Qualifications Summary

A Customer Service and IT Support professional experienced working in fast-paced environments demanding strong organizational, technical and interpersonal skills with almost 10 years of experience in the BPO-Call Center industry; A trustworthy person, ethical, discreet and is very committed to superior customer service. Strong People Management skills, confident and poised in interaction with individuals at all level. Solid IT Helpdesk/technical support background, detail-oriented, resourceful and able to multi-task effectively. Qualifications include (but not limited to) knowledge in the following: Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 / 2007 Active Directory 2003 (including ADSIEdit) TrendMicro Server Management Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 (and older operating Systems) MS Office Applications 2003 and 2007 (Excel, Powerpoint, Word, InfoPath, Visio, Sharepoint) Hyena TreeSize Dameware NT Utilities CCPulse / Avaya (user Only) Various CRM Tools (Remedy, Applix, DellServ)

Professional Experience
Siemens IT Solutions and Services Incorporated (now Atos) 23rd Floor, Cyber One Building 11 Eastwood Avenue & 5th Floor 1880 Building, Orchard Road, Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Bagumbayan, Quezon City, 1110 Philippines IT Helpdesk - Shift Manager (August 2008 – Present)
Information Technology and Service provider supporting employees of various Siemens businesses in the United Kingdom Manage teams to consistently accomplish performance metrics including customer SLA's, utilization, productivity, and customer satisfaction performance Actively seek ways to maximize team leader and agent performance Work with team leaders, agents and OCI team to meet performance metrics Communicate with team on a regular basis, conduct weekly meetings, and provide an effective conduit between employees & management Receive and escalate if necessary employee needs & issues in a timely fashion Set targets and monitor performance of team leaders and their teams Aid in successful implementation of new services Aid in proactively seeking improvements and enhancements to service support according to the business objectives Aid in ensuring processes for agents to utilize meet case resolution requirements Aid in ensuring that account processes are aligned with the Global Processes

Account was Awarded “Elite Account for two consecutive quarters (Oct – Dec. Cyber One Building 11 Eastwood Avenue & 5th Floor 1880 Building. Aided in setting up our 24x7 service Initiated Process Calibration sessions to ensure that our processes remain relevant and up-to-date as well as ensure all employees understanding and application of our processes. incountry process updates and product troubleshooting guidelines to support agent product/service knowledge Look after employee discipline and job competence issues such as customer interaction.Remote Services Supervisor (Team Leader) (September 2007 – August 2008) Information Technology and Service provider supporting employees of various Siemens businesses in the United Kingdom Primary responsibility is to ensure that second level support is provided to Service Desk Analysts Monitor and manage the Technical Support Specialists through coaching to meet service level agreements. Rodriguez Jr.UK domain to GB001 Initiated Resolved in One (FTF/FCR) and Drive to 4. Successfully transitioned and integrated around 400 customers from the SFS. Initiated and monitored a leadership development project called “Project: LEAD” (Leadership Enhancement and Development) whose goal is to pick-up high potential employees and prepare them for leadership positions within our growing program as well as in the company. Project MountainMan (Ticket AHT tracking tool) and many more. first time resolution.Achievements/Contributions Guided programmers in developing tools used in operations such as Quick.fix (an Internal Technical Helpline Chat Tool). Administer. Siemens IT Solutions and Services Incorporated 23rd Floor. Bagumbayan. 2010 and Jan – Mar 2011) Our Account was awarded the “Siemens Synergy” award for showing great team spirit in any endeavor that the account has participated in. Ave. E. Helped in ensuring the continuity of our VPN service by reactivating over 2000 Viatores accounts when URA was at its infancy and was for a time unstable.5 (CSAT) to help in bringing our FTF and CSAT scores up. AHT. update and systematically disseminate information like product releases. telephone skills and performance metrics (includes service levels. Recognize Technical Support Specialists’ needs and expectations and carry out the necessary administrative duties to ensure processes and policies are met. quality of support and customer satisfaction) to meet SLAs Conduct or facilitate regular “huddle” sessions. 1110 Philippines IT Helpdesk . Aided in the transition of the business from CMO (current mode of operation) to GAIN (General Agreement on IT Infrastructure) Developed a transition/metric bay program called “Phoenix Bay” to aid in easing the transition of new agents as well as assist bottom performers in achieving their metric targets. Orchard Road. features. Improved disciplinary management process by instituting reforms such as creation of an online repository (via Sharepoint) of all “Incident reports” or “Notice to Explain” which ensures all disciplinary related incidents are noted and tracked Created an InfoPath coaching log form integrated with our program’s Sharepoint site to ensure proper tracking of all Employee-Manager interaction as well as promote paperless notations of discussions and meetings. Eastwood City Cyberpark. Expand capabilities through active participation either as leader or participant in knowledge transfer or skills-building/enhancing activities. Quezon City. Identify knowledge/process gaps to qualify/propose necessity of training Handle and resolve escalated customer issues .

(Now Sitel) November 27. Processes and Resolution updates. Service Lead / Coach (Inbound) (December 21. 2006 – September 7. Printers and Wireless. Siemens Financial Services ClientLogic Philippines Inc. Monitor calls from customers to oversee the quality of service and maintain Team quality of Service. Achievements/Contributions Revised RS Onboarding process and helped in creating and updating training Curriculum. Inspiron® Systems. 2006) Consumer Technical Support for DELL® Dimension®. Directly deals with clients as Dells SPOC (Single Point of Contact) on Executive Escalation for ClientLogic’s (Now Sitel) Dell CTS account Conducts Trainings as well as Train the Trainers on New Products. 2007 11th floor F. Printers and Etc]). Inspiron® Systems. Helped in widening awareness on Executive Escalation and made team managers more accountable for their and their team’s actions on every customer interactions. Primary responsibility is to ensure that second level support is provided to frontline agents of every team in SiTELs Dell account. Manages the over-all performance of the resolution team by carefully scrubbing and analyzing reports and Data provided by our client as well are reports generated internally and acting on Opportunities Identified. . Ortigas Center Pasig City 1600 Philippines Resolution Coach / Service Lead (Resolution Specialists Group) (November 28. Ensure that agents perform up to set Campaign Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) Assist the Team Supervisor(L2) in making the team hit Campaign specified KPI’s Acknowledge agent strengths and weaknesses in handling calls whether inbound or outbound with the objective of making each agent contribute to the overall effort of the team.Achievements/Contributions Aided in the successful transition of the Service Desk business from Siemens Cork in Ireland to Manila Cut down the number of open incidents handled by our Desktop-Remote Support team from 300 to less than 50 per day within 6 months then maintained it to below 40 open calls per day since (lowest was 15 per day) Cut down the number of open requests handled by our Remote Support – Account admin team from 600 to an average of 250 or less per day within 6 months then maintained it to below 230240 level per day since (lowest was 150+ per day) Successfully migrated new Siemens businesses to Manila such as Siemens Windpower. Mentor/Coach Resolution Specialists/ Level 2 Technicians on how to properly deal with frontline agents as well as Dell customers during escalation. Instrumental in ensuring healthy Level 2 /Resolution Specialist manpower pool by contributing to the improvement of selection process. 2008) Consumer Technical Support for DELL® Dimension®. 2005 – November 28. Manages overall performance of the team. Printers and Wireless. Ortigas Jr. Laptops. Streamlined Escalation Process which painted the real picture on how capable Team Leads are when it comes to handling escalation. 2002 – September 7. Also Functioned as Property Custodian / Lab administrator for Training equipment (around 200 devices [Desktop. Kept “executive level” negative attributions to a minimum Improved the system of tracking lab and equipment usage and helped in the creation of an online tool for tracking borrowed equipment which resulted to a more secure but open Training & Simulation Laboratory. Avenue.

Researches on cases and conducts callbacks to customers who were not called as scheduled. 2005) Consumer Technical Support for DELL® Dimension®. production attendance and punctuality of staff. Awarded as the Best Gatekeeper of the quarter (Q3 of 2005) Dell-OPC Technician (Outbound) (January 2004 – August 2004) Reports Directly to the Operations Manager. Communicate and Monitor performance standards.Responsible for identifying and acquiring needed workgroup training. Maintain. Became factor in considerably reducing the sites ARR-hits and increasing Agents Resolve Rate (ARR). Contributed in the Decline (if not eliminated) anomalous usage of the eCallback tool and Ownership failures. value. Manage site ownership of difficult and unresolved cases endorsed for outbound Manually assign callbacks via eCallback and ensure quality of service thru random phone audits. Achievements/Contributions Dell Q4 – Inspiron Coach of the Quarter (November. . Decreased ownership failures by almost 70%. Generates report on the outbound activity and past due callbacks/pending eCallbacks. Monitor Team Metrics / Assure Quality of Technical Support Provides Action Plans and Training to the rest of the Technical Staff Assists Level 1 Technicians with their escalations Documents technical issues reported by customers Stands in for the Service Leader’s absence Achievements/Contributions Guided the company’s Systems development group into enabling/adding new features on the groups eCallback tool. Inspiron® Systems. Assist frontline agents in handling unusual/difficult situations or issues. Tasked to ensure that all ownership issues and Pending callbacks are addressed. Streamlined and standardized reporting format for ease of analysis. Promote professionalism throughout the workplace. Coordinate with Coaches/L2’s/OBA’s/L1 if a particular issue has been addressed. Helped in lessening if not eliminating and controlled past-due callbacks. efficiency and respect. Helped in ensuring that most (if not all) outbound calls are tracked and properly documented on the tools that Dell and the company has provided. Motivate staff by reinforcing the core principles of ownership. Achievements/Contributions Developed a system with Team OPC on how to effectively manage Ownership cases using available tools provided by the company. December 2006 and January 2007) Manila Director’s All Star Coach of the Month – ClientLogic (August and September 2006) Team Of the Month Across all LOB (August and September 2006) Was tasked to head “Project 90” or the “Elite Team” to study. and Printers. Wireless Team of the Month (May 2006) Recognized as the most consistent team (January 2006) Level 2-Resolution Specialist/Gatekeeper (CObRA Project) (August 2004 – December 21. Designate/Reassign pending callbacks/ownership issues that are not immediately addressed. Identify process improvements within the workflow and suggest resolutions to management. compile and share agent’s best practices based on their behavior and was later recognized and awarded the Manila Director’s All Star Coach of the month for two consecutive month.

and Printers. Achievements/Contributions Best Team Player (November and December 2003) Seminars and Training attended: Dec 2012 Six Sigma Yellow Belt Project Management DDI Leadership Workshop Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows 2003 Environment – Edupro. Contact World – Pasig. Contact World – Pasig. Inspiron® Systems.ClientLogic Philippines Inc. Pasig City Advanced Excel .ClientLogic Philippines Inc. City Soft Selling and Hard Selling. Pasig City Coach Blitz Training . Manages the Team in the absence of the Team Manager (Coach) and Level Two Technician. Contact World – Pasig.ClientLogic Philippines Inc. Pasig City Product Training – Dell Portable (Notebook) Hardware technology and Troubleshooting Product Training –Dell Desktop and Printer hardware technology troubleshooting Basic Salesmanship and Telemarketing. Makati City Product Training – Dell Wireless Routers & Networking Technology and Troubleshooting Advanced Wired & Wireless Networking technology and Troubleshooting Introduction to Six Sigma . Pasig City Basic Training for Trainers .ClientLogic Philippines Inc. Makati City ITIL® V3 Foundation – Hewlett Packard.Level 1 Technical Support Representative (Inbound) (November 7... City July 2010 Aug – Sept 2008 Jul-2008 May-2006 Jan-2006 Dec-2005 Dec-2004 Nov-2003 Dec-2002 Nov-2002 References and other information Available upon request . Pasig City Leadership Boot camp . Back-up Level Two Technician and OBA (Outbound Agent/Case Specialist) who occasionally handles L2 Resolution Audits.ClientLogic Philippines Inc.. 2003 – January 2004) Consumer Technical Support for DELL® Dimension®.. Pasig City Coaching in the Zone .. Provide Technical Support for Desktop/Portable/Printer & General Helpdesk.. Investigates and resolves Hardware and Basic software issues. City Product Training –Dell Desktop hardware troubleshooting American Accent and American Culture Training.ClientLogic Philippines Inc.

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