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Monthly Newsletter covering West Chatham

Sustainable Fellwood: Leasing The leasing for Sustainable Fellwood is being handled by The Lane Company, who provides on-site management. The Sustainable Fellwood Local Leasing Line for flats and townhomes: 912.209-0628 Visit the Sustainable Fellwood Leasing Office at the entrance jut off West Bay Street. Permanent Address: 1401 Fellwood Drive Savannah, GA 31415 912.544.0190

Ma Ma T’s is located Next to the Longshoreman Hall (Local 1414)

From Historic Savannah District: .4 miles West on Bay Street to Fellwood Drive Mission Statement – “Westside Wolverine” Mission – To have a VOICE. To identify, create, and distribute valuable resources vital to Westside Sustainability. In order to initiate and sustain prosperity for our current and prospective community members, we intend to supply our community with unique concepts, with the ideas generated from our community; as we develop extensive resources, widespread sphere of influence, and information pertaining to sustaining our senior citizens, our youth, and our community. In today’s world of advanced technology, the immediate transfer of decision making information is very critical in our social structure. Westside Wolverine will be engaged in the pursuit of providing comprehensive civic information, tailored to your specific needs We are on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/WestsideWolverine/138822942864681 West Savannah Neighborhood Association Presidents Message and agenda for July 26, 2011 meeting at Moses Jackson Community Center on Richard St: 6:00 p.m.

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I would like to inform you of the activities planned for the year 2011. At each meeting we will have a speaker from a department of the City of Savannah, or another topic of interest to the residents of West Savannah. We want our residents to be informed and be aware of all services offered in our city. . The West Savannah Community Organization is planning to have a membership drive. We are in need of people to serve on committees, some of which are hospitality, fund raisers and membership.
Our meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Thank you for all you do to make our community safe and clean.

Monthly maintenance and hosting $19.95. FREE month of maintenance and hosting for each referral that results in a customer. Our services are available only through Credit Card or PayPal Louis E. Wilson, Sr. Lew1801@yahoo.com 1011 Richard St. Savannah, Ga. 3141 (912) 412-7618 http://www.facebook.com/linknetsocialmedia#!/TheLandManGe orgia http://www.homebasedbusinessprogram.com/profile/Louis

"Spectacular 2012 Woodville Tompkins High School Homecoming"!!!
September 1, 2012 is the date, Woodville-Tompkins is the place! It's time to "celebrate" all that Woodville-Tompkins represents!! Please encourage Wolverines near and far to "Come Home!" We have much to be proud of: -Our school being reinstated to "High School" status Our young people performed extremely well on the EOCT (end-ofcourse tests), better than the local and state!! -Parents want their children to attend Woodville-Tompkins!! -Woodville-Tompkins has a proud history and the legacy of Mrs. Sophronia Tompkins is being fulfilled! Louis E. Wilson Class of 1971 Visit Woodville-Tompkins High School Alumni at: http://tompkinshigh.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

Homecoming 2011 was a very nice event! We look forward to seeing all Tompkins Wolverine alumni at our 2012 annual gathering of old friends and classmates on September 1, 2012! Remember that this is designed to present scholarships to "our young Wolverines" who WILL GRADUATE ON TIME from WTHS, beginning in 2015!!! We can't wait on the state, or the government............we must "reach back" and help our own!!! Then, they in turn, can reach back and help others!!! This year's t-shirt design was submitted by our own- Marcus Daniels!! It will have the original Wolverine face! Also, order your 2012 Homecoming T-Shirt from your class rep, or call/email Rev. Chester Ellis (chesteraellis@comcast.net, or 912-2323549), or Brenda Roberts (blynneroberts@yahoo.com or 912-925-4980. This has been your "WTHS Homecoming Update"

Call for all your Photography, And Printing Needs. (912)412-7618 Lew1801@yahoo.com

Westside Wolverine Ad Prices: Our publication is schedule is the 4th Tuesday in each month. The deadline for inclusion is the Friday before the 4th Tuesday. Our advertising rates are below.
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Covers (Front or Back) 100 free copies Full page 75 free copies Half Page 50 free copies Quarter Page 25 free copies

$200.00 $140.00 $75.00 $45.00

N/A $70.00 $40.00 $30.00

"Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength." Wolverine!!


To request or download an application, contact Step Up Savannah at (912) 232-6747 or read the blog on the website at www.stepupsavannah.org

Call “Peety” at (912) 658-1515 for ad space.

“West Bay Street improvement plan in gridlock”
For those of you that have been following the West Bay St. widening and improvement project, you are aware that that that there has been consternation of sorts because Marvel Cleaners has been put on the historic register. What adds insult to injury is that the Alamo Plaza which is directly across the street, has been given historic designation as well… This creates a bottleneck which requires Georgia Department of Transportation to produce several ingress and egress options, relative to the means of avoiding impacting the historic values of these properties. Now…..cut to the chase……. Since the inception of the West Bay St. proposal, I have been involved, ether as a real estate broker, at that time, with Coldwell Banker Garvin Realtors, or, and additionally, in the interim of serving on the “Traffic Calming Committee” and “CORE MPO Citizens Advisory Committee” Both have regular meetings at MPC and at another building on MLK Blvd. We.. the residents of West Savannah were being purposely deluded as per these developments as they unfolded on the Bay St. plan…. I made application to serve on the CORE MPO Citizens Advisory Committee to represent WEST SAVANNAH….. this is not a paid position…but that of civic duty, in very large part derived from the “Wolverine” spirt, and the love for my community….. So I got to work… I sent emails to Senator Lester Jackson, and our Transportation Board district rep, Mr. Parham. (See” Gridlock Continued…”)

West Savannah Talent Show Information: A fund raising committee has been established for the West Savannah Community Association. We are seeking ideas and participants for a talent show to be planned at Moses Jackson. Concerned or interested parties may contact fund raising chairman Louis Wilson at (912)412-7618 or Lew1801@Yahoo.com Letters to the editor: (300 words or less)To submit letters to the editor: Lew1801@yahoo.com

“Gridlock Continued…” Several emails went out to them. I implored them… No reply for 2 years.. UNTIL ELECTION TIME……. Then…. Sen. Lester Jackson came to Moses Jackson Community Center, along with a Transportation Board Member..not ours…. And presented our community with a picture of West Bay St……. I objected to his presentation, because the blueprints and engineering documents were available.. so I’m guessing he thought we were too stupid to see that type of thing…… Long story short….. I had to write to Federal Highway Administration in Washington, D.C. to complain that Chatham County, would not comply with the federal mandate, to “ involve citizen participation” in Federally Funded projects….like W. Bay.. Ok……. Now you would think.. that my having the Federal Highway Administration require Chatham County to comply with the federal mandate, and bring us a presentation of the West Bay St. improvement project to Moses Jackson…as they did…….you would think that Van Johnson would consider this a great accomplishment for the community….. BUT……..what did he do?........... He fired me from CORE MPO Citizens Advisory Committee……… THEN…….. he asked me to support TSPLOST……. (Boonedoggle) and that’s the truth… I have requested City Council to speak publicly at the next Council meeting.. we shall see how that turns out……… Sincerely, Louis E. Wilson, Sr.

Babe’s BBQ Shack 525E. HWY 80 West, Garden City, Ga. 31480

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