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Lets Get Crafty....Butterflies Powerful Portents Of Change
Posted by Harobred

As some of you already know Ive had my camera chasing butterflies for weeks now.Why? Well inspiration started with a tiny egg ! lol Earlier this summer I popped outside to pluck a bit of fennel for salad. As I reached out to start snipping ,something stilled my hand. I bent over my plant wondering at the sudden hesitation when a butterfly lit next to it .So there we were the witch poised with scissors and her denizen trying to communicate. In the still she shifted and suddenly I spied eggs! My fennel was dotted throughout .Well needless to say I smiled and told her the fennel was hers until the children were gone.

So I settled on Basil for my salad and a shot of the eggs for later.After dinner that evening I roughed out not one but two ideas for gardening posts.Now that I had the beginnings of two new discussions framed out I wanted pics to go with them.So began the camera safari in my backyard .lol The first post was gardening with butterflies and bees and Ive already posted it.With one down I settled on waiting for that one shot needed for the second post.Well two days ago I got it!The Chrysalis I had been watching daily was the focus of my attention it had actually wiggled the day before so I knew that soon there would be a new butterfly.When I went out to check it around 8 in the morning I had just missed the "birth but my beauty was there next to his empty pouch fluffing and drying its wings.It patiently allowed me to skip around and get several nice pictures....So at last my stalking was at an end and I could finish up this post for you !

Butterflies spend the first part of their lives crawling the earth as odd many legged creatures, before metamorphosis leads it to spin a home for the big change. On emergence it has been reborn as a beautiful winged creature of the air,more flower than insect. These lovely babies are extremely sensitive to the Harmony of Earth, and are the first creatures to leave a damaged ecology Their life cycle is one of transformation. Emergence from an egg, then the transition to Chrysalis the stage in which caterpillar’s body is broken down and changed into the adult form. At last the butterfly emerges.

"Psyche" is Greek for both soul and butterfly. They believed that butterfly was a human soul searching for new reincarnation. In some cultures, butterflies are seen as the departed souls of people’s ancestors. There are many who recognize chrysalis as the soul trapped inside in the body. The butterfly’s emergence symbolizes the freedom of the soul at the moment of passing. Some Native American tribes believe if people have secret wishes, they should capture Butterfly and whisper their desires to her. Their secrets are safe in her keeping because she cannot speak.Once the secret is whispered ....one must release the Butterfly so she can carry their wishes to Great Spirit, who knows her thoughts. When Butterfly is set free, people’s wishes will be granted.

In both the Dakota and the Chippawa tradition, the butterfly represents the Door of the East, wherein appears the splendor of dawn, the dwelling place of the Great Mystery. To other native Americans, the butterfly was a living fragment of the rainbow, a beautiful creature made of rainbow colors that dance above wild flowers on sunny currents of air. The butterfly totem will aid you in achieving depths of inner and outer exploration far beyond the ordinary. As a symbol of personal transformation, your spirit helper will hover ever-near to assist in all those changes within yourself and within your environment that are necessary for you to attain the highest levels of enlightenment. They are also symbolic of metamorphosis, joy, freedom,fun, color, change in one’s life and joyous times. The caterpillar stage has been linked to materialism. Chrysalis represents internal changes of the mind and the butterfly is perceived as the free expression of these changes.

The Butterfly enters our life as a messenger for change. If it comes to us hurt or ill, its to remind you to transform and stop keeping joy at bay. Their graceful dancing-like appearance on flowers reminds us to find the joy in nature and make it a part of our life. So at last I have finished what took me two months to compile and complete,I have gathered the empty Chrysalis and its snuggled in a box on my potions shelf.You'll see it eventually in a discussion on spells but for now this is it!

Finding Peace Within
Posted by Rev

Carol Ingle

There are moments in every life that are disruptive. Moving through life tasks can be crowded with difficulty and anxiety. Inner turmoil can be created that can make one feel disconnected and chaotic. If you find yourself in that place, stop for a moment and just breathe deeply. Find that calm place even if you feel your grip upon it is tenuous. With each breath you take see your hold on it becoming stronger until you are able to continue moving through the experience. You did not incarnate to fail. You came to this place to prosper and grow. Each task before you was pre-planned by you. Summon your inner most strength to accomplish the goal. We realize that often it is most difficult to do that, however, you are a strong energy with the ability to perform miracles from within. Do not let yourself become helpless. You do have the will power to move through the drama. Breathe. Let your inner calm take charge. Breathe! Center your energy with the determination to accomplish the task. By changing your chaos to calm, you put all parties on notice that you are serious. The new mix will affect those around you. Those who would wish to partner with you in negativity will have to find someone else to exchange with. You are no longer interested. Breathe! Find the calm within. It's there.

A letter from the Mother Father ,Lord Lady not sure
Posted by Blazing


I got this letter sent to me from a friend of mine and as i was reading it I could here the voices of my god/ess speaking.So I copied it so I can post here for all to see.I dont know who wrote it or where it came from but all paths of life is ment to read it I hope you all enjoy it as much as i did A Letter From MOM And DAD ~ Dear Children (and believe us, that's all of you), We consider ourselves pretty patient folks. For instance, look at the Grand Canyon. It took millions of years to get it right. And about evolution? Boy, nothing is slower than designing that whole Darwinian thing to take place, cell by cell, and gene by gene. We've been patient through your fashions, civilizations..., wars and schemes, and the countless ways you take Us for granted until you get yourselves into big trouble again and again. We want to let you know about some of the things that are starting to tick Us off. First of all, your religious rivalries are driving Us up a wall. Enough already! Let's get one thing straight: These are YOUR religions, not Ours. We're the whole enchilada; We're beyond them all. Every one of your religions claims there is only one of Us (which by the way, is absolutely true). But in the very next breath, each religion claims it's Our favorite one. And each claims it's scriptures were written personally by Us, and that all the other scriptures are man-made. Oy Vey. How do We even begin to put a stop to such complicated nonsense? Okay, listen up now. We're your Father AND Mother, and We don't play favorites among Our children. Also, We hate to break it to you, but We don't write. Our longhand is awful, and We've always been more of "doers" anyway. So ALL of your books, including those Bibles, were written by men and women. They were inspired, remarkable people, but they also made mistakes here and there. We made sure of that so that you would never trust a written word more than your own living heart. You see, one human being to Us, even a bum on the street, is worth more than all the Holy Books in the world. That's just the kind of folks we are. Our spirit is not a historical thing. It's alive right here, right now, as fresh as your next breath. Holy books and religious rites are sacred and powerful, but not more so than the least of you. They were only meant to steer you in the right direction, not to keep you arguing with each other, and certainly not to keep you from trusting your own personal connection with Us.

Which brings Us to Our next point about your nonsense. You act like We need you and your religions to stick up for Us or "win souls" for Our sake. Please, don't do Us any favors. We can stand quite well on our own,thank you. We don't need you to defend Us, and We don't need constant credit. We just want you to be good to each other. And another thing, We don't get all worked up over money or politics, so stop dragging Our names into your dramas. For example, We swear to Us smile::::, that We never threatened Oral Roberts. We never rode in any of Rajneesh's Rolls Royces. We never told Pat Robertson to run for president, and We've never, EVER had a conversation with Jim Baker, Jerry Falwell, or Jimmy Swaggart! Of course, come Judgment Day, We certainly intend to.... The thing is, We want you to stop thinking of religion as some sort of loyalty pledge to Us. The true purpose of your religions is so that YOU can become more aware of Us, not the other way around. Believe Us, We know you already. We know what's in each of your hearts, and We love you with no strings attached. Lighten up and enjoy Us. That's what religion is best for. What you seem to forget is how mysterious We are. You look at the petty differences in your Scriptures and say, "Well, if THIS is the truth, then THAT can't be!" But instead of trying to figure out Our Paradoxes and Unfathomable Nature, which by the way, you NEVER will, why not open your hearts to the simple common threads in all religions. You know what We're talking about. Love and respect everyone. Be kind, even when life is scary or confusing. Take courage and be of good cheer, for We are always with you. Learn how to be quiet, so you can hear Our still, small voice. (We don't like to shout). Leave the world a better place by living your life with dignity and gracefulness, for you are Our Own Children. Hold back nothing from life, for the parts of you that can die surely will, and the parts that can't, won't. So don't worry, be happy. (We stole that last line from Bobby McFerrin.) Simple stuff. Why do you keep making it so complicated? It's like you're always looking for an excuse to be upset. And We're very tired of being your main excuse. Do you think We care whether you call Us.... Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Diana, Wakantonka, Brahma, Cerridwen, Father, Mother, God, Goddess or even the Void of Nirvana? Do you think We care which of Our special children you feel closest to, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Krishna, Gerald, Mohammed or any of the others? You can call Us and Our Special Ones any name you choose, if only you would go about Our business of loving one another as We love you. How can you keep neglecting something so simple? We're not telling you to abandon your religions. Enjoy your religions, honor them, learn from them, just as you should enjoy, honor, and learn from your parents.

But do you walk around telling everyone that your parents are better than theirs? Your religion, like your parents, may always have the most special place in your hearts, We don't mind that at all. And We don't want you to combine all the Great Traditions in One Big Mess. Each religion is unique for a reason. Each has a unique style so that people can find the best path for themselves. Know that Our Special Children, the ones that your religions revolve around, all live in the same place, (Our heart), and they get along perfectly, We assure you. The clergy must stop creating a myth of sibling rivalry where there is none. Our blessed children of Earth, the world has grown too small for you pervasive religious bigotries and confusion. The whole planet is connected by air travel, satellite dishes, telephones, fax machines, rock concerts, diseases, and mutual needs and concerns. Get with the program! If you really want to help, then commit yourselves to figuring out how to feed your hungry, clothe your naked, protect your abused, and shelter your poor. And just as importantly, make your own everyday life a shining example of kindness and good humor. We've given you all the resources you need, if only you abandon your fear of each other and begin living, loving and laughing together. We're not really ticked off. We just wanted to grab your attention because We hate to see you suffer. But We have given you free will to choose your own paths, and We just want you to be happy. In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, Us

Being One With Source
Posted by Rev Carol Ingle
Each breath is an opportunity to align with your source. In our last missive we spoke of the importance of breathing deeply to find the calm within the continued exercise enabling one to move through any and all experience. The idea of being one with source is appealing for many. However, most have no true concept of what that really means. Most have been taught that the physical realm is a separation from source. Through generations it is most true that there is an invisible wall separating the two. Perhaps it would be prudent to reassess the concept: Instead of ascending to a higher plane, let yourself participate with the source within you. Attempt to draw spiritual energy into your reality. The physical realm could use a good participation with lighter ethereal energy. By acknowledging the "god" within you, instead of beyond, there is hope to evolve the reality to a a better place. Become one with your source once you reach the calmer place. Extend your heart towards it. Be assured that the blending of the two will have a spectacular outcome. Some of you are deeply concerned about the positive continuance of physical reality. It is indeed "off course". It is through those like yourself that all can be set right again. Bring source through you whenever possible. It is the ultimate experience for yourself and the reality. Many of you have been searching for the meaning of being here. Perhaps this is it. Look deep within.Bring source through.It will take some linear time, however, your source energy can create positive evolution. Be the facilitator. Be one with source.

Look How It's Glowing! Mysteriously Beautiful Fukang Meteorite Is A Precious Cosmic
Posted by Debby Many Nations

It is a truly breathtaking sight! What makes the meteorite so extraordinary is without doubt its amazing glow! When the Fukang meteorite slammed into the surface of Earth, one suspected this extraterrestrial gemstone could mirror the stellar beauty of the cosmos, and it did! True beauty was revealed when the Fukang meteorite was divided into slices. Within the rock, translucent golden crystals of a mineral called olivine gleamed among a silvery honeycomb of nickel-iron.

These stellar gemstones are composed of about 50% olivine (peridot), 50% nickel-iron and 100% breathtaking beauty. This is the main mass of the Fukang meteorite, which failed to sell after being valued at $2million. The intact space rock weighed as much as a small car! Image credit: Southwest Meteorite Laboratory

Marvin Killgore of the Arizona Meteorite Laboratory holds a 10 kg Fukang Slice Image credit: Southwest Meteorite Laboratory

The Fukang's polished face provides a window into its wondrous mosaic of extraterrestrial crystals. This unparalleled discovery is an astounding treasure a phenomenal and prestigious centerpiece for any natural history exhibit. Image credit: Southwest Meteorite Laboratory This very beautiful and rare pallasite meteorite was discovered in 2000, in the Gobi Desert in China's Xinjiang Province by an anonymous finder who recovered a 1003 kg specimen.Pallasites are a type of stony-iron meteorite with beautiful olivine crystals. After its discovery the Fukang meteorite was divided into slices and an anonymous collector holds the largest portion, which weighs 925lb. in 2008, this piece was expected to fetch $2million (£1.26million) at auction at Bonham's in New York - but it remained unsold. This rare meteorite is considered so valuable that even tiny chunks sell in the region of £20-30 per gram. Arizona's Southwest Meteorite Laboratory, which holds about 70lb of the rock, says the remarkable find will turn out to be 'one of the greatest meteorite discoveries of the 21st century. These awesome treasures are thought to be relics of forming planets. Have you taken any interesting images or filmed something unusual? Remember you can always send the images to us so we can publish them. MessageToEagle.com

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Creating a Sacred Space
Posted by Rev

Carol Ingle

A place for peace and introspection Sacred Space can be as small as the breath taken in during prayer, as large as a cathedral or as expansive as an ocean view. Unless you already have a special peaceful place set up in your home I suggest you challenge yourself to create a "sacred space" somewhere within your living area. Perhaps you are fortunate enough to have an extra room you can use to retreat to when you need some time to yourself. When it is time for a child to leave the nest consider converting the newly evacuated bedroom into a sacred space rather than making it into a guest room that is only used occasionally. Do not feel as if you must wait until you have a spare room to create this space. Consider opening up any corner and building an altar there, or empty a closet of its clutter and toss a couple of pillows upon the floor for use in quiet prayer or meditation. After Choosing Your Space Once you have chosen the space, clear the entire room where your sacred space will exist (even if only a corner is being used). A fresh coat of paint on the walls might be nice. Incorporate household rules as to who is and who is not allowed into this space. Is this to be your space alone or can other family members use it when you aren't using it? Select pleasing visuals, kinesthetics, sounds, and scents for your Sacred Space surroundings. Filling Your Space with Personal Items I like to fill my Sacred Space with personal items I have been gifted from loving friends and family members. Clay hand impressions my sons made in kindergarten are hanging on the wall, my grandmother's china doll is sitting in the corner, a river clam shell given to me from my friend Bill who lives beside the Mississippi is filled with rice to feed the Crow Spirit on the window sill. Smaller items have found their way into a ceramic star bowl kept just for such treasures. It is filled with a handful of seashells, a dime (promised prosperity) I found shining up at me from the grasses under my feet at a roadside park where I had stopped to meditate, a chunk of amethyst, a purie marble (Crystal Ball) from Eirene, a broken arrowhead, and more goodies. Sacred Space Rituals Once your space is in place you will likely want to honor it by doing some type of ritual, be it Wiccan, Native American, casting a gypsy spell, giving a prayer of gratitude, or blessing it in whatever way best aligns with your belief system. You will soon find yourself drawn to this sacred space more and more as you seek the solace and restfulness it provides. You begin to wonder how you ever lived without this Sacred Space that offers much healing, comfort and warmth.

Lets Get Crafty ........ Lammas The Hedge Witch Way
Posted by Harobred

The first of August is Lammas Day, and was Thanksgiving time / Harvest time in Britain. The name is based on a Anglo-Saxon word Hlafmaesse which means loaf Mass. The festival of Lammas marks the beginning of the harvest ,Samhain marks the last with Mabon sandwiched in between.Lammas is'nt really a part of my walk ,I was first introduced to it years back via a Wiccan friend of mine.I jumped on the wagon quick through lol...being a Hedge Witch I never miss a reason to celebrate a harvest! If you are new to this and are wondering what deity to honor and how ,most agree the answer is two fold....... Lugh from the Celts or Frey from Norse paganism . I give them both their separate kudos :) Lugh was known as a god of both skill and the distribution of talent.In Ireland he's called sam ildanach, meaning he was skilled in many arts simultaneously. For many , he is honored as the champion of artistry and giver of skills. Artisans, musicians, bards, and crafters invoke Lugh when they need assistance with creativity (including myself). He is honored at the time of harvest, not only as a god of grain but also as a god of late summer storms.Frey is at his strongest on Lammas the best time to work spells concerning him is noon and of course his planet is the sun.

)0( I have found that the best way to keep in this Gods good graces and insure successful spells using him is to offer him up lunch ;)And most certainly include the niceties,such as fresh flowers.Bright orange ditch lilies abound now and they are just his color!! Sunflowers and sunflower seeds can be used to appease this one also. Never cast spells using him at dusk or dark .At dusk his power is waning fast and after dark he's sleeping and that's just rude! )0( There are many different ways you can celebrate Lammas, but the focus is always on the early harvest .This is when the first grains are ready to be harvested , our apples and grapes are ripe for the plucking,and for me there is work to be done Now lots celebrate with tons of pomp circumstance and ritual,not me.I celebrate in a simpler manner. I believe to celebrate a harvest you need to share the wealth .So last year I made a few of the lovely trays as Lammas gifts.They are filled with corn, grain ,herbs ,spices and dried fruit.

Another way I celebrate is to decorate my home with freshly harvested sheaths of the best my garden will bear.Blooming now are Golden Rod ,Lycoris ,Lavender ,Sunflowers and Yarrow.Your Decoration can be as simple as this one.

Or a more elaborate spread such as this.

The only rules here are the ones you impose on yourself .lol As most of you already know I'm not much on rules. A traditional craft for these up and coming harvest celebrations is the braiding of grain. I learned this craft years ago , Momma who always loved these little wheaten tokens every year demanded a few for her Autumn kitchen decorations and Thanksgiving table.I will always make these for her ,its just now she will be with me as I feed them to the cauldron .lol That used to appall her that the groovy things were going to be burned ,every year her game was to try her best to talk me out of all of them ! This year I'll make her a lovely braided crown of flowers and wheat her best ever.This is the pic of her last thievery before leaving this world ,on her death which was right at Lammas I burned it.

Braids and such are really simple to make ,there are very few rules that come with them. They are a fun relaxing project that every witch should do once ;p

Last of all Lammas is my time to make Dragonfly poppets ....why you wonder well its because here I'm at the height of their season. Everywhere there are groups of them flitting ,dueling and dancing all through the garden. The innards of my dragonfly are a mixture of sweet marjoram ,graveyard oak,and snakeskin ground to dust .I use these for three or four things.... first is the easement of grief or to ease someones passage through the veil.*Sweet Marjoram is my herb of choice for spells that ease grief* Two is to invoke and honor the spirits of my ancestors on Samhain Three to call dragonflies to me And last but not least spells of healing So there you have it a peek at the Hedge Witches Harvest celebration , I hope you enjoyed ;)

Posted by Rev Carol Ingle Often in the linear some may find their paths dominated by opinions and actions of others. Making your choices are an important part of reality creation. If others are allowed to participate with such force, there may be disruptions in the growth of your life. We are not speaking of relationships where the energy ebbs and flows smoothly. These collaborations and partnerships are valuable. We are speaking of those who would rob you of your own free will. It is important to always keep the energy between yourselves and others free flowing. If you are a parent, teaching your children to make solid choices is the best tool you can give them. If you are considering your self in this dialogue, it would be valuable to begin a practice of clear choice making. This would include valuing ultimately making choices for yourself. Many feel they have already caused much disruption in their lives by poor choice making. The good news is that one can always remedy any situation by getting clear and choosing wisely. You do not have to be victim to the past choices. Allow yourself to acknowledge and move forward with confidence. Your reality is always available for alteration. Just decide to make different choices. The results may amaze you. You are a soul having a physical experience. Do not always expect perfection, but always be clear with your choices. Make choices yourself. Ultimately you will prevail in a better reality.

Crystal Cures and Remedies with Feng Shui
Posted by Debby Many Nations

By Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac Infused with energy, air, water, fire, earth….the gifts of the earth that have been provided us, are some of the most healing and nurturing powers of all. Stones and crystals have been apart of this earth since its creation and have played an integral part in its connection between the alignment with the pulse of the Earthbeat and the creatures that walk upon it. Crystals are a very popular feng shui cure since their natural energies can be used to gently protect, clear and nourish energies within our environment. Crystals for feng shui purposes are based on their metaphysical properties, mineral makeup, color and shape. The choice depends on which crystalline energy you want to bring into your surrounding space. The metaphysical properties of crystals shows us how to look at what is beyond the physical or visible recognized fields of human consciousness. The mineral makeup of a crystal is what gives it power. The combining and layering of earth elements over centuries, makes it’s energy, unique. From quartz to copper and calcium to iron, the mineral spectrum is vast, creating an amazing synergy. The color of a crystal allows us to connect with it on a deeper level. Color enriches every aspect of our lives. The inspiring rainbow of colors can influence the way we feel.

The five elements in feng shui all have related colors that can be utilized. Wood: brown, green. Water: blue, black. Earth: beige, brown, yellow. Fire: red, orange. Metal: white, gray. When healing mental, emotional issues, the color of a crystal can be an additional clue in choosing the right gem for the job. The shape of a crystal is relative to the way we respond to the environment around us. We respond to shapes on a subconscious level, therefore, the shape of a crystal can have an incredible impact. Found in natural clusters and geodes or fashioned into points, towers or tumbled smooth stones, crystal shapes bring continuity and flow to our lives. In nature, there are six crystal families in three dimensions: triclinic, monoclinic, orthorhombic, tetragonal, hexagonal, and cubic. Crystal at the front door If the back door is seen immediately from the front door, hang a crystal near the front to slow down the energy from going directly through the home. If there are steps down immediately upon entering a home, hang a crystal above the steps to keep the energy moving up. I like using crystal prisms or Swarovski crystal here, as the many facets divert light energy and play it around the space. Crystals in the living/family room A crystal cluster is wonderful in the living room or family room. Clusters of crystals bring a “group” energy to it’s surrounding area. They are used to foster protection, cooperation, purification, harmony, friendship, intimacy and to break up negative energy in the environment. Clusters help to keep all life forms energized and clear of heavy or unproductive energy. Clusters in a family room bring together the various family members in harmonious unity. Like a crystal cluster, family members are all connected to a similar base. Some of my favorites include quartz clusters, which help bring clarity of thought and clear intention, citrine clusters, which help encourage communication and aqua aura clusters, which have an energy that can enhance intuition and communication, calm nerves and energize our mental abilities. Crystals in your workspace Black Tourmaline (Schorl) is one of my favorite for the workplace as it is the best crystal to use against the ill effects of low frequency and high frequency electromagnetic waves (EMF). It protects against smog, radiation and repels all kinds of negative energy. Great near computers, phones and outlets.

Tourmaline in quartz provides an energy or “solving atmosphere”. Used to actualize an innate strength in the body. It helps eliminating “crystalized patterns” in the body which have been destructive in a physical and mental manner, especially in one’s business. Selenite wands and towers are white/clear striated gypsum crystal known to stabilize and help with mental focus, growth, luck, immunity, and raising kundalini energy. Centuriesold record keepers of events and information, these stunning crystals help regulate and soothe emotions, especially good where business is concerned. Place a clear quartz crystal cluster near your computer to balance out the energies and protect you from high electromagnetic fields (EMF). Citrine is especially good for the workplace as it helps with problem solving, memory issues, will power, optimism, confidence and self-discipline. It reduces anxiety, fear and depression. Can guide you to harness and utilize your creative energy. Helps us analyze events, develop inner calm and security and makes us less sensitive and more open to constructive criticism. This stone is great with help in achieving goals. Citrine is the stone of abundance. It teaches us the lessons of achieving wealth and prosperity. Not just on a monetary level, but in all aspects of our lives. Crystals in your bathroom Water is the dominant element in the bathroom, a very Yin energy. Leaky pipes, open drains and toilet seats can cause Qi energy to move out too fast, taking a wealth of energy with it. Fix leaking pipes and keep toilet seat and shower curtains close. Use a faceted crystal or cluster to disperse an slow down the Qi. Consider using more yang colored crystals such as black, red, orange or yellow together in a bowl. If you have bathroom door across from the bedroom door or kitchen door, hang a faceted crystal ball in the middle between the two opposing doors. Crystals in the bedroom Crystals are wonderful to use in the bedroom. Two of my favorites include rose quartz and jade. Keep no more than two rose quartz in the relationship area of your bedroom or two stones close to your bed. Rose Quartz has a loving, healing energy associated with the heart. It brings about a strong sense and flow of love as its heart-opening properties encourage more self love and the love in an intimate relationship. The ancient Chinese culture has revered Jade for centuries. Jade is considered the health, wealth and longevity stone. Traditionally, Jade symbolizes the Five Virtues of Humanity : wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage. Therefore, it is used for emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony, courage, wisdom, justice, mercy. No matter what your choices, instinct and intuition will never fail you. http://www.peacefulmind.com/fe ng_shui.htm

Atlantis~Thoth~Egypt Beginning
Posted by Shadow

Egyptian Vignettes of the story of Atlantis


This page has evolved somewhat since its inception. After spending a number of years analyzing the writings of the ancient Egyptians and their possible connections in regard to Atlantis, the picture forming from the data collected is gradually coming into focus. Since Plato gave an Egyptian origin to his Atlantis saga (via Solon and the priests at Saïs), I think the following discussions may be relevant.

Scattered though they may be, an interesting picture emerges from the numerous references to Thoth in the earliest writings of the ancient Egyptians—and that picture fits the theory of an Atlantean origin for this intriguing character. Although late writings depict him as a god, the earliest texts depict him as a king (The Palermo Stone versus The Coffin Texts; Faulkner, 1974). Thoth was born in a distant country to the west which was across a body of water. Its main city was by the sea (Plato's metropolis). The land possessed volcanos and the city had a low mountain or large hill in the center. This land is sometimes referred to as an Island of Flame. (Book of the Dead, Hymn of Rameses IV and Pyramid Texts) Like Poseidon ("the earthshaker"), Thoth is sometimes called "cleaver of the earth" (Papyrus of Ani, Chapter LXI). Creation stories in the Pyramid Texts speak of iu neserer (the “Island of Flame”) as the original land, the mythical place where the gods were born "beyond the limits of the created world" (Faulkner, 1969). Such myths place Thoth, as well as his birthplace in the west, at the very beginning of Egyptian traditions. One can't help but recall the similar origin myths of the Atlantean tribe of North Africa (Diodorus, Lib. Hist.).

Thoth is also known as the "Lord of the horizon" (presumably, the western). However, in later texts Osiris (Lord of the Dead) is said to dwell there as well, only by then it has become a place of final reward. Book of the Dead ritual has the hopeful deceased, after uttering certain sacred passwords, shouting jubilantly: "Hail, Flame, who comest forth from the horizon. Hail, thou who art in the city. . . . Give me thy two hands, and let me pass my time in the Island of Flame." (Chap. LXXXVI) Thoth had just been described (Chapter LXXXV, Papyrus of Nu) as ruler of the "Western Domain"; but by the end of the New Kingdom he is called the "Lord of the West" (Seth, 1912). He is accredited with the invention of writing, mathematics, astronomy, and civilization in general (Budge, 1960). In addition to being the author of a large number of esoteric books, Thoth is also called the Scribe (Pyramid Texts; Book of the Dead, et al.); his Egyptian name, Tehuti, means "the measurer" (Budge, 1960). In summation, a catastrophe occurred which darkened the sun and disturbed the gods, but Thoth led them across the sea to an eastern country [Egypt]. Thoth is depicted as the "controller of the Flood," (Leyden Papyrus) and the Theban Recension includes the Island of Fire in the Flood story. (Papyrus of Ani, Chap. CLXXV) Thus it appears that Thoth was once the ruler of an Island Kingdom beyond the western horizon before the Egyptian priests turned him into a god. The question therefore is: Was the Egyptian Tehuti-Thoth originally a migrant from Atlantis, and did he once rule as a king there?

Nu, the Egyptian god of the Primeval Sea, is represented on the marble sarcophagus of Seti I as being up to his waist in water with arms upraised to carry the Solar Boat across the Sky. The boat, with its ten royal occupants, is being carried above the flood waters engulfing their mountainous island home in the West. According to Budge (1960), Nu had been ordered to bring about this very flood by Atum in order to purify the world. Does this primeval flood scene depict the final migration from the Lands of the West to Egypt because of the sudden loss of Atlantis?

In the vignette (left) Nu's name is immediately above his head (Osiris appears at the very top). Hieroglyphs identify two of the figures on the left as Tehuti (Thoth) and Seb (Kronos). The legend below the boat reads: "Come forth from the waters and bear up this god." The text just above the boat reads: "The god rests in the Ant Boat with the gods who are with him." (Budge, 1960) The figure of a man bent around backwards in a circle is identified as Osiris, enclosing the underworld—Tuat, which is said to be perpetually shrouded in darkness and terror. Yet it originally contained the more pleasant Sekhet Hetepet ("Field of Offerings") or Elysian Fields, and Sekhet Aaru ("Field of Reeds"), and the even more delightful Amentet, which I believe to be the Egyptian "Atlantis". Judging from the long explanation by Budge (pp. 130161), Tuat was thought of as the "Other World," i.e., the world of the dead. Sekhets were the special paradises reserved for those whom the gods favored. Nu carrying the Solar Boat

Supporting this migration tradition, Diodorus of Sicily writes: "The Egyptians were strangers, who, in remote times, settled on the banks of the Nile, bringing with them the civilization of their mother country [Atlantis?], the art of writing, and a polished language. They had come from the direction of the setting sun [the far West] and were the most ancient of men." (Library of History) Another even more ancient historian wrote: "Moreover, Cronos visiting the different regions of the habitable world, gave to his daughter Athena the kingdom of Attica . . . visiting the country of the south [he] gave all Egypt to the god Taautus (Thoth), that it might be his kingdom ." (The Generations, Sanchuniathon, 1193 B.C.) In case there is any doubt that Taautus and Thoth are the same, the following passage should clear up the uncertainty? In History of Phoenicia, Sanchuniathon also writes: "The Egyptians descended from Misor, who descended from Taautus, who invented the writing of the first letters: him the Egyptians call Thoth, and the Greeks Hermes." (Cory, 1832) All ancient sources seem to agree with the Egyptian writings on this point.


The Zodiac in the temple of Hathor at Denderah begins with the constellation Leo (red arrow) indicating a "mean date" of 9825 B.C. Could this signify a new cycle beginning immediately after a tremendous world-wide geological cataclysm? Makrisi, a famous Arab historian of Egypt, affirms that "fire issued from the sign of Leo to destroy the world." Such a conflagration serves to confirm the above connection between the beginnng constellation of the Dendera Zodiac and the Atlantean cataclysm disclosed by Plato.

After several years of studying the various ways that Amentet is used in the writings of the Egyptians (incorporating the glyph set as a determinative), and the various ways it is usually translated, I have come to the opinion that Amentet ("Land of the West") was the early Egyptian name for Atlantis; but with time and the fading of the memory of Atlantis, it became merely a term for the realm of departed spirits. The same happened in the case of Atala, the Western Island of ancient Hindu theology.

Like the Atala of the Hindu Epics, there are tangible reasons to assume that Amentet, the Land of the West of the Egyptians, doubled for a lost western homeland as well as the world of the deceased. Firstly, Amentet is usually divided up into a group of seven islands, which need not be the case if it were merely a spirit realm; secondly, it seems there is always an associated glyph indicating a physical "land" or "country". Amentet means "the West" or the "Hidden Land" (Budge, 1960). Egyptologists will interprete the latter as meaning the "spirit world," which is merely invisible; but Budge reminds us that Amentet was the "western region" where the sun goes after it sets, and was originally thought of as "a district". Only later did it become associated with a spirit realm, a world reserved for the departed—a significant observation in view of our "Atlantis" interpretation. Below is a vignette from Chap. CXXVII of the Book of the Dead (Papyrus of Ani). Here water symbols cover a double rectangle (glyphs for "land" or "country"). Guarding each corner is a baboon, and facing all four sides are fire-glyphs. This is Amentet in its alternate aspect as the "Lake of Fire". Oddly enough, Amentet as the Island of Flame is stated to be a desirable destination for the deceased; but for the impious the Lake of Fire was a place of torment. Glyphic elements (which may have been misenterpreted by later temple priests) suggest that Amentet may have suffered intense conflagration before its final subsidance.

The Lake of Fire, was mentioned as early as the Coffin Texts (Faulkner, 1974), and in Chap. CXXVII of the Book of the Dead (Budge, 1960). It's a place of regeneration for the sun god Re and his faithful followers; but a place of torment and destruction for the damned. It is important to remember that Manetho affirms that the ancient god-kings of his famed king-list (which I believe to represent the ten Atlantean rulers mentioned by Plato) reigned not in Egypt itself, but in a foreign land. The Egyptian hieroglyph set, commonly translated "foreign land," arouses our interest.

Set: can mean a mountainous land, any foreign land, or the Underworld (Inscription of Anebni, 18th Dynasty) Amentet: can mean West, Land of the West, or Underworld (Funeral Stele of Panehesi, 19th Dynasty)

Now the "Land of the West" would be a natural Egyptian name for Atlantis. Ancient Egyptian records sometimes refer to the Atlantic as the "Western Ocean". Did Manetho translate "foreign land" from set, or from Amentet? In either case, we probably have ourselves a reference to Atlantis in the writings of Manetho. Either of these are quite often translated by Egyptologists as "underworld" (Budge, 1966), which in some cases may be misleading. That the glyph set also represented the "underworld," does fit, after a fashion, since this is the land where the sun shines after it has set (no pun intended) on the land of Egypt. It was believed in popular Egyptian mythology that the sun passed through the underworld on its way back to rise once more in the east. Prof. Arysio dos Santos of Säo Paulo believes that Amentet is the Egyptian counterpart of the Isles of the Blest of Hesiod. The Egyptians often appear to distinguish between Amentet (the opposite side of the world where the sun makes its return to the east) and Tuat (the realm of the dead, that of departed spirits), yet Egyptologists arbitrarily translate either glyph as "underworld". Amentet combines the glyph for "foreign land" (using set as a determinative for "land" or "country") alongside standard glyphs for "west", meaning "Land of the West". The "land" (set) determinative is entirely missing in Tuat, which I consider of more than minor significance. The "Seven Islands" of Amentet* We therefore have a glyph representing a western, mountainous land, a land where the sun went after it had set on Egypt, and whose earliest rulers were probably called "Auliteans" or "Aleteans". To top it off the reign of these god-kings ended circa. 9850 B.C., very near the date of the alleged disappearance of Atlantis.
*It appears to me that the largest island (which could conceivably represent the main island of Atlantis) has a harbor on its southern shore—just where Plato described it—and a ship docked therein. The staircase glyph represents "going up" [to the temple?], which is suggestive. Farther to the north are several granary glyphs. Plato described a great irrigated plain in this area—are the granaries for storing the harvest thereby produced? To the left are two herons with the meaning "to flood, to inundate". The panel next to the top depicts the god Osiris ruling over Sekhet Aaru ("Field of Reeds"). He is faced by another "inundation" (irrigation?) symbol.

Dr. Carleton Coon of Harvard made a most interesting observation—one in which he seemed not a little puzzled—concerning Egyptian descriptions of where King Osiris lived and reigned. One can't help but notice similarities in the place described and Atlantis. The following is not an off-the-wall comment by a confirmed "atlantologist" but that of a highly qualified, professional ethnologist and anthropologist. Dr. Coon alleged that Osiris' home is sometimes said to be in the north, as opposed to the West (viz., Amentet). But notice Coon's description of this place: "The land was said to be foggy and bordered with high mountains, some of which were volcanic. On the side away from the mountains stood an immense lake, and in between lay a network of rivers and irrigation ditchs. Toward the mountains rose a dense forest. Many of the trees were conifers, sacred to Osiris." (Coon, 1954)

Coon further observes: "The interesting thing about all this is that nothing in this description resembles Egypt . . . ." (Ibid.) And why would the conifer be sacred to Osiris, unless he once lived in a land in which conifers were abundant? Whatever land is being described, it certainly isn't Egypt! So, if not Egypt, what land or country could this be describing? I'm not certain where Coon came by the "northern" location of Osiris' homeland; but I would like to make an observation of my own. Although not mentioned by Plato, it's entirely possible that the Atlanteans created a large lake, or reservoir, as a supply for the irrigation canals mentioned in both of these accounts—in fact, it seems such would be a necessity! Traditionally the god Osiris, as Ruler of the Underworld, lived in a Great Hall built of reeds. However, according to the ancient Book of the Dead (Chapter CXLVI), as a living king the dwelling of King Osiris had no less than ten entrances and twenty-one "pylons" or columns—the latter much more resembling a kingly Atlantean palace.

One of the kings appearing in so many ancient traditions in connection with Atlanteans (Sanchuniathon, Herodotus, Diodorus, etc.) is Cronos. He was often called the Great King and the bringer of civilization, who ruled over a large "Saturnian continent" in the Cronian Sea (the Atlantic) during the Golden Age. Such traditions refer to an ancient time when a Golden Race of men were governed by Cronos, who in wisdom promoted peace and created a Golden Age for all mankind. His father Ouranos is reputed to have had a large number of offspring from various wives, but only those who were born from Ouranos and Titaea were called Titans—there were twenty-two such offspring (Diodorus, Lib. Hist, III). The offspring of Cronos and his wife Rhea were known as Titans also. Of these two generations of Titans, no one knows how many were male and how many were female. (Those who claim there were only twelve Titans simply haven't done their homework.) Cronos and the Titans eventually engaged the Olymbian gods (lead by Zeus, a Titan himself) in a ten year-long battle. Plato described the Atlanteans as also becoming warlike, advancing through western Europe, approaching the Grecian border and across North Africa to the border of Egypt, before being stopped by the ancient Athenians. The defeat of the Atlanteans and the sinking of their homeland Atlantis happened in quick succession. Upon losing the war, Cronos and the Titans were imprisoned beneath the Ocean in the far west. (For more info on these traditions, go to the Mythology page.) To find him listed in Manetho's king-list as one of the "Auritian" god-kings who ruled in the "foreign land" before Egyptian history began was truly intriguing. I wanted to find out how the Egyptians wrote his name. Since the Egyptians have many ways to write a name (or any given word), there are several ways that the name Seb (Cronos) appears. Just as a picture of the ibis could be enough to represent Thoth in a text, likewise Seb could be represented by a goose, as on the Palermo Stone King-list. Below are two hieroglyphic versions: one representing King Seb, the other using Seb to represent the stars.

SEB (as Cronos):

SEB (as the stars):

The equation of the Egyptian Seb (Keb) with the Greek Cronos is not an arbitrary association. Biblical scholars, Egyptologists and Assyriologists have long known that Seb (Egyptian), Repa (Coptic), Kaiwan (Akkadian), Chiun (Hebrew), Cronos (Greek), and Saturn (Latin) are all names of the same deity (Barnes & Murphy, 1885; Budge, 1960; Tyndale, 1962). Sometimes Seb (Cronos) was associated with a particularly bright "star" in the heavens—known to us as the planet Saturn. The goose glyph Seb, or even a single star, could be used to represent this deity. In this respect, it is interesting that the Bible only mentions this Seb-Cronos (Chiun-Rephan) in two places: Amos 5:26 and Acts 7:43. In both the star-image plays a prominent part (i.e., the "star of your god"). It is gratifying to see this "star" association in the Egyptian glyphs as well. Concerning the reference to the star-god Rephan in the Bible, scholars believe it to be "a deliberate substitution of Repa, a name of Seb, the Egyptian god of the planet Saturn." (Tyndale, 1962)

Below is a list of the Egyptian kings who ruled during the "reign of the gods". This was the First Time, Zep Tepi, the so-called "Golden Age" of Egyptian prehistory. I have made use of The Turin Royal Canon, written in hieratic, which is the most complete list. In order for me to display the more familiar hieroglyphic forms, it was also necessary for me to convert them utilizing Budge's works on Egyptian Grammar. There are numerous ways to present a given name in hieroglyphics, so I have occasionally given more than one (separated by commas). For certain names a determinative alone (given last) was all that was necessary for the Egyptians; but in most cases the names were spelled out phonetically in glyphs.

The god-kings (Auliteans) in Egyptian Hieroglyphics

I did not enclose names in the customary royal cartouche, since cartouches were not used until the end of the Third Dynasty. The 5th Dynasty Palermo Stone (circa. 2565-2420 B.C.), is inscribed on both sides with a list of kings from Pre-dynastic times down to the middle of the Fifth Dynasty: each name is enclosed in a sort of "box" formed by horizontal and vertical lines, rather than the later cartridgeshaped enclosure. This famous king-list "covers the period of the Old Kingdom back thousands of years into the predynastic period" (Winston, 1999-2003). The Turin Papyrus lists every Egyptian king, including the gods, demigods, and all human Egyptian kings down to the time it was composed. It also includes a "reign of spirits," and two "mythical" groups of kings, before listing the "historical" ones (Gardiner, 1959). Whether "mythical" means non-existent or semi-historical is a matter of some debate among scholars. It is one of only three Egyptian documents which includes the "reign of the gods": The Palermo Stone, the Turin Papyrus and Manetho's Egyptian Chronicles. Just as there were numerous Rameses in Egyptian history, there is more than one Horus in this list of early god-kings. And just like the several Rameses, these were separate rulers. (Later copyist may have made a scribal error, jumping inadvertently from the first Horus to the next—a common scribal error—since some of our copies of Manetho leave the last three kings off the list.) Herodotus (450 B.C.) says that Osiris reigned 15,000 years before Amasis (500 B.C.), and that Horus was his son. "In these matters they say they cannot be mistaken, as they have always kept count of the years, and noted them in their registers." (History, Book II) The priests also told him that no god has been on earth since the end of the "reign of the gods". (Ibid.) The Turin Papyrus (register listing the Reign of the Gods), in the final two lines of the column, sums up: "Venerables Shemsu-Hor, 13,420 years; Reigns before the Shemsu-Hor, 23,200 years; Total 36,620 years." (de Lubicz, 1988) Manetho's overall figure is 36,525 years. (Cory, 1832) Egyptologist Prof. Walter B. Emery (1961) identified these Predynastic kings with the Shemsu-Hor, the companions, or followers of the hawk-headed god Horus. Emery further describes the most distant ancestors of the Egyptians as being tall in stature and having large craniums, reminiscent of CroMagnons.

On much shakier ground is a claim by Dr. Paul Schliemann, grandson of Heinrich Schliemann of Troy fame, that among other relics relating to Atlantis he discovered an aging Egyptian papyrus in the Hermitage at Leningrad. According to the younger Schliemann, it read: "Pharoah Sent sent out an expedition to the west in search of Atlantis from whence 3350 years before the Egyptians arrived carrying with themselves all the wisdom of their native land. The expedition returned after five years with the report that they had found neither people nor objects which could give them a clue to the vanished land." (Schliemann, 1912) To my knowledge, this papyrus has never been seen by anyone else, so it remains in limbo. The appearance of "Atlantis" in the text, as opposed to a less controversial "Land of the West," only adds to its suspicious character. However, I did find that there actually was a pharoah with the unlikely name Sent. Pharoah Sent, or Senta, was the fifth king of the 2nd Dynasty (Budge, 1960).

A measure of support for Dr. Schliemann's "discovery" comes in the form of a hieroglyphic text inscribed on the Great Ebony Label found in 1901 by Sir Flinders Petrie in the "tomb" (actually a cenotaph) of King Aha Menes at Abydos (Petrie, 1902). Upon translation it told how this great king and admiral, in his old age, had embarked on a voyage of exploration with his fleet "to the Sunset Land in the Western Ocean": "King Menes, the Ruler of Mizraim [Egypt], the Land of the Two Crowns, the perished dead one in the West of the Horus race . . . The Commander-in-Chief of Ships made the complete course to the end of the Sunset Land. Sailing in ships, he completed the inspection of the Western Land. He built there a holding in Urani Land. At the Lake of the Peak, fate pierced him by a Hornet (Kheb, or Wasp) . . . This drilled tablet set up of hanging wood is dedicated to his memory." (Compare with Petrie's translation, 1923) Notice that one of the names given in the inscription for the Western Land is Urani, which some authorities associate with Erin, the old name for Ireland. But it also calls to mind Uranos, the father of King Cronos (Kheb, one of the names for King Cronos is also there), illustrating a possible connection between Ireland and the once great empire of Atlantis. Since the "tomb" at Abydos is empty, we must assume that Aha Menes, "the perished dead one in the West," was buried in Urani Land.

Dr. Kathryn Bard, associate professor of archaeology at Boston University, leading a team of archeologists, has been digging in ancient Egypt along the coast of the Red Sea. Remains of an ancient ceder planked ship dating almost 4000 years old were found at Wadi Gawasis, along with evidence that Egyptians likely sailed the 2,000-mile round trip voyage to Punt, located in what is today Ethiopia or Yemen. A number of limestone stelae, most of them worn blank from centuries of wind and sand erosion, were also discovered. However, one—found lying on its face—was in near-perfect condition and was therefore decipherable. According to Bard, "It contained the complete historical text of two expeditions, one to Punt and one to Bia-Punt, as ordered by King Amenemhat III, who ruled at about 1800 B.C.” (Waltz, 2009) Such finds demonstrate that ancient Egyptians were fully capable of embarking on long journeys across the open seas involving thousands of miles. A modern experiment with a similarly constructed ship sailed 150 miles in only seven days with no major problems. The distance covered in so short a time surprised the participants.According to the Palermo Stone, the pharaoh Snefru built ships 100-cubits (160 feet) in length with hulls made of "ceder wood" ( : transliterated mrw, Wb 2, 108.14-109.1). Other large ships have been found buried near the Giza pyramids (Hancock, 1995,; Heyerdahl, 1972). The largest of the latter, called "Khufu's ship," is 142 feet long and made of Lebanese cedar wood. It is difficult to estimate the limits of such large and hardy vessels.

Let's look at a possible etymological origin of the word "Atlantis". Egyptian, in its early stages, had no letter L. So originally the word "ATR" (or "ATL" as it later became), had several meanings in relation to water: "ATRU" is the water, the flood water, the water boundary, a limit, measure, or water embankment. But once R became L, "ATR" would change to "ATL". (Ward, 1960)Add this to the root word ANTU or ANTI, which equals "a division of land". Thus, Atlantis is a compound of ATL and ANTI, or ATLANTI (with a Greek S ending added), meaning "a division of land bounded by water". We know that Plato described Atlantis in his Timaeus as a land in the midst of the ocean. So, the word Atl-anti(s) may have an Egyptian connection after all


Meditation : Peace of Mind
Posted by Rev Carol Ingle Daily meditation to attain peace of mind.

The act of meditation for at least 15 minutes in the early morning will have a positive effect on your mind during the entire day. Upon waking have these positive thoughts I am a peaceful soul, my aim today is to have a peaceful mind and radiate peace to every person that I come into contact with.

Try to experience the stillness of mind of being a peaceful soul. As other thoughts emerge in the mind do not judge or focus on them but repeat ............ I am a peaceful soul ............. I am a peaceful soul ............ My mind is filled with peace .............. I radiate peace to the world ............... I feel the gentle waves of peace flowing across my mind .......... As these peaceful thoughts emerge in my mind I feel the stillness and silence envelopes my mind ................. I am the peaceful soul ...... I am a peaceful loving soul ............ My mind feels light and free from worries ........... I realize my real nature is peace .......... Peace of mind in my true nature ......

Peaceful thoughts flow through the mind and I feel the self becoming light ..................... I am a being of light and peace shining like a star ....................... I radiate peace and light to the world ..................... The light and peace envelopes me and the waves of peace and light shine from my mind like a lighthouse .................... I continue to radiate peace to the world as I fill my mind with peace love and light ......... through this peace i feel love and benevolence for all souls ...... I see on the screen of my mind a radiant light and this light feels gentle and soothing ...... I the peaceful soul feel at peace with myself, this stillness of mind enables me to feel content and complete ............ This is the wonderful journey of self discovery. Peace of mind using meditation is a process that involves an extended time period and patience is required.

Disablity and Ritual



Pagan pathways are changing rapidly. Not only are we seeing a consistent influx of newly drawn seekers, we are also aging, quickly. While aging in and of itself isn’t bad – quite the opposite, it give us that many more elders – it also means that with the increasing numbers of older practioners, standard models of ritual may require modification. The “standard model” of a group standing in circle, or cyclically dancing to raise energy, for half to several hours just does not work for those of us with disability issues. Since more and more of us come to circle with such issues, what do we do? In a word: adapt. Just as we have learned to adapt from hidden ritual, where participants are sworn to secrecy, We have adapted to rituals out in public parks for anyone to see and watch, celebrating our existence and exposing the oft told lies as just that. We have adjusted from dogmatic and insular structure to more varied forms of ritual as lead by people from other paths incorporating new chants, adapted music, and even games into those rituals. So too must we at least consider how to adapt for disabled practioners. The question becomes not if we will need to make these adjustments, but when, and how. The when is easily answered: as soon as it becomes needful. Sometimes it is immediate as when someone blind or wheelchair bound or an amputeed vet comes to ritual. Other times it’s an erratic need, varying with how well an individual with arthritis, fibromyalgia or chrone’s is doing on that given day. The how, can be far more challenging. For the blind, deaf and wheelchair bound solutions often come with the individual. Often such persons are accompanied by a helper or translator. If not, a conversation before ritual begins us usually sufficient to work out a strategy with them. If their helper is unwilling to join circle, it should not be difficult to find a volunteer to guide the blind or move the wheelchair. Perhaps the simplest solution for the mobility challenged, is to place a chair inside circle for those who may need it, be it the gal whose baby is due day after tomorrow, or the guy with the broken ankle, or anyone else for whom standing for the duration of a ritual becomes problematic. Someone else may need to carry the chair, make certain it’s on level ground, and offer a helping hand up or down, but that’s very limited assistance. Most people who are mobility challenged will remain on their feet during the initial parts of ritual, circle casting, quarter calling or their equivalents. They will most often stand again while these are ‘undone’ at the end. It’s in between that the chair becomes preferable to necessary, depending on the degree of disability.

Unfortunately, this is not the only phase of ritual that needs to be considered. Processionals, particularly long ones, can also be physically demanding to the point of discomfort. One alternative is to allow those who are disabled to either be first or last in line or allow them to bypass the majority of the procession. Smudging and aspersion during the processional tends to make the process that much longer. Consider doing the smudging and aspersing at the circle for those who aren’t mobile, and moving away from the circle for those who are fully mobile. Or if the ritual is for a particularly large group, such as a festival, consider multiple entry points or several in the same area. Either idea will shorten the waiting- and standing- time. Dancing is another point at which mobility issues come into play. While all of us would prefer to actively participate, for some dancing is more risk than it is worth. An alternative is to involve them as drummers to set the beat, be it a steady one or a progressively quicker one. This provides active and worthwhile participation for the seated, while providing a rhythm for the dancers. While meditation is not an issue, grounding before and or after ritual maybe. How much of an issue largely depends on how the disabled has already learned to adapt such techniques to compensate. In some groups grounding is visibly and physically done by kneeling and touching earth, and increasingly difficult move for a pregnant and difficult for the wheelchair bound practitioner. While I am still flexible enough to touch the earth while seated, many are not, so alternative methods must be found, either by the disabled themselves or conduited by a willing other. Cakes and ale may become problematic for the disabled as well. A stroke survivor or amputee may not be able to pass them, or hold both. Again, a wiling and alert volunteer is useful. This is all well and good if the mobility challenged person is just a participant. But what if they are an officiant? Then the solutions are either just challenging or far more complex. A stool may be more practical for an officiant, as s/he can turn in any direction and still have a seat at hand (or should that be butt?). Officiants usually cast a circle. They still can, either by casting beyond the gathering, or by delegating younger legs to do the actual walking. Likewise cakes and ale, often dispensed by the offiaints, can be blessed by her/him but passed by others. Grounding and dancing issues will have already been addressed by a disabled officiant in their personal practice. All the participants may need to do is accept the changes, and perhaps help move temporary alters. We have an advantage: our various paths are not stultified in dogmatic requirements. We have already learned to adapt be it from private to public ritual, Celtic to Greek or Norse frameworks, or whether meditation chants, or dancing is or is not included in any given ritual. Adapting ritual for those who are disabled only requires a little consideration, and forethought.

What’s down there?
By Jon Waldrup

The first sentence of a column I wrote in July was, “Your favorite fears become exaggerated this month under a constant barrage of astrological energy.” I had no idea how that was going to play out, but I think it’s safe now to say that July of 2012 has had a distinctly underworld quality. In order to articulate what I think about August of 2012, I’m going to allow myself to assume a high degree of astrological/occult understanding. Please feel free to contact me (my email is below) if you have questions or are confused by what I say. Our solar system’s astrological bodies beyond Saturn have a shamanic quality to them. They teach us in the unconscious spaces of our psyches. When a point in a person’s birth chart is getting worked over by transiting Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto, it almost always results in changes in the person’s life. They do things like have affairs, get arrested, quit good jobs… insert your own experience here ____. It’s almost inevitable. In readings, I usually explain this kind of thing like this: your soul wants to be in your body so that it can experience growth from one state of living to another. It sounds simple but the truth is at least 85% of us are born to experience major life changes as we work out ancestral and personal karma. (The stable 15% are working on future karma – which is a different article). When people do these life-changing things, there’s usually a sense that somewhere deep inside, it’s what they always really wanted to do – they wanted to have their lives so shaken up that there was a distinct demarcation between their past (how they started out) and some unknown future. It’s the life they live after the affair, after the arrest, after the money is gone, etc., that at a soul level is really interesting. Everything before that was just sort of prep work. The shamanic dimension of the outer planets is in how they get you to do the thing that changes your life. It’s the medicine man at work. Something happens, but you’re not sure what. All you know is that you are a different person now.

Now, most of us in this society medicate ourselves through these changes. Drugs and alcohol are so accepted that very few people actually do the shift with a clear head. Hangovers and other “coming down” experiences cause a certain amount of wistfulness, which in the end keeps returning you to your previous state of being. So it ends up taking another lifetime to accomplish the change you actually want. The shaman takes you to the point of change, but in the end you have to be present enough to get it done. It’s up to you to treat your life as a sacred journey. Now, the truth is that these beings don’t just act on us individually. They are working on collective transformation as well. And this summer, I would say, they are getting it done. They are taking us to the place, societally, that in a deep collective sense, we all wanted to be. Can you look at where we are as the place we wanted to be? Every one of us alive today came in to be right here, specifically. We came here not to gloss it over, not to try to stay in the 20th century, not to separate ourselves from it. We came here to help create a new humanity. In your gut, you know that’s true. It always has been. At a collective soul level, it’s the life we live after Aurora, after the climate changed, after the economy tanked, that we are really interested in. The question is; will we realize that this time is sacred? Or will we cling to the past? Each of us is adding our desire to the momentum. Do you want something that used to be, or do you want something that is yet to be? This month will tell the story. On August 17th at 8:54 AM Pacific Time, the Moon is New in the 26th degree of Leo. The Chandra symbol for this degree is “A fire burns at the bottom of an old well.” Life wants to be deeper, more intense, more real than this. It always has, but we’ve done so much to stay on the surface.

The shamans are all singing together now.
May you stay present in the depths. With love, Jon
Jon Waldrup Incarnational Astrologer www.senseofvisionastrology.com jon@senseofvisionastrology.com

In Loving Paws & Hooves
by Nancy A. Kaiser

For as long as I can remember, I have loved animals. Collies were my family’s dog-of-choice until my college days when my brother found two Labradors roaming through town. He cared for them until their people, who were local breeders, retrieved them, no pun intended. In appreciation, he was given a puppy, which soon turned into two – Duke and Duchess. Our family has had nothing but Labradors since. They are just the most wonderful canine companions. My love of horses was apparent from the beginning. My mother used to take me to the County Park system to longingly gaze at the horses until I was old enough to begin riding lessons at age eight. Five years later, my dream of a horse of my own came true. Since then, I’ve always had horses in my life. As my skills improved, I climbed the ranks of the show world riding jumpers until I graduated from Rutgers College of Pharmacy in ’75. Several years after graduating, I married my horse vet and left pharmacy to manage our equine hospital and breeding farm in central New Jersey. For 27 years, I cared for many horses, both our clients’ and our own, my Labs, and any number of barn cats. Leaving pharmacy was the best thing for me. It put me back in touch with animals on a day-to-day basis. I belonged on a farm surrounded by horses. Just after I turned 42 years old, I met one of the most influential animals in my life. Her name was Because Of Love. She was a Quarter Horse filly foal, who taught me that my life’s purpose involved telepathic animal communication and healing. Love only stayed in this life for four short months, but those astonishing months changed the course of my life forever. Over the next year, I began telepathically communicating with animals and learning several innovative healing modalities that I continue to use almost 20 years later. During one of my earlier communication sessions for a client, I channeled information about their pet. We learned that companion animals had come into being in order to answer our souls’ cries for help. Life on Earth is very difficult, and our animals come to help us maneuver through it. This was no surprise to me. I’d always felt like my animals took better care of me than I of them. This insight from the Universe totally resonated with my experiences. My reasoning resided in the fact that my care dealt with their physical needs; food, water, housing, medications, etc. Of course, I loved them, but my efforts were focused on the physical level. Being educated as a pharmacist emphasizes the physical. Not until I began my communication and healing work did I even realize about our mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Life on our farm was filled with unending responsibilities. We saved many horses and foals lives and lost others. With each loss, a small part of me left with them. After I became an animal communicator, I was better able to understand and accept the losses. I became cognizant of much that occurs beyond the physical. My dear Labs, Ben followed by Shadow and Licorice, worked side-by-side with me every day. I was blessed to have foaled (birthed) many mares for clients and had seven foals of my own over the years. Each new soul that comes into this world is a miracle, and it’s a genuine privilege to assist with their arrival. Eight years ago, the role of my animal-family took on massive importance after my husband retired and we moved to the mountains of North Carolina. Six weeks into construction of our dream home, he walked out leaving me 600 miles from everyone I knew without a home or a job. I had entered the most traumatic time in my life – my “dark night of the soul.” Seven months later, we were divorced after 29 years together. I was stunned and distraught. Engulfed in an emotional maelstrom, I felt betrayed and abandoned on the side of a mountain living with my two 13-year-old Labrador brothers, Shadow and Licorice. I had moved four barn cats but had lost one to possible poisoning on the mountain; Butch, Bandit, and Crystal remained. My two-year-old horse, Stormy, was living 126 miles away in Greensboro. My husband wouldn’t dare challenge me for any of the animals. He knew I considered them my children. We could divvy up all the assets equally, but the animals were off-limits. I was 53 years old experiencing emotions I’d never felt before. From my years of communication work on the farm, I knew just how detrimental negative emotions are for the animals within the family. I kept telling my dear old Labs not take it on. I could handle it myself. They knew better than I what I could and couldn’t handle. I leaned on Shadow and Licorice more than ever before for comfort and love. And, they offered it selflessly. I simply wouldn’t have survived without them. Even my cats, who were primarily outdoor cats, took up the cause. After purchasing a house for us to live it, my little Crystal slept with me every night for the first year. Prior to this she stayed inside at night a little through the winter but never during the other seasons. Just hearing her purr was so soothing for my battered soul. Her presence made the king bed feel a little less empty. Four months after our separation, I moved Stormy to a beautiful barn about 20 miles from my new house. Being able to spend time with him on this gorgeous property allowed me some respite from my reign of negativity. Staying in the moment is imperative while working with horses, especially young horses. If you don’t, you risk injury. Being able to do that which I’d done for most of my life helped me find myself again. Away from the barn, I’d revert back to the victim, which lasted for quite some time. I had become the needy one, the one that required an inordinate amount of care. Not physical care, but mental, emotional, and spiritual care. It was imperative for me to follow my own advice to clients, “Don’t feel guilty about your animal taking on your negative emotions. Guilt is just more negativity, so you create an unending loop between you and your pet.” Ha, easier said than done.

Training Stormy was a vital component to my healing. The time spent with him on his peaceful farm nourished my soul. Being surrounded by horses was so natural for me. I was so comfortable there. The horse farm was an escape from the rest of my life, which was out of control. Stormy was attempting to teach me as much as I was training him. He reflected lessons that my soul was struggling to get me to acknowledge. I must admit that Stormy was progressing much quicker than I, but Stormy and my soul hung in there. They were patient and didn’t give up on their slow student. Eventually, I began to recognize the Truths they were endeavoring to teach me. Dear Shadow and Licorice lived until almost 15 years old – longer than any of my previous dogs. Shadow, my soulmate, was the first to leave. I’d been journaling about my challenges since leaving New Jersey in hopes of learning what my soul was attempting to teach me. When Shadow alerted me that he was ready to return to Spirit, I was devastated. But, I knew it signaled that a significant amount of healing and growth had been attained or he wouldn’t leave me. He sensed that I was finally strong enough to cope with his loss. I wasn’t so sure, but Shadow knew best. Five months later, Licorice was ready to make his transition. Licorice had waited as long as necessary. He was aware that in two weeks two new caretakers were coming to join the family. Somehow Licorice knew he was leaving me in good “paws” – just another of the Universe’s miracles. The loss of Shadow and Licorice coincided with the culmination of my journey of healing and transformation and my emergence from my Abyss and Tunnel. The timely arrival of the next generation of Labrador brothers, Hana and Saba, was in perfection. They brought into my life exactly what had been missing for many, many years – the exuberant and blissful nature of a child. The responsibilities of my life on the farm caring for everyone (except me) had stolen the joy for life that they were reflecting back to me. Soon after their arrival, Saba taught so profoundly about forgiveness that I was brought to tears. Although he loved water, he hated rain. I’d gotten quite ill and was struggling with house-breaking the pups. Nature brought us much needed rain, which complicated Saba’s education. Instead of doing his chores quickly like Hana, Saba would refuse to go out in the rain. I’d accompany him and have him stubbornly sit by my feet under the umbrella. Running very low on strength and patience, I picked Saba up and screamed at him as we headed into the house. Buried anger rose up from deep within me. Saba’s loving eyes pierced my heart. His questioning look was filled with confusion. Instantly, I felt ashamed and guilty for my indiscretion. How could I expect a ten-week-old pup to understand? I’d been berating myself for my inexcusable outburst when Saba flopped down on top of my foot. Saba’s show of affection and support caused the tears to erupt with his powerful lesson in forgiveness. Something I’d been struggling with for two years, Saba accomplished within an hour. Raising Hana and Saba and training dear Stormy were essential to my complete recovery from my Ex’s betrayal. Slowly over the past few years, I have become the woman I was meant to be. I learned more from this period in my life than my first 53 years. I am once more confident, happy, and blessed to work as an animal communicator and healer. Thanks to the lessons and support from my animal-family, I have published two award-winning books with a third to come.

Whatever care I’ve given the animals over my life cannot compare to what I’ve received from them. Being alone for the first time in my life was terrifying for me. Having my animals with me allowed me to get through each day – one day at a time. My work with the animals taught me about reincarnation, which gives transition a whole new meaning. There was a point when I considered ending my life. I was that dark and depressed. But, I couldn’t. Who would take care of my animals? That’s how important they are to me. Like I said earlier, they are my children. It’s been eight years since I heard those fateful words from my Ex. Honestly, I’m proud of the strong, competent healer I’ve become. I love my animal communication and healing work. I love writing and sharing what the animals have taught through my books. I am doing very well living without another human in the house. My dear cats have all transitioned now, but Hana and Saba, now six years old, are on duty and will be for a long time to come. Stormy turned ten years old this year; hard to conceive. My time with Stormy is more beneficial than any form of therapy. These are the three wise men in my life. They continue to teach, care for, comfort, and love me unconditionally. I couldn’t ask for more. Each day, my heart is held in loving paws and hooves. I am honored and blessed to have been chosen to be their person. They are simply my best friends! Nancy A. Kaiser lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with her two Labrador brothers and her Swedish Warmblood horse. She operates “Just Ask” Communications, a business devoted to healing the humananimal bond through enhanced communication and understanding. Nancy is an award-winning author of two books, Letting Go: An Ordinary Woman’s Extraordinary Journey of Healing & Transformation and Tales of an Animal Communicator ~ Master Teachers. Visit her Website: www.NancyKaiserAnimalCommunicator.com.

Raise Your Vibration Using Color Therapy and Aromatherapy
by Marlene M. Mitchell, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Color Therapist/Color Psychologist, Certified Vibrational Therapist, Certified Crystal and Gemstone Therapist.

If one accepts ‘scientific’ evidence, plants respond to colors. Do not the flowers themselves reach up with all their essence to find the light, as we do? Plants provide healing in various ways. Some affect with their sheer beauty to bring a promise of new life, new hope and a lifting of the spirit; some give of their eternal life, the essence of their being, for healing; some heal by the power of their color vibrations in relation to the physical energy system wavelengths. Flowers, like people, have their own aura identity color. As the flower color often coincides with a human chakra color, this gives a definite clue as to the plant’s possible use in healing, on all three levels, physical, mental and spiritual. Chakras, the energy wheels found at points in the body, are known to clairvoyants and yogis. Like the chakras, essential oils are filled with living, pulsating vibrations which are sometimes called chi or prana. This may sound esoteric, but science, beginning with the work of Albert Einstein and carrying on to the latest in quantum physics and beyond, has proven that everything is made from energy. The ancient apothecary well understood and used the alchemy of the plant world, harnessing and transmuting its live energies for the healing of the human and animal kingdoms. I have been a Certified Aromatherapist and Certified in Color Therapy and Certified in Crystal and Gemstone Therapy for two decades. Through my years of researching both Aromatherapy and Color Therapy as well as the Crystal and Gemstone therapy that also correlates to color, I have learned how these two methods work harmoniously together and can be blended to create a desired effect. I have taught hundred of classes and helped many people and animals through practicing these combined modalities with them. By matching an essential oil with its color and using the color ray of the oil with various systems such as chakras, meridians, reflexology, organs, etc., whole systems of analysis and applying essential oils can be and have been developed.

The Chakras – Energy Centers Yoga and other Eastern teachings believe that within the human body there is a huge column of moving energy made up of three main channels, coursing from the top of the head to the base of the spine. There are also seven major energy centers along the spine from the crown to the coccyx, spinning harmoniously together which are known as chakras. If we were able to see the chakras (as many people sensitive to vibration, in fact, do) we would observe a wheel of ‘light’ continuously revolving or rotating. Clairvoyants perceive chakras as colorful wheels or flowers with a hub in the center.

As plants derive energy from the sun’s component rays which contain all the colors of a rainbow, they offer a special method of absorbing color vibrations into our system. Although some plants remain colorless, for many the color of the flower is reflected in the color vibration of the essence. When this is the case one finds an affinity within the color related flowers, fruit or leaves indicating the chakra or station with which it is involved. The color associated with the plant will demonstrate an affinity with the human chakra colors. Introduction to Crystals and Gemstones and their relation to color therapy To be considered a gem, a substance has to be beautiful, usually in terms of its color and the way it reflects light. It also has to be rare and durable. Gems are either minerals, which have a regular internal structure and fixed chemical composition, or organics, which are produced by plants and animals. Gems are chemically composed, and as such, emanate a specific color or colors. Gems are able to radiate their color into the blood stream. In this way they can do similar things to what color and aromatherapy does. Clear quartz Crystals do not have color. They are closely attuned to our own DNA and RNA so that it is easy to put colors into them by using visualization. Science and the esoteric arts alike value these crystals for their ability to amplify, focus, transform and store different kinds of energy. Quartz crystals are silica-based and have a very stable energy, providing a very precise and regular vibration. Humans, on the other hand, are carbon-based and inherently unstable. COLOR THERAPY: Sunlight is the basic source of all life and energy upon earth. Sunlight is a form of electromagnetic energy and is composed of a multitude of rays all vibrating at slightly different frequencies. The rainbow colors form just one octave of colors in the electromagnetic spectrum. There are 60 or 70 octaves in total. People are becoming more aware of the subtle energies that surround us. A 1998 scientific conference of scientists affirmed that the human skin acts like a prism, converting spectral colors to chemical reactions within the body. People with the same health deficiency share the same color deficiency, gravitating towards the similar colors. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winner and the discoverer of Vitamin C, experimented with color with some profound results. In his research he exposed certain enzymes and hormones to different colors lights and ascertained that selected colors caused the enzymes and hormones to go through molecular changes. If different colors can affect the molecular structure of enzymes, might they not have a powerful effect on us? Other researchers found that while some colors could increase the rate of enzymatic reactions, others would deactivate enzyme reaction. Also, some colors can affect enzyme movements. Similarly, colorful flowers and their scent have been shown to elevate mood, combat stress and promote relaxation. An easy way to brighten your mood is to place a colorful, heavenly scented bouquet of flowers nearby. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. There are many hues of each color, and each is produced by a little variation in wave length. Everything on the red side of the spectrum carries a more or less stimulating vibration, while the blue side is sedative. All living things are vitalized by the bright reds, oranges, and yellows of day-time, and calmed and rejuvenated by the blues, indigos, and violets of night time.

The realization that the red end of the spectrum is restorative was probably the first of this known observation of this fact. Repeated research has shown that exposure to the warmer colors of red, orange, and yellow increases blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rate, while exposure to green, blue, and black decreases blood pressure, pulse rate and respiratory rate. Using any method of color therapy is called a color ‘tonation’ as you are using a tone of a color to heal with. You can create a color energy environment (“tonate”) by placing colored glass in the sun in a window or in front of an oil lamp. Wearing the desired color clothing is also a form of working with that vibration. Because water also carries energy, it can be beneficial to have a color bath creating by combining some favorite water proof gemstones with some herbs and/or scented oils. In the following section, I will discuss the qualities of the seven major chakra colors, the essential oils and gemstones that relate to them, and give some essential oil recipes that are not designed as color modalities, but which will bring the color vibration along with them. RED Two centuries ago in England, Doctors would use red wool or flannel (which was of a red vibration) to soothe sore throats. Dentists would use red rags after a tooth extraction to stop bleeding. Red is the longest wave length in the visible spectrum. It is the lowest rate of vibration of the visible spectrum. Treating with this color stimulates the nervous and circulatory system. Concerning the Red vibration, we must mention the beloved bergamot (Citrus bergamia), which fosters harmony when used in conjunction with most of her related essences. Use bergamot essential oil for mouth ulcers. Add a couple drops of bergamot essential oil (diluted into a small amount of food grade alcohol) to a glass of water. Gargle or rinse the mouth a couple of times throughout the day. We will also mention Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides - Andropogon muricatus). Vetiver profoundly balances, grounds and calms us so that we are receptive to spiritual energy. This is due to its deep scent and because it comes from the root of the plant. Vetiver is known as ‘the oil of tranquility. It is therefore great in times of stress, tension, and physical or mental exhaustion. Chakra: Base Chakra (First Chakra): In Western culture today, many people, particularly women, are overly critical of the size and shape of their bodies. Bergamot supports love of our physical body and brings in positive energy. Smelling bergamot brings positive emotions such as love. On the physical level, this red-related essence brings healing, setting in motion energies already present within. Bergamot brings the love of much needed earth energies. Gemstones: Red stones are used for heart disease, circulatory problems, anemia, eye disease, and various mental troubles. Black stones bring about a state of grace, silence, and peace with God and the infinite. Use black stones for protection against negative forces. Black and red stones: Red jasper, cuprite, garnet, red spinel, black tourmaline (schorl).

ORANGE AND GOLD As an aromatic, orange (Citrus sinensis var. dulce) enhances the qualities of spices. Orange not only affects the lower chakras but has a strong connection with the mind as well. The color vibration of orange at the base of the spine is propelled to the mind in the awakened kundalini experience. Since it is a combination of the colors red and yellow, it has the capacity to blend and merge the physical red vibrations with the yellow mind vibrations. The essential oil of orange-blossom, known as neroli (Citrus aurantium var. amara), has a rather special association with the countries where the bitter orange trees are grown. There are some who may well find that this particular essence, apart from its many uses, induces conscious or unconscious memories of previous incarnations in Mediterranean countries. The test of this is usually one’s own resonance to it. If you resonate with it, neroli brings in positive energy and eases grief due to its heavenly scent. Bear in mind that where there is a real aversion one might suspect that a painful experience occurred, either in the past or in the beginning of this earth life. It is well to use this essential oil for karmic clearing, as it is the block from the past that brings the resistance reaction. Neroli is the essential oil that assists the subconscious mind to reveal itself and unite with the conscious mind, bringing awareness to the present moment and helping to resolve blocks. This releases a flood of positive energy that becomes available to the super-conscious mental state. As this energy flows from self to soul to spirit, we are in direct communication with the world of manifestation. Neroli helps us manifest our deepest and highest aspirations. Chakras for Neroli: Belly Chakra (Second Chakra) (Sensuality) Heart Chakra (Fourth Chakra) (Eases grief.) Crown Chakra (Seventh Chakra) (Direct contact with the divine.) Orange (Citrus sinensis var. dulce) skin tonic: Use ½ cup/4 fl. Oz/100 ml orange flower water. Use as required as a cleanser. Handmade Beauty Product Recipe: Whipped Body Cream The essential oil hydrosol and coconut oil combination gives this a tropical aroma. Ingredients 10 grams shea butter 16 grams virgin coconut oil 2 grams stearic acid 6 grams emulsifying wax 62 grams neroli hydrosol (or distilled water) 8 drops sweet orange essential oil

Blending Procedure Step 1. Combine the shea butter, coconut oil, stearic acid and emulsifying wax in a large heat proof (I use Pyrex) glass measuring cup with a pour spout. Place the mixture in a hot water bath until the wax is completely melted. Remove from heat. Step 2. In a separate cup, add the hydrosol Step3. Stir the oils/wax together to make sure they are evenly combined. Step 4. In a separate container, stir the water ingredients to make sure they are evenly combined. Step 5. Begin stirring the oil/wax mixture with an electric mixer on medium speed and add the water mixture as you stir. You will see the mixture begin to thicken as you blend it. Continue mixing until the Whipped Body Cream is thick and rich. Step 6. Pour into clean jars or a pump lotion bottle. If you want, you can add whatever preservative you prefer to extend shelf life. Chakras for Sweet Orange: Belly Chakra/Second Chakra (Stimulates creativity and sexuality due to its aphrodisiac scent.)Solar Plexus Chakra/Third Chakra (Stimulates courage and selfconfidence due to its aphrodisiac scent.) Heart Chakra/Fourth Chakra (Stimulates joyful love due to its aphrodisiac scent.) Gemstones: Orange stones lift depression, and promote joy. Red and orange stones: red and orange carnelian, zircon. YELLOW Yellow is a nerve stimulant and strengthener. There is a yellow lightbulb used that helps to keep the mosquitoes away. Its vibration does not allow them to land. In the same way, yellow raises the spirits, allows the spirit to soar. The ‘shape’ of yellow is a triangle and combined with its soaring energy, we can understand why they say a person might be afraid to spend the night in one of the yellow toned Pyramids of Giza due to the fact that the tip of those pyramids is so high! Yellow is a very intense color, it calls forth life. On a more esoteric note, yellow is considered a spiritual color in Oriental Brahmanism and Buddha’s color is considered to be yellow. Yellow brings optimism, joy, playfulness, inventiveness, originality, adventure, high spirits, versatility, mental ability. Yellow-related oils are: lemon (Citrus limonum) and lemongrass (East Indian Lemongrass: Cymbopogon flexuoses ,West Indian Lemongrass: Cymbopogon citratus) are cleansing and toning. For dry mouth, place a couple drops of lemon on a cotton ball and breathe in. Dry mouth can be created from undergoing radiation.

Lemongrass essential oil is antimicrobial. Use this essential oil to create aerosols for sick rooms: Add 16 drops of lemongrass essential oil to a 4 oz. dark spray bottle with purified water. Add 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar. Only use antimicrobial essential oils when necessary. Rotate the use of different antimicrobial essential oils. Chakra: Heart Chakra/Fourth Chakra (Aids in removing emotional attachments and fears due to its cleansing and fresh clearing scent.)Third Eye Chakra/Sixth Chakra (Encourages balance and mental clarity due to its fresh scent.) Gemstones: Yellow stones treat shock and nervous trauma. Yellow and yellow-green stones: citrine, green-yellow tourmaline. GREEN Green is the color of nature and nature is the great balancer. It stands for harmony and has a soothing influence on our nervous system as well as on our emotions. Green is nature’s tonic. In the fulcrum of the color spectrum, it is the balancer, standing mid-way between the cool and warm colors. Use green light bulbs for work with animals. They will choose to lie right under them and stay for hours just relaxing in that color bath. I have used this technique for my cats and they have received this effect. When you feel emotionally upset and can’t sleep properly, the green colored light bulb soothes. Green is the center chakra of all the other six chakras, the heart chakra: the space-giver, the controller, the healer, the ‘all in all’ and a true carrier of calm and eradicator of karma. It is the complementary color of all the healing herbs and essences, for every plant has the green basis in its stems and leaves. Olive Green – Herbal hydrosols. Use for toning, aftershave, creating an uplifting man’s scent, for bathing, all over skin care, as a spray for varicose veins and a soak for hemorrhoids. Eucalyptus citriodora is good for respiratory infections, cuts, fevers, herpes, infectious skin conditions, scabies, sores, and wounds. Eucalyptus citriodora , Eucalyptus radiata Heart Chakra/Fourth Chakra (Calms and balances) Third Eye Chakra/Sixth Chakra (Inspires due to its cleansing fresh scent.) Eucalyptus citriodora essential oil is antimicrobial and can be used in sick rooms. Use in aerosols: Mix 16 drops of Eucalyptus citriodora essential oil in a 4 oz. dark spray bottle with purified water. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to preserve. Eucalyptus radiata is used extensively for respiratory infections. Eucalyptus radiata clears and cleanses a room due to its cleansing and clearing scent. Eucalyptus radiata dissolves energy blockages. This in turn balances emotions. EZ Breathe Salve - Massaging a bit of EZ Breathe Salve onto your chest and areas where the aromatic vapours could be easily inhaled helps ease congestion. 4 ozs. extra virgin olive oil 1 dollop natural beeswax 16 drops eucalyptus (Eucalyptus radiata) essential oil

Using double boiler method, melt oil and wax together until wax is completely liquefied. Stir to ensure the mix. Remove from heat source. Allow to cool for a few minutes before adding essential oil. Stir well. Pour into clean pot to cool completely. Label and store in cool place. Use clean stir stick or cosmetic stick to dispense. For adult use only. Heart Chakra/Fourth Chakra (Calms and balances due to its fresh clean scent) Third Eye Chakra/Sixth Chakra (Inspires due to its clean fresh scent.) Safety data: Non-toxic, non irritant (in dilution), non-sensitizing. When taken internally all eucalyptus oils are toxic. Sweet Marjoram (Oreganum marjorana) The word "marjoram" was derived from words in Greek which meant: The joy of the mountain. Marjoram looks brilliant in summer sunshine and appears as a clump of low-growing, compact and yellow-golden leaves with trusses of velvety, small, pale white or pink flower clusters that have knot-like shapes to purple-violet flowers in late summer or early fall. Marjoram inhabits dry slopes and rocky places in cultivated beds occasionally in partial shade in Turkey. Marjoram is used to ease arthritis and rheumatism. Marjoram can be used in baths to sooth aching limbs and encourage restful sleep. Marjoram comforts and promotes confidence due to its deep grounding fragrance. Chakras for marjoram: Root Chakra/First Chakra (Grounding due to its grounding essence) Solar Plexus Chakra/Third Chakra (Increases courage and confidence due to its comforting scent.) Heart Chakra/Fourth Chakra (Eases grief due to its peace-promoting scent.) Rose quartz is chosen for mental disturbances and promotes friendship, self-love, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Emerald is used for hypertension and heart troubles. Green jade helps a person detach themselves from their emotions and promotes clear thinking. BLUE At the end of the 19th century, famous color therapist, Edwin Babbit, would breathe in the color blue and have his clients breathe in the color blue in visualizations while he had his clients lying under a window that had panes of blue glass in front of them that the sun shone through. He would massage the client's scalp with the finger pads of his hands as they rested there. He had great success when his client’s hair grew back luxuriously. With the blue energy we see instances of the color vibration of the flower having a bearing on the chakra area of the same color. Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) is related to the blue ray. Tea tree is an important antimicrobial and antiseptic. Inhaling tea tree instils confidence due to its antiseptic, clean scent. For athlete’s foot, blend ½ cup of arrowroot powder and 40 drops of tea tree oil. Shake in socks several times a day. Expose feet to air as much as possible.

Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) and German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) are also related to the blue ray. German chamomile has been a highly respected oil for 3,000 years and has been used to support healthy skin and relieving stress-related complaints. This oil is soothing to the physical body and the color blue is soothing to the emotions. Roman Chamomile is an all-purpose anti-inflammatory. Again this essential oil is soothing to the physical body and the color blue is soothing to the emotions. Skin Toning - A wonderful mask is made with olive oil, German chamomile, and clay. Mix together to make a paste. Brush on with a small, light paint brush and then remove with warm compresses. Chakra: Solar Plexus/Third Chakra - Throat Chakra/Fifth Chakra Gemstones: Aquamarine treats the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. INDIGO Indigo is a powerful color associated with the right side of the brain. It connects with and opens the third eye. It clears the head and is a strong sedative. The Sixth Chakra, also known as the Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of the forehead a fingerbreadth above the bridge of the nose. This chakra is associated with insight. The color is indigo and/or violet. This is the center of our imagination and inner “sight”. The face, eyes, nose, sinuses, and central nervous system are parts of the body associated with this energy center. The pituitary gland is also connected to this energy center. A keyphrase for this chakra and color is ‘perception of inner vision.’ Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) improves memory and mental clarity, is calming, mood uplifting, stimulates and balances the nervous system. Cypress fights infections, is a muscle relaxant, reduces perspiration, circulatory problems, colds, and whooping cough. Life is filled with transitions, and cypress will assist with any and all of these due to its calming, peaceful scent. I had a student who came in to class one day with heavy, hacking asthma. I intuitively thought I should add cypress to an organic cotton ball and quickly calm this student’s shortness of breath. The student whole-heartedly took the cotton ball and breathed in the cypress. Within 10 seconds, her breathing had relaxed and returned to normal. What a beautiful miracle. Cypress helps us to have the courage to surrender our will to a higher purpose – to change, heal, transform, and go through the many deaths that accompany the birth of wisdom. If your horse has an abscess, use hot water soaks, with 8 drops of Cypress. Soak twice a day until the bucket cools down....maybe about twenty minutes -if the horse will stand that long with it's foot in a bucket. The oil tends to bring the abscess to a head in just a few days and the healing is quite rapid. Chakras for Cypress: Solar Plexus Chakra/Third Chakra (Stimulates and balances confidence and patience).Third Eye Chakra/Sixth Chakra (Increases wisdom). Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) acts as a general auto-immune stimulant and brain stimulant. Thyme activates and supports the left brain without causing an imbalance with the right brain due to its stimulating scent.

Use Thyme essential oil to create aerosols for sick rooms: Add 16 drops of Thyme essential oil in a 4 oz. dark spray bottle with purified water. Add 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar. Chakras for Thyme: Third Eye Chakra - Focus and concentration. Gemstones: lapis lazuli, sodalite. VIOLET Violet is the color of transformation. Purple connects to spirit and psychic protection, stimulating creativity and spiritual awareness. For the very top chakra we must think of the nodding violet (Viola odorata) with her noble dignity and healing fragrance bringing into balance that which is under stress. Violets were mentioned frequently by Homer and Virgil stating: '....they were used by the Athenians for moderating anger, procuring sleep and to comfort and strengthen the heart.' Napoleon Bonaparte and his Josephine were devoted violet fanciers, and he sent her a violet posy on every anniversary. Before leaving for his final exile, he picked violets from her grave, which were found in a locket around his neck when he died. For menopausal symptoms give a whole body massage using violet leaf essential oil in a blend with oil of borage and another carrier. True Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is relaxing, and balancing - physically and emotionally. Lavender clears and cleanses a room due to its pure scent. Lavender brings in positive energy. Lavender can balance all centers and all subtle bodies. Lavender Violet Energy Tonic for Blemished Skin Use ½ cup/4 fl. Oz/100 ml of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) water to cleanse the affected area. Chakras: Crown Chakra (Seventh Chakra): Stimulates spirituality due to the heavenly scent of violet and lavender. Other Chakras for lavender as well: Heart Chakra/Fourth Chakra (Calms, comforts and balances the heart)- Throat Chakra/Fifth Chakra (Clears the mind and stimulates communication). Gemstones: Clear, white and purple stones, clear quartz, crystal, amethyst. Amethyst treats emotional symptoms, insomnia. It is an energizing, transforming, and inspirational stone, helping to break old patterns of thought and behaviour. In conclusion, whether you use essential oils in massage or in an aromatic bath, you are using the color frequencies that relate to the oil’s qualities and therapeutic actions and vibrations. I hope that the information here will help you to consciously chose and combine both color and aromatherapy for great benefit.

Marlene Mitchell
www.aromatherapyinstitute.com info@aromatherapyinstitute.com Phone no.: 613-448-2965 Marlene Mitchell is a certified aromatherapy teacher and the Director of the International Certified Aromatherapy Institute. Her courses are approved by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and her “C.C.M.A. Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist” program is recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. Marlene is a professional member of NAHA and her school has been a recognized by NAHA for 15 years. Her knowledge is not restricted to a single alternative therapy. She carries extensive credentials and certification in traditional and alternative therapies. Marlene personally teaches courses in aromatherapy, Reiki, color therapy, color psychology, crystals and color therapy, gemstones and vibrational healing.

The Pipe Ceremony
Posted by Rev

Carol Ingle

The pipe ceremony is a sacred ritual for connecting physical and spiritual worlds. "The pipe is a link between the earth and the sky," explains White Deer of Autumn. "Nothing is more sacred. The pipe is our prayers in physical form. Smoke becomes our words; it goes out, touches everything, and becomes a part of all there is. The fire in the pipe is the same fire in the sun, which is the source of life." The reason why tobacco is used to connect the worlds is that the plant's roots go deep into the earth, and its smoke rises high into the heavens. There are different kinds of pipes and different uses for them. There are personal pipes and family pipes as well as pipes for large ceremonies. The particular stone used depends upon the tribe's location, and various symbols are added to attract certain spiritual energies. Also, the type of tobacco used depends on tribal custom. But despite these differences, there are certain important similarities: The ceremony invokes a relationship with the energies of the universe, and ultimately the Creator, and the bond made between earthly and spiritual realms is not to be broken. Ed McGaa (Eagle Man), an Ogalala Sioux, and author of Mother Earth Spirituality: Native Americans Paths to Healing Ourselves and Our World, says that most pipe ceremonies have the same intention: to call upon and thank the six energies: "All of our Sioux ceremonies beseech to the four directions, the earth and sky, and ultimately the Great Spirit. We see our Creator through nature, and we try to emulate what the Creator has made. This has worked out well, as you can see from the track record of Native Americans people. The old time Indians were honest, ethical people, and they had an unblemished environmental record. When the Pilgrims first landed, they kept them alive, and they took in black slaves. They were extremely humanistic. That's one of the main reasons that I believe in the natural way." Eagle Man begins a ceremony by beseeching the West power, while thinking about the life giving rains and the ever present spirit world. Next, he beseeches the north power, the source of endurance, strength, truthfulness, and honesty, which are qualities needed to walk down a good path in life. Then, he will look to the east power. The east is where the sun rises, and the sun brings us knowledge, the essence of spirituality. Without knowledge, we become ignorant and cause harm to ourselves and others. The fourth energy is the south power, which brings us bounty, medicine, and growth. Next to be acknowledged is the earth spirit.

Eagle Man touches the pipe to the ground, and says: "Mother Earth, I seek to protect you." Since Mother Earth depends on the sun's life giving energy, the pipe is then held up towards the sky. Lastly, the pipe is held straight up to the Great Spirit, the Great Mystery, the unexplainable source of all life. These words are then spoken: "Oh Great Spirit, I thank you for the six powers of the universe." Unlike many westerners, Eagle Man explains that the person reaching out to the spirit world has no fear: "Most of us are not afraid of the Great Spirit. We don't fear something that has given us our life." It is unimaginable for an Indian to break his word after smoking the pipe. In the past, the signing of treaties was always accompanied by pipe ceremonies because Indians believed that smoking the pipe would secure the arrangement. No one would be foolish enough to lie or go back on their word once the pipe was smoked because the pipe was the vehicle for carrying their word up to the Creator. And in return, a blessing would descend from the Creator to the individuals smoking it.Of course, we all know that the United States government did not share in these understandings, and sent representatives to the Indians to use the pipe as a means of deception. As White Deer of Autumn explains: "You've heard of the peace pipe. There is no such thing, in a sense, because that came about when the government sent emissaries to the Native Americans. At that time, we were still the lords of the land; we still held the power. The U.S. government had to deal with that. They understood that the pipe would allow peaceful transactions because no Indian would ever lie once spoken on the pipe." By dishonoring the meaning of this sacred practice, treaties were broken and land was taken but the benefits were short-lived, as White Deer of Autumn explains: "When the Europeans started to use tobacco, they saw it as a market, and thus corrupted its function. Now it is being misused, and you see what happens when a gift that has been given is misused."Yet, to those who understand its true significance, the pipe ceremony holds great power, White Deer of Autumn continues: "When a stem and bowl are disconnected, you have two sacred objects. When a stem and bowl are connected, you have a living being. And the pipe is addressed as a living, breathing being. A Catholic priest traveling down the Mississippi observed men laying down their arms in conflict before the pipe. They would not fight in its presence. He said that by carrying the pipe you could pass from one end of this land to the other, without being harmed. A great holy man, named Lame Deer, said that as long as one Indian holds the pipe and prays to the Great Mystery, we will live. That's how powerful it is." http://spiritalk.net/native-americans-nahealin.html

Lets Get Crafty ...... A Lammas Harvest ,So Much More Than Corn And Grain
Posted by Harobred

So Lammas is almost here and Im sure some of you are looking for a few "easy to fit into your life" things to do .I personally love a good reason to wander and harvest.It soothes my soul ,centers my core and makes me feel as productive as any hunter gatherer could ever be.When most of you think of Lammas your thinking Corn and other grains.For me that's more Mabon and something all of you know to begin with..I decided to do a post on a few really great and readily available plants to use in your Lammas spells ,that you may not have thought of.These may seem like common flowers to you or maybe even weeds,but as with all things they have some wonderful uses in spells ,especially those worked now.

So let me start with Fennel ...If you've been reading my posts then you already know what a valuable plant this is for a healthy garden full of Butterflies and Bees.So Im skipping those aspects of this beauty and jumping in with its uses in spells. Over the ages Fennel has had many uses in witchcraft and lore. Roman soldiers chewed the seeds before battle to build confidence and courage insuring themselves victory . British farmers rubbed a mixture of fennel seeds, soap, and salt on the blade of their plow to strengthen the land and encourage better harvests.This "spell " is still practiced in many places. Fennel is used to invoke fertility and was thrown at newlyweds instead of rice ..Fennel hung over the doorway on Midsummer Eve to keep away evil and the seeds put into keyholes are believed to keep out spirits.An infusion of fennel makes a good door wash to keep away intruders. As a Mercury herb, Fennel works especially on the mind, it improves the memory,and is especially good for helping develop your focus. Fennel keeps away everyday evils too,ground fennel seeds sprinkled around dog kennels and stables repel fleas.Also a wash of Fennel and Rosemary will make for a shiney silky coat that stays flea free. That alone is a magical thing ! Fennel is a beautiful plant. It has a thick, perennial roots, stout stems,it grows 4 to 5 feet or more in height. The bright green or bronze fern-like foliage is so smooth as to seem polished. The bright golden flowers are produced in large, flat umbels that are in bloom in July and August. Fennel will thrive anywhere. It is easily propagated by seeds, sown early in April in ordinary soil. It likes plenty of sun and is adapted to dry and sunny situations, not needing a lot of attention or feeding.

Morning Glory ,Ipomoea (Poisonous) I love using this plant in spells! Some will tell you that it can be ingested safely ,however Im not!This beauty is highly toxic and in my terms not worth the risk.There are far better alternative uses for it.One of the toughest plants I know,this wild flower brings clarity of sight and is said to cure nightmares.Morning glory is recommended to use for divination and astral travel. When the Inquisition in Mexico realized that the Aztecs did everything they could to maintain their relationship with this plant, they burned many Indians alive for possessing the seeds, which were often found together with a small statue of a god. Its flower essence makes a wonderful oil that will smooth out nervous energy.It is believed that grown in the garden, blue morning glories will bring peace and happiness.That's a trick what it brings is a lot of discontent because you planted an invasive vine where it should'nt be.These lovelies should be planted well away from any "formalized garden....where it does no harm lol In Hoodoo, the root of morning glory is called "High John"and is considered a representative of the African trickster gods. It is very connected with anything pertaining to borders,protection and binding ,which is another reason it should be planted on the perimeters of your property. This plant will get large when it's happy,make sure whatever it grows on is sturdy.

I have seen morning glories pulling down the trellis they are on. They grow best in full sun to partial shade with well-drained soil of low to average fertility.

Everyone loves a Sunflower ,and even if you dont garden the blooms and seeds are both readily available. Native Americans have been cultivating this plant for thousands of years.Its use predates even corn, beans, and squash. Because of its strong Sun aspect,its connected to solar festivals and solar gods such as Apollo ,Helios ,Sol and Lugh.This plant is good to use in spells pertaining to building a healthy ego. Like all Sun herbs, the sunflower is great for spells where you are creating a relaxed, comfortable happiness. It can be used in conjunction with Citrine to attract wealth ,abundance and the physical gratification of material wants. Sunflowers may be used as a bathing herb......Add petals ,oil or seed to your bath water to bring increased happiness into one's life.They also attract joy to fill the emotional spaces where there is sorrow.

Sunflower Petals are used in spells for energy, protection, health, power, wisdom and wishes. If you have a small wish cut a sunflower at sunset while making it , the wish will come true before another sunset.Sleeping with a sunflower under the bed allows you to know the truth in any matter. Sunflowers growing in the garden guard it against pests and grant the best of luck to the gardener. Sunflowers grow best in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. They should be planted directly in the ground after the last frost and need protection from squirrels and birds. Sunflowers can be used to extract toxins from the soil including lead, arsenic and uranium. Simply plant them in the tainted area and don't eat their seeds! That stands on its own as magic in my world!

Here in Va. the Black-eyed-Susans (Rudbeckia) are in full battle array .Their sunny yellow blooms can be seen everywhere and the seed heads are heavy.This is a great time to harvest blooms and seed heads for your witchy purposes.The seed heads of the Black Eyed Susans are attractive to songbirds,so for every one seed head you harvest leave three as not to short the minions of the meadow. In the language of flowers they symbolize "justice." So they are ideal to add to any spells where this is an issue. The Cherokee used this plant medicinally in various ways, including as a wash against snakebite. It also makes an excellent Sun symbol on an altar (cut flowers of this plant usually last a week).Black Eyed Susan is a great plant to use for protection, it's especially useful for protecting the outer edges of your property and could care less if you leave them on their own to create drifts .Picked they will last up to 10 days in a vase perfect protection for your living space.Its the best herb/plant I know of to use for spells that mend injuries caused by enemies.These drought-tolerant perennials thrive in sunny spots and are a wonderful addition to any garden ,providing bold splashes of golden color from summer through fall.

Next on my list of groovy plants to harvest for Lammas would be my Zinnias.These are one of my top "go to" blooms when practicing floral A great flower to use in any floral fascination (spells worked with fresh flowers).Zinnias in a rainbow of colors this makes coordinating your color magick quick and easy.In the language of flowers, the zinnia symbolizes "faraway friends." These lovelies are perfect to use in spells designed to begin a new friendship .To help cool off feuding friends mix with a bit of Lavender .

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