Introduction: Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh popularly known as RSS, has been in the news for the last 87 years

for various reasons. It is generally accepted as the only medium in India for her social and cultural renaissance. RSS cadre is regarded as the manifestation of discipline and staunch nationalism. Dr. Kesav Baliram Hedgewar, the founder of RSS was born on the 1st April 1889. As such the year 1988-89 was celebrated as Dr. Hedgewar’s Birth Centenary year throughout the country. Kandakurthi : A place to revere

The School : One apart from the crowd

Moulding the little ones : A better tomorrow

Our trust has been endeavoring to infuse the young children with nationalism, culture, ethics and traditions in addition to formal education. Thus we started a school ‘Sri Kesava Sishu Vidya Mandir’ in the year 1989 with a modest strength of 20 students. This middle school has a history of over two decades now. At present 250 students are enrolled in sishu (Nursery) to 7th standards. The medium of instruction is Telugu, the mother tongue of the locals.
Bharat Matha Kesava Murthi
Dr.K.B. Hedgewar

The students not only excel in their studies, but they are also pro-active to participate in various competitions such as sports, science, cultural activities, and debates etc. The school is being run in 5 class rooms in a shed. Now it is decided to construct a good building for the school. The plan and estimate for the proposed building have been obtained from an architect. Other activities: Matru Mandali, Samskara Kendra and Bala Gokula centres in surrounding villages Mathru Mandali is an organization for women to strengthen themselves in all aspects with emphasis on culture and scientific reasoning of our traditions, nationalism etc. Samskara kendra is a centre for building personality development, patriotism, and culture among the children in backward and slum areas. Balagokula is a centre which promotes competitions in sports and cultural activities between different schools.

Dr. Hedgewarji’s Memorial, Kandakurthi As part of the celebrations, a befitting memorial was constructed at Kandakurthi, a small village in Indur (Nizamabad) District of our state. Dr. Hedgewarji’s forefathers hailed from this village. The residence of his forefathers was converted into a memorial. The temples of Lord Kesavamurthi (the family Deity of the Hedgewars) and Lord Sri Rama were also renovated in Kandakurthi.

Future plans : Taking leaps Although this much has been done so far, a lot more progress is yet to be achieved. Proposed Developmental Activities: * Construction of new RCC building for ‘Sri Kesava Sishu Vidya Mandir’ school with 5 rooms Rs. 10 Lakhs * Providing Library, Science laboratory and Sports Room Rs. 5 Lakhs * Setting up a Computer Lab * Providing Desks for students Rs. 3 Lakhs Rs. 3 Lakhs Sri Rambhaav Haldekarji (Kshetra Karyakarini Amantrita Sadasya, RSS) with students of Sri Kesava Sishu Vidya Mandir

Kandakurthi - Nizamabad Dist. A.P. India

* Construction of compound wall and toilets for School Rs. 3 Lakhs * Purchase of School Bus for students of neighborhood villages Rs. 15 Lakhs * A home for destitutes Rs. 20 Lakhs

While the task is huge, the funds at disposal are no match to the task ahead. The individual projects can be named after the person/ organization if the requirement is met by their contribution. We therefore appeal to your generosity to partake in this noble cause by offering liberal contributions. Thanking you very much Sir. Contributions can be made in favour of:

‘Sri Kesava Sishu Vidya Mandir’ S.B. Account No.52147307428
State Bank of Hyderabad, Satapur Br.


Sri Kesava Seva Samithi, Kandakurthi, Indur District.

IFSC Code No.SBHY 0020510 Call: +91-96184 60983 +91-98661 36756
Children of laborers are enrolled in Vidya Mandir to discourage Child Labour.

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