Assignment #2
Field Trip Report: Langkawi SkyCab

Prepared by, Anis Amira binti Zahid 12322

Lecturer: Dr. Taib Ibrahim

The Panorama Langkawi Cable Car consist of four main attractions. a theme shopping centre housed in 30’s individually designed buildings showcasing Malaysian and Oriental architecture. which is also the location of the Langkawi Sky Bridge. the SkyCab. this curved pedestrian bridge is suspended from a 82m high singe pylon and hangs at about 100m above the ground. above virgin jungle with awesome views. A short 30 minutes trek between the middle station and the SkyBridge allows visitors to explore the valley between two stations. SkyBridge. where the view of the island is simply breathtaking. Visitors will experience firsthand the unique change in the flora from lowland to the top as well as many species of flora endemic only to the Mount Machinchang forest reserve. . On clear days. SkyTrail and SkyPos. Kedah. The attraction located on the southwestern coast of the main island of Langkawi.INTRODUCTION The Langkawi Cable Car or Panorama Langkawi Cable car is one of the major attractions in Langkawi Island. atop Mount Machinchang. visitors can also see parts of Thailand towards the north and Indonesia towards the southwest. It is located at the Oriental Village. Accessible from the Top Station. Enjoy great views of the hillside flora. letter or greeting card via a specially places POS Malaysia post box at the top station. Panorama Langkawi SkyCab offers the steepest cable car ride on earth and takes visitors up 708m to Langkawi’s second highest peak of Mount Machinchang. waterfalls and occasional glimpses of the wildlife and birds. is just a 45 minutes drive from It provides an aerial link from near Burau bay Resort at Teluk Burau to the peak of Gunung Machincang. The SkyBridge is built atop Machinchang Mountain at about 100m. It swings out over the landscape to give visitors a unique spatial experience. and brings them into otherwise unattainable locations. Malaysia. SkyPos offers visitors to our picturesquare mountain top destination the opportunity to share their ‘I was here’ moment with their loved ones back home by posting a postcard.

BACKGROUND OF COMPANY Panorama Langkawi Sdn Bhd (PLSB). th th th Panorama Langkawi Sdn Bhb was appointed to take over the operations of the cable car system from the former operator. th OPERATION OF CABLE CAR CABLE CAR SYSTEM FACT Horizontal Distance Vertical Distance Inclined Distance Haul Rope Diameter Bull Wheel Diameter Passenger per Gondola Design Speed Operating Speed Turn Around Trip Time Hourly Capacity Number of Station Number of On-line Tower Height of Tower 1 Height of Tower 2 Longest Free Span (Tower 2 to middle station) Steepest Gradient Construction period Testing & Commissioning period Open to Public (Free ride) Revenue Collection Commencing 2079 m 680 m 2158 m 50 mm 6. the asset owner of the cable car and Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Syarikat Prasarana Berhad (SPNB) and was registered on 28 September 2002.10 m 6 person (480 kg) 5 m/s 3 28 min 700 pax/hour 3 2 38 m 70 m 950 m 42 16 months (April 2001 – August 2002) 1 month (August – October 2002) 1 month (October 2002) To date (Nov 2002) Table 1: Some Facts for Langkawi Cable Car System . It was incorporated under the Company Act 1965 on 10 October 2003 by Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (SPNB) as an operator for the Langkawi Cable Car. It was formerly known as Famous Venue Sdn Bhd and changed its name to Panorama Langkawi Sdn Bhd on 29 March 2003. This was made through an agreement between Langkawi Development Authority (LADA). Langkawi Cable Car Sdn Bhd effective from 6 January 2003. The cable car provides a ride to the top of Gunung Mat Chinchang for a panoramic view of Langkawi Island and its surrounding areas.

Wire rope 2. Full Up & Empty Down) Braking (a = 0. Empty Up & Full Down) : 529 kW : 715 kW : -194 kW The Cable Car system will be powered by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and the flow from national power to cable is as follows: TNB (11 kV stepped down to 415 V) Main Switch Board Silicone Rectifier Room (ACS 500) 1. Wire Rope 2. PTO Sheave Gear Box DC Motor 1.20 m/s2. Conveyor System Figure 1: Flow from national power to cable car .60 m/s2.The required drive power:    Operation (Full Up & Empty Down) Starting (a = 0.

electrical and mechanical. .The main components that builsds the cable car can be divided into two. Brake Fork (Monitor of wire rope derailer) CONCLUSION The field trip to Panorama Langkawi Cable Car was successfully conducted. students were given the chance to ride the cable car and experience the excitement along with the lecturers. Limit switch and red flag (Monitor Door lock and Gondola Grip) 2. The cable car system was clearly explained and understood. Electrical Main Switch Board (MSB) Silicone Rectifier Room (SCR) ACS 500 Control Panel PLC Card Surge Protection Device (SPD) Proximity switch (Bero) DC Motor Bull Wheel Gear Box Emergency Drive Stand by Drive Hydraulic Brake Hydraulic Tensioning Belting System Pulley System Sheave Assembly Tower Wire Rope Grip Force Gondola Table 2: Main Components of Cable Car Mechanical In comply with HSE requirements. the safety features available can be divided into two which are safety at station and at tower. Wind Speed Meter (Monitor direction and wind velocity) Table 3: Safety features At Tower 1. The components are as listed in table 2. Safety Features At Station 1. Proximity switch / Bero (Monitor Gondola in Station) 2. Table 3 shows the available safety features at both places. Other than learning about the cable car system.