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Designing Our Organization

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1) The Strategic Plan and the Business Strategies The overall strategic plan is the expansion of the brand Epicmootime. The business strategy is to not limit the market of Epicmootime within schools and universities. By expanding into fast-food restaurants outside colleges and universities, Epicmootime can capture more market other than the students inside the schools. It can capture the residents (from villages and condominiums) and offices around the vicinity in which it is located. This will most likely give Epicmootime an increase not only in sales but in brand awareness and usage as well. This is Epicmootimes long-term business strategy Moreover, if Epicmootime will expand outside the university, it should add more products in its product line and then perfect the food, making sure that each food served is consistent in taste, serving, presentation, and quality. They should fix the problem of compromising the food quality because of their fast service. This will be Epicmootimes short-term business strategy to perfect their brand to prepare for its expansion. This is very important and necessary if Epicmootime chooses to expand. The last step in this long-term expansion strategy is to open a delivery service, catering to residents from villages and condominiums, students from different dormitories, to employees in offices around the vicinity. This Epicmootimes expansion strategy will be located along Katipunan, between Ateneo De Manila University and University of the Philippines. Once the branch in Katipunan becomes stable and its operations, marketing, and financial plans become systemized, it can now open more branches. 2) Process flowchart for the business processes Process flowchart for the short-term business process/strategy:

Process flowchart for the long-term business strategy:

3. Identify the logical and practical groupings of work based on the flowchart We know that in any business organization, there will always be different departments. The 9 basic departments would include: Accounting Human Resource Marketing & Sales Operations Procurement Research and Development Information Technology Administration Logistics The Accounting Departments job is for them to analyze the performance of the company. They are to evaluate the money of the company may it be a loss or gain. The Accounting Department is also expected to provide accounts both for the management and the external reports of the company. The Human Resources job is to take care of the companys personnel. Their job includes payroll, recruitment, training and talent management. Human Resource is believed to be essential for any organization because an organization without people (personnel/employees) is not an organization. The Marketing and Sales Department links the company towards its consumers and its people (stockholders, press, etc.). It is part of their job to sell the company (its products and/or services) to the consumers. The Marketing and Sales department is also expected to analyze and deal with the companys consumers, stakeholders and medias past, present and the future. The Operations Department would be the department wherein the real job is done. This is where the manufacturing, production, assembly, retail and processing takes place. This is considered as essential because this department literally produces the end product of the company. Procurement Department would be the coordination between the companys employees and its suppliers. The Procurement Department is expected to plan and prepare the material/supplier requirements, which would also require them to manage the purchasing of supplies in a day-to-day basis. The Research and Development Department simply produces or develops a new product/service. Their role also includes conducting some research regarding the current trend and the possible current trend. This is simply addressing the research conducted by the Marketing and Sales department by turning their research (the customers needs and wants) to an actual product/service.

Information Technology Department provides an aid towards the employees difficulties with regards to the computer system of the company (whether the server is down) that it affects the production and work of the employees. The Administration Department deal mostly with the paper works of the company. They usually deal with the legal matters and keeping track of the records/files produced by the company, which will then be used for future studies. Lastly, the Logistics Department. The Logistics Department is responsible for transporting resources in different locations that Operations, Marketing and Sales and Research and Development may require. With that being said, the first column of the short-term business process chart would need the Procurement Department, the Marketing and Sales Department and the Research and Development Department. First, the Marketing and Sales Department needs to know what the consumers really want and need. After which, the company would need to coordinate with their suppliers for the need of their necessary resources for product improvement. Next, the company would then ask the Research and Development to actualize the researches conducted here, they actually improve the products making it into a new product. Lastly, the company would go back to its Marketing and Sales Department to conduct the food samples or food testing to its market. The second column of the short-term business process chart would need the Administration and Human Resources Department. First, the Administration Department would have to input all the observed violations or misconducts of the employees into its employees handbook. After which, it will be the Human Resource Depart who is to coordinate what was stated in the handbook to the employees themselves. It will also be the Human Resource Management who would regulate the behavior of the employees assuring that the rules are continuously abided by and that both employees and companys demand meet. With this, it would be unlikely for Epicmootime to succeed for they didnt only do good to their company but for their employees welfare as well. For the long-term business process chart on the other hand, the first column would need the Accounting, Marketing and Sales, Procurement, Administration and Logistics Department. First, Epicmootime would have to consult with its Accounting Department with regards to the expenses of the construction of the restaurant this would include how much will the total budget be and how will the funds be allocated. Alongside with the budgetary planning, the Marketing and Sales Department would have to conduct a study of the preferred area (Katipunan) and determine if there really is demand. Even before any construction takes place, the

Administration Department would have settle legal documents such as asking for construction permits and sign documents with contractors etc. Then, the Accounting Department would have to coordinate with the Procurement Department, as they (Procurement) would have to forward the supplies/resources needed for the construction to its suppliers or perhaps, contractors. After which, the Logistics Department would have to transfer the necessary equipment for the construction and would later on, start with the construction of the said restaurant. Lastly, the Administration Department would have to record the information about the changes conducted for Epicmootime. Furthermore, the second column of the long-term business process chart would need the Marketing and Sales Department. This s because after having done the restaurant, what Epicmootime needs to do is to keep their consumers attracted not only with their products but Epicmootime itself. They have to keep themselves differentiated, up-to-date and unpredictable, which is mainly the job of the Marketing and Sales Department. Another reason as to why the Marketing and Sales Department is needed would simply be because of the fact that Epicmootime must generate as much sales to be able to suffice the expenses theyve accrued and be able to sustain the business. Lastly, the third column of the long-term business process chart would need the Logistics and Marketing and Sales Department. The reason behind the Logistics Department would be the fact that they will be transporting not the resources of Epicmootime, but the goods of their consumers. In line with this, the Marketing and Sales Department must first be able to generate sales for the Logistics Department to keep moving. The Marketing and Sales Department must continuously conduct studies as to what the consumers really want and need. With this, not only did Epicmootime manage to expand, but they too were able to cater to needs not just to their initial market (the students) but their future and is then current market which are the outsiders. Having said such, the short-term business process chart must be carried on and applied together with the long-term business process chart. Given that, it would be yet, another milestone for Epicmootime. 4. Identify the jobs/positions. Ensure that all jobs cover your operations plan. The positions that are required for a restaurant company would include: Manager/Owner Assistant Manager Wait staff/Host Busboy

Bartender Chef Cook Prep cook Dishwasher Janitor Inventory Clerks

The Manager would be the overall head of the restaurant; it is also possible that there is only one Manager and Owner of the restaurant. The Assistant Manager will then serve as the right hand of the Manager. The Assistant Manager will take over the restaurant once the Manager is not available to attend to the immediate concerns of the company. The basic sets of clerks are comprised of internal and external clerks. The internal clerks would be those who cannot be seen by the consumers; these usually would be the busboy, bartender, chef, cook, prep cook and inventory clerks. The busboy - who is also considered as a runner who runs to the stores whenever stocks inside the kitchen are running low. Another duty of a busboy would be to clean up the table after the customers eat. The bartender is basically someone who is responsible for the drinks (most often than not, they have bartenders in bars/clubs while only some restaurants have them). The Chef is the main head of the kitchen; he manages the dishes and implements the standard of the food done by the cook. The cook on the other hand is the assistant of the chef who cooks the food; while the prep cook is the one who prepares the ingredients that will be used in cooking. The prep cook is also the one who plates and serves the food on to the counter. The inventory clerks are basically the people who keep track of the supplies the restaurant has. The inventory clerks are also the ones responsible to inform the busboy and the managers about these certain concerns. Last for the internal clerks will be the dishwashers. The dishwashers are the ones who wash and dry the dishes after using them. The external clerks would include the wait staff/host and the janitors. The janitors are the employees who maintain the cleanliness of the area this would include both the inside (the kitchen, stockroom, etc.) and the outside (the dining area, the lounge, the parking, etc.) of the restaurant. Lastly, the wait staff or the host of the restaurant are the ones who serve the food from the kitchen counter on to the customers table.

5. Determining the number of positions required to satisfy performance requirements today first, and in the future later Initially the number of positions in Epicmootime is already sufficient with 1 cashier, 1 cook, and 1 prep cook. It is sufficient because the business is still at its starting point, and the premises of the stall is just enough for only 3 employees. As the business expands, with its current number of employees, itll be difficult for each employee to manage their assigned jobs due to the work load. In order to solve this, the business has to transfer to a bigger space, and hire more employees. In the future, as the Epicmootime expands, the position requirements are: 1-2 cashier (who takes the order as well) 1-2 servers, 1-2 cooks, 1 prep cook 1-2 delivery boys. 1 manager 1 purchaser With cashiers, their job is to take the order and payments of the

customers. They are responsible for the money in the cash register and must account for it at the end of their shift. We also considered adding servers, the servers should be able to anticipate a tables needs and be friendly when serving the customers. The cook is the one who cooks the food that will be served to the customers and should meet the customers expectations. The prep cook is the one responsible for the preparation of meals and they may also monitor other foods that are prepared and kept warm. For the delivery boys, they should be aware of the delivery area and they are responsible for keeping the food intact while delivering the food. The manager is responsible for the business performance of the restaurant, preparing reports at the of the shift or week, and planning and coordinating menus. Lastly, the purchaser is responsible for ordering inventory, supplies, and equipment. The purchaser is also responsible for securing the best price for all purchases, and confirming all orders and deliveries. 6. Develop relationships an organization chart. Determine reporting



Since epicmootime is a small business, the organizational chart that we decided to illustrate is not that comprehensive. The hierarchy of positions simply goes like this, the owner is the head of the chart. And underneath it is the manager. Followed by the cashier person then the customer. We included the customer on the organizational chart because he can suggest or comment on the service or operation of the business. Epicmootime can use these suggestions to better themselves. But if Epicmootime wants a more detailed chart for the long run, this should be the case (referring to slide 2). Now the owner has two subordinates that are keeping an eye of the operations and finances. This helps the owner pinpoint things that are in need of change in the business like the taste of the food, the price, or the quality of service. This chart makes makes the business more organized and productive. 7. Determine transition pay structure for each position

In order to expand EPICMOOTIME, they must improve transition pay structure for each position. Apparently, they only have three staff in their stall and each has individual tasks. Their front man is the cashier, who also collects the order of the customers. Second is the one that prepares the order. And the third is the cool. Even though each of them has done their work effectively. But the quality of their products suffers in which make their work not efficient enough. In the food industry, your products are the strength, second is the customer service. In order to make the strategy more effective and efficient which is to expand the target market. Apparently, they only target the students of the Ateneo and in order to expand, they would have to add more staff.

Employee Cook Cook Cook Cook Cashier Cashier Manager/Cashier Cashier Waiter Waiter Waiter Waiter

No. Of hours 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

Salary P40.00 P40.00 P40.00 P40.00 P40.00 P40.00 P45.00 P40.00 P40.00 P40.00 P40.00 P40.00

Time 8:00-6:00/9:007:00 8:00-6:00/9:007:00 8:00-6:00/9:007:00 8:00-6:00/9:007:00 8:00-6:00/9:007:00 8:00-6:00/9:007:00 8:00-6:00/9:007:00 8:00-6:00/9:007:00 8:00-6:00/9:007:00 8:00-6:00/9:007:00 8:00-6:00/9:007:00 8:00-6:00/9:007:00

Since their product line are easy to produce I added three cooks and also for the preparation for bigger market. For the cashier, I added three just in case there would be more walk-ins. And for the waiter I also added three since it will have bigger establishments and not only preparation of the order is that theyll do, but also to clean the leftovers, restrooms, and etc. Each employee is subject to work 6 hours a day starting with a minimum wage of P66.67/hour or P400/day. 8. Prepare for recruitment

These are the employment benefits we suggest:

A day off for a week Legal minimum wage of local government where business permit was licensed

A meal will be provided per work day Discount (around 10%) on food food-stall serves for employees Bonus(5-7% of salary) for perfect attendance

1) Discuss the requirements for each applicant High school graduate and record, less than 30 years old,

at least low level English Speaker, Clean police record and birth certificate, public health certificate issued by assigned or qualified medical institution complying with government regulation. 2) Discuss how do we recruit?
Priority is by recommendation of current well- performing

employees and man power agencies will be followed considering limited resources of time and budget.
3) Discuss how do we choose? First

step will be application review, we eliminate

unqualified applicants in this step easily(for example, lack in documentation mentioned above, wrong format or filled application, pictures without formality or any effort) and those who passed 1st step will be interviewed by managerial position of field work and any other directorial man power except current employee,in any position who recommended the applicant.

4) Discuss where do we get employees? top priority area should be the nearest possible residence

from business field

5) Discuss why choose those kinds of characteristics for

Manpower of the business venture is required to be



serve and


customers skills

with and

minimal honesty.



therefore aforementioned requirement must be fulfilled to be qualified to be a member of our business. 6) Make mission/vision Mission To serve most delicious and nutritious meals to the future of the Philippines! Vision We would like to be one of biggest supporter of academic development of the Philippines by helping students every meal 7) Explain mission vision Employees will be encouraged that even their daily labor contributes to the academic development of our country and feel unity as a nation. 8) Provide application form template

2x2 picture

EPICMOOTIME NameStreet Address City, State, Zip Code Phone Number Email address -

Work Experience
Company Name Job Title Job description Responsibilities Company Name Job Title Job description Responsibilities Company Name Job Title Job description Responsibilities Dates of Employment Dates of Employment Dates of Employment

HS Name Graduated on


Skills/ Licenses


Estimated Sales: EPICMOOTIME (meal only) 50 customer s Projecte d Daily Sales @ 75/mea l X 30 days = Monthly Gross Sales (meal+side+drink) 50 customer s Projecte d Daily Sales @ 115/me al X 30 days = Monthly Gross Sales 5,750.00 100 customer s 11,500.0 0 3,750.00 100 customer s 7,500.00

X 30 days 112,500.00

X 30 days 225,000.00

X 30 days 172,500 .00

X 30 days 345,000 .00

JOLLIBEE Jollibee 2pc. Burger Steak value meal 50 customer s Projecte d Daily Sales @ 82/mea l X 30 days = Monthly Gross Sales 4,100.00 100 customer s 8,200.00

X 30 days 123,000 .00

X 30 days 246,000 .00

Jollibee 2pc. Burger Steak value meal + (side) fries/dessert 50 customer s Projecte d Daily Sales @ 112/me al X 30 days = Monthly Gross Sales 5,600.00 100 customer s 11,200.0 0

X 30 days 168,000 .00

X 30 days 336,000 .00

In comparison, Epicmootime meal is cheaper than Jollibee Burger steak meal. We, as students, choose Jollibee burger steak over Epicmootime even with our eyes closed because of quality assurance, convenience, and it being hassle free, and the fact that its Jollibee. Its a fact that we as Filipinos value brand loyalty among other things. Jollibee had successfully fulfilled that throughout the decades, hence the Jollibee Foods Corporation is the current largest, most profitable food chain of the Philippines. Not to mention that it will be hard for us students who want to eat at Epicmootime because it has only 1 location and its in Ateneo, limiting right away its reach to its possible customers outside the campus and the rest of Metro Manila. While in Jollibee, we can go and buy there or have our orders deliver at our own time and convenience. Truth be told, comparing a household name like Jollibee with an unknown newcomer like Epicmootime is unfair and unjust. You cannot really compare a publicly listed giant with an invincible dwarf in any field at all. Perhaps, Epicmootime needs more time to build customer loyalty, expansion, continuously improve its product and service for it to be fairly compared with the likes of Jollibee. But as of now, Jollibee is a million miles ahead, with its wide variety of food products, established names for the products they provide, sales of hundred of millions daily compared to Epicmootime which is just a dot in the food market industry. INVENTORY Inventory is very important to any business. It measures the business flow. Good inventory helps the business to stay strong. Having reserved batches which are all prepared and reserved in the inventory room of the company in case of an occurrence of accidents is a contingency plan intended to save time, effort, and money. Inventory would allow the owner to measure the production and operation of his business and check for quality control.



INVENTORY ___/___/___

DATE: Person in-charge:


Item 1. Ground beef 2. Bacon strips 3. Beef cheese dog 4. Beef strips

Unit Price 130/kilo 130/kilo 140/pack of 20pcs. 130/kilo 120/can 70/can 700/sack 120/kilo 120/can 120/kilo 150 50 50

Inventory on hand 10kilos 10kilos 20packs 10kilos 20cans 20cans 2sacks 10kilos 20cans 10kilos 50sets 50 100

Total cost 1030 1030 2800 1030 2400 1400 1400 1200 2400 1200 7500 2500 5000

5. Cheese
6. Cream 7. Rice 8. Potatoes 9. Mushroom 10. 11. ils Garlic Utens

12. Drinki ng glass 13. Tissu e Paper