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ENTREPRENEURSHIP & SMALL SCALE ENTERPRISE Explain the following the following concepts : 1).

Entrepreneurship 2) Intrapreneur 3) Innovation 4) Managerial Feasibility 5)Seed Capital 6)Technological feasibility 7)Entrepreneurial Motivation 8)Venture Capital 9)Ancillary Industry 10)Outsourcing 11)Environmental Scanning 12) EDP 13) Project Report 14)Project Appraisal 15) Project Formulation 16)Business Plan 17) Social Entrepreneurship 18)Mergers 19) Acquisition 20) Franchising 21) Social Responsibilities 22) NGOs 23) Idea generation 24) Market plan 25) Financial plan 26) Operational plan 27) Operational plan 28) HR plan 29) Economic oriented appraisal 30) Financial appraisal 31) Market Oriented Appraisal 32) Managerial competency 33)SSM 34)SME funding 35) Fixed capital 36) Working capital 37) SIDBI 38)SISI 39)Turnaround strategies 40)Tax concessions 41) Business Idea 42)Entrepreneurial culture 43) Women & SHG 44)SWOT Analysis 45) Project Identification 46) Venture capital 47) Sub-contracting 48) Content of a project report 49) Function of Entrepreneur 50)Market mechanism in SME

Essay Type Questions Entrepreneurship is the process of creating wealth Dissuss. 1) What is Entrepreneurship ? What is its importance in new millennium in country like India? 2) What do you mean by the term Entrepreneur?Explain the qualities of a successful Entrepreneur & distinguish between Entrepreneur & Manager. 3) Describe the qualities required to be a successful entrepreneur & also Explain the function carried out by them. 4) Developing countries need imitative rather than innovative entrepreneursComment. 5) Entrepreneurship does not emerge spontaneousDiscuss. 6) Mention the failure/barrier that an Entrepreneur face in running an organization. 7) Give the classification & type of Entrepreneurs. 8) Define Social Entrepreneurship. State the importance of its. 9) Women Entrepreneurs in India continue to face social challenges.Discuss 10) What are the problems faced by Indian Women Entrepreneurs &What government support can they avail of? 11) State and Explain the problem and prospect of women entrepreneurs in India. 12) Define Women Entrepreneur. What are the major financial schemes available for the promotion of women Entrepreneurship in India? 13) Women Entrepreneurs is a separate category and needs a special treatment.In the light of the above statement describe the role,scope and opportunities for women entrepreneurs in India. 14) Discuss the role of government and SHGs in the development of women entrepreneurs. 15) Modern women entrepreneurs emerge as successful business owners because of their unique managerial styles Discuss. 16) In India ,women entrepreneurs face a number of problems but they have bright prospects in India Economy.Elaborate. 17) Women Entrepreneurs in India continue to face societial challenges.With reference to the above statement bring out the role played by government and NGOs to support women entrepreneurs. 18) Discuss the measures taken by the government of India to promote women entrepreneurship in India. 19) The greater problem of women entrepreneurs is that they are women. Discuss. 20) Explain the role of SHGs in the development of women entrepreneurs in India. 21) Briefly discuss the working of SHGs and its effectiveness motivating women entrepreneurs. 22) EDP is the process of grooming entrepreneurs. Explain the importance of entrepreneurial training. 23) What are entrepreneurial function?Examine the role of entrepreneursip in the development of society. 24) A successful entrepreneur always tries to update his knowledge and information continuously through training and development. Explain.

25) Explain the different types of entrepreneurship development programmes for development of entrepreneurs in India. 26) Identify the challenges that Indian entrepreneurs face in the present changing business scenario.Assess the importance of innovation to drive business under these circumstances. 27) Environment scanning redress the severity of risk in business.Discuss with suitable examples. 28) Explain the concept of SWOT analysis. Identify SWOT analysis for any one organisation of your choice. 29) Evaluate the contribution of McClelland and Joseph Schumpter in the role of development of Entrepreneurship. 30) State the factors that influence the emergence development of entrepreneurship. 31) Explain the need of social entrepreneurship in India. 32) Explain the factors that influencing entrepreneurial development. 33) Describe the process of project launching.Prepare an outline of the preliminary project report for setting up a Health Spa 34) Highlight the problem that are face by entrepreneurs in the areas of finance and infrastructural facilities .Recommend suitable measures to overcome them. 35) Discuss the pros and cons of business. 36) Explain different schemes of assistance to new entrepreneurs. 37) Discuss the role played by the support institutions in promoting the entrepreneurship development in India. 38) State & explain the factor that you should consider while starting a new entrepreneurial unit./location for an industrial unit. 39) State & explain the factor determining the capital requirements of SME.Explain the sources of long term finance. 40) What is feasibility study ?Explain the importance areas of feasibility study with relevant corporate examples. 41) What factors will you consider to determine your long,medium,short term requirement? 42) Enumerate and discuss the financial and non financial assistance provided by various institutions to new entrepreneurs. 43) How will you, as a young entrepreneur start a new food processing unit in the backward region of Maharashtra? 44) Enlist and explain the agencies/ institutions that help the new entrepreneurs Critically evaluate any one of them in detail. 45) Draft a project report to be submitted to a financial institution for a long term loan. 46) Spell out the requisite steps in preparing and finalizing a business plan for starting a new entrepreneurial venture in the state of Maharashtra. 47) As an entrepreneur how would you motivate youremployees so as to eliminate the problems of industrial relation in your business enterprise. 48) State and explain the various government and semi government agencies that offer various assistance and incentives to an entrepreneur. 49) Discuss the financial assistance provided by the various institution and the government agencies to small entrepreneurs. 50) Finance is the life blood of business.Explain the role and importance of finance for a new venture. 51) How is project formulated? Explain. Draft an ideal report to be submitted for obtaining a bank loan. 52) Bring out the importance of government support that entrepreneurs in India get through different specialized agencies and institution .Critially evaluate the role of SIDBI in promoting entrepreneurship. 53) What factors would you consider while planning for short term and long term financial requirement of a business unit.Identify the sources of fund you would tap for fixed and working capital for your enterprise. 54) Discuss the role played by the following support institutions in promoting the entrepreneurship development in India: a)SIDBI b) SISI 55) Describe the process of project launching. Prepare an outline of the preliminary project report for setting up a Fitness Centre 56) Describe the scope and significance of financial management for a small entrepreneur. Explain the f actors determining working capital requirement of the business. 57) What is Idea Generation? Explain the steps involved in the process of idea generation. 58) Explain the sources of finance available to entrepreneur for setting up a new business unit. 59) Describe various incentives, subsidies and grants provided to export oriented units. 60) Prepare a business plan for setting up a small scale food processing unit in the backward region of Maharashtra, covering the introductory page,industry analysis ,description of venture, assessment of risk, production, marketing, financial plan and organizational plan. 61) Explain the factors that influence the selection of project.

62) You plan to start a small enterprise . How would you choose the appropriate form of ownership pattern for you enterprise. 63) Describe the role of SIDBI in developing small and medium enterprise in the country. 64) What are the methods of Idea generation? 65) State the significance of project report. 66) What are the steps in setting up a small unit. 67) What are the turnaround strategies for SMEs? 68) What are the social responsibility of entrepreneurs? Explain the SR of entrepreneurs towards various groups. 69) What are the major constraint in Export efforts?

International Marketing Question Bank Concept testing 1) Global Marketing 2) International trade 3) Multinational companies 4) Ethnocentric orientation 5) Polycentric orientation 6) Regiocentric orientation 7) Geocentric orientation 8) Global companies 9) Macro environment 10) Import duty 11) Dumping 12) Trade barrier 13) Non Trade Barrier 14) Quota 15) Licensing 16) Trading blocs 17) Economic Integration 18) VER (voluntary export restraints) 19) FTA (Free Trade Agreement) 20) CU (custom union) 21) Labelling 22) Marking 23) Cost plus approach 24) Marginal cost approach 25) Price skimming 26) Penetration pricing 27) FOB 28) CIF 29) CFR 30) DAF 31) DDP 32) Letter of credit 33) Exports 34) Direct exports 35) Indirect exports 36) Licensing 3 marks

Short Notes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Management orientations Internationalization stages Micro Environment Economic Environment Social and Cultural Environment Political and legal environment Types of Trade Barrier Types of Non Trade Barrier Types of Trading blocs NAFTA EU WTO Doha round FDI SAARC OPEC Product packaging Export Packaging IIP Product adaptation and standardisation Types of Direct channel Types of Indirect Channel Types of foreign intermediaries Incoterms (different terms ) Breakeven pricing Quotation FDI STP

Long Answer 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Define International Marketing ? explain the features of IM. Explain need / reasons to go international. Difference between international and domestic marketing Explain the advantages and limitation of International marketing What is international business? Explain the importance of IB Explain the international business environment. Explain the micro and macro environment of international business (PEST) What is Trade barrier ? Explain the objectives of trade barrier. Explain the different types of trading blocs .

10 Marks

10) Explain the product planning at international level 11) Explain the functions of product packaging 12) Explain the different channels of distribution at international level 13) Explain the factors influencing selection of distribution channel at international level 14) Explain the different types of foreign intermediaries .

15) 16) 17) 18)

Explain Explain Explain Explain

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different factors determining export pricing methods of pricing different pricing strategies different facilities and incentives given by Indian exporters

19) Explain the different modes of market entry at international level 20) Explain the foreign market selection process. 21) Explain the STP (process )at international market .

A Blanket Permit is the written authorization granted by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for the movement of a vehicle or combination vehicle and its indivisible nondivisible load with prescribed limits of size and/or weight over State/Interstate highways. Note: Vehicles obtaining blanket permits for weight must be registered to the maximum limit and so configured as to legally meet the road limit in accordance with 23 VSA 1391 & 1392.