e ABC ltd. Hyderabad

Date: Venue: (Model )AGENDA 1. Calling dignitaries to the dais 2. Meeting call to order 3. Welcome Address 4. Apologies for Absence 5. Adoption of Agenda


6. Reading & Confirmation of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting 7. Matters arising out of the minutes 8. Report by Vice President-Finance 9. Report by Vice President-Sales 10. Report by Vice President-Marketing 11. Report by Vice President-Administration 12. Report by Vice President-New Products 13. Report by Vice President-HR 14. Any Other Matter with the Permission of Chair 15. Vote of Thanks 16. Adjournment

Address by Chief Guest: Mr. 6. Pleasantries 10.Lakshmi 5. Product Launch: Ms. 4.Ratan 3.Hamsa Lekha 7. 2008 Venue: Hotel Sun Residency Product Launch & Sales Meeting AGENDA 1. Vote of Thanks Time:4 pm . Calling dignitaries to the dais 2. Recognitions: Mr.Ramesh Virani 9.Abhishek Foods Ltd. Hyderabad Date: June 12. Introduction of Hamsalekha: Mr. Introduction of Chief Guest: Mr. Welcome Address : Mr. Introduction of the Product: Ms. 8.

Ramakrishna to approach the senior manager of Wonders Bank.Extract of the Minutes of the First Review Meeting Resolved to authorize Director-Finance. Abids Branch. 2 crores S/d Chief Executive Officer Note: The Secretary can also sign . Hyderabad to negotiate and sign all documents for procuring a term loan of Rs. Mr.

Hyderabad Time: 4 – 6 pm Agenda 1.2 Apologies for absence 1.Mr. time and venue of second meeting b.3 Report by Finance manager.Abhishek Foods Ltd.Mathew 1.11 Vote of thanks : Ms Radha 1. Appointment of auditors 1. Date.8 Report by Manager-Corporate Communication Mr.5 Report by Manager Govt.7 Report by Manager-HR: Mr. Rajan 1.Ramakrishnan 1.10 Any other matter with the permission of the Chair a.Raja Rao 1. Ratan 1.Ranga Raju 1.6 Report by Manager-Facilities: Mr.12 Adjournment .Kalidass 1.1 Welcome Address : Mr.4 Report by Marketing Manager: Ms. Supplies: Mr. Lakskmi 1. 2009 Venue: Hotel Sahara.9 Report by Manager-Admn: Mr. Hyderabad First Review Meeting Date: January 5.

The agenda for the meeting is enclosed.“This is to inform all concerned that the First Review Meeting of the company will be held on January 5. Hyderabad. 2008 between 4 – 6 pm at Hotel Sahara. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 . S/d Radha Convenor Enc: Agenda Distribution List.

Resolved to authorize Mr.Lakshmi presented the report.5 Report by Manager Govt.1 Welcome Address Ms.Lakshmi and seconded by the finance manager.Abhishek Foods Ltd. . The Finance manager Mr.Rajan to negotiate with the Director. 1.proposed by Ms. 1. Govt.4 Report by Marketing Manager: Ms. 10 crores 1. 2008 between 4 – 6 pm at Hotel as the CEO was absent 1.Ramakrishna to approach the senior manager of Indus Bank to negotiate and sign all documents for procuring a term loan of Rs. 1. Hyderabad under the chairmanship of Ms.of Andhra Pradesh.Mr. Rajan • • The manager Government Supplies(Schools) Mr Rajan presented the report Resolved to authorize Mr.Ramakrishna presented the report for the month of May. b.3 Report by Finance manager.Usha Rao. Usha Rao welcomed the members at 4.Ramakrishna a. Supplies: Mr. Resolved to spend an amount of 50 lakhs on advertisement. Vice President. Schools.Ratan was absent due to personal reasons. Mr. Secondary Education. Lakshmi • • The marketing manager Ms. for supply to Govt..2008.2 Apologies for absence The secretary informed that the CEO Mr. Hyderabad Minutes of the First Monthly Review Meeting of the Managers held on January 5.Ramakrishnan.

1.Kalidass presented the report Informed Mr. 1. 1. 2008 at the same venue and time. Mathew • • Presented the report and suggested that a Newsletter should be introduced Advised to meet the Vice President with the prosal 1.Raja Rao to appoint 4 assistant managers to supervise the sales. 1.8 Reports by Manager-Corporate Communication Mr.Kalidass gather the requisite information for ISO certification from the consultants and submit in the next meeting.Raja Rao • • The HR Manager Mr.Ramakrishna to send a conformation letter to Kaycee Consultants.Kalidass • • The manager-HR Mr.Ranga Raju • • The facilities manager Mr.11 Vote of thanks .Ranga Raju to prepare a list of machinery and equipment required by the company and submit it in the next meeting.1.7 Report by Manager-HR: Mr. Decided to appoint Kaycee consultants as the auditors of the company for the year 2008-2009.6 Report by Manager-Facilities: Mr.9 Report by Manager-Admn: Mr.10 Any other matter with the permission of the Chair • • • It was decided to hold the next meeting on July 10. Raja Rao presented the report Authorised Mr. Advised Mr.Ranga Raju presented his report It was suggested to Mr.

• Ms. 1. Sd/ Radha .10 pm.12 Adjournment • The Chairperson adjourned the meeting at 6. Radha who convened the meeting had proposed the vote of thanks.

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