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Fireplaces for the Hearths of America


liteFlly fie joining of the Home and Eanl-r lr has hern the center of domestic life since inces o{ mrn. The 6re has served to wum, the earlicst heal, prorect and comfot usi the moonrv edince has cooked our meals and poidcd a solden ndidce thal draws peoplc togetho. Ovd fie millenia, the masonrv r I r e n l ae 1 a .^ o . " d , o b e . o m e \ e A r a i ' a n d c h i F c . tural fearuie most associatedwith the tmditional values of fanily life. Historical reverence aside, the masonrv {ireplace hs been facing nodern, necess.ry challenges Therrnal Energy Storage Systems,lnc. hm met these challenges - c o . r $ - f i , i c n . v . .o n , o m p c r r r p n * . a n d ' I o n a r . r t h r o u e l - - \ . u . e o r o p e n 6 i n e e r c d ,o J - l a r m a o n n ' onDorea,.mo -perim l'earRL"irins r"leialc.TESS h a . a p p l r d o n t e m p o m r tt e c h r o l o g .r o r n ' " h c t n h ' e andre+rabli.hcd,.'onr.bu on 'o 'hel-ome nvircn while still pioviding us with physical and spmtu' ment

he tslearth:


As vou rad thmugh this book, take rirneto imaginehow vereatjle TESS modular svstemscn be for vou: brick, stone, stuccq narblc and rile finishes are onlv some of the nany possiblefinishing naterlah. This design flexibility will enhance a hone of any sryLewith vout per sonalsi$ature. So. when visitors arrive, yo,i can once asain offer the time-honored tmdition ofsmciousnss: sharewith them the warmth and nagic of you! 6re.


TESS models 148and 116are rhe nost masonryfirplaces mrnulacadvanced rurcd iD Nofh Anerica. Br combinins prindmc-honored,pro!en heat storage ciplesrvirh lnnovative,!.c'engineeied consftuction,the patentedTESS Heatbring you thc bcst in Storing Fireplaccs techtolog'. ircplace

!!r bu4rne 6qr


cal 2.1'hourhcrt ourDut cv.le tha'l mosr $ood stovesn common use ooay,

. Availablein t$o rvidrhs:ModeL 148 h.s a 4s-inch widc lir.'box, Model 116 has a l5-inch rvide{irebox.Also avail.bLesirh a 5'coursehear exchanger or a 7-counehcat exchangerGeethe chart, p. 9 for ceiling speciffcarion hcight requiremenis)

A masonry {ireplace that will help heat your home

can lose A tradinonal masonrr fireplace alLthe heat lt prcducesup rhe alnost chinDcy, alons $i!h some\Larm rcon Flreplaces cap' air TESS Heat-Sroring turc rhe heat ofthe fire and use it to help heat your home. beThis renarkablehcri savingprocess sns in the firebox.The nodifiedRunford fitechanbet reflecc immediate hcat from rhe 6re directLv into the roon... nuch as a bandshellreflects sound ro an audience. Ahove the fitechanbcr, heared gascs travel though a nassiveheat stouge a.eaconldininSheat tiansler passage' ways,thar caprureand storethe hear' Now rhe real bc:,dq ofrhe hear stomse designcomesinto pla\'. Hear sroredin rlle masoDr! masss gllcn off- gndual' ly and steadilr - for orcr 21 hours a{icr the fire has eone out. \ irh rhousands of Bfl-l's sroed in on: of nasonrv, a is TESS HearStonng Fireplace capable enoughadiant heat to ofsupplrin,s conftibure sisniffcaodl to the heatins requirmenr oi i'our hone.

it For oprimum performance, is recomFire' nended that TESS Hear-Storing places constructed within rhe insula' be rion ewelopc of the house.

Modular components for fast, easyconstruction

rnasonwith a helper An experienccd can put up rhe core of a TESS HeatSroring Flreplace in Les than a day Tlc sinpLiciryis in ihe designbecause al1 the corect shapesaod angles are prc-engineered. builder has only to The noftar the componenrs tosether while The keepingthem plunb and leveL. ftsult is rcdu.ed constructionrime and you can count on. performance

Efficient and Clean Burning f!r.$!f !::ls6+!r!rc+L:'f dlsd

Jt 5h.lto. tncEv Kesear9h.^t tCn!4

Outstanding features that set TESS Heat,Storing Fireplacesapart

. Ourside air ductcd directly to thc fire, for seater confort and perlormance. . Chinney Top Damper which seals heat LostuP our weatherand reduces . Adaprs to cither a coDventional masonrychimney,of to a pe fabricated netal chinnc'y. . Facincmatcrialcan be cusromized to cnhanceaDy archirefturalstyle-Brick, tile, stone,slateor plasterarejust a few of the possibilities.

+#!hliri'#.:1+#ffi He.r-si; nqE'.ri T!-fEqb+

Sone of thc energyproducedby the fire is ndia|ed directiy inro rhe home whilc the 6rc is burnlng. A sisnificlnr portion of thc energy reicasedis srorcd in the masonrymass,rn conrr.lsrro a whele conventionalmasonry{irepLace this encrgvis simply losr up the nue.

Abore tl'e Jnachanber ol th. TESS I +8 riro4lA a afld 136,Acared sases Pass heat snragearea. careJulb engiraeretL Tlu marorrr massstoresthe JtaI, ro be gixenofl ' graatatl! a etcnt:' - Jor over 24lnlf aJtet tlr lie l.ts soneo!1.

A TESSFireplaceModel for EveryNeed

r I L5b Ka'lrdnrfLrcpLaces occasional ffres ate desned, and when heatlng efficiency n not a Piimaiy

Specialfeatuiesprovide design flexibiliry

. Gro models fton rvhich to choose, The TESS T18 hs a 4&nch wide fircbox, thc TESS T.16 hc a l6'inch . May be coNtructed eiiher insidethe houseot on an outsidewal ofyour . May be adapred ro either a conven' flonaL masonry cntmney, or ro a pie{abricatednetal chinney. Borh litplaces provide outslde air toi combustion,resukingin livelier and reduced floor dnfts . \XAi1e a chinney top danper is rcommended, a traditional throat danper lnay alsobe usedwith the T48 and T36 Fireplaces. you . As with the heat-storing modeLs, choose your own exterior facing natcial. This civesyou mdimum oi llqibiLity to blend the appearance your fireplace with rhe interior design

c I Lbs K"drrnr rtrepLa.e! either within the home or aLongan outside lvall. The-v Mv also be desirable in a secondfloor imtallntion when a TESS Helt-Storins Fireplace has bcen built on the 6rsr floor thi 1b55 l ld and tne rro rtepraces featurethe sane five sided,modi6edRunford firechamber found in TESS Heat-StoringFireplaces. The unique shapeof rhis firebox has its roots in rhe Rrmfotd-style fireplace of the l8th century,long acknowledged {or its superior ability to radlate hear {;on the fire into the room Borb the T48 and T16 Radiant Fneplacesare conscuctedusing the TESS masonry componentsystem. mocluLar The dunble, reftactorv nxonrv components arc pre'engineeied, plth all the ionplicated fiteplace angles buih in, reducingthe lllelihood ofjob site

All of rhese unique TESS leatures nake the T48 and T36 Fireplacesto' dayt superiot alternative to conven' tional, sire.built masonry fireplaces The 718 and 736 Fiellaces dte btilt qri.Lll dnd earilt tie niqre TESS "stns nodular wisoto comporenrtrlem. Both Jircptdces featne d nodifiei'R1nlo knawn Jat its s|Peiat heat tunr fireba\,

Vhile invouLd tale a skiLled mason and hr.rndredsof bricks to buiid the fir and smokechambeB of a coNndonaL masonry fireplace, the conpletely a* sc.mbledcore of the T36 is conprised of only l7 nasonty comPonents

will TESSFireplaces the Accommodate of Convenience GasLogs

lf you chooseto install one ol the gas nany aurhentic.looking log setsor gaslog lighters,the hearth of yout TESS Fireplace can be easily nodified duiiDc construction ro accomroodare

The nalded nasoao con|onents fom thefircclanber of the RadiantFreblae insne' ptuPer Thi' nad'lat Aesisn Jite' qualt4 and consttent canvttction, PLace oNiM Perfonntlnce.

Radiant Fireplaces

Fireplace Tiaditional Series

Firc'p1ace Tle TESS liaditlonal Serles constructh, of any offersthc sinpLest TESS Frcplace nodel. And n doesthis sirhou. conpronise bv combiding the masonryrvirh the dunbilitr. of 100od shapedfirebor. charn of a tradirionaLlv Fircpiace fearues The lladitiuul Series a 16 'Nidc fircbo!, aDd is built usins ju< 15 pre-enginccred labelcd and masonrvconPonc.ts. As a rcsult,tne TnditionaLSericscompoDen$.an u-.ualLr buiLtnr les tllan 2 houtsi be Once thc ircplace corc is compLcted, vou harc the option o{ choosins!+ich {acingnaterial will best fit the s4ie of rour home, as wcll as $'hich chinney trpc -vouprefer' a corvendonal ma".on11 chimney,or a netaL pe-fabricrted chrmnet. thc Like aLlTESS Fireplaces, liadiiionro al Setieshas bccn caretullydesigned ensurcthat constru.tion and use ate roubLeJree. Ounide air ducted directlv to the fire, and u chimnet lor danper help to assure superiorperfornance.

otlielisn anl edr or'disembll Simfli.u-,Fireplace to lend rhe ?aditoml .Senes dPPIict1ti.^s. a{ net blildet

The ?ddrtional Seri!5 ire.hambcr britgs d"r inno(arirenorl,ldr Jstn to cl.asic, .l-iided/irspld.evrliru. Ed.h bloct component clearll labeled. toubtelree is for

System FireplaceReplacement
The TISS Firc'placeRcrlacenent Svs' .enr was ctared at the urging ot iwo psfessionalchimncy sweeps. dedicated, brought them into maDy Their business rhey sas'an increaslng homesilhcie utsafc a"d unus number of porend:rl]], with metal tiable nasonq fircplaces inspecChimner sreeps and firepLace have found that nanv of these ftutors places mth steel firebores aod snoke' .hanbers had NarFedor .uste.l-out. Danp .linatic tonditions arc the,, btri primary.causc, tmPropertnsraladon and mNusecan also PIaYa P!rr' Telhale signs o{ this damage includc . Janper that no Lo.get works, a warped :-c'.or, or rust holesln the mctal --:iii no{t dre only way to tstore has ::.< fircplaces been to disnanrLe rhe iace of the fireplace and to rbuild which is both difficuLtand ir - a process

The Good News

Systemrcstores The TESS Rcplacement to {irplaces siniply and cost-effectirclr condirion. lt ls tu1ly'tunctioning safe, the only product of irs klnd on the narkcr rodar', speciically designcd tot renovationof the fireplaccwithour disturbing the nantel or faceofthe fireplace.Thc eristng .hinDen founda' rion, and itbrick lloor all rcnain

Innovative Design APProach

Using rhe sane .onstrucrion rechniquesfound in TESS Finplaces,the RepLacenent Svsten {eaturespre- . rnat ma$n comPonenrs engineefed interlock ivirhnr thc existingtireboi, steelsmokechamber and a stainless *'hich nakcs the coonecrion to the Srstcm naY be cusThe RcpLacement tomizcd ro rcstore any masonrv nearup firc'place to 60" wide. For citcuLaring situatiots ivhe* the llue as ivcll as the firepLaceneeds repair, le harc a Chin' ncy Linlng Ad.ptor, allowingrhc Rcplacement System to bc connected to any o{the chinney relinins systenson

The TESS ReplacemertSlstem is a.1dpt.t' hle to a aiAe tunse al fnelld.e sitc5 and c.^f:surution. lnsarlldtio al a dstoni\ed Slstemalloucd the TESSReplaccment o*ner oJtt k beartiful, but muabta, ta sA-inch*ide fnePLdce entq th. na&c ol a itklins firc anceasain

ln thc hands of a rianred technician, imtallation of rhe TESS Replacenent Sysrem is a relativcly stnightforwanl a 'do-it' procedure. is not, howevc't, 1r cal yourself"prcject. Please ot write us for the name of the aurhorizcdTESS dealeror faciory'trainedinstallerin

The metallinins al'circnLdtins tuskn anL s sdle is Jircplace can|LetelJ Srv A and vn"Jable. TESSReplacenrent to the En uill rcstarc fneplace fulL.raper life. with Lone able,saleconditian

Planning MakesPerfect
A litiLeadvanceplannins wiLi help en' sure that the construction of your goessnoothlv and TESS Fireplace without delali liete are some impo.tant ' Rcnenber that the T48 and T16 both fearure a modilied-Rumford fire' has a box' while the liadidonaL Series shaped firebox' moie traditionallv

to guide rhrough considerations vou From The Ground Up

h ( . e" P ' p < '

bu arn ei"

".d requirethe sane will necd ro conpLetethe constfu'tion AIl TESS Fireplaces of your TESS Fteplace. \{hiie sone and foundation as conventionfootings naterials ar arailable locallv from vour al nasonry fiteplaces. The foundation shouLd masonrysuppll vard, othet TE9S &' . and iaming ior TESS Fireplaces requirccessoricshave bcen specificallv designed meet al1lool building code to enhancethc pelfornane ofou ffre' peirainjng to site'built masoniy menrs lvoid constructiondelavsand in GrepLaes youi area.A construction be additionalieighr costs, surc ro include is included with eachTESS Fitsujie placeand outlinescorect consrruction theseitens rvh-'nyou order ihe lirePlacc. marerLals -.p nmreduresrnd whrh specifLc ' n r e - m ; e d R e r r a c t o NM o r t a r : R F ";;", ;'"pr^ ". -; ",i';; f ' au "d ror hFf " hd1q"" d ''t "; ' ; . . , . ' a . o p r " o rl-e i 'J; ' rron f rll Tl<c *Plr'( '- . ' " , , . v",. -o " tut, o ne pe r' ""on 1 io, "."-i*-t ., .i,...1i,:6i"". .'":.-. "r""." . --,u red. I.J 'ir/ A;r Kit: T\" -L'id' " - n ,-'Our!,de /dunp combination is requiredfor all Choosing The Correct Model
ll \'r trolFr." roo.lc4E/- l-6.l.ep in -i 'd,h. io l o-v r r s _ l r lieob.t lo.LJ be lo rd ' 'd" ,he r..r",ed<.'eroD -h.,loorc"n . o h . u d . " 'c . - 1 b.' . p r ' . d1 L. "llow o. rlLt,iorol l(, rrcdd id e i '^o1 . .lnn"l,ng" be,w+r tF ^\.i! 'I t )c :r! o 11/ .oa d( roon .i,e f o , b o h ' + , n g "o l . , , d \ . u . . . o e a .r . - o r ' 5 e r e p a . e o o P r r s ! z c . L"'dlrt,d1.pL .Fo i lom!,' . . p _ h o o - a t e p a , , \ v r i r. n e r r -\. .u_.e..|'rp.e' rcr< a"\ ', r",e'o l -g n e r j a n 8 f . - . r-rh" ee'.o t -'.'"1',,0 ?\e " , r e eo l " d d ' r o | l . o z e " , a f : D ' r r q e. "-E') l!8,Tloo'Ii"o:ti^ra. > e r e r h e g u r d e l i n . ', r r o ' oPo' -g Pad for h. I.ppa!..oF.,-.on. c. eo.IGru-. ^, _ rt door, .d r r " "., r e r J , r p e , " ;o n . i "J C h t m n " y T " p D a m p e r :R " q r r e d V. g /\.. ,t- ft.. 48"nd ol-.r.!. F r e o d - . a r a , L " T - " o , i ^ r r t, - i , . r i r e r L .- . - . o , s t \ ? o m n " r J F di , r ,t . F5c T4a "rd T1o {\dr'"ble : borra.onrl ardprc b."reo re'al -/ .

you a-o,o,leswhrch .onst.,atun

bc-inand Fneplaces, should TESS

M " ^ t f h r o a LD a m p e r : r . . * ;y'e...1"a ..a n""t".gular Lintel ro / Bars: Lintcl bars are desisned sup' nJT,oonl, ^i,h,.ttss-,s pon the nasonn' usedfor the facing ol .n.r,ll"rron.^1."a rirr+ro6 Manufacturedto the sane the fireplace. odnplr ..TDr.rra. as ,l _' speciications TESS doors, thev sill " proper sizingof thc fithelp guarantee ,/. .o-o" i,g.,"., ,""ic.-., Flaceopening.lmportant note: TESS r o . " . . ? " - o r i . O r . a . o " r - ro , 8 .gl . o,t. ro,. ,! t, \j tlq ard Doors and lintel bar should Fireplace { o( de be on-sitebefoft rhe facingnaterial is e o n + r ^ \ " b '- t p I 6 Tto r-n I I added ro msuc correct 1ir. 1^ ;' 1'. p'c 4 . Fireplace Grate; TESS Fneplace I C.ates are constructed of heavY-duty Fireplace Doorsr Availableeirher r Each of thesefreplacescan be con^-/. cast iron which will not mrP Fifeplace in ,jr' archedor rectansular, Black, stiuctedeither inside the house,or gEtes ensurc befter ai. floe ro the fire, Btas. Thc Polished Bras or Antique along an outside*all. porect glassdoore, and offer pmtecrion door framesare consttuctedot a heavy . T2keinto accouni the srzeot the ftom LogsrcLling out of the firc. that rvil not twist of gaugewclded sreeL in ditrcredce room rvhen comparingthe Doors inbend. A11TESS Fircplace visual appearancetpresented by the clude an inng ser ofhigh qualirY 481widefirebox ofthe T48 and the sceen doors which swing out for easv 16"-nde irebox of thc T16 and liadi to access the nre, Fircplaces. rionaLSeries

Specifi.cations TESSFireplace

t L
t.'::.d ol Heat Erchangei

8"x1Z ll"xlrJ to

All helr:stoingmoddsshouldbe hsulled within the inlhcd tnvclopt ( o{ rh. house withii a. i.suhed .hs.



modeis beinshlhdeitbs insidc in mar thc Radiaot sulated envelope the hour or alongan outside of "all



oi \hsonry
4" $lid mmon.von sids. back,nd {ront s.rioo. of fimpl{ei6 doud rransitior

on befr 4'slid mmon,y sids, andfinnrof fircphq 6" around tmrition rdion,

(indudiu rh. tISs




Required :ii :*;.roa Cement b. il ,_ -- ' -r\5q 15 pail #{Ml5)

j::: hcing 3an (o suppol1 opening) :::i:a! oler fireplace



Siiaight #6FLl6 Straishr l6IL48

Sraisht #6IU6

straight #6FL18 #6AL]6:15T #6tG16

Dunp l::::: AlrAsh
.::.: l\rc & Model

aF lip Danpe$ iequned. 8"x18 #lD48r or , U,xlJ". flDl6; or 14" .hinnq plefab .himnE Frctub 10"
rlD4SM drmpe, Jdmpef DlbM


TopDanpai Top Danper; TopDmrr; |t"d8", #lu48i lt"xll", #]D36; chinney #3D36M dampcr #lDJ6Cl #lDt6M

11"r1i", #lDl6

9"xll'#iDl6R ll rll'#lDl6 1l x18" #lD{8


j DooRs
qrr { in.s msh

lm optinun Glas doors recommended are perfornance hcat-storing models. of ZAB{8 IAAB4E IAPB{8 IRB48 IMB{s lRrB48 IABJ6 14A8]6 IAPB]6 /RB]6 lM8l6 ll?816

in Optional drsenodeis. IAB]6 IAABJ6 ]APB]6 ]RB]6 2RAB]6 lRlBl6

:,-a.i *,orique bra$ hame r-:rt{ r polisitd bms frane :.-::rerlar *.'bhcl hane :-'-:.erld s'antiquebra$ flanc bn$ ftlme ::.--inar N polished

fo. aU in$llations. li::::.rned :::s lcors ha\ a solid ha$ vcned over a steelirne. framc. The frane dirccdy around the gla$ is black painted steel.TESS Glas Doos arc Othdslss door$yles jr:-..J fo ro b. ured \rirhTESS LintelBaLslno glas doors arc available flat archedljntell6ALl6:15 for 16T5 Fireplace). fo. a.e available. Call vour Authorized TESS Dealer or the TESS Vemont offi.e at (E02)728-4485 additional nrfonnation. :ij --

We PledgeOur Commitment
to nasonry heatinssvstems l,, sivnrshomeolvners ln 1980,1av Pirhr had an idea:applyEuropean*tyLe as ofa cnclling fire as wc11 the usableheat the pleasures hrs ln thc pasrrhe standardmethod ofbuilding a nasonry fireplace beenone brick a. a time- Thi\ l'l'"i''r process producedffrepLaces that, though beautiftl when in use,wastednote heat than thev contributcd So, in t982,lay Pithafounded TESS in order to prcvide consuncrswith hish qualnl and efllcientmason'v ffre' tftactory matcrial,rvesere ableto nanuircrunnodu' of pLaces.In addition to the devclopment heat-storing consriucriontime and rcducedfireplace lar masonryconponents which simpLified rvas hemldedasrcvolutionarvin borh desisnand introducedin 1982, The first TESS Hcat'stoiing Fireplace, ef6cied.y.Sincethen, thc grorvthofthe product line hasbcen guided by our commitment |o deveiopinginnoativc and usetul nasonry prcducrs.

Visit Your TESSDealer

\{t are committcd to custometservlceand prcduct suppon through our nenrork ofqualificd dealersYour TESS Deller will help you sclcctthe fitplace systcmwhich qill $or[ best in lour home and rvill oiien be Callus in our Randolph,Ver able to rcfcr you to a qualifiedcontra.tor who can bulld your TESS Fireplace. mont Sales Officc for rc{crral to your nearcst dealer, or visit our shorvroom in Kenvil, N-ewJece1' smff ivill be clad to a*st lou distanceof a dealcr.our professional If 1'ouare not icratcd within convenieDt for in choosingthe right fireplace your home and arrangcshipnent of your TESS Fireplrcedirectlv rc a Locayou can count on a t.ained stali per' your TESS Fiieplace, tion ofyour choicc.\&ichever way you purchase you aloDgihe way. soD io a$ist in.o your liie Lct us bring rhe Lishi and warnth ofa TESS Fircplace


(:-,LCharlie Page


Need Additional In{ormation?

ptoject.A con' o{your nervhomc or rcmodeLing durins the planning srages ]lik ro our FirepLacc Spccialists prehemive step'by*tep CohstructioD Guide is shipped rvith each fireplace and mat aiso be obiained lrcm )our dealeror by calling us.

Inc. R.R.l Box 3, Randolph, Vermont 05060 Systems, Thermal Energy Storage 01988, (802) 728.4185 Printed in US.ATESS, ]nc.

In Innovalions Masonry

In Innovations Masonry

DearHomeowner There magicin a livelyfireon the hearth! is

ThermalEnergyStorage Systems, Inc. RR 1, Box 3, Beanville Rd. Randolph, Vrmont 05060 (8O2)7284485 FAx (802)728-9582

We feela sense well-being of while basking thepenetrating in warmth ofthe fire;it provides us with an opportunity quietcontemplation. thereis an indescribable for And magnetism draws that usto thefirefor comfort socializing. and TESS recognizes timeless the need fireplaces a foi in homesettinB. areaisoaware thepractical We of concerns homeowners regarding that have efficiency, safety value: and . theeconomics investing features of in whichaddvalueto a home . thedesire builda structure is bothpermanent durable to that and o therequirement clean-burning, products for environmentally sound . a need efficient for heating systems TESS applied had modern technology thedesign construction masonry to and of fireplaces a technology addresses these that all needs a unique innovative in and way. A Revolutionary for Fireplace ldea Construction Instead building fireplace piece,by-piece hundreds bricks stone) old-fashioned (or of a with of ljke pre,engineered fireplaces, TESS.has designed modular masonry components fit together quickthat lyandeasily. cuts This downon construction anddifficuky. ofthecomplex time All irechamber whichnormally angles wouldhave be handcrafted a skilledmason to by havebeenbuilt inlothe you design, assuring of a finished fireplace performs that consistently well. As a permanent all-masonry structure, TESS a Fireplace to thevalueandqualjtyof your adds home,AndyourTESS Fireplace befaced can with a widevariety masonry of materials completo your menL home design. - TESS A MalorBreakthrough Efficient Heat-storing Fireplaces TESS developed newgeneration efficienr has a of fireplaces applying principles by the used in European masonry heatjng systems a fireplace. Heat-Storing to The models contribute significantly to yourhome's heating needs incorporatingdense by a masonry-mass thefirechimber above to absorb radiate and heat thatwouldnormallv lostUotheflue. be A Fireplace Everv for Ned TISSRadiant Fireplaces idealwhere are ambiance ratherthan homehearinS desired. is Theyare available with either modified the Rumford firechamber design the Heat.Storing of models the or Traditional Series 3-sided design reflect heatdirectly the room. to into

to of sweeps renovate with System desiSned theassistance chimney was Replacement TheTESS fireboxes can rusted warped or metalfirebox liners.These with fireDlaces deteriorated masonrv renovates pose Replacement System unusable. unique Our hazards make fireplace and a saiety and of chimney mantel facing thefireplace. or withoutdisiurbing either existinS the ihe fireplace package. information in and TESS FireDlace completely is described illustrated theenclosed Each you will answef questions mayhave anv Dealer indicated below, Authorized TEss our staff. th; or facilitytoyour fromour manufacturing directly we shipments oui about fireplaces. canarrange Wecanalsohelp schedule. or withthebuilding contractor'sinstaller's site building to coincide information during planning the you,yourarchitecl builder/designer technical with desiSn or yourhomeProject. stages of publications: us Youmayliketo readmoreabout in thefollowing Magazine HOME COUNTRY JOURNAL HOME MECHANIX ANNUAL WOODHEAT POPULAR SCIENCE NEW SHELTER FINE HOMEBUILDINC Stoves DavidLyle. by andin TheBookof Masonry nearyou,wewill be happy you below. lfthereis nota dealer Dealer nearest is indicated TheTEss Vermont. of Outside Dealer fromour officein Randolph, and with to assist yourplanning ordering in Vermont 802-728-4485. call at for assistance 80G323-TESS, areas, oui HOTLINE technical call you Fireplaces. in Thank for yourinterest TESS I ueater: Your AutnonzeclE5> office TESS Sales Rd. RR1, Box3, Beanville VT Randolph, 05060 Sincerely, l 987, January'1 November9BB 1988 January 1988, November 1987, ranuary 1988 October i988 1987 November 1988 October 1983 Spring

Page Charlie President

Cuides: Fireplace Construction for Send ourcomplete - 48" Heat-Storing Fireplace 148 Fireplace I36 - 36"Heat-Storing (modified - 48"Radiant Rumford fitechamber) FireDlace T48 (modified - 36" Radiant firechamber) Rumford Fireplace T36 - 36"Traditional firechambet} Fireplace Series {3-sided TS System 36R- Replacement Eookof Masonry Stoves DavidLyle by payable TEss, Inc. ,PJease checks to make
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