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Dubai’s Trade show culture flourishes

ver the years Dubai has become synonymous with Trade shows and exhibitions from around the world. It’s undoubtedly a destination ‘in the middle of the world’ for global traders to congregate and showcase their products and global expertise. The landscape industry has been no exception to this, having successfully hosted the annual Garden and Landscaping exhibition, IPM Dubai, ME Pool & Spa, Outdoor Living at INDEX exhibition and even specialized golf course conventions, as well as this year’s newcomer held in April, PiscineMiddle East in Abu Dhabi; and the upcoming new show Outdoor Design, Build and Supply exhibition in March next year- it’s one of the only opportunities that industry professionals from various backgrounds within the landscaping industry get to mingle, share experiences, make new friends and see what new technologies and products are new to the market. The business opportunities that arise from these events cannot be under estimated, so starting from September 0 fill your calendar with those all important trade show dates for the season ahead. As always Landscape magazine will have a significance presence at the shows so we would invite all of our readers and advertisers to stop by and interact with fellow regional and international landscape professionals to discuss new innovative solutions in the outdoor design industry.

John Hampton
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Simpson Park Pavillion ‘WHATAMI’ is Rome’s latest

July 2012- Issue 61

Sustainable Plant Selection Promotes Sustainable Water Usage

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New zealand duo offer landscape interventions


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fitcoirrigation. Patented Flow Shut-Off–Allows individual heads to be turned off during installation or adjustment–perfect for quick nozzle changes. Time Proven Patented Reversing Mechanism– Assures continuous reverse and return…over a 20 year history. Rubber Cover–Seals out dirt and increases product durability. Optional Check Valve–Prevents low head drainage. Wide Selection of Nozzles–Including standard and low angle.landscape-me.SUPERPRO ™ w/flow ShUt-off IRRIGATION warranty year 5 Perfect for new construction.ae • Website: www. SuperPro™ waters newly installed sod while other areas are being prepared for sodding.landscape-me.com I February 2012 Email: fitcoind@emirates. Five Year Limited Warranty. I www.com July 2012   . 2N1 Adjustable or Continuous Rotation– Provides a full range of adjustment from 40° to a continuous full circle. Ratcheting Riser–Allows for easy adjustment of your left starting position with a simple turn of the riser. Patented Arc Set Degree Markings–Clearly indicates the current watering pattern and simplifies arc set adjustment.com i www.O.: 971-4-2221217 • Fax: 971-4-2289130. Box 16781 Jebel All. provides flexibility in system design. 5” Riser–Perfect for grasses with thick thatch. A Complete Range of Quality Products for the Irrigation Professional • Micro Irrigation • Bubblers • Sprays • Rotors • Sprinklers • Automation Products • Hydraulic Control Valves Foutains and Aerators • Filtration • Fertilizer Injection • Back Flow Protection • Mist Cooling • Hose End Intelligent Irrigation Solutions P. Revolutionary Patented Easy Arc Set– Simplified arc set allows for wet or dry adjustment in seconds. Arc Memory Clutch–Prevents internal gear damage and returns rotor to its prior setting automatically if nozzle turret is forced past its stop. United Arab Emirates • Tel. 3/4” Inlet–Replaces all standard rotors.net.

Dubai Municipality has planned another awareness program for children. films screening and other awareness programs also was held in the sidelines of the exhibition. Dubai Municipality has organized an exhibition at its Al Twar Centre. Apart from lectures and other environmental awareness programs a workshop on agriculture and plantation and exclusively on deserts will be part of the event.com i July 2012 . said officials with the civic body.landscape-me.a project by Mayassah Al Hammadi which won 2012 Young Entrepreneur Award was another attraction of the exhibition. Also exhibited was . related to World Day to Combat Desertification. The exhibition. World day to combat desertification DM organizes exhibition at Al Twar Centre  i www.different kind of soil samples collected from length and breadth of UAE along with basic information regarding it. organized jointly by the Public Parks and Horticulture Department and Environment Control Section with DM pointed to the worst effects of desertification in human life.News & Events On the occasion of World Day to Combat Desertification. Surveys. Pictures and photographs of the plants found unique in the region. Emirates Park Project 2030. to be held at Dubai Women’s Club on 21st of this month. information regarding its environmental importance and models of water and soil -friendly irrigation devices and tools were made available for public view in the exhibition.

The lecture witnessed strong participation and was attended by over 130industry professionals as well as UPC and Estidama senior planners. we aim to reduce the rate of water consumption by introducing design methods and practical solutions as the Emirate has one of the highest per capita water. The first lecture titled Precious Water:”Driving Water Efficiency in Abu Dhabi” addressed exemplar water conservation. UPC held the inaugural lecture on 5 June 2012 at Al Ma’moura Building. Examples on how UPC and Estidama are addressing water efficiency was also illustrated referencing the Public Realm Design Manual (PRDM). The attendees were also updated on how the program tackles water demand reductions through efficient irrigation system by defining clear irrigation targets for Public Parks. Estidama planners shared with the participants how Abu Dhabi and through Estidama’s Pearl Rating System (PRS) for Buildings/Villas/Communities is designed to reduce water consumption in buildings. the first sustainability benchmark in the Arab region. part of the Council’s long term initiative titled ‘UniverCity Outreach Program’ that aims to engage the UAE’s university student community with Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030. and the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT). Our first objective was to develop the technology to create a composite wood superior to natural wood in order to combat the thoughtless lumbering of forest trees i www. Estidama planners explained to the participants how the Estidama Pearl Rating System incorporates efficient water usage measures among buildings by introducing low-flow fixtures and appliances and low-water cooling equipment. Through Estidama. The lecture also addressed Estidama’s role and efforts that complement the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) strategic plan for the management of the Emirate’s water resources.com July 2012  . economy. The plan calls for the adoption of stringent eco-friendly measures to increase water production in Abu Dhabi and urges government implementation of water policies to reduce wastage to combat the threat of severe shortages in future. efficiency and optimization in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Estidama and HCT will over the course of the year organize another five lectures each crafted to discuss key sustainability matters. The series of lectures are being organized by Estidama. “Engagement and discussion is the most effective mode of addressing the importance of water and its conservation with the youth and I am confident that our ‘UniverCity outreach program’ will enhance their understanding and approach towards the overall clear and progressive sustainable initiatives implemented to support Abu Dhabi Vision 2030. and its dedicated Pearl Rating System (PRS).” added Al Hammadi. Independent Commissioning Agent and Building Envelope Verification. Waste Management. Abu Dhabi’s sustainability program developed and managed by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC). which includes UPC headquarters. The lectures will highlight Energy Modeling. Natural Systems. society and culture Commemorating the World Environment Day 2012. U nder the theme “Sustainable Urban Development”. Amer Al Hammadi. Streetscapes and other landscape and WPC protecs primeval forests. Director of Planning and Infrastructure at Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC).” said Eng.landscape-me. the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) will be organizing a series of awareness activities and lecture that will focus Estidama’s four sustainability pillars: environment.UPC Celebrates World Environment Day 2012 by Focusing on Water Conservation Estidama ties up with HCT to organize six sustainability lectures also by using native and adaptive plant species. and water demand in private gardens and the public realm “Water is a very valuable and in demand resource for Abu Dhabi.

tourist clubs. Ukraine. Particularly in Eastern Europe. HOLIDAYS (hotels. Green Designers in Large European Capitals. particularly for flower and plant nursing companies strongly focused on green and landscape design. while SUN is the ideal platform for these productions because boasts a long-standing tradition in the outdoor sector. Germany.sungiosun. CONTRACT. and with functional models that are needed to improve the quality of insideout living. particularly. www.News & Events Live GREEN is. and particularly: Large Scale Contractors. from abroad: Europe (including non-EU countries) and the Middle East. Cyprus – an international hub for the sector – Slovenia. Holland. Large-Scale Private Building Designers. The project starts in an optimal exhibiting context. Bosnia. Dubai. and has the ability to innovate and communicate effectively. the new exhibiting sector in which SUN opens its doors to the best Italian NURSERYMEN to offer new projects for public and private green to thousands of International professional operators and designers in the sectors of OUTDOOR products. with models identifying a status symbol. hospitality. the Real Estate access door to the entire middle-eastern sub-continental market…. In these countries buyers particularly appreciate Italian flower and plant nursing and act – like Dubai and Cyprus – as the keys to access entire regional and subcontinental markets for the real estate world and large-scale urban. SUN invites large-scale buyers SUN is investing in the expansion and involvement of important visitor groups for Italian flower and plant nursing. tourist. as well as garden centres and specialized large-scale distribution. landscape. The market in all these countries is very dynamic and boasts a huge demand for Italian products: competitive costs. a highquality and unique offering are the levers for the success of Italian flower and plant nursing at an international level. Montenegro. Bulgaria. the Czech Republic. Switzerland. lastly. Poland. For this reason SUN is selecting a number of large-scale flower and plant buyers from Italy and. The new GARDENSUN project will be developed within the framework of the 30th International Exhibition of Outdoor Products on October 7/9. Event Organizers.com i July 2012 . Russia.landscape-me. 2012 in Rimini. in fact. Slovakia and. and camping grounds). Austria. Turkey. SUN will host to live green ambiances and events to demonstrate a number of design visions to a broad and comprehensive international audience made of OUTDOOR professional operators and designers.it 30TH International Exhibition of Outdoor Products opens its doors the best Italian Nurserymen O ctober sees the 30th anniversary of the great Exhibition of outdoor products and introduces GARDEN SUN. and accommodation sectors. Italy is potentially the number one flower and plant producer in Europe.000 visitors from 50 countries. bathing establishments. the basic natural element for public or private OUTDOOR PROJECTS in the real estate world as well as in the tourist. and sports design. The innovative use of plants in private and public green setups. green designers). LANDSCAPING (landscape designers. relying on 25.  i www. This makes the flower and plant nursing business a priority for SUN and for the whole sector. France. EVENT ORGANIZATION. The UK. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. Greece.

Spain Benfica. Durham UK Luanda Stadium. Doncaster UK Powerleague Wembley. Azerbaijan Basrah Stadium. Angola FC Gabala. Ltd Support Partners In Sport BV i Ltd SIS (Eastern Europe)www. Portugal Ajax. Iraq For further details of our comprehensive natural and synthetic pitch surfaces: Support In Sport (Middle East) Tel: + 971 (0) 4 341 5543 Fax: + 971 (0) 4 341 5643 Email: david@supportinsportme. London UK Durham University.com The SIS Group SIS (UK) Ltd SIS (Mfg) Co. Netherlands The Armthorpe School.landscape-me.DESIGN M A N U FA C T U R E CONSTRUCTION MAINTENANCE Real Madrid.com July 2012 SIS (Middle East) SIS (Angola) Lda  . Ltd SIS (IRL) Co.

News & Events MoU signed at MLTM – UPC Joint Forum KOREAN MINISTRY OF LAND. The agreement also covers organizing forums on urban planning and development that would pave the way for private sector companies in Korea to participate in sharing and networking sessions with key stakeholders of the planning and development industry in Abu Dhabi. Director Planning Policies and Infrastructure. Republic of Korea. infrastructure and transportation solutions. Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC). Eng. mutual staff exchange programs will be arranged. TRANSPORT AND MARITIME AFFAIRS PARTNERS WITH ABU DHABI URBAN PLANNING COUNCIL TO PROMOTE URBAN DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES AND BEST PRACTICES and Korean governments. infrastructure and transportation solutions. The mutual working relationships will serve as the ideal platform to explore and identify opportunities and cooperation to exchange best practices. today entered into a cooperation agreement with the Korean Ministry of Land. I n its ongoing endeavour to promote urban planning strategies and best practices. Ministry of Land. In the post global financial crisis era. Dr. The agreement was signed by Dr. The assigned objective for both entities is to further enhance the multi-stakeholder. integrative and consultative approach already initiated and that integrates and promotes the economic. it is essential for Abu Dhabi and the Republic of Korea to continue to address the topic of “Resilience” and ensure continuous diversified urban development and efficiency to remain attractive places to reside. socio-cultural and environmental dimensions of sustainable urban development. as the two entities signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to gain and share firsthand experience on internationally recognized urban planning strategies.landscape-me. Under the agreement. methods and best practices. Director General for Urban Policy. both entities will collaborate to create benchmark urban planning policies and initiatives that are closely integrated with land use. Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM). You. The MoU signed today formally sets a framework to exchange information and experience between the MLTM and UPC and will give us the opportunity to conduct in depth studies and researches on selected areas dedicated to urban development strategy”. Amer Al Hammadi. Director General for Urban Policy. said: “The MoU provides a framework for MLTM and UPC to exchange views and experiences in urban planning to enhance each other’s planning expertise. Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM). Both entities will collaborate to create initiatives that are closely integrated with land use. Republic of Korea and Eng.com i July 2012 .” concluded Al Hammadi. which is part of ongoing collaborations between the Abu Dhabi  i www. Ministry of Land. Byeong-Kwon. Byeong-Kwon. Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC). Under the MoU and to maximize the knowledge transfer process. Highlighting the importance of the agreement. It will deepen the relationship between MLTM and UPC and strengthen ties between Abu Dhabi and Korea”. The MoU was announced at the 1st MLTM-UPC Joint Forum (ADSKF) held at ADNEC today. The mutual working relationships will serve as the ideal platform to explore and identify opportunities and cooperation to exchange best practices. “Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 has laid the foundations for benchmark regional master plans that recognize and respond to cultural. Amer Al Hammadi said: “Knowledge and best practices exchanges are key to developing benchmark urban cities and complete communities sustainable for the next generation. socio-economic and spatial diversity. visit or do business to share valuable experiences. You. Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM).

i www.landscape-me.com July 2012  .

New Products RAIN BIRD: Innovative Irrigation Technology for a Better Future Advanced Hydrotech. RD 1800 Series Spray With their unique design. watering the entire area more uniformly. single-orifice spray nozzles can reduce watering times by more than 30 percent. Rain Bird continually tests new and current products for quality and accuracy. Rain Bird’s U-Series Nozzles are a prime example of a small component that can make a big difference. The RD1800 Series 0 i www. U-Series Nozzles are an easy. The industry must consistently develop and implement new. From water-efficient nozzles and spray heads to cutting-edge drip technology and state-of-the-art control solutions. they have a low scheduling coefficient—a measure of irrigation uniformity developed especially for turf grass. Rain Bird’s RD1800™ Series Sprays are designed to take on all of these challenges with ease. At one of the largest indoor irrigation testing facilities in the world. Because U-Series Nozzles have a very low scheduling coefficient. As a leading irrigation system manufacturer. minimizing dry spots around the spray head. debris and other particulates. Irrigation system components are often subjected to high water pressure. The additional orifice also provides close-in watering. U-Series Nozzles have matched precipitation rates with Rain Bird’s MPR and VAN Nozzles for greater design and installation flexibility.landscape-me. cost-effective retrofit solution that helps end users save water while enjoying a more attractive landscape. The company leverages state- Even the smallest irrigation system components can have a tremendous effect on overall system performance and efficiency. The scheduling coefficient measures how much more you must water an entire area for the driest sections to receive a sufficient amount of water. and performance for over 30 years. Because U-Series Nozzles water so uniformly. substituting them for standard. “The Intelligent Use of Water”™. This eliminates coverage gaps. more efficient systems that maintain healthy landscapes while using as little fresh water as possible. The RD1800 builds upon the reputation of Rain Bird’s popular 1800® Series Sprays that have provided unmatched durability. there’s little doubt that the future of the irrigation industry rests upon a very important goal. Rain Bird is dedicated to achieving this goal each and every day. Every new product or service the company develops is assessed for its contribution to its overarching philosophy. of-the-art technologies to innovate and develop products that apply water in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Contractors who actively upgrade their clients to more efficient technology can promote U-Series Nozzles and enhance their businesses’ profitability. drought and contamination. Rain Bird designs products that use less water to maintain beautiful landscapes. the more evenly it distributes water. The lower a nozzle’s scheduling coefficient. chemically-treated recycled water or even dirty water containing grit. This conserves water. U-Series Nozzles A s the world’s water supply continues to be challenged by population growth. reliability. agent of Rain Bird International in Abu Dhabi hosted an event earliest last month to introduce the latest in irrigation innovations and technical support. U-Series Nozzles produce spray patterns from two orifices to form a continuous water stream. saves money and reduces waste.com i July 2012 . Rain Bird has built its reputation on delivering irrigation systems that combine performance with efficiency. They fit all Rain Bird sprinklers and shrub adapters.

” ESP-LX Series Controllers Watering restrictions and tight budgets are making it increasingly necessary for commercial sites to save more time. allowing longer lateral runs. the use of trifluralin as an herbicide has been banned by the European Commission. features an exclusive co-molded. because many of these driplines have used a toxic herbicide to resist root intrusion. XFS provides a consistent flow over the entire lateral length for more uniform watering. in addition to more common drip applications such as the areas between curbs and sidewalk. simplifying design and reducing installation time and costs. sidewalks. Due to its integrated pressure compensation. Designed for use with all Rain Bird plastic spray head nozzles and constructed of time-proven UV-resistant plastic and corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts.” said Samir Shah. this technology replaces a chemical-based herbicide containing trifluralin used for other subsurface dripline products to prevent root intrusion. the RD1800 can take on the toughest irrigation challenges for years to come. pressure activated Triple-Blade Wiper Seal to ensure a positive seal without excess “flow-by. there’s no wet grass or pavement to increase the risk of slipping and falling. However. emitter spacing and coil lengths. sometimes causing a tremendous loss of water and damaging erosion before the problem is detected. XFS Sub-Surface Dripline provides a much-needed option for the growing number of communities that have passed legislation limiting the use of overhead sprays for irrigation near buildings and hardscapes. Since 2009. Rain Bird’s XFS Sub-Surface Dripline with Copper Shield™ Technology answers both those issues. Sprays are often at high risk for damage and vandalism. this feature reduces the amount of water flowing through the stem by up to 90 percent compared to an average spray and up to 50 percent when compared to a typical pressure-regulating spray. XFS Sub-Surface Dripline offers up to 90 percent watering efficiency for turf grass. Rain Bird’s landscape drip marketing manager. evaporation or vandalism. Because the dripline is buried. As a result. Available in a wide variety of emitter flow rates. “The innate flexibility of both ESP-LX Series Controllers makes it possible for irrigation professionals to design and build control systems that give their commercial clients the features they want now. This low-profile. One particular feature that sets the XFS Sub-Surface Dripline far apart from other sub-surface dripline products is Rain Bird’s patent-pending Copper Shield™ Technology. it is unaffected by wind. water and money.” This seal enables more heads to be installed on the same valve while optimizing performance and durability at pop-up and retraction. this dripline can also be used to irrigate sports fields. When a nozzle is removed. the spray delivers consistent outlet pressure regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations. plants and turf grass. The most flexible dripline tubing in the industry. Rain Bird’s senior product manager for new product development. That’s why Rain Bird also designed the RD1800 to include patent-pending FlowShield™ Technology. Copper Shield™ Technology does not require the use of EPA-approved handling procedures needed for some trifluralin-treated filters. shrubs and groundcover. making it possible for athletes to use the fields even while irrigation is taking place. in the past. Both the ESP-LXME and the ESP-LXD combine modularity with advanced water management and Rain Bird’s Extra Simple Programming. parking lots and buildings. With its durability and efficiency. their safety and environmental-friendliness has been questioned. And.com July 2012  . these same clients can benefit from additional functionality when their needs and budgets allow. pressure-compensating emitter design also reduces in-line pressure loss.” i www. Developed by Rain Bird researchers. There’s also no overspray that can potentially damage fences. “For example.” said Doug Callison. Rain Bird’s ESP-LX Series Controllers—the traditionally-wired ESP-LXME Controller and the two-wire decoder-based ESP-LXD Controller—give irrigation professionals and their clients the flexibility they need. “While XFS Sub-Surface Dripline is certainly water-efficient.shrubs. sub-surface driplines have also had a reputation of being infiltrated by roots and grit. XFS Sub-Surface Dripline also features a proprietary emitter design that resists clogging by combining an extra-wide flow path with a self-flushing action. specifiers and contractors are looking for more versatile XFS Sub-Surface Dripline Sub-surface drip irrigation is recognized as an ideal method of efficiently watering irrigation control solutions that can answer the needs of their commercial clients. effectively watering plants and turf while using 30 to 70 percent less water than overhead sprays. it also provides a number of other important benefits. The RD1800 can handle operating pressures ranging from 15 to 100 psi. “Later on. reducing their effectiveness and reliability. This unique technology protects dripline emitters from root intrusion without the use of chemical treated filters. Because water is being distributed underground. and when outfitted with Rain Bird’s optional PRS pressure-regulating device.landscape-me.

it’s an ideal solution for water managers.” IQ v2. they can maximize water efficiency through real-time. Rain Bird continues to produce many other water-efficient system components that can make a tremendous impact on the amount of water used for irrigation.New Products As a traditionally-wired controller. A Flow Smart Module can provide flow learning. the IQ v2. corporate campuses and transportation departments.” The IQ v2.0 users can choose from one or a combination of four distinct feature packs: Advanced Communication. When users combine the Advanced ET Feature Pack with a weather data source. decoder-based ESPLXD. Rain Bird continues to make it easier than ever before to incorporate smart. The Advanced Programming Feature Pack adds a higher level of security and control to the IQ v2.” In addition to these groundbreaking products.0 Direct. IQ v2. By allowing the central computer to connect to controllers in the field. The ESP-LXD two-wire decoder-based controller is the right choice for larger commercial sites. IQ v2. integrated central control. “By allowing central control users to select what they need from a full range of features and options.0 Central Control System is comprised of four basic components: the central computer. “Users can select only the hardware and functionality that they need right now rather than paying for features that they won’t use. “Central control is no longer an option for just a select few. The ESPLXD-SM75 Station Module which can expand the controller from its standard 50 stations up to 200 stations in 75 station increments. GPRS/cellular.landscape-me. including alarm/ warning and station run-time log reports. IQ v2. plus the option to include advanced features like Rain Bird’s ET Manager™ Cartridge for smart. “Because IQ v2. weather-based control and the IQ v2. one or more on-site controllers and a network communications cartridge. IQ v2. Server Satellite and Client Satellites. projects being developed in multiple phases over time and sites that require fast and efficient troubleshooting. By combining the Advanced Flow Sensing Pack with a Flow Smart Module and Flow Sensor. Advanced Programming or Advanced Flow Sensing.0 Central Control System makes it possible for end users to create their own customized solutions. Built-in control is available for up to five satellites.” said Rain Bird’s Doug Callison. The system can be easily modified or expanded later on as needs and budgets permit. Optional accessories specifically for the ESP-LXME include Station Modules that can expand the controller from eight to 48 stations in four-station increments.0 makes it easy to control. clogged heads or other flow-related issues. “With intuitive operation and unprecedented flexibility. the ESP-LX Series Controllers are an excellent choice for any commercial application. Rain Bird’s modular IQ™ v2. some central control systems may include features that some irrigation sites simply don’t need or can’t afford. share and monitor information from the central control system. the central control system’s capacity can be easily and affordably expanded in fivesatellite increments to meet larger system requirements.” Callison added. “From their simple-to-use dials to their easy-to-follow prompts.0 is making the convenience. the NCC Cartridge converts the ESP-LXME or ESP-LXD Controller to an IQ v2. however. Each controller comes packed with standard features like Rain Bird’s Cycle+Soak™ and Contractor Default Program™. users can monitor and automatically react to costly pipe breaks and avoid possible litigation. An optional Bar Code Scanner Pen makes it fast and easy to enter decoder address and stations. including direct connect cable. The Server Satellite can share its communication connection with the IQ central computer with Client Satellite via hardwire or radio communication. water-saving practices into any irrigation system.com i July 2012 . Ethernet and Wi-Fi.  i www.0 software. However. Server or Client Satellite. property managers and water managers to efficiently manage water restrictions. the central control system can be configured using Direct Satellites. city parks and recreation departments. Depending on the site’s specific needs.0 Central Control System. Advanced ET. weather-based adjustments to the irrigation programs. From rotors and sprays with integrated pressure-regulating stems to weather-based smart irrigation control systems. logging and problem reaction for those sites that need to react very quickly to pipe breaks. The Advanced Communication Feature Pack makes it possible to create. radio. Each system can use one satellite type or a combination of satellite types.0 is designed to work with either of Rain Bird’s newest modular controllers—the traditionally-wired ESPLXME or the two-wire. both the ESP-LXME and the ESPLXD are controllers that provide superior irrigation control while cutting installation expenses and troubleshooting time.0 NCC Communications Cartridge for affordable. The ESP-LXD can also be enhanced with the addition of optional features. phone. university campuses. adjust and monitor irrigation for numerous sites from one computer. easy installation with low controller hardware costs.” Callison added. the ESP-LXME is a better fit for small to large commercial sites that are unlikely to experience future expansion and need fast. Each of these controllers features Rain Bird’s Extra Simple Programming language for easy set-up and adjustments.0 NCC Network Communications Cartridge lets the central computer “talk” to the system’s on-site irrigation controllers. security and water-efficiency of central control available to a much broader audience. The PBC Programming BackUp Cartridge restores programming and configuration for up to eight ESP-LXD Controllers.0 Central Control Central control systems can make it possible for contractors. liability concerns and budgetary constraints from the convenience of a personal computer. After installation. This cartridge enables a wide variety of communication options for Direct and Server Satellite configurations.

com 33 Landscape Ii www.Box: 73878 Abu Dhabi.landscape-me.aldhafragroup.com April 2011 . UAE • Website: www.Tech Committed to Quality The Intelligent Use of Water The Water & Soil management solutions… Quick-easy-safe compression and Electrofusion fitting High-Grade valves from Austria ISO 9001 : 2008 Tel: +971 2 6274818 Fax +971 2 6274817 • P.O.ADVANCED HYDROTECH A.com I July 2012  www.landscape-me.

Projects NEW ZEALAND DUO OFFER LANDSCAPE INTERVENTIONS  i www.landscape-me.com i July 2012 .

cultural sensitivities and general tastes of the region. NEW ZEALAND IS VERY DIFFERENT TO THE MIDDLE EAST HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THIS AND DOES IT SHOW IN YOUR WORK? Brendon and I have over 12 year’s collective experience in the Middle East. a good design needs to be fully realised. government processes. The company provides a comprehensive landscape architectural service. We’re a design driven studio office paying close attention to every stage of the design process through to implementation. we are both New Zealanders by birth and in Maori WAHO means the space outside a building i. Landscape ME caught up with them: he name? Well.landscape-me.e. the landscape. we are well tuned into the environmental conditions. a misplaced man hole or irrigation valve box can blow it.com July 2012  . also Al Waha in Arabic means oasis so there is a nice correlation there. Established by New Zealanders Sam Spinks and Brendon Chamberlain the studio is design driven and responsive to environmental conditions and cultural influences. As landscape architects it’s our job to research i www. In fact coordination and implementation is the key to our approach.Sam Spinks Brendon Chamberlain WHY WAHO? T WAHO Landscape Architects have been creating fresh and dynamic landscapes in the Middle East for nearly three years now.

Projects Halat Ammar Boarder.com i July 2012 . the client requested a built structure and landscape that was of the place and marked the area as a welcoming entry point. As the first entry point for many people to the country.  i www. KSA Located in the North West corner of Saudi Arabia on the border with Jordan.landscape-me. Acacia tortilis and Ziziphus spinachristi all chosen for their low water use and adaptability to the unforgiving environment. Phoenix dactylifera was also nominated forits strong vertical form. Trees species nominated were Prosopis cineraria. this customs and immigration checkpoint processes thousands of visitors each year. The landscape response included a series of fluid swaths of adaptive plantings and decorative gravel trims.

ae.Our Quality Your Satisfaction pools ready in 14 days Oasis Dreams are the exclusive distributors for French manufactured Waterair Swimming pools. Founded in 1972 with offices in over 35 different countries around the world.com July 2012  . outdoor showers. Beach Entry pools. We construct concrete residential as well as commercial pools of different types such as: Skimmer pools. has made Waterair Swimming pool become the ideal choice for smart people. Al Manara Street. Spas.A. Our integrated pool frames are made of extra thick corrugated steel with choice of PVC Liners. backed with ISO 9001 version 2000 certification and quality tests run by independent laboratories like CETIM & Bureau Veritas done on our products. natural reconstituted stone Copings which are comfortable & non-slip. safety coverings. alarm systems and LED lightings. We also construct Concrete Swimming pool that offers greater design flexibility and can be constructed in any shape. Counter current and Excercise pools.ae i www. Plunge pools. Reflecting pools. size and depth.L. choices in filtration system with optional Spa and massage systems. Website : www.E. Telephone: +9714 – 3401734 Fax : +9714 – 3401735 Email : contact@oasisdreams.U.oasisdreams. Slides and OASIS DREAMS MIDDLE EAST LANDSCAPING L.landscape-me. We can turn your pool dreams into reality in a matter of 6 to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of your project. Infinity pools or Vanishing pools.C. Steps. Dubai . Sheikh Zayed Road. Overflow pools.

An example of this is the Halat Ammar Border crossing in Saudi Arabia. geology and locally available materials associated with the site. We often say we are specialist landscape architects.  i www. Each location has its own nuances and design cues which we identify and use to our advantage when designing. historical influences. in the sense that we provide all the services expected of a landscape architectural firm. The projects we have undertaking in the region vary greatly but underlying all of them is the attention to detail and full commitment to each individual project. DOES WAHO SPECIALISE IN A PARTICULAR AREA OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE? The UAE office doesn’t specialise in one particular areaof landscape architecture as such. as opposed to a landscape department attached to a company with the core in another discipline. such as engineering. for which we recently completed the concept design phase. Hospitality. All these factors help inform the landscape proposal to create a rich landscape that reflects the site context. in the UAE the net is cast over all these areas.landscape-me. in many situations offices back home may specialise in Heritage Landscape.com i July 2012 .whether in New Zealand. Institutional or even report writing for development applications. We pay close attention to indigenous plant species.Projects and process information about the site in which we design. India or the Middle East.

WATER PARKS AND PLAYGROUNDS.landscape-me.      Bringing Kids to life! Custom Colors and Designs Weather & Chlorine Resistant Soft & Safe Surface Porous & Strong Grip Easy to Maintain B IG RANGE OF C OLORS Ithara Group  +971 (7) 2046455  +971 (7) 2046456  www.Itharagroup.com i www.com July 2012  .com  info@itharagroup.SPLASH! W ATER T OYS AND R UBBER F LOORING BENEFITS AND FEATURES OF RUBBER SURFACING FOR POOLS.

Deira City Center The scope for this project included the Porte cochere drop off area and raised pool terrace and sun lounging space. hardwood timber screens to help defines various spaces. an example is the Pullman Hotel at the Deira City Centre.com i July 2012 .Projects Pullman Hotel.landscape-me. For this project we followed the architects design lead and complemented the building with modern materials and sophisticated landscape design lines. In many situations we have a limited number of cultural and environmental design cues to inform the proposal. this is where the architect’sproposal and the client’s requirements are key. 0 i www. these design elements include a feature stone wall that casts shadow by day and reflects up lighting by night. raised timber pods and cabanas to provide private external ‘rooms’ for the pool users and strong architectural planting. Its a relatively small scale project but incorporates a number of interesting design elements that have been coordinated with the interior designers and the architects. which is due for completion in November.

So for WAHO and landscape architects in general it’s a challenging but exciting time to be in the profession and the development industry.com July 2012  . this government level directive is very encouraging.landscape-me. In terms of the UAE. Saudi Arabia and of course the UAE. Qatar. i www. this is all positive stuff. The WAHO UAE office undertakes projects throughout the region including Oman. we also have an office in India that focuses primarily on Indian hi-end residential developments and master planning of these developments. the municipalities are establishing some very interesting initiatives and a focus on the level to which the landscape contributes to the built environment and the role it plays in being socially and environmentally aware. We have been through the haze and excitement of the pre 2008 days and now we are launching into the new era of considered. we are here for a purpose and that’s to contribute positively to the landscape scene and be involved in the dynamic projects the region offers. thoughtful and viable developments.HOW DO YOU SEE THE FUTURE OF LANDSCAPE IN THE REGION Challenging but very exciting.

shrubs. Buildings and Communities i www.com i July 2012  Plants are designated into many different categories. those that require wind shelter. groundcovers. The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) has been proactive in compiling a comprehensive list of plants that minimize water consumption. Plant designation. perennials and climber plant materials.landscape-me. or require partial or full shade. If they are locally occurring. ASLA Landscape Architect Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) Estidama Pearl Qualified Professional (PQP) For Villas. The Public Realm Design Manual (PRDM) identifies trees. Sustainable Plant Selection Promotes Sustainable Water Usage By G. Living in a desert means that we all need to conserve water regardless of which time of the year it is. Allison Hedges. ornamental grasses. palms. succulents. or shelter from afternoon sun. whether they can handle extreme sun.Plants F or landscape professionals one of the best ways to integrate this into our work is through careful selection of plant materials to promote water usage at sustainable levels. .

Below:Arabian Jasmine or native. pedestrian walkways. In addition. i www. The plant list also notes plant hazards to consider such as those having thorns. Plants are further designated according to their irrigation classification or water demand. nodes.Main: Rose of Sharon . These may be streets. Other plants that are not locally occurring are also listed due to their regional adaptability. bikeways.com July 2012  . The UPC defines the Public Realm as all exterior places and linkages. Inland Suitability plants are those that thrive in an inland urban location or a desert location.landscape-me. or those that are sources of pollen leading to allergies or that are poisonous. high to wetland irrigation demand. Water demands are classified as having a: low. plazas. bridges. saline and drought tolerant. plants are also classified according to the location in which they would most likely thrive. Waterfront Suitability plants are those that thrive in urban and non-urban waterfront locations. mediumlow. medium.

All Emirates face the same water supply needs as they pursue development resulting from increased population in the region. Down: Spanish Bayonet Abu Dhabi PRDM primarily focuses on the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (which also includes Al Ain and the Western Region) its application to all seven Emirates should be employed. waterfronts. landmarks and building interfaces. can help establish a soil capable of holding sufficient moisture. natural features. transportation hubs. This is located in Appendix C from pages 211216.com i July 2012 . Right: Bogonvilla. The four categories for best suited locations are: parks. such as clay or similar.Plants squares. streetscapes. Soil composition Soil composition is critical to enhancing moisture retention. Irrigation water is no longer as freely available in the Emirates as it was when the UAE was less developed. Although the Photo courtesy of Philadelphia nursery Above: Olive Tree. Use of natural mineral based and polymer free soil moisture retention additives. view corridors. gateway parks. These natural mineral additives can therefore hold moisture and sustain the plant so that irrigation occurs as infrequently asevery three days during the summer and every  i www. waterfronts and public places.landscape-me. Another great resource found in the Abu Dhabi Public Realm Design Manual (PRDM) is the Irrigation Guide.

Water meters can manage water delivery rates and monitor potential leaks in the system. The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) rates the design and construction of buildings. any i www. ESTIDAMA Irrigation technologies should also be incorporated into the landscape plan to monitor water usage. the irrigation frequency of the plant material decreases due to the moisture held by the soil’s composition.landscape-me. Therefore. however.com July 2012  . A “One Pearl” rating is the minimum requirement and is mandatory. communities and villas according to their compliance with the “Estidama” (Arabic for sustainability) Pearl Rating System (PRS).California Fan Palm Tree 7 to 10 days during the winter. This is actually a minimum requirement to attain a “One Pearl” rating for any proposed landscape plan.

soil regeneration.  i www.Plants additional approved sustainable features incorporated into the plan can increase the Pearl rating of the building adding to its merit. Sources List of plant designations http://www. Incorporating naturalized plant materials into the design and minimizing pruning will lower the rate of green waste production and salt deposition in the soil. and nutrient recycling.gov. Trees Acacia Samar Olive Lasura Tree Fig Wadi Cordata Jerusalem Thorn Frangipani or Temple Tree Palms Zerbet Date Palm Queen Sago Palm King Sago Palm Senegal Date Palm California Fan Palm Alexander Fan Palm Shrubs Acacia Samal Shahas Henna Plant Texas Ranger or Texas Sage Red Dwarf Poinciana Rose of Sharon True Myrtle Ground Covers and Ornamental Grasses Caper Plant Crimson or African Fountain Grass Dhafra Hasal Red or Purple Fountain Grass Sea Purslane Lantana Succulents and Perennials Aloe Vera Jade Plant Joshua Tree Swamp River or Spider Lily Egyptian Star Cluster Bird of Paradise Spanish Bayonet Climbers Bougainvillea Garden Trumpet Vine Coral Vine Morning Glory Jasmine Rangoon Creeper Arabian Jasmine The following is a short list of plants listed by their “Common Name” that require less frequent irrigation and should be incorporated into a sustainable planting design.landscape-me.upc. Onsite recycling encourages water retention. Left: Purple Fountain Grass Below: Johsua Tree Onsite recycling As we continue water saving strategies.http://estidama. Additional plants can be found on the Abu Dhabi PRDM site as previously mentioned. Designer’s careful plant selection and grouping of similar plant materials can also contribute to less frequent irrigation.ae/prdm/ Estidama Pearl Rating System’s Precious Water section: PW-R2. one that should be incorporated into the design is a maintenance schedule whereby 100% of landscape green waste is recycled onsite.com i July 2012 . Landscape architects and city planners must incorporate plant material in their designs that require less frequent irrigation. which inhibits soil heating.org/. The highest rated plan is a “Five Pearl” rated design.

i www.landscape-me.com July 2012  .

Simpson Park Pavillion By Oppenheim Architecture + Design i www.com i July 2012 Photos by: Ken Hayden  .landscape-me.

com i april 2012  .Before after trail Before after entrance Orchid House Gateway Pavilion into simpson Park Hammock. the pavilion embodies a symbiotic relationship between nature and architecture as the structure embraces and becomes interwoven within the diverse indigenous canopy of the hammock while minimizing ecological site impact. the structure is part of the first phase of a public-private partnership to revitalize the historic park and return it to the community.landscape-me. i www.

com i July 2012 . Architecture Location: Miami.landscape-me. Florida 0 i www.Park Sie plan area Scope: 300 SF Park Pavillion.

landscape-me.com July 2012  .i www.

landscape-me.Park ‘WHATAMI’ is Rome’s latest hotspot By Mario Pisani  i www.com i July 2012 .

The program sees the museum’s external spaces transformed into a garden of green islands that will host the summer season events. thanks to the ‘Whatami’ project.landscape-me. the industrial declination of the first puzzle invented in the XVIII century for fun-learning by John Spilsbury. conceived by the Rome-based studio stARTT ‘Whatami’ is the corruption of “What am I”. it could i www.R ome is overflowing with amazing sights but one of their more recent tourist hotspots is ‘WHATAMI’ -last year’s winner of the first annual YAP_MAXXI Young Architects Program.com July 2012  .

a tribute to the maps of Alighiero Boetti. serving as a connective tissue with its landscape. allowing it to serve as a stage and/or parterre for concerts and other events in the summer. The hill works as a garden. injecting “green” into the concrete plateau of the museum’s outdoor space. which is dedicated to the square of the MAXXI. while the seven smaller islands are  i www. or as a space to rest and look at the museum itself.Park be dismounted along the geographic boundaries.landscape-me.a hill.com i april 2012 July 2012 . The central island is fixed and around two meters high. The concept is based on the manufacturing of an artificial archipelago.

CoM PO Box: 476321 • Tel/Fax: 04-3403504 Mobile: 050 705 5437 Facebook: facebook@toscanalandscaping.Toscana Landscaping & pooLs eMAAr Best GArden CoMpetition 2010 & 2011 Winner WWW.landscape-me.tosCAnAlAndsCApinG.com i www.com July 2012  .

The result is a dreamscape made of geographic lines floating on a sea of solid white cement. together with the flowers. This landscape is mobile and illuminated at night by 18 five-meter tall glass fiber flowers that instead cast pools of shade by day.Park mounted on wheels. the hills realized with prevalently reusable materials (straw. geotextile membranes. A running water feature completes the installation that is as attractive as it is attentive to environmental issues: it in fact involves a recycling process: at the end of the season.  i www. The project goal is not to inspire an . by the local district. comfortable open air spaces to relax and meet people.com i July 2012 plastic) will be dismantled and donated to the municipality to be used again.landscape-me. The moving object leaned on the playground of the same square of Museum: fragments of natural.


but to bet on the proposal of a hybrid landscape.Park abstract form of nostalgia. city. stARTT is an architectural and urban transformations that was incorporated in February 2008 from an idea by Simone Capra (1978) and Claudio Castaldo (1978). Their work points to manmade changes in the environment: landscape. private architectures.landscape-me. urban design.com i July 2012 .  i www. territory. able to measure the most surreal aspect of contemporary life without sacrificing the quality of the environment and space for the free time. public works.

landscape-me.i www.com July 2012  .

Obhur District Al-Thumama Multi-Purpose Hall Construction Project Science Museum & Aquarium Construction Project Smash Tennis Academy Construction Project ADISC Residential. including sports facilities. swimming pool.000 residential units in two phases. Construction of hangars that will be used for the repair of fixed-wing and rotarywing aircraft for the military. Landscapes & Recreational Facilities O&M Project-3 4000000742011-SA Public Gardens & Amusement Cities Establishment Project WRM/PTC/001/AS/PRFD Parks. Establishment of public gardens and amusement cities for a municipality. Construction of Abu Dhabi Ladies Club comprising two storeys plus basement. 2012 KSA June 12. landscapes.. Cleaning & Gardening Works WRM/PTC/004/AS/PRFD Parks. recreational facilities and their related infrastructure in Madinat Zayed. together with other support buildings.sa Department of Municipal Affairs . beach services.132-seater multipurpose hall at Al-Thumama.HBK. Leisure & Commercial Compound Project Description Design and construction of a 2. Development of Barwa City scheme comprising 8. Recreational Facilities O&M Project KSA middleeasttenders. playground.New Projects neW tenders Project Number & Name 0228/12-SA Maintenance.MDC (Abu Dhabi) UAE WS Atkins & Partners Overseas (Abu Dhabi) 409 Million Residential Tower Construction Project .uoh.com +971 2 634 8495 Client Hail University Phone: (+966-6) 531 2500 http://www.Phase 1 Barwa Real Estate Company (Qatar) Qatar 2 Billion 0 i www.edu.gov. Client Rayadah Investment Company (Saudi Arabia) Qatar Olympic Committee Rayadah Investment Company (Saudi Arabia) Qatar Olympic Committee Country Saudi Arabia Qatar Saudi Arabia Qatar Consultant/ Contractor KEO International Consultants (Saudi Arabia) N/A N/A EHAF Consulting Engineers / Hamad Bin Khalid Contracting Company .landscape-me. 3-level podium and 25 storeys of apartments. a hospital. Carrying out operation and maintenance (O&M) of parks. landscapes.sa Department of Municipal Affairs . Construction of Smash Tennis Academy.Western Region Municipality. 2012 UAE June 14. Private Property Management (Abu Dhabi) UAE 50 Million Abu Dhabi Ladies Club Project Family Development Foundation (Abu Dhabi) UAE N/A Military Maintenance Hangars Construction Project Mubadala Development Company .Reem Island Al Wifaq Finance Company (Abu Dhabi) UAE Architectural Consulting Group . Abu Dhabi Phone: (+971-2) 898 8888 Jeddah Municipality Phone: (+966-2) 614 999 EMail: info@jeddah. gate house and plant building. a school.4 million square metre mixed-use development in Obhur Construction of a 19. Landscapes. retail outlets and a commercial complex. Construction of a science museum and national aquarium. Construction of a residential tower including 3-level basement. 2012 UAE June 14. leisure and commercial compound. 2012 neW & CUrrent proJeCts Project Name Mixed-Use Development Project . a bank. cleaning and gardening works for some colleges and buildings at a university Carrying out operation and maintenance (O&M) of parks.ACG (Abu Dhabi) Maunsell Consultancy Services Limited (Qatar)/ Bilfinger & Berger AG (Germany) N/A Barwa City Residential Development Project .(Qatar) WS Atkins & Partners Overseas/ Fibrex Industrial & Construction Group (Abu Dhabi) Urbanism Planning Architecture / MCM Group (Abu Dhabi) Budget (USD) N/A N/A 300 Million 18 Million Construction of ADISC residential.Western Region Municipality (Abu Dhabi) Description Carrying out maintenance. Closing Date June 11.com i July 2012 . recreational facilities and their related infrastructure in Marfa.

landscape-me.The Irrigation Innovators TECNIDRO MESC i www.com July 2012  .

com A Member of RiYadH: King Khalid airport Road: tel.: 00966 (2) 6686666 King Road tel.: 00966 (2) 6686666 dUBai Jumeirah Road 1 tel.landscape-me.Plants-PotsFountains-Garden FurnitureLandscaping and Flower Arrangements Email: sultangarden@zaidg. No: 00971 (4) 3445544  i www. No. No.com PO Box 4756 Riyadh 11412 KSA Email: dubai@sultangarden.: 00966 (3) 8590066 amwaj mall Opening soon JeddaH: al andalus tel. No.com i July 2012 . No. No.: 00966 (1) 4655555 thalia street tel.sultangardencenter.ae PO Box 181581 Dubai UAE Website: www.: 00966 (1) 2172022 Khorais Road Opening soon KHOBaR: Coast Road tel.

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