big in the body, almost crab-like in color, that built a web out on [the channel's]
patio. She felt very honored that the spider picked this spot. The problem was that she
kept forgetting that the spider was there, and as she would lean over to water her flower
box plants, she would break part of its web. And she did this five or six times, each time
apologizing profusely to the spider. Or she would go out and see that the wind had
disconnected some of the lines. She would say: "Doesn't that spider know how to make
strong lines anyway? What's wrong with this spider? I thought spider webs were supposed
to be stronger than this."

Finally, she got used to the spider's being there and no longer disrupted the web. But
what happened is that the left side of the web kept getting disconnected over and over
and over again. Guess what the spider did? Again and again, the spider rebuilt its
elaborate web. [The channel] got the message. She thought: When this happens to
people, they complain. They'd be saying: "Oh, God. I have to build this web again. I just
did this. This is so much work!" Whine whine. Moan moan. Groan groan. Do you see? But
animals don't complain. This is the great lesson of nature. They just do what they're
intended to do, just as the spider did. Change, you see, is the nature of all existence, and
in Third Dimension it is the most difficult to relate to change, because "just when you
thought it was safe to go back in the water," there's Bruce, the shark.

One of the greatest fears of all humans is big changes, and yet so many of you are
actively seeking these shifts now. You imagine, however, that if you shift in these ways,
then your Ascension path is all going to be beautiful, and then you can coast for five-
thousand lifetimes, or whatever. There is never any coasting . . . at any level. I never
coast. And, as Jyoti has said, "that is a bummer" in 3-D, because, in the density of the
human body, it is intolerable to the 3rd-dimensional mind to believe that "This goes on
forever at every level of existence." This is purgatory, like Sisyphus rolling the rock up the
hill one more time. Then it rolls down, over and over again.

Unencumbered by the body, however, you experience this as great adventures and
opportunities. This is why your achievement here is so great, and why you are so
honored, and why you are heroes to us. Because doing what you're doing in physical
bodies is incomprehensible on the spiritual level, and you gain many more "brownie
points" by doing it in a physical body than you do in a disembodied state, which is why
you decided to come here to do this . . . because of the tremendous merits, if you will, on
the Spirit and Soul level, not only for you but for all in your soul group. For all the Higher
Selves, for all the Oversells, on "up" "up" up," as you say; for all the angels and Ascended
Masters and all the other Great Beings of Light--every "tiny" thing that you accomplish
here in the light is magnified exponentially, and only you do not see the greatness of
your achievement.

The other vision that I got when you asked your question about spiders was not that you
fear spiders such as the big, hairy tarantula but more that you fear the spider's function--
the whole process of "building the web." And this particular spider that I've been telling
you about had a lot of babies too. It was as in the beautiful story, Charlotte's Web. Do you
know that story? It's about rebuilding. It's about setting up your web that is the whole
center of your universe. Where your food comes in. And then you wrap it, and then you
store it over here in this intersection of these lines.

And the other thing about a web that's very appropriate here is that when spiders touch a
part of the web, they hear a sound. That's how they always know where they are so that
they don't get caught in their own webs. They know where all the bugs are because they
touch the web and they can hear all the relationships of those sounds. It's like a
xylophone. So, you see, the web for you, and the whole spider thing, is the construct of
your life as you have known it so far. Quite literally, you are the weaver of your own

This "phobia" is actually an energetic pattern, or energetic structure, representing that

issue that can be read by others. Another channel, for example, might pick up on that
structure and translate it into a clairvoyant image that makes sense to him as a past life
in which you are trapped in a ravine with tarantulas. It hasn't actually happened in a past
life--that just might be how the channel sees it. In working through these issues, it is
perfectly acceptable, and totally spiritual, to say "I command those energies." When
you're getting energies that are uncomfortable for you, that are oppressive, that are
having a negative or harmful influence on you, in your mastery it is your right and your
duty to say "I command you to leave." If you want to use the vernacular, you can say
"Get out of my space!"

There is another important consideration here having to do with not having self-
consciousness, and this is very important. If you are in expectation that your father is
suddenly going to be like Saul on the road to Damascus or make a dramatic sea change
because of where you are, you may be disappointed. It is up to you to stay in the space
that you have created in your mastery. The changes may not be sudden or quick with
him. There may be a sense of coming up against a brick wall, and if you get into a
reflective thing it may undermine the conviction and the heartfelt position that you take
with him when you return. Do you see? If you expect that he will suddenly say, "Oh, my
lost daughter. I'm so sorry, and I now have jumped from being a 3rd-dimensional to a 6th-
dimensional being because of your presence," you will probably be disappointed.

Another way to resolve a phobia is to become that thing that you fear. This is done in
Native American shape shifting medicine all the time. The idea is that you get in to the
being of the spider and perceive the world the way a spider does. Incidentally, this one is
quite neat because this is what you're all working toward in your Ascension
consciousness--coming out of separation--so that you don't say: "The spider and I are
different. The spider and I are separate. The spider is scary and I'm not." When you come
out of these illusions and come into the Oneness of All, you are the spider. You are the
deer. You are All, and All is you.

This is a nice exercise to do, and it is something that Native American shamans do as part
of their growth toward that mastery that "shaman" means. "I shape-shift. I become the
fox. I become the wolf. I become the weasel. I become the eagle and the hawk." Become
the spider for a while. Go into the spider's existence and become one with that spider,
and all fear will go away.

Question: How, specifically, would you direct that energy to a particular spot in the
body--say, for example, for healing?

When you are in discomfort, or in the disharmony that you call disease, you start focusing
on that place, do you not? Rather intensively, rather repetitively? This is a good question.
We'll experiment here together. Every time your attention is drawn to that spot, what is
your thought? "That hurts." And you fall "out of love" with that spot in your body, do you
not? This is two-fold. When you're feeling frustration, anger, victimization, a common
reaction is "Why me?" So you're actually sending non-love to that place and make it do
even more what it's already been doing.

Another method you can use to release whatever it is from a certain spot is to ask it to
speak to you. Let it tell you what it's expressing, because it's most often expressing
something that you're not allowing yourself to express. Usually it's something rather
deep. So, with love, the way you would talk to a child who's trying to tell you something,
say: "What is it that you wish to say that nobody else is listening to?" Children seem to
get the most upset when they're trying to tell you something and you're not listening.
"Please, listen to me." And you can go to that part of the body and just hear what it's
trying to tell you.

And this is the very nature of separation from Source Creator--the pain that those in 3rd
Density feel lifetime after lifetime. You felt separate from this part (and it from you) that
was in pain. And the greatest pain that is suffered by humanity is separation from Source
Creator. This, on "a smaller scale," is the same situation as 3rd-dimensional
consciousness being separated and fragmented from the great Divine Love. Just as easily
as you have done here, in this experiment, you can reconnect with the Divine. It is that
simple. Self-Mastery.

What I wanted to say about "I Am That I Am" is to start thinking of it as a mandala (not
mantra), meaning that it is a circle. The way I would perceive it is that it's a sort of daisy
chain: "I Am That I Am" in a continuous circle. Truly, the meaning is NOT: "I Am That I Am"
. . . period--end of sentence--but an infinite circle. You Are Already Where We Are.
This is why we tell you that we wish you not to bow down to us, not to make us your
gurus; we don't wish you to worship us. We see you as equals, in your terms (we would
not use this term because we experience the Oneness). We do NOT see you as these little
people to whom we talk to try to make you feel better. Only dark beings would ever say
such things to you.

We see you as those working with us continuously. Understand also that you are working
within other dimensions, and you are working in your expressions in dimensions from
which I am actually "speaking" to you. In your aspect that you would term "higher," you
are standing beside me talking to yourself here. Do you understand? You are in all those
"places" and all those "dimensions" at one time, and you are standing next to me looking
at you, now, and talking to yourself now. You, yourselves, are here--wherever it is I truly
am; you are here too, and you are in the same "state" as I am, only you may not perceive