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Scripture: Numbers 9:15-23

To realize the importance of (1) having a vision, (2) taking the steps towards the
right direction for the fulfilment of that vision, and (3) following God’s leading no
matter what.

The Israelites, who were slaves in Egypt, were finally given the go signal by God to
leave and go to a better place. Moses led them and they headed towards the
Canaan, the Promised Land.

In the course of their journey, they followed a cloud (which looked like fire during
night time). This cloud signifies the presence of God. Whenever the cloud settled
or set out, the Israelites did as well.

Time alone with God:

Read the passage; reflect on the truths; prepare to share your insights.


 The Israelites were always ready to go
whenever the cloud lifted.
• Observation #1: They were always aware of the cloud.
i. They had their eye trained constantly to the prize (God).
ii. They waited for the cloud’s (God’s) leading for the next leg of
their journey.

• Observation #2: They were

always prepared to follow the
cloud (v.17-18)
i. The Israelites were In the process of pursuing
travelling in a desert. They our vision, we must be
had tents to pitch, animals careful not to leave the
to tend, cooking utensils most important element
and beddings to mind, out – GOD. Without God to
family members to keep back you up on your
track of (in the hopes of not journey, you’ll just be going
losing them in the crowded around in circles. (Psalm
frenzy). 37:23-24)
ii. Packing / unpacking of their
stuff did not hinder the Remember: The
Israelites from going destination will not be as
through the hard journey. good as you wanted it to
iii. This show of readiness to go be if the journey was not
whenever the Lord is
leading them to go shows a
great amount of TRUST in God for their safety, for their
provision, for their protection.

• Observation #3: They followed God’s timetable (vv. 19-23)

i. No matter how much time they stayed in one place, they still
followed God.
ii. There’s a proper time for you to either stay or move on in God’s
Discussion questions:
1. Share your vision to the group. (Personal vision)
2. What steps are you doing to keep your eyes “focused on the cloud?”
3. Where is God leading you right now in your vision – are you to “remain
encamped in the desert” or are you to “set forth and go on your journey?”
• Are you comfortable with where you are now?
• What “baggages” are you carrying? Are they a hindrance or an asset to
your journey?
4. Reflection: (May or may not answer aloud.)
Regarding our church’s vision (EPHOD):
• What steps am I contributing to help the church fulfil the vision?
• Is God asking me to do /give up something so I can fulfil my role better
in God’s service?
• Am I ready to take the next level in my commitment to the church’s