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ten years of work by manic

What We
talk about
When We
talk about
* It was running season when we fnally got down to writing this. Good thing we
procrastinated for two years, because it gave us the chance to steal the title from
Haruki Murakami What we talk about when we talk about runningwho borrowed
it from Raymond CarverWhat we talk about when we talk about love.
Unlike Murakami, we didnt ask for permission because we dont think that either of
them would mindor notice.
When we started in 1999, Ren was a sweet puppy, the maximum bandwidth was 56kb, browsers
only supported 256 colours and animation was done using animated gifs. The html editors of the
day were Hotdog Professional and GoLive Cyberstudio. And we still like to brag that the first
website we ever built was coded on Notepad.
Our frst offce was above a karaoke pub on Duxton Road. It was all
of 200sq ft and an Ikea carpet took up one-third of the space. There
were only two chairs and when clients came by, we all sat on some
cushions on the carpet. Those were the heady dotcom days.
every evening at 6pm sharp, the frst strains of My Way would come
wafting through the foorboards. The owner of that place really liked
that song and he warmed up with it a few times a day before the
crowds came.
Since then, bandwidth and screen resolution have gone through the
roof and words like dither and web-safe have all but disappeared
from the web designers lexicon.
The next 10 years will undoubtedly see more changes. Cool as
Papervision, aS3 and augmented reality are now, the next big thing
is surely just round the corner, much like the next version of CS.
But some things will never change. Like a clients request to make it
bigger, be it font sizes or logos. Plastic surgeons probably hear that
a lot too.
Were glad were not alone. We cant thank designers like Stefan
Sagmeister and Paula Scher enough for revealing that even they get
similar requests. Its incredulous. and it made us feel all better.
Speaking of clients, we wont pretend that we like them all. But design,
by defnition, needs clients. and were grateful to have met some nice
people and made a few friends through our work. Weve even thanked
some of them at the end of this book.
Manic has given us the chance to make some money doing something
that we love. More importantly, its let us hang out with the cutest
dog in the world every single day for the last 10 years. Now, its even
allowed us to indulge in our own 10
anniversary book. We couldnt
have asked for more.
We thought it would be nice to compile some of our favourite works,
a Greatest Hits of sorts to mark a decade of being manic. If nothing
else, it gives us some perspective of how far weve come since those
Duxton karaoke days.
When asked how she came up with the Citi logo in such a short time,
Paula famously said that it took her a second and 34 years.
Its done in a second and every experience and every movie and
everything of my life thats in my head. What a perfect way to sum
up what design is all about!
enjoy our book and dont forget to clear your cache.
even Paula was not totally original. The story goes that Picasso said something
similar to a woman who refused to pay him for a portrait done in fve minutes.
FilM coMMiSSion
This project almost did not happenit was a government tender, which we saw as a warning sign of sorts.
Government tenders usually meant that spec work was required, something that we stood frmly against.
Luckily, in this case, the client reassured us that they were not looking for spec work. and we convinced them that
even though they were a government agency, it did not hurt to have an extraordinary website.
We crafted a cinematic website that was tailor-built with thoughtful controls to show off locally made movies.
The site was named One of the Top 50 Websites in the World in 2007 by STeP Magazine and went on to win the
coveted Favourite Website award (FWa) and Communication arts Site of the Week. That same year, it was also a
fnalist in the Singapore Creative Circle awards.
even now, were happy to say that its probably still the most awarded government website in Singapore.
Mini Singapore
When MINI met Manic, sparks few.
The year was 2003. MINI was a newcomer to the local car scene and Manic was a three-year-old
upstart. We shared the mini yet mighty mantra and did some of our best work together.
From 2003 to 2005, the website received more than 1200 enquiries, of which 10%
were test drive requests. a signifcant number of these led to MINI purchases, to the delight of
our friends on the sales team.
We also looked after email marketing, created print ads and even had a hand in a giant 50-foot
MINI replica which was used in an outdoor installation on Orchard Road.
Like all whirlwind romances, it ended all too soon. We parted amicably when the
distributorship changed hands.
interactive / print advertiSing / outdoor advertiSing / e-Mail Marketing
By the time the distributorship for MINI changed in 2005, we were already working on BMW
as well, another Performance Motors (PML) marque.
Since then, weve worked on the development of all BMW-related interactive strategies and
programmes, including the creation and maintenance of the main website, email marketing,
search engine marketing, as well as customised web-based applications for various events
and initiatives.
In the last few years, our involvement with the BMW brand has grown by leaps. In 2007, we
were appointed to work on the production of all PML newspaper and magazine ads for the BMW
brand, and in 2009, we started working with the BMW asia regional headquarters based in
Singapore, as well as with BMW Indonesia.
interactive / print advertiSing
the neW
Ford FieSta
Our superiority complex got a further boost when this site bagged three web awardsDesign Licks,
Page Crush and Design Charts. We shouldnt have been surprised.
The Ford Fiesta is sporty, fun-to-drive, with unexpected attention to detail and the website is similarly
trendy with a sleek interface that showcases all of the Fiestas features to maximum effect.
Social media sites such as Facebook, and Youtube were also used to generate buzz and to pick
up more traffc to the site. Prior to this, we also worked with Vantage automotive to develop websites
for the Ford and LandRover brands, as well as a viral campaign for the launch of the Ford Mondeo.
dilMah tea
This is an example of the kind of long-standing relationships that Manic likes to build.
Nine years after Dilmah Tea frst appointed us to build their international brand website, we
continue to produce creative interactive work for one of the worlds largest tea companies.
Completed projects include product and branding websites and microsites, an international
e-commerce website and a distributors extranet that is used by their partners all over the
world. Websites have also been localised for various markets in languages from French to
Italian to Dutch.
Weve been working with Dilmah Tea since 2001, and were happy to say that at the time of
press, were still working with one of our oldest clients.

the body Shop aSia
Since 2006, Manic has helped to bring The Body Shops message of naturally inspired,
ethically sourced products to web users all over asia.
Three years after we designed the frst campaign microsite for them, Manic is today the
interactive agency for The Body Shop Singapore, Hong kong, Indonesia and New Zealand.
We created a region-wide database solution that manages more than 2,000 products in four
different languages online, allowing the client to easily maintain their rapidly expanding
keeping pace with a regional FMCG client means being involved with the nuts and bolts of
running these living, breathing sites on a daily basis. It also means working with the client
to come up with innovative ways to connect online with their audiences through websites,
microsites and social media channels.
The result of this work has been impressive. every month more than 400, 000 people visit the
four country websites we created, with average time spent by each visitor at an impressive 12
minutes. and with plans to eventually offer e-commerce on the websites, Manics work, as
they say, has only just begun.

the body Shop
Microsites and online campaigns are an integral part of The Body Shops online strategy. Throughout
the year, such initiatives are used for the launch of new product lines and seasonal promotions.
In 2008, Manic was engaged to create a Christmas Gift Finder for The Body Shop International offce
in the Uk. The client wanted an application that helped shoppers fnd suitable gifts for their loved
ones. Using xml, we created one that was easily localised by Body Shop offces all over the world,
allowing the client to change the product assortment themselves.
For asia, we also worked on The Body Shops Tea Tree microsites in 2008 and 2009, creating engaging
online experiences for korea, Hong kong and Singapore. Combined with the clients offine efforts,
sales for Tea Tree products doubled during the campaign month in Hong kong, giving a 3000% ROI!
dp architectS
How do you better a website that not only won multiple awards but was also named one of the
Top 50 websites worldwide by STeP Magazine in 2007?
That was the challenge we faced when we were tasked with the revamp of our own creation in 2009.
In the words of the clients CeO, he wanted something that would make him fall off his chair.
DP architects is one of Singapores best known architecture frms, having designed such iconic projects
as the esplanade, the Sentosa Integrated Resort, Suntec City, Vivo City and Dubai Mall. Since our frst
collaboration in 2006, the frm had doubled in size and had set their sights on the international arena.
To match their global ambitions, the new site was built with scalability and ease of maintenance in mind.
It combined an elegant design concept with robust information architecture and intuitive navigation,
including the option for users to deeplink and bookmark each page
features not usually associated with Flash websites.
We delivered a site that had the wow-factor that the CeO wanted and the ability to effortlessly showcase
some 300 projects in over 20 countries through stunning photography or renderings.
all without sacrifcing the bells and whistles that they had grown so accustomed to.
Signs youre not shopping at the right places.
In the same-ish business of mall marketing, Manic cut through the clutter with a campaign for
The Cathay which centered around get-it-or-you-dont New Yorker type cartoons targetted at potential
tenants and hip young urbanites.
The integrated campaign ranks as one of Manics most ambitious projects. Working alongside the
client and other agency partners, Manic mapped out a fve-month long journey that leveraged several
marketing channels, including online, offine and non-traditional components.
The campaign included newspaper and magazine ads, a teaser website with a viral email component,
radio ads, email marketing, bus ads, and on-the-ground marketing at Raffes Place and Orchard Road.
Running through the whole campaign was the tagline Life is Going to Get Better, and a series of
cartoons that set a smart, quirky tone throughout all ad materials.
the cathay
interactive / caMpaign / print advertiSing / photography / e-Mail Marketing
I can never tell is one hole for salt or people who want less salt?
That is so seven seasons ago.
So, what will it be? Bangs or Botox?
Would sir like to upsize the Bordeaux?
as part of the Les amis group, Canel Ptisserie Chocolaterie
has grown from being the new kid on the block to one of
the leading f&b brands in Singapore today. It is helmed
by award-winning pastry chef Pang kok keong, whom we
fortuitously met over a three-tiered chocolate wedding cake
way back in 2005.
That year, Manic designed the Canel website and helped
introduce Singaporeans to Chef Pangs exquisite creations.
In 2007, we created the identity and branding for his
experimental dessert restaurant Macaron, designed a range of
cookie boxes and paper bags for Canel and helped launch the
very frst Macaron Festival.
Since then, we have introduced a new design for the menus
at all Canel outlets, created Christmas packaging and
catalogues, and even won the Best Poster award at the World
Pastry Cup in France, where Chef Pang was the leader of the
Singapore team.
interactive / identity / print advertiSing / outdoor advertiSing / packaging
aMara hotelS
With a signifcant amount of sales closed online these days, a hotels website is a crucial part of its
marketing and sales strategy. But Manic also understands that a hotels web presence is about more
than picture-perfect photos of pressed linen and pristine pools. Visitors must feel compelled to book
a room, and the website must make it as easy as possible for them to do so.
Following a comprehensive user requirement study, Manic created a website that allows amara
to easily add individually branded hotel web pages as they expand into the region. Manic also art
directed a photo shoot for both amara properties in Singapore, and put in place a system for the
hotels to receive online enquiries for corporate events and weddings.
Today, the website regularly receives almost 30,000 visitors a month from all over the world.
hotel group
Dinner with a view of a glistening marina. Champagne on a balcony far out in the South China Sea.
Deep sea diving with hammerheads, manta rays and barracudas. These are some experiences that
await guests when they visit hotels in the avillion chain. Or their websites for the matter.
We designed four immersive sites that transport visitors to the heart of each of the stunning
properties. With breathtaking views of each hotel as the backdrop, visiting the websites might be the
next best thing to actually staying there.
These sites dont just look good; they also incorporate a streamlined booking engine and lots of nifty
features aimed at selling the properties and converting a casual surfer to a guest at the hotel.
We got to know The Ninth Vine through one of our pet projectsa wedding wine label for two close friends.
The Ninth Vine was the wine company that supplied the wine. We got to know them after several wine
tasting sessions and had been working on some small projects with them when they engaged us to create the
identity for South australian Masterpieces.
It was an event that brought together the top South australian boutique wineries in Singapore for
a week of wine-tasting and fne dining. They wanted us to create an identity for the event, including a logo
and print collaterals like magazine ads, posters, programme books and invitation cards.
Having met some of the winemakers, we learnt about their winemaking philosophy and preference
for modern techniquesconcepts that we were determined to distill into the fnal mark.
The result was a tidy solution that at once speaks of vision, process and potential while managing
to present industry clichs in a fresh light. It was featured in a book on logo design published
internationally by Rockport in 2005, where the quote above was taken from.
the ninth vine
interactive / identity / print advertiSing
Yahoo! is a leader in mobile search, especially in the innovation of consumer
experience. In 2007, for the launch of their suite of mobile search products
at tradeshows like the Consumer electronics Show in Las Vegas and
Communicasia in Singapore, Manic was tasked to create a product demo.
The challenges were extremely tight deadlines and working with a client on
the other side of the Pacifc, a full 16 hours of time difference away.
We made it work and Yahoo! received an overwhelmingly positive response
at the tradeshows.
Following that, we continued to work on Yahoo! product presentations, as
well as advertising banners and microsites for the asia-Pacifc offce.
the MooMba
Over the years, The Moomba has established itself as a stalwart in the business of business lunches.
The restaurants casual vibe and contemporary australian sensibility was a winning combination.
With an emphasis on quality produce and a light touch when it comes to cooking, the food is
always sensational. all Manic needed to do was to bring that across on the website.
We served up a visual feast on the websites for the restaurant, the sandwich bar and the wine shop.
Wagyu burgers, gourmet sandwiches, and vintage champagnes all loom larger than life on the screen.
Throughout the site, the visitor is assaulted with photos of oversized salads, immaculate cold cuts and
luscious desserts, giving them a taster of what to expect from The Moomba.
everything looks so fresh and delicious that the site comes with a special warning:
Best viewed on a full stomach.
The small and medium business (SMB) sector is a notoriously fckle and diffcult-to-reach
group of customers for IT providers. With its ThinkPad range a frm SMB favourite for
more than a decade, Lenovo enjoys a good lead over its competitors in this segment. To
further strengthen its position, Lenovo engaged Manic to build ThinkSMB, an online
resource for asia-Pacifc SMBs.
Launched in more than 10 countries, ThinkSMB provides SMBs with content like expert
advice, case studies, IT advice, white papers as well as useful tips and tools. Manic helped
put it all together, from design and implementation to programming all the site features
and localisation in different languages, all in the space of four months.
My Work
m:N:s1nv ov vuccn1:oN
Want to ask other teachers how they handle questions about the
ethics of stem cell research? Or you may have interesting ideas
about character development?
My Forum is a feedback website dedicated to MOE sta. Take part
in our discussion forum on topics ranging from CCA ideas to
feedback on vendors. Share with other colleagues the latest
happenings in your school or oce. Give your feedback about
work-related matters in surveys, polls and consultation papers.
Your views are valuable in moving the education system and
community forward.
PLUS! Check out our latest addition to My Forum Ask Senior
Management - where you get a chance to write to Senior
Management in MOE HQ about education-related issues.
So what are you waiting for?
Simply log on to with your GDS ID, and
join the conversation on My Work today!
The Ministry of education (MOe) selected Manic as their web and interactive partner to
revamp both their intranet and corporate websites in 2003 and 2004 respectively.
In 2005, Manic was also appointed to create an advertising campaign for the MOes
excel Festival, an annual event for educators to share innovation in teaching. The project
scope included creatives for print ads, MRT in-train ads, brochures, fyers, posters and
programme material. Manic also designed and developed a registration website for the
event that could cater to 20,000 users an hour.
Most recently, Manic was tasked to create a series of four posters to publicise the MOes
MyForum initiative, an online platform for administrative and teaching staff to exchange
ideas and discuss the teaching life. The posters were distributed to all schools nationwide.
oF education
interactive / caMpaign print / advertiSing / photography
heritage board
How do you speak to a young audience and convince them that museums are fun?
Faced with this challenge from the National Heritage Board (NHB), Manic combined hand-drawn visuals
and quirky copy when conceptualising two campaigns for NHB initiatives in 2006 and 2007.
For International Museum Day, Manic spoofed Ikea in press ads and highlighted surprising fnds in
museums with the headline Furnish your mind for a change. The following year, Manic created a
campaign for explore Singapore! based on little known facts that we unearthed after extensive research.
Like the fact that ice took months to reach Singapore in the 1800s, or that the dome of the famous
Sultan Mosque was made from green bottles.
Both campaigns successfully attracted a large number of people to the museums and events, and introduced
Singapores heritage to a new, younger audience.
caMpaign / print advertiSing
governMent &
Statutory boardS
Civil aviation authority
of Singapore
Health Promotion Board
Infocomm Development
Intellectual Property Offce
of Singapore
Ministry of education
National Heritage Board
NTUC Fairprice
PowerGrid Ltd
Singapore airlines
Singapore Pools
SingHealth Group
Urban Redevelopment authority
banking & Finance
BCS Information Systems
Citibank Singapore
Crescent Point
CGU asia Insurance
Development Bank of Singapore
Infocredit Dun & Bradstreet
Lim & Tan Securities
Maybank Group
Oxley Capital
UOB Life assurance
Visa asia-Pacifc
auto eurokars
BMW asia
MINI Singapore
Performance Motors Ltd
Regent Motors
Vantage automotive
Media & entertainMent
Century Fox
asia Image / Television asia
asian TV awards
Cathay Organisation
Fluid Productions
Promax asia
Reed Business Information
Reed elsevier
Singapore Film Commission
Yahoo! Inc.
Food & beverage
Canel Ptisserie Chocolaterie
Dilmah Tea International
Gardenia Foods Singapore
The Moomba
The Ninth Vine
Ponti Wine Cellars
Saybons French Food Factory
ServiceS and retail
The Cathay
Dotted Line
IntegraScreen Singapore
Philips Lighting asia-Pacifc
seesaw market + consumer
SPaCe Furniture
Teledirect Telecommerce
Tetra Fish asia
Victor Chandler International
Watsons Personal Care Stores
DP architects
perForMing artS
Singapore Youth Choir
Young Musicians Society
ecNad Project
Practice Performing arts School
Theatre Training & Research
Bright Vision Hospital
Dilmah Conservation
NTUC Fairprice Foundation
Singapore Childrens Society
The Body Shop International
The Body Shop asia-Pacifc
este Lauder Singapore
Ferrosan Inc. Singapore
COMaT Training Services
enigma Variations
Nanyang Technological University
Raffes Institution
local SMeS
a-sonic aerospace
excelpoint Technology
Opulent Group
Trek 2000 International
aSeaN Law association
Drew & Napier LLC
khattar Wong & Partners
Medico-Legal Society Singapore
Robert Wang & Woo LLC
Singapore academy of Law
Singapore International
arbitration Centre
Wong Partnership LLP
it & coMMunicationS
IBM Singapore
Lenovo asia Pacifc
Microsoft asia
Philips Singapore
Seagate Technology
BBH asia Pacifc
Creads advertising
M&C Saatchi
Ogilvy Singapore
Publicis Singapore
Saatchi & Saatchi
travel & hoSpitality
The Cathay Residences
amara Hotels
avillion Hotel Group
Hangout Hotels
Raffes The Plaza Hotel
Singapore airlines
Zil air Seychelles
induStrial / engineering
Singapore Refning Company
Singapore Technologies Marine
aWardS & MentionS
MoWSnet Silver aWard
august 2008
seesaw marketing + consumer insights
Step inSide deSign
top 50 beSt oF Web 2007
Singapore Film Commission
DP architects
coMMartS deSigninteract
Site oF the Week
June 4, 2007
Singapore Film Commission
Favourite WebSite aWardS (FWa)
april 22, 2007
Singapore Film Commission
Singapore creative circle aWardS
Finalist, Interactive Category
DP architects
October 2006
DP architects
deSign chartS
april 22, 2007
Singapore Film Commission
May 31, 2009
The new Ford Fiesta
Media Spike aWardS 2007
Finalist, Digital Campaign Category
New City Mortgage (with BBH asia)
deSign lickS Site oF the day
april 9, 2007
Singapore Film Commission
May 19, 2009
The new Ford Fiesta
deSign lickS Featured Site
February 2007
DP architects
May 2007
Dilmah White Tea
pagecruSh Featured Site
august 2008
Redorfe Photography
June 2009
The new Ford Fiesta
World paStry cup
January 2009
Best Team Poster (Singapore)
WebSMedia June 2007 (korea)
Featured agency
color harMonylogoS
publiSher: rockport, 2006
TropicalPix logo
logo lab
publiSher: hoW deSign bookS, 2005
South australian Masterpieces identity
Johnson for our frst paid
Nicholas & Janette Skeath Pope
Menken for being our oldest
France & Monkey Woman
albert & Jennifer
Christian & Wee Han for
Drew & Napier
Dilhan for believing
alan Randall, Paul Judge & the
guy without a fnger
Ms Choo & Mr Teothanks for
Jennifer, Dora & Gee
Yvonne for MINI
Belinda for being the nicest
person we know
Medy for all the car work
Mary, Ginger, Reanne
Michelle & Vivian for dim sum
Waye & Wendy for The Body
Lillian for your war stories
John Finn for introducing us to
John S Callahan for being our
frst photographer client
Gricia, Helen, Lawrence & Sue
for hosting us
Peng Yamthanks for the
Pang for all the calories
Terence for IBM
Herman for Microsoft
elisha for Friends of Changi
Sandip, Johnson & Sharilyn for
Cupid & alba
ex-StaFF & internS &
Josephine, for being employee #1
Lenny, elaine, Yit keong and
Teresa for Citibank
Ben, youre a real pro
Gabriel for Sa Masterpieces
Gerald, our very frst intern
Roger & Clement, the second
and third interns
Dawn & Jinghui for the fruititea
packaging; someday, youll
see it on a supermarket shelf
in Tokyo
ernest, Josh, Randy for being
hungry boys
Dorothy for Love at First Bite
Shirley for Tea Tree
Charlene for Cathay and others
kristal for the lovely macaron
fairies and Homeless FC
Stephanie for the enigma
Fazly for Casio
Ridzuan for IPOS
Todd Joo for being our very frst
evelyn Pritt for MINI and
andre, Reuben, Dani
Dennis for the Manic letters
Jules for being the butt of our
Jasonno thanks for your
messy codes; we still want to
kill you
Yu-Mei for explore Singapore!
May for the peace-and-quiet
Stefan Sagmeister for making us
look again and again
Christopher for sushi & LogoLab
FWas for general awesomeness
Typophiles for the instant font
identifcation service and
hospitality in SF. Joe, Jeannie,
Stephen, Zara, karen it was
nice meeting all of you!
David for The Cathay
24 Crane Road for constant
kilo, Hjgher and Trine for being
good neighbours
Drewscape for the sketch of
64 Jalan kelabu asap
Frankie & Floriethank you
for the music, for aBBa
Jay for the wild parties
Zombie food
Yong tau foo auntie with the
infallible memorybeing
called a lang zai is the perfect
way to start any day
Fook kor for pak shui and
tourist-friendly cze char,
ie chicken curry from a can
Tong shui couple for breakfast,
lunch and sometimes tea
Tian Tian Porridge oh yum!
Niu Che Shui Glutinous Rice
Holland Village Western Food
Stall for lunch by numbers
#24, #25 and #26
James & Lynn for pepper crabs,
durians, whisky, Homeless
FC and the african Cyclist
current ManicS
adeline for being Mrs adobe
and for working on all 23
versions of this book
June for being the consumate
Jenny for being the stylemeister
Jasmine for reminding us that
alcohol actually tastes bitter
Jong for being the lunch alarm
Roland for aS3
Guys, weve never had more
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esther, without you wed
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namecards v2
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Peng Hwa and kwek Min for
the money
Gavin, Jonathan & Rodney
Hrant for Mana and La
Sean for the inspirational work
thank you
We welcome all comments, enquiries, compliments, tips, recipes etc.
When writing to us, it helps if you can be as detailed as possible if you are asking about
our services and rates. We do not entertain anonymous enquiries.
If youre looking for speculative work, or mock ups as its more commonly known
here, were not the right agency for you. Concepts and ideas are not free and the design
process should not be reduced to a swimsuit competition. If you truly require us to
pitch, please expect to pay for our efforts.
For more on why spec work is bad, visit
26 crane rd, Singapore 429367
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