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November 2008

Dear Parents/Guardian

As a long and busy term continues I would like to take this opportunity of thanking parents/guardians for their
continuing support. There are a number of recent events which I would like to bring you up to date on and some
important information about the end of term.

The Year 7 Residential to Caythorpe Court, Grantham was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all. All Year
11 pupils have completed a successful two week work placement. There have been numerous other activities this
term including the Geography Field Trip and Enterprise week when pupils raised approximately £1000 for Children
in Need. A list of extra curricular activities is attached to this letter showing parents the range of activities we offer
outside of school hours. The range of visits offered by the school is a tribute to the time, interest and effort put in
by staff over and above their duties, and I am sure parents would join me in thanking them for their hard work.

The School Concert will take place on Tuesday 16 December at 7.30 p.m. Tickets will be available from the
school Library.

School closes on Thursday 18 December and most buses will leave Snaith School at 2.35 p.m. instead of 3.35
p.m. and pupils will arrive home correspondingly earlier. We will let you know if there are any changes to these
arrangements. Any pupil may stay in school until 3.35 p.m., please let Mrs Yates or myself know if you wish us to
make these arrangements.

Uniform - we appreciate the efforts of parents in helping us to maintain a high standard of uniform. The vast
majority of pupils are now wearing the correct uniform, however, for those parents who may be buying new
uniform over the holidays can I ask that you do so in line with the uniform list (available from school). Reminder
– extremes of hairstyle (colour and cut) are not acceptable for school.

Emergency closure plans – We are moving to the time of year when the weather may cause a problem. All parents
have been asked to ensure pupils have the details of their emergency closure plans in the back of their school
planners – please make sure that you have discussed these plans with your child so they know exactly what the
arrangements are should we be forced to make an emergency closure. Wherever possible we will endeavour to
make announcements on Radio Humberside as early as possible.

Equipment – we are finding that an increasing number of pupils are coming to school without the correct
equipment causing a problem for staff and the pupils themselves. It would be helpful if parents could ensure that
pupils have the following equipment (Christmas gifts ideas perhaps?) - Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Calculator, School
Planner, Books for the day, Any Specialist Equipment e.g. PE kit or materials for Technology and Homework.

SSA – The SSA are planning some events for the Spring term including a Spring Draw. Details and tickets for sale
will be sent to parents in the new year – please support the SSA who work tirelessly to raise much needed funds for
the school. The SSA Bingo this year is on Monday 1 December, commencing at 7.30 pm.

Parents who bring their children to school by car –Following a meeting with our School Council (pupil
representatives across the school) we would ask parents once again not to bring their cars onto the school site
whenever possible at the start and end of the school day. When essential pupils should be dropped off in the car
park to the left of the main school entrance. At the end of the day parents should not pick up pupils before 3.45
p.m., this being the departure time for our buses. Parents should observe the one way system on school premises.

Whilst I can appreciate the difficulties of parking in the area outside the school, particularly with the crossing in
place, we have had a number of complaints from local residents (particularly on Marina Avenue) expressing
concern that parents are blocking their driveways – please do not do this as it causes problems with our neighbours.
School Policies – Key policies are available on our website should you wish to view these. Alternatively please
telephone school for a paper copy (ring Christine Slater on 01405 860327).

Term time holidays – I would like to remind parents that we strongly advise that family holidays should be taken
in school holiday periods only, absence during term time impacts significantly on pupil progress. In particular both
Year 10 and Year 11 have important GCSE examinations scheduled throughout the year and to miss these could
greatly affect their progress.

We will be serving traditional Christmas Dinner in the dining room on Wednesday 17 December. For just
£2.10 the pupils will get a full Christmas Dinner and choice of either Christmas pudding and white sauce or
Wellington Fudge and custard.

Key Dates:
Friday 12 December KS3 Christmas Ball
Tuesday 16 December Christmas Concert
Wednesday 17 December Christmas Dinner
Thursday 18 December Last day of term
Tuesday 6 January 2009 1st day of term
Sunday 11 – 14 January Maths visit to Disneyland, Paris
Thursday 15 January Year 7 Parents Evening
Tuesday 20 January Year 8 Parents Evening
Tuesday 27 January SSA Meeting
Friday 6 February Lower School Disco
Wednesday 11 February Year 11 Photographs
Thursday 12 February Year 11 Dinner
Friday 13 February School closes

A reminder that school closes to pupils on Thursday 18 December at 2.35 pm and re-opens on Tuesday 6
January 2009. The remainder of the school term dates are given below.

The school profile can be viewed at http:/ and the school website on

The Snaith School will, on request, provide this document in large print. If English is not your first language and
you would like a translation of this document please contact the school.

Yours sincerely

J D Pickerill

School Term Dates – 2008 - 2009

School Re-opens Monday 3 November School Closes Thursday 18
School Re-opens Tuesday 6 January 2009 School Closes Friday 13 February
School Re-opens Monday 23 February School Closes Friday 3 April
School Re-opens Tuesday 21 April School Closes Friday 22 May
School Re-opens Monday 1 June School Closes Friday 17 July

School Closed, Bank Holiday – Monday 4 May 2008

Teacher Training Days - Monday 5 January 2009

Teacher Training Days - Monday 20 April 2009

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