Citation Windsor, McCay. Little Nemo. October 15 - November 12, 1905. owse/results?



Appeal Amazing drawings, very detailed. Both speech bubbles and captioned. Fantasy.



A little boy named Nemo has nightly dreams to Slumberland. The King of Slumberland wants him to be a friend for his daughter, the Princess. Tales of children, especially Charlie Brown, and Snoopy the dog. Schultz, Charles. Peanuts. June Adventures include baseball games, 11 - June 16, 2012. Halloween myths and WWII fighter planes. Hamilton, Marcus and Ron Ferdinand. Dennis the Menace. June 10- June 15, 2012. Dennis is a nuisance, especially to neighbor, Mr. Wilson. Most of kingdom/?feature_id=Dennis_The his hijinks are good natured but just _Menace turn out poorly for those around him. A single-paneled comic that deals Larson, Gary. The Far Side. with improbable events, logical fallacies and bizarre disasters. ctures/574808/Far/ Each panel is captioned. Griffith, Bill. Zippy. June 10 - June 15, 2012. inhead

Comic Strips

Pertinent Info Winsor McCay influenced many artists including Maurice Sendak and Bill Watterson.

Not much laugh factor but decent storylines. More nostalgic. All ages.

Comic Strips

Nostalgic. Not very funny (for kids at least). More for adults. Nostalgic.

Comic Strips

Very funny. For adults and teens.

Comic Strips

Zippy the Pinhead, with his family and friends, comment on things of interest to them. Much of it is told in non sequiturs, free association and Adults who like bizarre satirization. things. Surreal humor.

Comic Strips

The official website includes a guide on how to understand Zippy.

Tells the stories of various characters from the President of the United States to Michael Bardeau, G. B. Doonesbury. June Doonesbury who has aged in the 10 - June 15, 2012. 40+ years the strip has been drawn. Adults. Political. Dry Usually deals with political ideas. humor.

Comic Strips

Breathed, Berkely. Bloom County. June 11 - June 15, 2012. unty/2012/06/12

Set in a small town in the Midwest where children are adult-like and Adults and teens. animals can talk. Usually deals with Political. Dry humor. politics and social commentary. Funny.

Pulitzer Prize

Comic Strips

Grimm, a dog, is the main character Peters, Mike. Mother Goose and who can speak. He lives with his Grimm. June 10 - June 14, 2012. owner, Mother Goose, who is a goose and the cat Attila. Bucky the cat and Satchel the dog live with their owner Rob. The Conley, Darby. Get Fuzzy. June animals are extreme stereotypes 10 - June 14, 2012. and most story lines deal with their conflicts. A soap-opera comic strip that has Moy, Karen and Joe Giella. Mary run for over 70 years. Mary is an Worth. June 11 - June 15, 2012. elderly woman who interacts with other residents who live in her and-games/fun/Mary_Worth/ complex. Hellboy is a monster that came from Mignola, Mike. Hellboy: Seed of Hell in the 1930s. He now fights Destruction. Milwaukie: Dark monsters for a secret government Horse, 1994. organization. Dick Grayson is now Batman and must try to find out who is behind all of the brutal murders happening in Snyder, Scott. Batman: The Black Gotham. In the second part, Mirror. New York: DC Comics, Batman comes face-to-face with a 2011. insane criminal. The Avengers have been disbanded for a new group of Avengers. However, when the new group Bendis, Brian Michael. Siege. New starts a war on American soil, the York: Marvel Worldwide, Inc, old group must join together again 2010. to stop them.

Adults and teens. Funny. Animals.

Comic Strips

Adults and teens. Funny. National Cartoonist Animals. More sarcastic Society Newspaper than Garfield. Comic Strip Award Adults. Continuity strip. Moves slow. Hard to get into. For people who like soap operas. Teens and adults. Antiheroes. Mythology. Superheroes. Fantasy. Horror.

Comic Strips

Comic Strips Best Graphic Novel: Reprint Eisner Award; Best Writer/Artist Eisner Award This book greatly influenced the Hellboy movie.


Teens and Adults. Batman/DC Fans. Superheroes. New take. Teens and Adults. Avengers/Marvel Fans. Superheroes. Violence. Multiple storylines and characters intersecting. New take.



The collected works of the major Marvel characters for the last 70 Thomas, John Rhett. Marvel 70th years. Includes a good Anniversary Collection. New York: representation of old and new Marvel Worldwide, Inc, 2009. strips. Dido, Dan. Batman: The Dark Knight Archives Volume 4. New York, DC Comics: 2003.

Collects the Batman comics from the past. Very campy.

Teens and Adults. Only real Avengers Fans. Superheroes. Oldfashioned. Teens and Adults. Only real Batman Fans. OldFashioned. Campy. Superheroes


Superheroes Booklist Starred. Publisher's Weekly Starred. Voice of Youth Advocates Starred. Eisner Award. Harvey Non-Fiction and Award. Autobiographical

Thompson, Craig. Blankets. Marietta: Top Shelf Productions, 2003. Tolkien, J.R.R. The Hobbit: An Illustrated Edition of the Fantasy Classic. New York: Ballantine Books, 2001.

Autobiography of a boy's coming of age in rural Wisconsin. He deals with sibling rivalry, first love and losing his religion.

Hosler, Jay. Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth. New York: A Novel Graphic, 2011.

Watt, Melanie. Scaredy Squirrel. Ontario: Kids Can Press, 2006.

Soo, Kean. Jellaby. New York: Hyperion Books, 2008.

Adults. Coming of age. Romance. Drawing. Wanting to be an artist. Anti-religion. Teens and Adults. Frodo is on an adventure with Anyone who likes the dwarves and a wizard to find the original. Very wordy. dragon's gold. Closely follows the Fantasy. Very detailed original book. illustrations. Teens. Good Three alien life forms take a tour of supplemental material to evolution on Earth. It starts from the a science class. Very first celled organism up to man with thick with lots of text. detailed explanations along the way. Clear explanations. Scaredy Squirrel is too afraid to ever leave his tree. For all of his contingency plans, when he finally is forced to leave his tree things go awry. Children 5-8. Humor. Portia finds a baby monster behind her house one night. They go on an Children. Humor. adventure to take Jellaby back to Adventure. Fantasy. his home. Mystery.

Non-Fiction and Autobiographical

Non-Fiction and Autobiographical

ALA Notable Children's Books. Horn Book Starred. Children

Eisner Nominee


Continues the story of Jellaby once they reach the city to find his home. Soo, Kean. Jellaby: Monster in the The kids and Jellaby encounter City. New York: Hyperion Books, another monster and must decide 2009. what it wants. Sequel to the first Castle Waiting, it gives more in-depth into the Medley, Linda. Castle Waiting: character's backgrounds. The Volume II. Seattle: Fantagraphics characters find a secret Books, 2010. passageway and explore it. Brill, Ian. Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers: Slippin' Through the Cracks. Los Angeles: Kaboom!, 2011.

Children. Humor. Adventure. Fantasy. Mystery. Children to Adults. Twisted Fairy tales. Black and white illustrations. Fantasy stories. Children. Animal and adventure lovers. Anyone who liked the TV show. Mysteries. Adventure.

Shuster Award for Best Comic for Kids Children


Another adventure of the Rescue Rangers that have them trying to figure out who is out to get them.


Children. Very detailed illustrations. Animals. Set in 1152, three members of the Historical. Adventure. Mouse Guard must find out who is Some violence. Plot a behind a treasonous plot to little over the top in terms overthrow their organization. Much of being dramatic. Text like the Knights of the Round Table, (both font and vocab) Petersen, David. Mouse Guard: they value chivalry and strengths of could be hard to read for Fall 1152. New York: Villard, 2008. arms. younger children. Anya finds a ghost who begins to follow her around. All is going well Brosgol, Vera. Anya's Ghost. New until Anya realizes that the ghost is York: First Second, 2011. hiding the truth from her. Tells the story of two children in the Middle East who must fight to survive. This epic cover many years Thompson, Craig. Habibi. New and locations as the children try to York: Pantheon, 2011. reunite and escape. Teens. Mysteries. Ghosts. Feeling out of place in high school. Immigrants.

Best Publication for Kids Eisner Award; Best Graphic AlbumReprint Eisner Award Children ALA Notable Children's Books. Booklist Starred. Hornbook Starred. BCCB Starred. Teens and Adults

A role playing game based on the characters can be found on the book's website.

Adults. Religious. Arabic. Best Writer/Artist Sexual Violence. Epic. Eisner Award

Teens and Adults

O'Malley, Ryan Lee. Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life. Portland: Oni Press, Inc., 2004.

Scott is falling for Ramona, who is literally the girl of his dreams. However, she's not that easy to win as Scott must fight her evil exTeens. Humor. Video boyfriends, all 7 of them. Game fans.

Doug Wright Award; Harvey Awards Nomination

The Scott Pilgrim movie was based Teens and Adults on this series.

An unknown assassin is killing super-heroes and the remaining heroes investigate. Deals with a lot Moore, Alan. Watchmen. New of deep themes such as what it York: DC Comics, 1987. takes to be a hero and vigilantes. In a wordless book, a man finds a series of numbers that change his Ott, Thomas. The Number 73304- life. The reader is left to decide if 23-4153-6-96-8. Seattle: the story was all in the man's head Fantagraphics Books, 2008. or if it actually happened. In the future, libraries need armed Yumi, Kiiro. Library Wars 1: Love forces to defend them. This is the and War. San Francisco: VIZ story of the training that the forces Media, LLC, 2008. undertake. This secret organization protects England from monsters with the help of a vampire who hunts other Hirano, Kohta. Hellsing 1. vampires. The first book in the Milwaukie: Dark Horse Manga, series, it describes how the 2003. characters came to be. Lieske, Daniel. The Wormworld A young boy goes with his father to Saga. visit his grandmother over summer vacation. Characters in the strip usually Wilson, Kris; Rob Denbleyker; discuss dark and cynical topics. Matt Melvin; Dave McElfatrick. They also are hard to distinguish Cyanide & Happiness. from each other so there is little character development.

Adults. Dark. Literary. Lots of text. Adults. Wordless. Good for people who like literary stories, noir crime books or twists.

Hugo Award

The Watchmen movie was based Teens and Adults on this book.


Thomas Ott is from Switzerland.

Manga. Teens and adults. Police force.


The author is from Japan.

Adults. Vampires and vampire hunters. Violent. Children to adults. Fantasy. Mystery. Coming of Age.



Adults. Cynical. Dark humor.


Munroe, Randall. xkcd.

Jacques, Jeph. Questionable Content.

Web Cartoonists Choice Awards; Deals with love and life as well as Weblog Award; Hugo scientific in-jokes. Drawn all in stick Award for Best Fan figures. Science. Math. Sarcasm. Artist Slice of life comic with Marten being the main character. Also includes Marten's friends and robot as they deal with romance, situational and Indie rock. Romance. Web Cartoonists sexual humor. Sexual humor. Adults. Choice Awards Characters are usually historical or literary figures. Also usually includes a author's note at the end. Follows several graduate student's lives and the difficulties that they have including procrastination and research. Also, the characters are always in search of free food.


Click on the strips to get an additional joke.


Beaton, Kate. Hark! A Vagrant.

Harvey Award for Best Adults. History. Literature. Online Comics Award. Absurd. Joe Shuster Awards. Webcomics Made into a movie that is available as a DVD or through streaming.

Cham, Jorge. Piled Higher and Deeper.

Adults. Grad students. Higher educational system.


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