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Institute for Integrated Learning in Management Graduate school of Management


Submitted in partial fulfilment of Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management (PGDMM)



IILM Graduate School of Management Greater Noida


I hereby would like to thanks Ximus Technologies for giving me an opportunity to work for them as an intern and get practical knowledge and experience about the business environment. I would like to thanks Mr. Mohit Sapori, Business Development Manager, Ximus Technologies for being my industry mentor and providing necessary guidance throughout the period of internship and Ms. Amita Jha, HR, for her support and guidance in completion of my project. I would also like to thanks my faculty mentor Pro. Sachin Sinha for his support and guidance throughout the internship.

Ashutosh Kumar PGDMM FT(FS)-11-367

Declaration form

I hereby declare that the Project work entitled MARKET RESEARCH OF ONLINE MARKETING submitted by me for summer internship during the Post graduate Diploma in Marketing Management programme to Institute for Integrated Learning in Management, Greater Noida is my own original work and has not been submitted earlier either to IILM GSM or to any other Institution for the fulfilment of the requirements for any other course of study. I also declare that no chapter of this manuscript, either in whole or in part, is copied from any other document.

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Particulars acknowledgement Declaration form Table of contents Executive summary Introduction to industry Company profile Top ten it industry Swot analysis Classification of products/services Project report Questionnaire findings analysis CustomErs pErCEption/suggEstions Conclusion/learning difficulties 2 3 4 5 6 9 10 11 12 13 17 19 20 31 32 33

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This project is on MARKET RESEARCH OF ONLINE MARKETING. This project has been done to know the overall performance of the company, the area where it lacks and its strong point. It also see how the company performing on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its practical performance. It also looks on the strategy of the company how it markets its products/service in Delhi/NCR. Market research has been done to know the problems, choices and preferences of the online customers. Findings clearly tell us what customers are looking for. This project gives us the clear picture of the online marketings position in the market, and also the target customers of the online market. This project also contents with SWOT analysis of the company and suggestions which can be looked upon to improve the market share with profitability of the company and finally attain the customers satisfaction.

The new millennium has brought us on the brink of the I.T. Revolution. This revolution has been aided by the advent of the Internet in a big way. Internet is fast changing the way people used to do things. Naturally, the same would have an impact on the advertisers. The Internet has been accepted as the most powerful media for advertising due to the absence of geographical barriers. There is no question that the growth of Internet advertising is outpacing offline advertising. As more and more companies realize the real value in advertising their goods and services online, they are diverting funds from other forms of offline advertising to compensate. Consequently, the market share of Internet advertising is continually growing while the market share of offline advertising mediums stagnates or declines. The growth in Internet advertising is due to two different factors, more advertisers moving promotions online and the growing penetration of the Internet itself. Because the Internet is 5 still a relatively new medium when compared to other long established advertising mediums like newspapers and television, advertisers have not yet realized the full potential for gain. Today, if youre not on a social networking site, youre not on the Internet. Its as true for advertisers as it is for consumers. Social networking is the ultimate manifestation of user generated content, and as such, holds more potential for growth than any other form of content on the Web today. User Generated Content (UGC) and Social Networks are transforming the media ecosystem.

BRAND PROMOTION Brand promotion is a strategy that is commonly used in marketing in order to increase customer loyalty, awareness of products, and sales. Instead of focusing on a specific product or products, a company instead tries to focus on the promotion of its brand. This strategy has been proven to be very effective in marketing, and many companies currently employ it. Typically, companies rely on repetition in advertising in order to familiarize customers with the brand. Companies have used brand promotion for many years, and it is still successful in today's market. With this strategy, one of the primary objectives of the company is to increase brand awareness. When customers become aware of a brand, they are much more likely to give it a try. Brands that are unknown generally do not perform as well as commonly known brands.

Another primary objective of brand promotion is to create customer loyalty. Studies have shown that customers are very loyal to brands. Once the habit of purchasing a brand is formed, a consumer will generally go back to that same brand again and again. There are certain types of consumers who only focus on purchasing the cheapest product in the market; however, many consumers are loyal to brands and may be willing to pay a little bit more for them. This brand promotion advertising can be done in a variety of ways. In many cases, businesses will employ a multimedia approach to their advertising efforts. For example, they may spend a certain amount of money on television advertisements, a certain amount on radio advertisements, and some on newspaper ads. The hope is to bombard the public with their branding efforts.

ONLINE MARKETING Internet marketing, also known as digital marketing, web marketing, online marketing, search marketing or e-marketing, is the marketing (generally promotion) of products or services over the Internet. Common areas of interest within the field of online marketing include: Affiliate Marketing: In affiliate marketing, a business recruits associates to promote the company's products or services. The associates receive a commission or other similar rewards for every sale, visitor, subscriber, or customer they bring to the company. Associates Central is an example of an affiliate marketing program that uses to encourage private website owners to bring traffic to its site. Display Advertising: Display advertising involves the use of web banners or banner ads placed on a third-party website to drive traffic to a company's own website and increase product awareness. Email Marketing: Companies that use email marketing send promotional emails directly to customers. However, it can often be hard to distinguish between spam and legitimate email marketing messages. Search Engine Marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid placement, and paid inclusion are search engine marketing techniques that companies can use to increase their visibility in the search engine page results from Google and its competitors. Viral Marketing: Viral marketing is a technique is which companies encourage customers to pass along information about their products or services. Company websites that let visitors email interactive games or funny video clips to their friends are an example of a viral marketing effort.

INTERNET ADVERTISING Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the Internet and World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers. Examples of online advertising include contextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads, Rich Media Ads, Social network advertising, online classified advertising, advertising networks and email marketing, including e-mail spam. Online video directories for brands are a good example of interactive advertising. OBJECTIVES OF INTERNET ADVERTISING Advertising: As far as advertising on the Internet goes, all advertisements will serve to attract the user's attention and draw him to the company, which is advertising. Build brand awareness: Direct or indirect methods can be used on the websites to build brand awareness of the different brands of a company. This is where the Internet scores traditional media and methods as explained below. Stimulate direct action: Visitors to a company's web site should get involved with the offerings on the site. Valuable customer information can also be captured and tracked for future marketing initiatives. Promote its brands: Promotional give - away or contests generate excitement while simultaneously promoting your brands online, aiding off - line sale. Building a culture around its brands: This goes along with that company's traditional advertising. Surrogate advertising: This is another means of surrogate advertising of the company, where all forms of traditional advertising fail. Surrogate advertising can be proved to be positive in case of advertising on the Internet.

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SWOT Analysis of it sector

Strengths Highly skilled human resource Low wage structure Initiative taken by government (setting-up high tech parks and implementation of Egovernance projects Many global players have set-up operations in India like Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe etc Cost competitiveness

Weaknesses Absence of practical knowledge Dearth of suitable candidates Less research and development Contribution of IT sector to Indias GDP is still rather small

Opportunities High quality IT education in the market Increasing the number of working age people Indias well developed soft infrastructure Upcoming International players in the market

Threats Lack of data security systems Countries like China and Philippines with qualifies work force making efforts to overcome the English language barriers IT development concentrated in a few cities only


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Project report

Project Introduction Before doing any type of research there is always an objective and motive. We all know globalization has affected todays every market. There are so many domestic and multinational companies are growing up rapidly and every company are battling with each other for capturing the large share of market. In the market there has cut throat competition. Survival is being the core concept of the company. A company must know the strategy of competitors because it directly affects to the company. Therefore there is the need for a company to judge his rivals market, potential market share of the company and marketing strategy.





Defining the Problem The research problem is the study of market research of online marketing. There are many factors involved in the online marketing decision and we need to understand these factors in order to increase our performance. Some of the factors that affect the consumers behavior are brand, price, service, quality, features etc.

Types of Research There are mainly three types of research:Exploratory Research:It is conducted to clarify ambiguous problems. Management may have discovered general problems, but research is needed to gain better understanding of the dimensions of the problems. Exploratory studies provide information to use in analyzing a situation, but uncovering conclusive evidence it determine a particular course of action is not the purpose of exploratory research. Usually, it is conducted with the expectation that subsequent research will be required to provide conclusive evidence. Descriptive Research:It is to describe characteristics of a population or phenomenon. It seeks to determine the answers to who, what, when, where and how questions. It often helps segment and target markets. Accuracy is of paramount importance in descriptive research. Although errors cannot be completely eliminated, good researchers strive for descriptive precision. Unlike exploratory research, descriptive studies are based on some previous understanding of the nature of the research problem. Causal Research:The main goal of causal research is to identify cause-and-effect relationships among variables. In causal studies it is typical to have an expectation of the relationship to be explained, such as prediction about the influence of price, packaging, advertising and the like on sales. Ideally, a manager would like to establish that one factor (say, a new package) is the means for producing another event (an increase in sales). It attempts to establish that when we do one thing, another thing will follow.



DATA TO BE COLLECTED: Data includes facts and figures, which are required to be collected to achieve the objectives of the project, in order to determine the present position and satisfaction level of the Online Marketing Services customers. a) PRIMARY DATA: The data that is being collected for the first time or to particularly fulfill the objectives of the project is known as primary data. b) SECONDORY DATA: Secondary data are that type of data, which are already assembled and need not to collected from outside. These types of data were: Company profile Product profile Competitors profile

DATA COLLECTION METHOD: For given project, the primary data, which needed to collect for the first time, were much significant. This type of information gathered through Survey technique, which is the most popular and effective technique for correct data collection. The survey was completed with the use of questionnaires for consumer.

SAMPLING: Sample is the small group taken under consideration from the total group. This small group represents the total group. In the project the business research, it was not possible to approach all the customers of the city Delhi/NCR, hence a sample was selected which represents the whole city.

DATA EVALUATION: The data so collected were not simply accepted because it contained unnecessary information and over or under emphasized facts. Therefore only relevant data were included in the report, which helped in achieving the objectives of the project.

SAMPLING: Sampling involves any procedure that uses a small number of items or a portion of a population to make a conclusion regarding the whole population. In other words, a sample is a subset from a larger population. If certain statistical procedures are followed, it is unnecessary to select every item in a population because the results of the good sample should have the same characteristics as the population as a whole. Of course, when errors are made, samples do not give reliable estimates of the population. The next sampling issue concerns sample size. The final sampling decision requires the researcher to choose how the sample units are to be selected.

SAMPLE SIZE: In this research I had made a questionnaire and surveyed with 100 customers. This questionnaire is a part of our sample procedure. With the help of this questionnaire we sampled 100 customers by asking relevant question and gaining their taste and preferences, likes and dislikes so that with this sample we can draw conclusion about the whole population. LOCATION: DELHI/NCR.



Name Address Profession

1) Have you heard about Online Marketing? a) YES b) NO

2) How are you currently promoting your business? a) Through online b) Television c) Yellow pages advertising e) Brochures g) Others d) Magazine advertising f) Word of mouth/ Referral business

3) Do you have website? a) YES

b) NO

4) Check off what you would like your website to do? a) Generate leads for your business b) Selling products and/or services c) Public relation d) Market research e) Locate and target specific audiences with high income

5) Are you satisfied with your return on investment? a) Yes b) No c) Could be better


6) What is your scope of knowledge about Search Engine Optimization? a) I do not know the term b) I have the basic knowledge c) I am proficient in SEO

7) How often you make use of Search Engine? a) Every time when I surf the net b) When I need any specific information c) I am not aware about this term

8) How much time do you spend on internet? a)<1 hour b)1-2 hours c)2-4 hours d)4-6 hours

e)>6 hours

9) You use the internet for.. (Rank them in order of your preference) a) Chatting & Social Networking b) Email c) Information d) Entertainment e) E-commerce f) Downloading

10) Do you see/check online adds/mails when you surf the internet? a) Never b) Sometimes c) Depends on adds d) Often e) Every time

11) Would you trust on online advertisement? a) Never b) Sometimes c) Depends on adds

d) often

e) Every time

12) How will you scale the service of online marketing? a) Highly Unsatisfied b) Unsatisfied c) Neutral d) Satisfied e) Highly Satisfied




Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 68 20 55 30 72 25 59 22 35 42 26 4 32 12 45 30 17 65 31 67 20 23 46 8 15 10 11 10 10 4 15 17 16 18 22 10 13 20 18

2 15 10 10 56

5 5 8 2 14




1. Have you heard about Online Marketing ?

32% YES NO 68%

INTERPRETATION: The result shows that most of the customers are familiar with online marketing. While doing my internship I told to almost 30-35% people about online marketing services providing by the company.


2. How are you currently promoting your business?

13% 20% 8% Through Online Television Yellow Pages advertising 10% 12% Magazine advertising Brochures Word of mouth/Referral business Others 22% 15%

INTERPRETATION: The results show that which are the others sources of promoting business. The most competition is given by the source magazine advertisement which has 22% of shares and the other players are yellow pages advertisement and television by 15% and 12% separately.


3. Do you have website ?


Yes No


INTERPRETATION: The results show that most of the customers (55%) have their ventures website. Rest people told that their business is on small scale so they do not have the need of website and online marketing this time.


4. Check of what would you like your website to do ?

20% 30% Generate leads for your business Selling Products and/or services Public relation Market research 10% Locate and target specific audience with high income 30%


INTERPRETATION: The result shows that the ratio of using website is same for generate leads for their business as well as for selling products and services 30% and 30% respectively. The results which I got from the customers are shows that they have website or online existence only for promoting their business. Very few people are their (10%) which have website for public relation or for their status symbol.


5. Are you satisfied with your Return on Investment ?


17% Yes No Could be better


INTERPRETATION: Online marketing have many kinds like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), and Website Designing etc. So the analysis shows that very large scales of people (72%) are satisfied with their online services.


6. What is your scope of knowledge about Search Engine Optimization ?

10% 25%

I do not know the term I have the basic knowledge I am proficient in SEO


INTERPRETATION: The analysis shows that the ratio of people familiar with SEO is more than those which are not familiar. Some people are also there (10%) which told that they have a enough information about such kind of services. They even asked us about some deep things of SEO, which initially we did not know.


7. How often you make use of search engine ?


Every time when I surf the net When I need any specific information I am not aware about this term 59%


INTERPRETATION: Search Engine is a very important tools for internet surfing as it is a very in initial stage for net surfing. So when I do analysis, I came to know that almost 59% people admitted that whenever they surf net, they usually use of search engine. On the other hand, as the chart shows, some people also admitted that they use search engine for getting some specific information.


8.How much time do you spend on internet ?

4% 2% 5%

22% < 1 hrs 1-2 hrs 2-4 hrs 4-6 hrs > 6 hrs


INTERPRETATION: As the chart shows the a very large number of people (67%) including college students and office going employee admitted that they spend 3-4 hours daily on the internet during their job in the office or somewhere else. They even told that internet became a very vital part of their routine life.


9. You use the internet for. (Rank them in order of your preference.

10% 5% 35% 15% Chatting & social networking E-mail Information Entertainment E-commerce Downloading 15% 20%

INTERPRETATION: This chart shows the ratio of purpose for surfing internet. A very large number of people (35%) told that they use internet for chatting and social networking i.e. Facebook, Orkut, Twitter etc. Along with them some people also told that they use internet for checking and sending E-mail.


10. Do you see/check online adds/mails when you surf the internet ?



Never Sometimes Depends on adds Often 42% Every time


INTERPRETATION: The ratio of checking E-mails and ads are very high according to this analysis. As the chart show, large number of people told that they usually check emails or ads during internet surfing. Someone also admitted that its depends on that particular ads or emails.


11. Would you trust on online advertisement ?



26% 16% Never Sometimes Depends on adds Often Everytime


INTERPRETATION: Trustworthiness is a very prime toll for any kind of business. The customer given their feedback that it is depends on which types of ads occur and the more specific things is the Brand name i.e. Snap deal, Sulekha, etc. But usually they trust on online advertisement.


CustomErs pErCEption rEgArDing onLinE MARKETING:

Customers perception regarding online marketing is good, positive and friendly. They take online marketing service in the positive way because they only bother with good services with affordable prices. They agree that in this 21st century, online marketing services plays a very vital role in the market. Customers are more keens with such type of innovative things.

After having a closer survey in the market and on the basis of my understanding and knowledge, which I have faced during my job, I would like to suggest that. Customers are so keen with the brand name of the service provide company. So I would like to suggest Ximus Technologies as it is a new company existing from last 2-3 year, to do proper advertisement so that customer could know better to this company. Company should provide some excellent schemes to the customers so that they could attract towards Ximus Technologies.


The IT industry has abundant growth potential. Web designing and online marketing has huge demand especially in metro cities as well as some rural area also. The only thing which they have as a need is proper advertisements and proper promotion of the company for their customers. These potential can be tapped only if they understood well and created well. Overall we enjoyed during our SIP.

We learnt how it is difficult to convince or tackle to the customers. We improved our communication skills & our body language. We made our confidence level more and higher. We became familiar with new areas of Delhi NCR which we not heard even name also. We came to know that in marketing & sales, having good product knowledge are very important. Learnt how to work within a group. We as a sales person should have patience towards clients.


Customers took more than 1 & half weeks to decide whether they are interested or not, which create very complication to us. It quite difficult to convince to the customers for sale any goods/services. To meet with the contact person was really a difficult task, because at several time the contact person did not meet easily. The awkward moments, when customers even try to bargain with us regarding products/services. The customer did not ready to trust on our company as easily as it was a new company. How much it was difficult to convince the customers to buy any products or services, but we did it. The weather is quite hard for field work as it was very hot. Some customers behavior was too rude, that they dont even want to listen to us.