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#storyappchat Story App Chat 7/29/12 Trending Words How can we “improve children’s rt, digital, literature, quality, literature in digital spaces”? A children’s, @cynthianugent, reviews, challenge from Daniel Donahoo @julia_brannon, 6pm, apps, book, "how, reading, @ipad_storytime, Event Participants OBeHeCA lS ARAL & 2 CAGES ee Welcome to our chat tonite! We'te discussing a recent @HuffPostEdu article about improving the quality of digital +#kidit .. #storyappchat 90-Jub12 01:02 | Pad, storytime Who's here? Please waive your hands! #storyappchat, 30-Jub 1201-02 | DavidBFox Good evening! #storyappchat ‘30-Jub12 01:02 | Juia_Brannon @cynthianugent welcome to our chat, Cynthial #storyappchat 30-Jub1201:02 | DavidBFox @cynthianugent @ddonahoo wasnt sure if he could be here during the chat, but we know he'll be reading the transcript #storyappchat 30-Jul1201:04 | DavidBFox @Julia_Brannon welcomel! Glad you're joining us tonight. #storyappchat 30-Jul1201:04 | DavidBFox (and of course, welcome co-host @iPad_storytime, who suggested this topic) #storyappchat 30-Jub 1201-06 | DavidBFox You can find the article by @ddonahoo at http:/ #storyappchat 30-Jul-1201: | DavidBFox In his post, @ddonahoo says, you agree? #storyappchat publishing in digital spaces emphasizes producers, rather than consumers.” 90-Jub12 01:00 | Pad. storytime I'm delighted. I's a briliant topic and my particular area of study #storyappchat #storyappchat {90-Jub12001.00 | eynthianugent @cynthianugent that's great! Would love to hear your thoughts! #storyappchat 30-Jub 120107 | DavidBFox its to be expected considering the difficulties of the technology. Eventually potential for great works of art +#storyappchat {90-Jub1201.07 | eynthianugent Easiest way to join us is w/TweetChat (so you dont have to keep entering the hashtag) http:/A.coWDSnlo2a #storyappchat 30-Jul-1201: | DavidBFox RT @DavidBFox: Easiest way to join us is w/TweetChat (so you don't have to keep entering the hashtag) http:/t.coWDSnlo2a #storyappchat 30-Jul-12 01:08 | storyappehat RT @DavidBFox: Easiest way to join us is w/TweetChat (so you dont have to keep entering the hashtag) http:/ #storyappchat ‘30-Jub12 01:08 | Juia_Brannon @cynthianugent I see it listed here: http:/ #storyappchat 30-Jul1201:10 | DavidBFox the call is to producers to carefully consider the needs of their audience - children, first by educating selves @ PIBs #storyappchat 90-Jub1201:11 | eynthianugent Welcome @lucaskallmon and @BeBraveBook! Glad you could join us! #storyappchat 30-Jub1201:11 | DavidBFox +#storyappchat What are some best practices for quality reviews? 30-JuH12 01:11 | RobinaAt RT @DavidBFox: @cynthianugent | see it listed here: http:/ Pso9 #storyappchat 30-Jub12 01:11 | Pad_storytime Welcome back to our our chat, @RobinaArt! #storyappchat 30-Jub1201:12 | DavidBFox @lucaskalimon Excellent question. A lot of things are driving the market now, many that ‘producers! are not in control of .. #storyappchat 90-Jub 12 01:13 |iPad_storytime @iPad_storytime yes but $50 if you don't have a university library card, so grab a student to download it #storyappchat {90-Jub1201:19 | eynthianugent @robinaart Quality content begets quality reviews in my experience, which is pretty much the best practice for everything. #storyappchat 30-Jul-12 01:13 | lucaskalimon @DavidBFox | think the ‘producers’ are both developers & authorsillustrators, but the what’ is not in their control (imho) #storyappchat 30-Jub12 01:14 | Pad_storytime @RobinaArt Hold on to that question, Robin, we just started a discussion on "Improving Children’s Literature in Digit! Spaces” #storyappchat 30-Juh1201:14 | DavidBF ox @RobinaArt Fantastic point. Reviewers should view apps with children. They process an app differently than an adult. #storyappchat {90-Jub1201:15 | eynthianugent There are kids book apps that are fun, those that are educational, those that are both, and then those that are neither. #storyappchat 30-Juh12 01:15 | Juia_Brannon | do think quality reviewing is a very big part raising the standards, as is the Bologna Digital Ragazzi award +#storyappchat 90-Jub1201:16 | eynthianugent Then there are kids book apps that are downright detrimental to learning w/ misspellings, questionable content. +#storyappchat 30-Juh12 01:17 | Juia_Brannon