DRS ContMaster Extra Training Material 2002

H. Koskinen 11/2002

DRS ContMaster 2002

Good visibility front Cabin position. Side view is better. More space for maintenance of power train (engine).

DRS ContMaster 2002

DRS ContMaster 2002

Exhaust pipe is far of the cab and hydraulic.DRS ContMaster 2002 Better visibility reversing. .

Boom • For 5 high stacking (9’6”) • made to last =welds on the neutral axle • rollers for inner boom • low friction =>less power needed = fuel economy • end damping with proximity sensors = smooth operation • floating wear pads on the basic boom • easy replacement • excellent support • inverted telescopic cylinder A Partek Company 15 .

type heavy duty design made to last • same for 25 and 33 tires • basic model without brakes • disc brakes only as option for 33 tire models • built-in gauge for electronic overload system (rear) • mechanical stops to limit the axle oscillation improving lateral stability • spherical plain bearings on pivot points A Partek Company 13 .Steering axle • Sandwich .

DRS ContMaster Rear view from the cabin Clark Transmission filters .

DRS ContMaster 2002 The Spreader rotation is std with two hydraulic motor .

5 degree free tilting • forward/backward tilt as std.Container attachment cont.800 mm • +/. • automatic twistlocking std. • Separate extension/retraction of T-beams • ISO-type floating twistlocks • landing pin with stronger spring and longer move • reliable safety system • pile slope as option A Partek Company 18 . positions 20’ and 40’ • proportionally controlled rotation +200 / -100 degrees • side shift +/. • std.

Transmission check and service points. Pilot pressure valve. Brake pump. Pressure sensor(s). Parking brake.DRS ContMaster 2002 service view Front end view of power train and hydraulic pumps. . Pressure check points fittings. Main directional valve and priority valve. Pressure accumulator of pilot circuit.

DRS ContMaster hydraulic Engine View from middle of the chassis front of the cabin All hydraulic pumps are Transmission driven Main hydraulic valves Steering priority valve Fast Hoist valve Signal pressure valve Pressure sensor(s) .

DRS ContMaster Engine bay cover open Engine Scania DI12 .

Scania DI12 54A Engine LH-side .

0 55 360 Puller 787 9 1 1:1.08 8.08 9.0 55 420 Puller 787 21 1 1:1.0 55 420 Puller 787 21 1 1:1. r/min 1500 237 (322) 237 (322) 1509 (154) 1509 (154) 195 (143) 199 (146) 205 (151) 134 171 22 23 24 427 1800 240 (326) 240 (326) 1273 (130) 1273 (130) 203 (149) 211 (155) 220 (162) 155 190 23 28 29 399 2100 243 (330) 1105 (113) 220 (162) 233 (171) 242 (178) 189 230 25 31 32 431 g/kWh (g/hph) 195 (143) 200 (147) 203 (149) kW 106 134 22 15 16 501 C ICFN.5 30 IFN.8 35 50 °C 1.5 35 50 °C 1. 10-00 This engine complies to exhaust emission Rating regulations Stage 2 EURO and TIER 2 acc.0 55 360 Puller 787 9 1 1:1. 1800 r/min Air-on temp. order ref.8 30 © Scania Industrial & Marine Engines . fuel consumption full load 3/4 load 1/2 load Heat rejection to cooling water to exhaust gas to surrounding air Air consumption Exhaust flow Exhaust temperature kg/min kg/min ° Engine speed. 35 °C 1. to 1200 USA. 187 (254) Gross power kW (hp) ICFN IFN 187 (254) Gross torque Nm (kpm) ICFN 1488 (152) IFN 1488 (152) Spec.08 9. 35 °C Radiator front area weight Coolant pump flow Fan type Ø power losses number of drive belts (poly-V) speed ratio Air flow free air flow pressure reserve m3/s mm Wc mm kW m2 kg dm3/min 1.Industrial & Marine Engines PRELIMINARY Technical data and cooling equipment recommendation DI12 54A.08 8. 2100 r/min Air-on temp.

= kpm 9.81 1700 1500 1300 1100 Max torque 1589 Nm/1400 r/min 170 kpm 150 130 ICFN IFN 110 250 SPECIFIC FUEL CONSUMPTION g/kWh g ⁄ kWh ----------------.36 = hp 260 350 hp 330 ICFN IFN 310 290 240 220 200 270 250 230 180 160 210 190 140 TORQUE Nm Nm --------. order ref.Industrial & Marine Engines PRELIMINARY DI12 54A.= g ⁄ hph 1.36 230 ICFN 210 190 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 IFN 180 g/hph 160 140 2200 r/min © Scania Industrial & Marine Engines . 10-00 (optimized for Clark 36000 transmission) OUTPUT kW kW x 1.

DRS ContMaster Engine bay cover open Engine QM 11 .

Air to Air inlet line cooler before Turbo charger of Cummins QSM11 Engine .

DSR ContMaster inlet air line inside frame space QSM11 Cummins Engine inlet line LH-side inlet air line from filter to air/air cooler RH-side inlet air line from cooler to the Turbo Charger .

DRS ContMaster Electric multi pin sockets QSM11 Cummins

Cummins Engine Company, Inc


Engine Data Sheet & Performance Curve
Industrial Market

FR 2926
CPL 2828-SC2

Engine Configuration: D353014CX03 Compression ratio: 16.3 Revision: Fuel System: Celect Electronic Rating: 330 hp (246 kW) @ 2,100 RPM 1-Nov-2000 Emission Certification: U.S. EPA Tier 2, CARB Tier 2, NRMM (Europe) Tier 2 All data is based on the engine operating with fuel system, water pump, and 15 in H2O (381 mm H2O) inlet air restriction and with 3 in Hg (76 mm Hg) exhaust restriction; not included are alternator, fan, optional equipment and driven components. Coolant flows and heat rejection data based on coolants as 100% water in U.S. GPM.

Rating Type:

Intermittent Torque
RPM 700 900 1,000 1,100 1,200 1,400 1,600 1,800 2,000 2,100 lb-ft 800 1,050 1,200 1,235 1,235 1,235 1,083 963 867 825 N-m 1,085 1,424 1,627 1,674 1,674 1,674 1,468 1,306 1,175 1,119

Power Output
RPM 700 900 1,000 1,100 1,200 1,400 1,600 1,800 2,000 2,100 hp 107 180 228 259 282 329 330 330 330 330 kW 80 134 170 193 210 245 246 246 246 246

Fuel Consumption
RPM 1,400 1,500 1,800 2,000 2,100 lb/hp-hr 0.328 0.32 0.316 0.325 0.33 gm/kW-hr 200 195 192 198 201

Curves shown above represent gross engine performance capabilities obtained and corrected in accordance with SAE J1995 conditions of 29.61 in. Hg(100 kPa) barometric pressure [300ft.(91m) altitude] 77F (25 C) inlet air temperature, and 0.30 in Hg (1kPa) water vapor pressure with No.2 diesel fuel. The engine may be operated up to 12,000 ft (3,657.6 m) altitude before electronic derate is applied.

TOLERANCE: Within +/- 5%


Richard D Johnston

Cummins Confidential

FR 2926

(Continued) Page: 2

Intake Air System:
Intake Manifold Temperature at 25 deg C (77 F) Ambient Maximum allowable air temperature rise over ambient at Intake Manifold (Naturally Aspirated Engines) or Turbo Compressor inlet (Turbo-charged Engines): 140 deg F 60 deg C

30 delta deg F

16.7 delta deg C

Charge Air Cooling System:
Maximum pressure drop from turbo compressor outlet to intake manifold (IMPD): Maximum Intake Manifold Temperature Differential (Ambient to IMT) (IMTD): Intake Manifold Temperature for Fan-ON: 3 in-Hg 63 delta deg F 140 deg F 78 mm Hg 35 delta deg C 60 deg C

Low Temperature Aftercooling System:
Coolant temperature from the Aftercooler Radiator outlet (for LTA system with 1 Pump - 2 Loop or 2 Pump - 2 Loop): @ Maximum engine coolant out temperature at Limiting Ambient Temperature (1P-2L): @ 25 deg C (77F) ambient (1P-2L, 2P-2L): Max. coolant temperature from the aftercooler radiator at 25C (77F) ambient: Maximum coolant temperature into aftercooler at Limiting Ambient conditions:

deg F deg F deg F deg F

deg C deg C deg C deg C

Exhaust System:
Maximum exhaust back pressure: 3 in-Hg 76 mm Hg

Lubrication System:
Nominal operating oil pressure At minimum low idle: At maximum rated RPM: Minimum engine oil pressure for engine protection devices At maximum rated speed: At minimum low idle: 15 psi 35 psi 28 psi 10 psi 103 kPa 241 kPa 193 kPa 69 kPa

Fuel System:
Maximum supply fuel flow: Fuel cooling requirements (with diesel fuel) Maximum heat rejection to return fuel at max. coolant and inlet fuel temperature: At fuel return flow rate of: At fuel return temperature prior to cooler: Maximum return fuel flow: Minimum torque required to hold throttle at full travel ( Mech. System) Engine fuel compatibility (consult Appl. Eng. For appropriate use of low viscosity fuels) 591 lb/hr 260 572 212 572 BTU/min lb/hr deg F lb/hr lb-in DF1, DF2 268 kg/hr 4.57 259 100 259 kW kg/hr deg C kg/hr N-m

Performance Data
Engine low idle speed: Maximum low idle speed: Minimum low idle speed: Maximum allowable governor droop: Maximum allowable governor regulation: Maximum no load governed speed: Governor break speed: Maximum torque available at closed throttle low idle speed: Maximum power available from the front of the Crankshaft -Consult Cummins Application Engineer for Information RPM 1,200 RPM 600 RPM % % 2,350 RPM 2,130 RPM 1,220 N-m

900 lb-ft

Cummins Confidential

FR 2926
Governed Power Engine Speed Output Power Torque Friction Horsepower Intake Manifold Pressure Turbo Comp. Outlet Pressure Turbo Comp. Outlet Temperature Intake Air Flow Charge Air Flow Exhaust Gas Flow Exhaust Gas Temperature Fuel Flow to Pump *Heat Rejection to Coolant Heat Rejection to Aftercooler Coolant (LTA) Heat Rejection to Fuel Heat Rejection to Ambient **Steady State Smoke 330 825 -61 46 49 333 875 62 1,860 745 427 4,800 hp lb-ft hp in-Hg in-Hg deg F ft3/min lb/min ft3/min deg F lb/hr BTU/min BTU/min 2,100 246 1,119 -46 1,165 1,228 167 413 28 878 396.1 194 84.4 RPM kW N-m kW mm Hg mm Hg deg C L/s kg/min L/s deg C kg/hr kW kW 330 963 -45 49 52 337 810 56 1,780 780 360 4,450 Peak Power hp lb-ft hp in-Hg in-Hg deg F ft3/min lb/min ft3/min deg F lb/hr BTU/min BTU/min 1,800 246 1,306 -33 1,241 1,304 169 382 26 840 416 163 78.25 RPM kW N-m kW mm Hg mm Hg deg C L/s kg/min L/s deg C kg/hr kW kW 329 1,235 -28 56 59 365 710 50 1,750 905 250 4,700

(Continued) Page: 3
Peak Torque 1,400 245 1,674 -21 1,418 1,482 185 335 23 826 485 113 82.65 RPM kW N-m kW mm Hg mm Hg deg C L/s kg/min L/s deg C kg/hr kW kW

hp lb-ft hp in-Hg in-Hg deg F ft3/min lb/min ft3/min deg F lb/hr BTU/min BTU/min

220 BTU/min 1,075 BTU/min

3.87 kW 18.9 kW 0.5 Bosch

165 BTU/min 960 BTU/min

2.9 kW 16.88 kW 0.5 Bosch

87 BTU/min 1,025 BTU/min

1.53 kW 18.02 kW 1 Bosch

*Engine with dry manifold. ** Note for Nat. Aspirated Engines: When operating Naturally Aspirated engine above SAE J1995 conditions, it should be noted that smoke levels will increase due to combustion inefficiencies associated with a reduction in the air to fuel mixture.

Cranking System (Cold Starting Capability)
Unaided Cold Start Minimum cranking speed: Motoring friction horsepower at minimum cranking speed: Minimum ambient temperature Breakaway torque at minimum unaided cold start temperature using 15W40 oil: Cranking torque at minimum unaided cold start temperature using 15W40 oil: Aided Cold Start Minimum ambient temperature with Grid Heater only Minimum ambient temperature with Ether only: Minimum ambient temperature with coolant and lube heater only: 6 hp 10 deg F 170 lb-ft 215 lb-ft -10 deg F -10 deg F 0 deg F 110 RPM 5 kW -12.2 deg C 230 N-m 292 N-m -23 deg C -23 deg C -18 deg C

Noise Emission: Top Right Side Left Side Front
Estimated Free Field Sound Pressure Level at 3.28ft. (1m) and Full-Load Governed Speed (Excludes Noise from Intake, Exhaust, Cooling System and Driven Components)

101.5 103.8 104.5 105

dBa dBa dBa dBa

Gaseous Emissions Limits per ISO 8178, are equal to or less than: Weight Specific Nox Weight Specific HC Weight Specific CO Weight Specific Particulate

4.5 0.3 2.61 0.15

gm/hp-hr gm/hp-hr gm/hp-hr gm/hp-hr

6 0.4 3.5 0.2

gm/kW-hr gm/kW-hr gm/kW-hr gm/kW-hr

Water Management Rating Data-(If Applicable)
Advertised Power Advertised Speed Intake Air Flow Exhaust Gas Flow Heat Rejection to Coolant [Engine] Heat Rejection to Coolant [Aftercooler(s)] 340 hp 810 ft3/min 1,810 ft3/min 4,600 BTU/min BTU/min 254 1,800 382 51,253 80.89 kW RPM L/s L/min kW kW

End of Report

Cummins Confidential

DRS ContMaster LH-side view Stairs to the cabin Engine air filter with pre cleaner .

DRS ContMaster covers open front of the cabin .

00-25 tire with 26.0 ratio * 18.45 ratio Different ratios will give the uncompromised acceleration & speeds in all operating conditions A Partek Company 22 .00-33 tire with 30.Drive axle Rockwell 7534 series * proven & well known globally * practically wear-resistant WDB * filtering after forced cooling * 18.

DRS ContMaster double rotation motors with single gear boxes .

DRS ContMaster Boom stand Spreader rotation limit sensor S100 when boom is lifted up OPTION Back up light and alarm Weighing position sensor S79 OPTION Exhaust pipe .

LH-side hydraulic components -Filter -Cooler -Pressure accumulators -Valves -Test points .

DRS ContMaster 2002 Access to and from the cabin is safe with steps on both sides of the machine .

RH-side service door open .

DRS ContMaster Service View Batteries normal location and locked Batteries “rolled” out for checking and for service .

Cab transfer unit.DRS ContMaster Main contactor. Fuses. First version .

DRS ContMaster Service Points RH-side view of service space Main contactor (Battery relay) Cabin transfer unit Batteries .

First version • PCB .DRS ContMaster 2002.Hydraulic – – – – – – Relays Fuses LED indicator lights Multi-pin sockets Diodes First level .

module and amplifier shown . First version Door open PCB view PCB open.Relay box RH-side inside frame.

Rolling out for service . amplifier and sockets Finger tip steering valve L90LS Batteries.DRS ContMaster RH-side frame Electric box Module A81 MCC2212 XQS2 (Engine plug) PCB of hydraulic function.

Cab transfer.Inside the main frame. first level in Electric box Wire numbers from Fuses are same as Fuse number is. From Fuse F34 wire number is also 34 Fuses F34. F35 15A F36. F37. Accelerate and Indication light of the spreader XQS2 Only for Cummins QSM11 for Cummins Service Group . F38.RH-side. II-version. F39 and F41 10A F40 25A F42 to F49 are Options A81 MCC2212 MODULE Hydraulic.

Electric box II-version RH-side lower level inside the frame • • • • • • • Main fuses 50A K71 and K72 relays A85 Amplifier Diodes 9-pole sockets Earth bar Wire colour: – Black is supply line – White is control supply – Blue is earth (ground) – Orange is 12 Volts line .

Cabin back wall electric of DRS ContMaster .

When watching values of input/output from the Display .DRS ContMaster Electric Maintenance Location: Back wall of the Cabin Maintenance Key S3.

X31.X35.X95. XKTJ and X32 from the ceiling XPC from the Display . X37 Front inst.XE4.XSR. 12 and 33 are 15A F13 to F32 are 10A Multi pole socket (9pins of each) XR12.. Panel X21.XHR spare wires front panel XR2 spare wires RH-s armrest panel XR3 spare wires from engine XP0 force use panel X44 from AC unit X191 Minirat (FS) SX191 Mini Steering Wheel.X115 From the Frame.DRS ContMaster Electric on the cabin rear wall (behind driver) Electric center rear wall of the Cabin Fuses: F10. SX1 RH-s arm rest panel X22. 11.

Idle stop. Engine control. Load scale. Auto gear.DRS ContMaster Electric Center in the Cabin on the rear wall Relays.Stab 1/2. Input orders from cabin instruments (info position of the cab switches) A82 CONTROL UNIT MCC2212. Vertical lift. Mini steer. diodes. resistors connectors and rails A84 CONTROL UNIT MCKC. Alarm buzzer Maintenance key .

DRS ContMaster Forced Motion Switches RH-side drivers seat on the back wall S186 S187 S188 S186 Engine Throttle selector 1300 RPM. S188 Gear selector Forward or Reverse and II-gear only. Second (2) position Engine Start. Transformer A12 LOCATION RH-SIDE DRIVER ON THE REAR WALL OF THE CABIN . Switch position 1 S187 First (1) position Engine Power ON.

DRS ContMaster RH-side Joystick and hand panel Over load by-pass Twist Lock auto or manual closed Automatic T-L Length adjusting selector Twist Lock By-pass .

DRS ContMaster Cabin transfer smooth motion both end position Cabin transfer Dumping sensors: Forward S97A Reverse S97B Location RH-side Cabin under and inside profile .

= T-Lift Rotate Counter Clockwise .DRS ContMaster Valve control L = Lift LTO = Lift Telescope Out LTI = Lift Telescope In TO = Telescope Out CC = Twist Lock Close TI = Telescope In D = Boom Down DTO = Down +TO DTI = Down+TI A81:D18 = FCV auto/manu RL = Fast Lift RC = T-Lift Rotate Clockwise RC.

08.2002 08:37:23 .N:o 3K5692470 Tila: APP Nimitys: Hydr. Jarrut Tulostettu 20. kaavio.

08.TARTTUJA Tulostettu 20.2002 08:33:50 ._PRELIMINARY N:o 3K5698320 Tila: DR Nimitys: HYDR. KAAVIO .

N:o 2K5692460 Tila: APP Nimitys: Hydr.säätötilavuuspumput Tulostettu 29. kaavio.peruskone.10.2002 09:14:01 .

_PRELIMINARY N:o 2K5698240 Tila: DR Nimitys: Hydr.08.peruskone. kaavio.miniratti Tulostettu 20.2002 08:31:54 .

säätötilavuuspumput Tulostettu 20. kaavio.peruskone.2002 08:28:37 ._PRELIMINARY N:o 2K5698310 Tila: DR Nimitys: Hydr.08.

N:o 3K5688040 C Tila: APP Nimitys: HYDR.08.2002 08:35:52 .TARTTUJA Tulostettu 20. KAAVIO .

LH-side hydraulic components -Filter -Cooler -Pressure accumulators -Valves -Test points .

Hydraulic oil cooler of main hydraulic DRS ContMaster Hydraulic cooler (option) on return Spreader circuit #18 One way valve # 20 for back pressure 5 bar Fill up dumping cylinders One way valve #25 for by-bass of the cooler 5 bar .

. -Cooler for brake oil 50 ºC fan start running. -Lincoln central lube system is complete Lincoln design.DRS ContMaster LH-side view -Brake hydraulic tank for brake system and cooling. -Main hydraulic oil tank is separate and normal ISOstandard oil.

DRS ContMaster lift cylinder mounting Lift cylinder top bearing service free Lift cylinder lock valve. pressure signal output and bearing not service free .

DRS ContMaster view front of the cabin when it is rear -Hydraulic pumps -Piston type variable for main and steering hydraulic. . -Intra vane fixed for spreader functions. -All are covered light metal service covers. -Gear type for brake hydraulic-All pumps are Clark transmission driven -Main directional valve is front of pumps.

142 l/min 2100 RPM (oil to the Spreader) . 33 l/min gear type.PM22 ENGINE LH-side Variable pump #17/98 (PM3) 206 l/min 2100 RPM Intra vane pump #67 (PM4).Hydraulic pumps Clark driven Variable pump #16/98 (PM1) 206 l/min 2100RPM Variable pump #16/74 (PM2) 155 l/min 2100 RPM RH-side CLARK Brake pump #16.

(plugged) .signal pressure reducing the swash plate angle Pistons Bias piston Outlet pressure gauge port. M10 O-ring boss. LS .Vickers Displacement Pump PVH Swash Plate (Yoke) Control Piston.

Control piston Bias piston .Vickers displacement hydraulic pump PVH STAND-BY SITUATION Only 30…40 bar open the LSspool and pressure behind the control piston regulate the swash plate to zero flow.

Vickers displacement hydraulic pump. . Pump outlet pressure and LS .pressure are balancing Load Sensing Spool and oil volume is ordered level. Load signal pressure to adjust swash plate angle as in demand.

Pump outlet oil pressure to adjust swash plate angle to zero as in demand.signal pressure is higher level than max pressure limiting spool. .Max Pressure Situation Ls .spool Pressure limiting spool Vickers displacement hydraulic pump PVH LS .

side hydraulic pumps Stand-by adjusting screw value 30 bar Max pressure adjusting screw value 175 ± 5 bar PM 2 Stand-by and Max pressure PM 1 Stand-by 30bar and max pressure 210 ± 5bar Steering pump 16/74 Hoist and Telescope pump 16/98 .RH .

load-sensing directional valve Flow rate (recommended) Pump connection 900 l/min. . Return from service port 1000 l/min. oil 50 °C and viscosity 30 mm²/s (cSt). 20 cm³/min at 100 bar.or B-port: max. Max.Directional control valve M400LS. Proportional. flow rate to service port 450 l/min (double port each function) Weight 95 kg (210 lb) First spool Pump connection both side Second spool Leakage from service port to tank From A.

Main directional valve M400LS ContMaster don’t use Counterpressure valve and spring .

Components front end middle of frame and diagram is done like mounted 35±2bar Pilot pressure reducing Priority valve of steering Left side Boom Right side Lift/Low Fast hoist Y87 from Spreader circuit Main directional valve (Lift cylinders and Telescoping cylinders) To steering valve View from the Cabin and components are like diagram shows .

2 PM4 125±5bar . 10 bar Fast hoist Y87. 35±2bar (Pilot pressure) Pilot line pressure accumulator gas press. if pressure <90bar and joystick used Check valve #28.Main directional valve of DRS ContMaster PM8 35±2bar Pressure reducing valve #31.

Main directional valve of ContMaster from Top View Forward .

Pressure Check point close M400 main valve of ContMaster PM5 Steering pressure PM10 Main pressure 210±5 /30 bar PM8 Pilot pressure 35±2 bar Shuttle valve #33. LS-signal either from steering valve or main directional valve .

8 mm B1 leak of rod side Y51 Boom out (PSL) Y52 Boom in (PSS) Y58 Boom Lifting (PL) Y57 Boom Lowering (PS) Own weight 95 kg (210 lb) .Main valve Proportional solenoid valves DRS ContMaster Orifice Ø 0.

#35 Check valve #28.2 Y87 Fast Hoist from Spreader Pressure accumulator.1 Priority valve #27 .Hydraulic components front end of DRS ContMaster Main directional valve #30 (Lift.and Boom cylinder) Check valve #28. Pilot line.

35±2bar (Pilot pressure) Pilot line pressure accumulator gas press.Main directional valve of DRS ContMaster PM8 35±2bar Pressure reducing valve #31.2 PM4 125±5bar . if pressure <90bar and joystick used PM10 Main pressure 210 ±5 bar Check valve #28. 10 bar Fast hoist Y87.

DRS ContMaster Pressure sensor location FWD Pressure Sensor B6 from Right Lifting Cylinder Pressure. Purpose: Fast Hoist and Reducing lowering speed .

2 Oil to Lift cylinders (A2 M400) PM4 125±5 bar Oil from the Spreader pump . Check valve 28.Fast hoist circuit of DRS ContMaster Fast Hoist valve #26 (Y87).

check those restrictors when you assembly! A and B Pilot restrictors .6 mm diameter NOTE! If you remove remote control valve. sizes available from 0.1..Pilot restrictor for smooth control.45….

Available different diameter. Note check that restrictor is with the spool! .Proportional solenoid valve for L90LS. marked dots. K220 and M400 directional valves Pilot restrictor off from remotecontrolled spool actuator Restrictor mounted.

Pilot restrictors sizes and marking NOTE: numbers aren’t Kalmar numbers .

Hydraulic components front end of DRS ContMaster Main directional valve #30 (Lift.and Boom cylinder) Check valve #28.1 Priority valve #27 .2 Y87 Fast Hoist from Spreader Pressure accumulator. #35 Check valve #28. Pilot line.

35±2bar (Pilot pressure) Pilot line pressure accumulator gas press.Main directional valve of DRS ContMaster PM8 35±2bar Pressure reducing valve #31.2 PM4 125±5bar . if pressure <90bar and joystick used PM10 Main pressure 210 ±5 bar Check valve #28. 10 bar Fast hoist Y87.

DRS ContMaster Pressure sensor location FWD Pressure Sensor B6 from Right Lifting Cylinder Pressure. Purpose: Fast Hoist and Reducing lowering speed .

2 Oil to Lift cylinders (A2 M400) PM4 125±5 bar Oil from the Spreader pump . Check valve 28.Fast hoist circuit of DRS ContMaster Fast Hoist valve #26 (Y87).

DRS Steering hydraulic diagrams Right turn Neutral oil to EF Left turn .

Steering hydraulic diagram Left Turn situation Steering valve now L output position. Always steering is first. Double shock valves 245 bar with anticavitation valves. When no steering oil flow from EF gate to main valve. Pump #74 155 l/min LS-signal from steering valve or main directional valve . Priority valve.

8mm EF LS-signal pressure Orifice Ø 0.2mm Over pressure valve 200 bar P PP-signal Ø 0.8…1.Priority valve of steering hydraulic DRS ContMaster Dynamic type Ø1.2mm CF Main hydraulic Steering .

Eaton Steering Hydraulic with Variable pump .

EATON Steering valve Neutral .

Eaton Steering valve Left Turn .

Eaton Steering valve Right Turn .

Eaton Steering valve Neutral and Right/Left turn .

Finger Tip Steering Valve L90LS DRS 2002 Neutral Position Port relief and/or anticavitation function Setting pressure.Koskinen . feed reduction valve Damping of pressure compensator Pilot pressure supply Oil from the pump Pressure compensator H.

Finger Tip Steering Valve of DRS 2002 Over pressure from cylinder A B .

Finger Tip Steering Valve L90LS DRS ContMaster + .

Valve of Finger Tip Steering DRS 2002 + Port A Port B .

check those restrictors when you assembly! A and B Pilot restrictors .1..6 mm diameter NOTE! If you remove remote control valve.45….Pilot restrictor for smooth control. sizes available from 0.

Pressure reducing valve #31 for pilot line to main valve Signal pressure adjustment 35±2 bar Pilot oil to M400 Leakage line Oil from pumps #22.3 .1 and 22.

Pressure reducing valve cut view and symbol .

Pressure reducing valve .

F36 .DRS ContMaster Lift boom front A83 MCC2212 Module X4.

120 Ω resistor .DRS ContMaster El box LH-side front of the boom A83 MCC2212 MODULE X4 Junction bar.

Safety • Driving prevented if • low brake system pressure (< 90 bar) • high rpm => no gear connection (rush start) • high speed => no direction change accepted • parking brake engaged • De-clutch on the LH side brake pedal • two circuit system for brakes A Partek Company 39 .







• Change the flow by turning two valves so that there is only one output A Partek Company .

• Solution A Partek Company .

Cabin transfer hydraulic unit PM1 120± bar Oil filling and breather Oil volume 2.8 L .

pump pressure PM1 .Cabin transfer hydraulic unit (2) E-motor & Hydraulic pump unit Y96a and Y96b 210 bar both end ratio 10:1 (return flow need 20 bar to get back) PS1 100 bar max.

When you adjust pressure.Cab transfer unit pressure adjust Pressure relief valve of max. take off sockets from directional valve. operating pressure PS1 120±5 bar. .

.Cab transfer double chock valve Note! Arrow points downwards and this side facing towards motor.

Cabin transfer hydraulic unit PM1 120± bar Oil filling and breather Oil volume 2.8 L .

Start to move use as less as possible turn! Mechanic limiter side way tilt oft he main frame Preload of the King pin bearings START TO MOVE 150 to 170Nm . preload and side tilt limiter Max turning is 70°. wheel.Steering axle.

Stub Axle Hub Bearing Nuts and Locking Ring & Preload Instruction First nut against the bearing Locking plate NOTE! Don’t use locking plate twice! Preload of bearings: 30 .50 Nm continues rolling resistance (means about 1000 Nm tightening torque to FIRST nut but always rolling resistance is final check) Locking plate and Second nut .

Thread M20 Pointing UP .

.New steering axle design Mechanical side tilting limiter of the frame New profile of the axle frame. Strength is maximize right. Cylinder rod is covered with mud cover.

5 bar . 0.Wet brake cooling oil pressure check point and orifice 5 mm before Cooling pressure in min. 1.5 bar max.

Oil cooler of brake cooling return line from the wheel hub
Lincoln central lube pump and electric control center

Wet brake cooling oil cooler before brake oil tank Brake oil tank with level glas and temperature gauge

By-bas spring loaded oneway valve 5 bar opening pressure

Parking brake caliber
Instruction: Pressure to cylinder; Screw nut 5 in; Release pressure; screw on 1 until brake pads touch brake plate 3; Unscrew nro1 1½ turn; Pressure to cylinder; Unscrew nut 5; Check that brake is open also on brake recharge pressure level.

Brake System Relief Valve
Pressure Adjustment min 110 bar

Signal Pressure

Relief to the Tank

System Pressure

A Partek Company

Brake Pedal Valve No Function T P T P A Partek Company .

Brake Pedal Valve
Full Braking


A Partek Company

Charging-, Parking-, Pressure Relief Valves and Pressure Filter.
Pressure relief valve PS22 160±5 bar/128bar

Pressure check point PM26 160±5 bar (Parking brake open) Charging valve

Filter #5

Parking brake valve Y12 #3

Load lowering/lock valve(s) DRS ContMaster

Lift cylinder RH side

Breather line from rod side
Lock lowering valve Line to the directional valve (P and T) Solenoid valve Y68(67) Connection to pressure switch S79 (fast hoist and reduced lowering)

DRS Liftcylinder Lock valve DRS Nostosylinterin Lukkoventtiili 1/3

Lowering valve / Laskuventtiili DRS ContMaster

Solenoidiventtiili laskun lukkoventtiilin avaukseen, normaalisti kiinni. Solenoid poppet valve 2/2 way, normally closed, high pressure.

24 V DC 19 W, 0.79 Amps, 30, 30 Ω Max internal oil leak at 210 bar 3000 PSI At 38 cSt 180 SSU 0.33 ml/min (5 drops/ min) 40 Nm 44400o

DRS Liftcylinder Lock valve DRS Nostosylinterin Lukkoventtiili 3/3 .

DRS Liftcylinder Lock valve DRS Nostosylinterin Lukkoventtiili 5/3 .

DRS Lift cylinder Lock valve DRS Nostosylinterin lukkoventtiili 1/1 Varo.ja imusuojaosuus Nostosylinterien lukkoventtiileistä Lift cylinder lock valve pressure relief and vacuum preventer .

LOAD LOWERING VALVE The ratio between control pressure (opening X) and load pressure (opening B) is 1:20. .

Free circulation valve #32 Y56 PS4 125 bar Pressure valves Figure 1. Figure 2. direction valve open. direction valve closed. type DBW. Pre-controlled pressure limiting valve equipped with a magnet controlled pressure release. Control-blow baffling plate. . Figure 3. Control-blow baffling plate.

Free circulation valve of the Spreader function. standard 125 bar LH-side open PM4 One way valve #20 5bar PS4 125±bar Y56 Free circulation valve #32. Y56 and pressure relief valve .

DRS ContMaster Spreader Hydraulic Free circulation valve and instruments One way valve #20 (5bar) S72 Temperature switch for controlling cooler fan start point is >50 ºC PM 4 Spreader pressure check max 125±5 bar Free circulation valve #32 (Y56 and PS4) .

Spreader hydraulic Free Circulation Valve Free circulation valve One way valve #20 5 bar spring load 125±5 bar Free flow spool Pressure relief valve PS4 Y56 .

DANFOSS HYDRAULIC MOTOR Inner oil leakage to tank is 4 l/min when operating pressure is 210 bar. Tightening torque of the valve housing bolts for OMT 120 Nm (1050± 90 lbf in) ± OMV 200 Nm (1750± 90 lbf in) ± Tighten the cover bolts at torque 10 Nm (90 lbf in) See also timing marks. .




Reduction gearbox of the Spreader rotating .

Spreader rotating gear box oil .



Tilting .Rotating .Damping/Locking valves end of the Boom .

Tilting and Locking/Damping Location Front end of the Boom Damping or Locking valve Y63 Tilting valve Y65 a/b Adjusting valves # 30.Rotating. adjust main pressure relief valve #85 (Y56) over 175 bar and after setting back to 125 bar. Rotating Y59a/b .

Boom valves adjustment PM9 One way restrictor valves both side (dumping) 175± bar both side One way restrictor valves both side (dumping) .

.COUNTERBALANCE VALVE 0 to 120 L/min Nominal Series 2 Cartridge T-2A Cavity Installation Torque 60 to 65 Nm Turn screw clockwise to reduce setting and release load. Complete adjustment range in 3 turns.

Tilt and Locking valves end of the the boom .Rotate.

SPREADER SIDE SHIFT ADJUSTMENT Relief valves setting (150 bar) -adjust main relief valve #85 to 160 bar (is of FCV) -remove cap. B) 150 bar (PM4) side shift end left and right -adjust main relief valve (#85) back to 125±5bar -lock the adjusting screws -mount cabs Y62 . open lock nut -adjust relief valves #8 (A.

SHORT. TWIST LOCK VALVES TOP OF THE SPREADER RH SIDE Lengthening Shortening Valves Twist Locks valve Adjusting screws (100 bar) .SPREADER LENGTH.

Twistlock Counterpressure valves T-beam of the spreader Counterbalance valve setting 100 bar Open locking nut anti clockwise Turn screw fully open clockwise. . Adjust 1¾ turns anti clockwise. Lock the adjusting screw with lock nut.

Top-Lift length sensors 30’ position sensor Note at least one have to be activated until twistlock start operating 20’ and 40’ position sensor .


Landing pin sensors (4 Pcs) Landing pin every corner. All 4 are connected series and all of them must be activated until twistlock open or close operation is possible. .


Twist lock Sensors end of T-bems Twist lock cylinder Sensor of Twist lock close (one each end of the Spreader Sensor of Twist lock open (one each end of the Spreader). .

Spreader rotation limit sensors Spreader rotation limit sensor (one each side +200 -100 degrees) .

When plug in power must be off. output. Power. GENERAL INFO Module get spare parts number after programming Multipole connectors All terminals are marked and short description beside each plug ( input.CONTROL MODULE. CAN Low . .unplug connectors when power is turn off.High Shield and Ref Out When you weld . GND.

MCC2212 Module LED-indicator lights 24 V out pin no 36 24 V out pin no 42 Operation: LED 1 Supply +24V out (pin no 36) LED 2 Supply +24V out (pin no 42) LED 3 Active when power on (main switch is closed) LED 4 Active when pin of processor PE0/DSACK0 is grounded .

MCC2212 Module LED-indicator lights 24 V out pin no 36 24 V out pin no 42 Operation: LED 1 Supply +24V out (pin no 36) LED 2 Supply +24V out (pin no 42) LED 3 Active when power on (main switch is closed) LED 4 Active when pin of processor PE0/DSACK0 is grounded .

Module MCC2212 Module is used when current control is necessary .

Drivers Displays and Maintenance Displays Maintenance display selector Scrolling of displays Return first “page” and Setting of automatic gear .

00 A2 0.00 A3 0.9 44.13 44.Displays.00 A6 0.14 HAND BRAKE 68 69 16 24 32 44 Language OK 54 OK 17 9 Autom.4 44.3 50 ENGINE TEMPERATURE LOW 51 6 Operating hours SHUT OFF DELAY 13 14 42 Calibrate Pressure weighing OK 42.1 42.00 A8 0.00 A7 0.3 52 EMERGENCY STOP PRESSED 66 67 7 Container counter 43 Calibrate Stability 2 OK 15 8 Autom.00 A4 0.5 44. : 0 26 Module A83 Can comm. gripping 23 31 53 43. : 0 34 Module A84 Can comm.00 A3 0.00 DO 123456789012 000000000000 PR1 00% PR2 00% PR3 00% PR4 00% PR5 00% PR6 00% PR7 00% PR8 00% PR9 00% PR10 00% 35 36 37 38 DI 123456789012 A 000000000000 DI 345678 A 000000 DI 123456789012 29 B 000000000000 DI 345678 B 000000 41 Calibrate accel.00 A6 0.4 43.00 A4 0.1 41.00 A4 0.2 40.10 44.00 A6 0.1 44.00 A2 0. OK 41.5 44. changer ENGINE WATER LEVEL TOO LOW 70 71 72 25 33 45 OK Send param. : 0 48 IDLING ENGINE SHUTS OFF 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 40 OK OK OK OK Calibrate Stability 1 OK 40.2 44.00 A2 0.3 49 STEERING AXLE OVERLOAD 5 Engine oil (bar) 11 12 DI 123456789012 000000000000 A1 0.7 45. : 0 18 Module A82 Can comm.00 DO 123456789012 000000000000 PR1 00% PR2 00% PR3 00% PR4 00% PR5 00% PR6 00% PR7 00% PR8 00% PR9 00% PR10 00% 19 20 21 22 DI 123456789012 000000000000 A1 0.1 43.2 43.2 42.2 41.00 A7 0. + kalibrations OK DRIVER’S DISPLAY SERVICE DISPLAYS ALARMS CRITICAL ALARMS .1 44.00 DO 123456789012 000000000000 PR1 00% PR2 00% PR3 00% PR4 00% PR5 00% PR6 00% PR7 00% PR8 00% PR9 00% PR10 00% 27 28 29 30 DI 123456789012 000000000000 A1 0.00 A5 0.3 44.00 A5 0. The text can be 13 languages 0.1 40.11 44.3 43.00 A8 0. Following picture there are all the displays.00 A7 0.6 44.00 A3 0.12 44.8 44.2 OK Load parameters 1 2 Drive speed (km/h) Slip relation (%) BASIC DISPLAY stability (%) gear direction reach load OK 46 A M 3x during 2s M 39 Calibration Are you sure? OK DIRECTION CHOSEN DOES NOT START 55 56 57 58 ENGINE WATER TOO HOT ENGINE OIL PRESSURE LOW ERROR R60 ERROR R61 ERROR B6 ERROR B8 ERROR CAN A81 ERROR CAN A82 ERROR CAN A83 ERROR CAN A84 ERROR CAN ENGINE ERROR ENGINE TEMPERATURE ERROR OIL PRESSURE ERROR ENGINE RPM ERROR ENGINE ERROR ENGINE _____________ ERROR A312 LOW BRAKE PRESSURE 47 3 Engine (rpm) Gear (rpm) F/R SELECTED 10 4 Engine water (°C) Module A81 Can comm.00 A8 0.1 Kalmar tai machine type 0.00 A5 0.

In the file there are three pages: parameters. The list of parameters is in practice always different according to the options asked by the client. data and printpage.02 Version management There is only one (the latest) version of each module program in use. From the parameters-page the parameters will be changed and sent. by pressing of which the parameters can be loaded. The graphs are changing when the parameters are changed. Up in G1-cell there is a Send-button. On the print-page the parameters have been compressed in A4-size area. Protection is unprotected in this way: Tools->Protection->Unprotect sheet and password. After loading of parameters it shall be made reset. Cummins=2 If it is needed to change other parameters Excell needs password.11. OK=sending was successful and Error=sending was not successful. The print-page is presented in the figure below. The sending time of the parameters comes always visible to Time-field. From the print-page it is not allowed to change the parameters because they have been linked to it from parameters-page. it comes a message Sending not successful and wrong parameter and the number of it. After that protection should be set: Tools->Protection->Protect sheet and password. that the changes will become valid. Of the boom movements there is a graph. A82 and A83 can be seed beside. 15. where it can be seen the parameter numbers (co-ordinates) used in definition. A81. The x-axle of the graph there is the handle position in percents and the y-axle is the control value of propo in current mA. which is restricted. If the sent parameters are not between the defined limits. 56(62) . These parameters should be changed only: Machine type Language versions Options Engine selection: Scania=1.22. From the data-page it can be checked the allowed min and max values for the parameters. The result of sending to A80. List of parameters The list of parameters is an Excel-file.

22.02 57(62) .11.

F1 is spare for later use. 59(62) . Analog inputs are percents and volts (accuracy 20mV). The angle is shown in accuracy of one degree. In IO-program the propo-outputs can be seen in percents and milliamperes (accuracy 4mA). Load tells the container weight in accuracy of tenth of ton and as difference with the display result it will be updated all the time. Module A82 and Module A83 -field is the version number of the module program and in the same time it tells if the modules are in the bus.02 In IO-program to the point of Display Parameters it will come date and time of the latest loading of parameters (on the display). F2 tell the frequency of the transmission in hertzes. otherwise ERROR-text.11.22. Reach tells the reach in accuracy of deci-meters. Digital inputs and outputs are 1 or 0. The stability point tells stability at the moment in question in accuracy of one percent without average calculation. The value of Module A81. the reading is not limited to 100% as it is on the display.

5 DO7 165 Y96A Cabin Forward X6 = Multipole plug #6 5 = Pin number of X6 DO7 = Digital output 0 or 24 V 165 = wire number Y96A Cabin Forward to the cylinder rod end Wire nro 165 shows: 1 means last module nro (A81) = 1 Wires are screw mounted 6 means multipole connector nro (6) to multipole connectors 5 means pin number of connector .CONTROL MODULE CONNECTORS. EXAMPLE One example: X6 X6.

no function if load is >15000 kg Boom in damping A83_DI11 Boom out damping DI12 .Telescoping end positions damping sensors Front end of the boom RH-side are damping sensors S80 Dumping sensor in S81 Dumping sensor out.

5). check that there is enough space through full stroke Boom OUT and IN.5 + 2. Side clearance max.Boom front sliders adjustment Front sliders are laterally adjustable (2 screw both side). . When you adjust. Remember side sliders have to adjust with shims which are in the cabin pocket. is total 5 mm (2.

FRONT END SLIDERS OF THE BOOM Support of slider 8 w 45º Bottom shape New Minimum level wearing surface .

Boom Reach Cylinder Mounting Cylinder can float inside mounting bracket Sleeves are 1 mm longer than cylinder flange .

T-beam Spreader Frame Sliders of the Spreader Frame. Around inner end of Tbeam. .SLIDERS OF THE SPREADER Sliders of the T-beam. Around of outer end.

Spreader Carriage.and Support Beam with Side Shift Sliders Spreader Carriage Side sliders 8 PCs Support beam 2 PCs and side shift sliders 4 PCs Side shift cylinder .
















01/ml Subject to change without notice 1 LINCOLN GmbH ∗ Postfach 1263 ∗ D-69183 Walldorf ∗ Tel +49 (6227) 33-0 ∗ Fax +49 (6227) 33-259 ∗ .09.Operating Instructions Grease Lubrication System for Patria Vammas PSB5500H QUICKLUB MOBILE CHASSIS LUBRICATION SYSTEM Operating instructions PSB5500H/ 06.

which are effective in the country where the system is to be used.com Manual number 2.lincolnindustrial. • Unauthorized modifications or changes to an installed system are not admissible. This is a brief Owner Manual only.01/ml Subject to change without notice 2 LINCOLN GmbH ∗ Postfach 1263 ∗ D-69183 Walldorf ∗ Tel +49 (6227) 33-0 ∗ Fax +49 (6227) 33-259 ∗ .Operating Instructions Grease Lubrication System for Patria Vammas PSB5500H SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Appropriate Use • Use of the 203 pump and progressive divider valves only for dispensing lubricants in centralized lubrication systems. MO 63120-1478 Phone 314-679-4200 Fax 314-679-4359 www. • Use only original LINCOLN spare parts (Parts Catalog) approved by LINCOLN Regulations for Prevention of Accidents • Adhere to the regulations for prevention of accidents. Repair and Maintenance • Repair should only be performed by: . Louis. Any modification must be subject to prior consultation with the manufacturer of the lubrication system. • Incorrect use may result in bearing damage caused by poor or over-lubrication.6A-20002-C00 2.1A-30001-C99 2.0A-20001-E00 Operating instructions PSB5500H/ 06.Authorized and .2A-10001-C99 2. More detailed safety and operation instructions are described in the following Owner Manuals that are available: Manual Name Quicklub Pump model 203 Quicklub. Operation. General Safety Instructions • The progressive centralized lubrication system connected to the QUICKLUB pump Model 203 must always be secured with a safety valve. Progressive Metering Devices for Oil and Grease Printed Circuit Board for Pump 203 Quicklub Parts Catalogue For technical service contact Lincoln customer service at: LINCOLN One Lincoln Way St.09. The system is designed for intermittent operation.Instructed personnel who are familiar with the centralized lubrication systems.

3 or Ø6x2) Lubrication frequency and volume adjustment Reservoir Pause time setting switch (lubrication interval) Operating time setting switch (amount per lubrication event) Test button Operating instructions PSB5500H/ 06.6x2.6x2.01/ml Subject to change without notice 3 LINCOLN GmbH ∗ Postfach 1263 ∗ D-69183 Walldorf ∗ Tel +49 (6227) 33-0 ∗ Fax +49 (6227) 33-259 ∗ .3 P203 Pump Secondary Divider Valve Feed line to Lubrication Point (Ø8.09.Operating Instructions Grease Lubrication System for Patria Vammas PSB5500H Key components and tubing Main (master) Divider Valve Main Supply Line Ø8.

Operating Instructions Grease Lubrication System for Patria Vammas PSB5500H Pause time setting (Lubrication interval) Factory setting: 4 h (4) Operating time setting (Amount per lubrication event Factory setting: 4 h (4) Factory setting: 8 min (4) Operating instructions PSB5500H/ 06.09.01/ml Subject to change without notice 4 LINCOLN GmbH ∗ Postfach 1263 ∗ D-69183 Walldorf ∗ Tel +49 (6227) 33-0 ∗ Fax +49 (6227) 33-259 ∗ .

01/ml Subject to change without notice 5 LINCOLN GmbH ∗ Postfach 1263 ∗ D-69183 Walldorf ∗ Tel +49 (6227) 33-0 ∗ Fax +49 (6227) 33-259 ∗ . Alternatively by attaching a manual fitting on a divider valve will make manual greasing possible. Impurities in grease can greate operational problem. NLGI 2 greases are applicable up to –20 ºC (-4 ºF) Use NLGI 1 in extreme temperatures Do not mix two greases . Pressure relief valve with a by-pass fitting Filling nipple Operating instructions PSB5500H/ 06.09.Consult your grease supplier first Emergency lubrication The pump can be by-passed by feeding grease manually through the manual grease fitting attached on the pressure relive valve.Operating Instructions Grease Lubrication System for Patria Vammas PSB5500H Reservoir filling • • • • Always fill through the filling nipple. The best practice is to use standard refinery drums or pails.

NOTE! Depending on the operation sequence it may take a few minutes until the dividers will feed.01/ml Subject to change without notice 6 LINCOLN GmbH ∗ Postfach 1263 ∗ D-69183 Walldorf ∗ Tel +49 (6227) 33-0 ∗ Fax +49 (6227) 33-259 ∗ .Operating Instructions Grease Lubrication System for Patria Vammas PSB5500H PRACTICAL SYSTEM INFORMATION AND TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS System check • • • Initiate an extra lubrication cycle The stirring paddle will start to rotate and pump will start to operate If necessary open one feed line and verify grease flow. Operating instructions PSB5500H/ 06.09. Indicator lights Once the power is connected to the pump the left side LED is lit. When the pump operates the right side LED is lit.

C). The blockage can be found with grease gun by opening lubrication feed lines. Remove the pump element and clean it.Operating Instructions Grease Lubrication System for Patria Vammas PSB5500H PUMP ELEMENT AND PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE OPERATION Pump element operation Suction phase Pumping phase Pump does not feed The main reason is impurities in the pump element check valve seat.09. In case the element is damaged replace it. If necessary use manual grease gun to apply more pressure through the by-pass fitting. • The secondary valve feed line fitting that will bleed grease is blocked. • It is fastest to detect the blockage in a secondary valve loop by attaching a manual fitting in the valve inlet. System blockage In case the system is blocked the pressure relief valve will start to bleed at 5000 psi (350 bar). B. A B C Feed lines Operating instructions PSB5500H/ 06.01/ml Subject to change without notice 7 LINCOLN GmbH ∗ Postfach 1263 ∗ D-69183 Walldorf ∗ Tel +49 (6227) 33-0 ∗ Fax +49 (6227) 33-259 ∗ . Since the system piping will hold the pressure after the pump has stopped the blockage can be detected by carefully loosing the supply line fittings between the main valve and secondary valves (A.

Operating Instructions Grease Lubrication System for Patria Vammas PSB5500H WEEKLY WALK-AROUND INSPECTION The Lincoln Industrial Quicklub automated lube system components are designed. it’s highly recommended that a weekly walk-around inspection be performed.09.01/ml Subject to change without notice 8 LINCOLN GmbH ∗ Postfach 1263 ∗ D-69183 Walldorf ∗ Tel +49 (6227) 33-0 ∗ Fax +49 (6227) 33-259 ∗ . manufactured. noting any lubricant build-up. Inspect lube points to insure that all lube points have a "fresh grease appearance". engineered. correct this problem by determining cause of blockage Inspect all valve and lube point connections to verify that no leaks are occurring Inspect supply/feedlines to insure that no punctures or breaks have occurred since last inspection. and assembled to the highest of quality standards. The weekly walk-around inspection should include the following: • • • Observe lubricant level in reservoir. If buildup is observed. however. Check pump operation by depressing push-button located in base of pump for 2 seconds to initiate a manual lube event. This will verify that pump is working (Ignition switch must be on). to ensure maximum reliability and to realize maximum service life of all components. Fill reservoir if it is low Inspect high pressure relief at pump element. Report or repair any problems found in this walk-around inspection immediately • • • NOTE: Operator to confirm operation of electric pump while machine is in service Operating instructions PSB5500H/ 06. This lube system requires little or no maintenance.


§ Why NLGI 2 greasing system? § Better sealing § Wide temperature range § Harder grease stays better in bearings and bushings § Lower usage .cleaner machine and environment .

Manual lubrication enhancement § single nipple system § automated system § automated system with data logger .

Basic solution: Single nipple system Option A: Pump with timer Option B: Pump with timer and system monitoring .

just add a pump .Single point system principle • Economical initial system • Cuts lube service time by 80-90 % • Improves workers‘ safety • Easy to automate .

2 cm³ per outlet Sizes from SSV6 to SSV22 metal-to-metal construction (no seals) mechanical or electrical monitoring capability (option) .SSV divider valve § § § § 0.

2.Outlet Crossporting Outlets are combined to increase the amount of lubricant for that outlet: 0.4. 0. 0. etc Lubricant from a plugged outlet is redirected to the next outlet on the same side of the block Do not plug outlets 1 & 2 .6 ccm.

KEY COMPONENTS Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Pump with controller Divider valves System tubing .


K7 and adjustable .approval 4 sizes: K5.4ccm / element Max 350 bar +80°C … -40°C up to NLGI 2 (-25°C) IP54 IP 6K 9K 2. 110 and 230v Pump elements: Output: Output pressure: Op. 24. 2.PUMP P203 Power supply versions: 12. or 3 0.6…. K6. 4 or 8 l EN . Temperature: Pumpable grease: Protection class: Reservoir: Circuit board Pump element: 1.

8 ccm/min) 2 Piston 2 Return spring 3 Check valve .171 cu in/min (2.122 cu in/min (2.Pump element Suction phase Pumping phase 1 Eccentric pump shaft K5 element: 0.0 ccm/min) K6 element: 0.

Pumpelement . Pressure relief valve 2.Pump element 1 2 3 1. Nipple 3.

Printed circuit board Circuit board with ajustable pause and operating time Circuit board part no 236-13891-1 .

Pause time setting (lubrication interval) Factory setting: 4 hours Operating time setting (amount per lube event) Factory setting: 8 minutes .

Range setting: P=pause time hours (minutes) I =operating time minutes (seconds) Test button Setting: 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 A 10 B 11 C 12 D 13 E 14 F 15 Pause time [h]: 1 Setting: Operating time [min]: 1 2 2 4 3 6 4 8 5 10 6 12 7 14 8 16 9 18 A 20 B 22 C 24 D 26 E 28 F 30 .

Indicator lights Power connected Pump operates Circuit board part no 236-13891-1 .

Wiring diagram .

Reservoir fill and system check •Always use a filling nipple (never fill from top the 4 and 8 liter vesions) •P203-pump allows the use of NLGI 2 grease up to -25°C • If grease quality is changed check grease compatability with your supplier •Loose the plug and press the test button for 2 seconds • The wiper/blender inside the pump turns and pump feeds grease •Verify the operation by loosening one feed line (Note: Wait until pump has competed the cycle) .

System check .

Tie a lift belt to a cylinder under the hydraulic pipe and making sure the fixation will not slip. see pictures. Tie cylinders to shown position with binding belts & wire hoisters (1) either to the lugs in the boom front end (A) or around the boom (B). Necessary space and devices In the assembly there is needed a crane with min. Lubricate the bearings. Assembly phases: 1 Fixation of hoist cylinders to the boom Set the boom to a sloping position. 14000 kg B 700 kg 1 Pic. spreader and hoist cylinders and manual wire hoisters with binding belts to tie hoist cylinders.doc 1. Fix the hoist cylinders to the boom with assistance of the crane.5 m A . see pic. lift capacity of 15 tons.1. Necessary amount of lift belts to lift boom. 1 Fixation of hoist cylinders to the boom Be extremely careful during assembly of heavy components Ksuun on ’Ki1011’[H]:\\Yhteis\Doktuot\RSD_kop. 1. see pic.ContMaster Assembly This instruction is applicable in cases when a Contmaster must be finally assembled on site after transportation. Additionally there are needed stout stands and wooden bars to temporarily support boom and spreader.

5 m B LB A LA+1 m 14000 kg Pic. A LB + 1. Note! The both bearing lines of the rear fastening must be in line at the same time otherwise you cannot slot in the pins.doc LA . see pic. 2 Assembly of boom + cylinders Lubricate all bearings Connect the cables and hydraulic lines of boom and cylinders Be extremely careful in joining the hydraulic couplings to avoid any impurities to intrude into the hydraulic system Ksuun on ’Ki1011’[H]:\\Yhteis\Doktuot\RSD_kop.2 Fix the hoisting belts thus the booms stays in a desired sloping when lifted. Lift the boom over the machine. Lift with two hooks (A) or with one (B). Fix first the rear fastening and then the cylinders. Move the cabin to its rear position. Manual wire hoister connected to binding belt makes adjusting much easier. 2.

2 m . 3 Spreader assembly 4 - Test drive Test drive movements of boom and spreader. Attachment: LIFTING BOOM ASSEMBLY KG6027 Ksuun on ’Ki1011’[H]:\\Yhteis\Doktuot\RSD_kop.3 - Spreader assembly Lift the spreader at least 1. Note! When the boom is operated before the electrics of spreader aren’t yet connected.2 m over the ground see pic. Make sure there are no leakages in hydraulic joints. Test drive with a container. 3. you must use by-pass of hoist prevention (switch S194) and by-pass of stability control (switch S85) Fix the spreader onto the boom Lubricate the bearings Connect the electric and hydraulic lines of spreader - 7600 kg Pic. (it can be lifted even over a container) Move the reach stacker to meet the spreader and lower the boom to its attachment points.doc M in 1.


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