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Defending Grimalus Lastrati Outworld Settlement Black Templars/Imperial Ground Force: We have heard rumours of a gathering of leaders, this

s could be from the days of sacrifice, we must respond to this threat said Reinbach, staring at a pict viewer. And what should we do my lord? replied the nervous imperial captain. We must respond quickly, you shall send a platoon to investigate these claims Yes, my lord. Shall I bring the heavy weapons of the imperium to bear? No, this should be a small incursion if any at all. Take your transports and seek enlightenment on this issue. I shall ready my men Lord, For The Emperor, on finishing his sentence the captain saluted at the hulking astartes resplendent in black and white armour, then turned and left the chamber to do his duty. From the shadows of the chamber five neopytes appeared, We shall seek and observe Castellan The Castellan turned to face his bretheren, Keep to the shadows, do not alarm them of your presence, and simply observe until the timing is right. The reports indicate it is the leader of the plague that is in this settlement, you should try to remove him from his position. That should quell the threats. Recover his body I want to make sure the plague is contained. The neopytes made the sign of the aquilla and went to ready themselves for the task aheadlittle did they know what they were to encounter. Word Bearers Force: Erra what has happened? barked Nabu into his vox. It seems the movement of those inside has stirred something in the local city. Ground forces have been deployed to investigate the area. Replied his apprentice. We shall have to repel this ground force, ensure that those inside our protected. We cannot fail in our first pilgrimage By your word And with that Erra began to instruct the word bearers of the host to take up their various positions to defend the ruined cathedral. You know this is a test, you will be given the benefit of the doubt for nowtaste the powers that the plague can offer you. Speak the words of plague and you shall be given immense power. My children wish to spill the blood of the innocents, let them save you Nabu was shocked to hear the voice in his head and although he did not speak a word, he crystallised his thoughts hoping that the voice

would hear him. You have been given the knowledge, you must now show your power, impress me Astartes As the words and presence faded Nabu began to see the plague appear on his gauntlet, By Throne, what is happening to me?

The Armies The defender must take an army from Codex: Chaos Space Marines. The attacker must take a unit of neopytes from Codex: Black Templars and the remainder of their force from Codex: Imperial Guard. The defending force must field a Chaos Sorcerer, additional wargear can be purchased (although no marks can be given). The Battlefield This scenario is intended to be played on a battlefield that is 6x4. In this scenario, the defending player should use terrain to build a defensive position some walls, barricades and ruins at the least. Deployment Both players roll for Warlord traits (see page 111, BRB). The defending player than places his army on the battlefield within his deployment zone (see map). The attacker may then place his force within the attackers deployment area. First Turn The attacher recievers the first turn unless the defenders can Seize the Initiative. Game Length The length of this game is unusual it lasts for seven turns or until one side is wiped out. See below for how the game length affects the victory conditions. Victory Conditions The rules for Primary and Secondary objectives are not used and the following victory conditions are in play instead. Black Templars - Remove the Word Bearer Threat - Recover the Plague Lord and return him to your deployment zone (the Plague Lord follows all rules for The Relic, see page 131 of BRB) Mission special rules associated.

Word Bearers - Kill all of the Imperial Ground Forces - Find and take out the neophytes located on the map (see Mission Special Rules for more details) - Help the Plague Lord Escape (defenders short table edge)

Mission Special Rules The Plague Lord: The plague lord is counted as a guardsmen from Codex: Imperial Guard with the exception that he benefits from the Feel No Pain rule (see page 35 of BRB). When he is wounded, he becomes a objective marker as per the rules for the mission The Relic. Until he is wounded he is under the control of the defending player. Dark Apostle Nabu: Nabu for the purposes of this game, has the benefits of the Mark of Nurgle, as described in the Codex: Chaos Space Marines. He may select two powers, one of which must be Nurgles rot. An Attack of Opportunity: There are five neopytes that are hidden throughout the battlefield, awaiting an opportunity to strike. Place 10 counters that count as possible locations of the neopytes, these should be placed at least 6 apart. The controlling player can choose to reveal these at any time to support the ground forces. The attacking player can reveal the neopytes location by: shooting at the target and wounding the model (if any) or for getting within 3 of the marker. Acting Alone: All models from Codex: Chaos Space Marines and Codex: Black Templars can act as if they were independent characters to show their superior mastery and confidence. All models with the Acting Alone special rules follow all rules for that of Independent Characters and can therefore join other units as described in the BRB. Daemonic Attack: At the start of each player turn, roll a D6. On a 4+ a unit of up to 2D6 Daemons appear. The unit is immediately deployed during the rules for deep strike and follow the rules for Plaguebearers as described in Codex: Chaos Daemons. Depoyment Map