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" Al conocimiento solo se llega por dos puertas: la taberna y la biblioteca Alexander Pushkin () ahora te voy a ensenar,/ como se hacen las maracas ? se coje un palito, /se pone un coquito, /se la hace un hoyito / oye como que suenan ya?() A Juan Mayi, por el party anoche -justo homenaje a Mario Rivera, Pete El Conde Rodriguez ,FANIA All Stars y Ruben Bladescreo fue nuestra propia fiesta de padressin auspicios, ni apoyos de nadiecomo siem pre. ____ "Some useful readings on creative class, citizenship, digital natives, edutainme nt and early childhood education: innovation, values, emergent trends and attitudes, multiple intelligences and raising child patterns, on early XXI century" by Yoe F. Santos/cciav e-curatoria, selection and concept Under (CC), Jul, 28t h 2012, OERs Commons, Scientific Commons, Dev-Commons, licenses. Some rights are protected: NON commercial uses, share ali ke, attribution, non DERIVATE works FAIR USES: 1909, Clause () entonces navegar se hace preciso,/() en tiempos donde nadie escucha a nadie ()/ en tiempos egostas y mezquinos, /en tiempos donde siempre estamos solos ()/ yo ya no pertenezco a ningn ismo,/me considero vivo y enterrado ()/ que piensan que hacen una guerra /y se hacen pis encima como chicos()/ los libros, las canciones y los pianos,/el cine, las canciones, los enigmas () me hicieron este hombre enrebelado ()/para acordarme en sueos de mi casa () nadie nos prometi un jardn de rosas, /hablamos del peligro de estar vivos () no vine a divertir a tu familia, mientras/el mundo se cae a pedazos () Fito Paez Al lado del camino (Lyrics) "Te quiero porque tu boca sabe gritar rebelda." - Mario Benedetti S que hay muertos que alumbran los caminos Silvio Rodrguez ()Acurdate de Abril, si abril te lleva/Acurdate de abril, abril volviera/ con nuevo traje y nuevo lazo,/Acurdate de m /cuando el otoo le de paso a la primav era Acurdate de abril, si el pensamiento te libera/Si hay ms congoja y menos prisa Mi gesto en el primer abrazo ()/No olvides que el amor vuela de noche () Amaury Prez Acuerdate de Abril (Lyrics) El tiempo es la BASE de la creatividad, de artistas, cientficos, filsofos Ilya Prigogine (2006: 15-16) Las Leyes del Caos () Me gusto siempre la radiologa, la electro radiologa y la medicina nuclear - aunque eran areas de la medicina, poco populares y poco conocidas,en Repblica Dominicana, en 1959- porque no me gusta la cascara, la apariencia de las cosas: me importa lo que est debajo de todo, debajo de lo que los sentidos ven () Claro, mama, no quera que me fuera a Espaa, porque era muy flaco, que el invierno me iba a matar, jajaja (Mi padre). Un sbado cualquiera a la mitad de los anos 70s, en el pasado siglo XX, mientras

escuchbamos a : Machin, Trovador Codina, el Jilguero de Cienfuegos, con mi abuelo, Luis Marabebien do, Bermdez Blanco -Y UNA cancioncita, que aun recuerdo,por su vocacin transgresora e interrogante, del sentido comn: En en rio del Callao, hay una piedra bendita, Donde se baan las viejas y se vuelven seoritas Feliz Da del Padre... (A mi padre- Dr. Dimas de Js. Santos Castillo- y en su memoria (1935-2007)) ()Hasta donde debemos practicar las verdades? Silvio Rodrguez Playa Giron Did you Remember: November, 2012: State of the Art on Social Sciences on Latin A merican and Caribbean switching with the worlds agendas, inclusion, democratic values an d solidarity issues? ...lets seethis little checking list or key concepts (Who is Who, is going to be re-shaped, re-thanked on November, 2012, in all Lati n America and Caribbean, technophobic and adult-centrists world views, it will re-situated or repositionated) NADA que se conecte a la electricidad TIENE nada que ver con la literatura, NI CON LA CULTURA (Una genialidad acadmica dominicana, 1996) _______ El 80% de la informacin y contenidos que circula por la internet y ciberespacio es basura, un 10% no es periodismo y SOLO el restante 10% lo es Opinin Ex Director Peridico El Pais, Espana. Entrevista Cadena Caracol, Colombia.

I. Creative Class, Digital Natives, Social Streaming or Broadcast Education : Emergent literacies - audio visual, informatics-communicational- Humanware. The flight of the creative class: The new global - Florida e-learning environments: Generation Cthe missing - Towers ECU Paper by SJ Towers - 2005 Florida (2002) describes two main sub-groups of the creative class the core cre ative class and....the digital native's time is mediated by the digital environm ent (Internet, ..... (eds), Accounting for Culture: Thinking Through Cultural Ci tizenship. Turning Digital Natives into Digital Citizens - Harvard Education Letter Today's K12 students are commonly called digital natives because they have grown up ... Teachers are also finding help from Creative Commons, a non-profit ... Marc inek had studentsin his English class take pictures for their blogs, and then ..

. of permission, andof courseabout being an upstanding digital citizen. Beyond Current Horizons : young people | Technology, children ... This review paper concerns the issue of citizenship as it applies to young peopl e,, young people, creativity, social differentiation, ethnicity, cla ss ... in a digital environment the Digital Natives is increasingly being challe nged. Teaching kids to be 'digital citizens' (not just 'digital natives') - The ... 4 Mar 2012 John Merrow explains how to turn kids who are digital natives ... But being a digital native is not the same as being a digital citizen. ... If an impor tant purpose of school is to help 'grow adults,' then the creative use of techn ology by ... in real time with every other middle school science class in the ci ty, ... Digital Citizenship: Parenting a Digital Native 13 Jun 2012 Parenting a digital native is a very difficult task because technol ogy is ... friends, or school mates if they don't do exactly what they request. B 2 b c Some Samples About Biographies Citizens and Vocational ... 23 Feb 2012 a worldwide reference and glance, designed for digital natives. Interested in creative class (Florida, 2002), in early XXI century. People sele cted ... Digital Natives | Berkman Center 1 Oct 2010 Digital Natives focuses on the key legal, social, and political impli cations Berkman Center for Internet & Society ... Creativity OPEN REFLECTIONS 10 Oct 2011 The to cross-contaminate Process Theory with Creativity or creative class struggle .... PIPEDREAMS - Digital Natives 7 Jun 2012 good online citizenship under the direction, coaching and support ... Digital Natives' Alternative Approach to Social Change (Maesy ... The generational shift in citizen identity: Implications for civic learning onli ne L Bennet - Report by, 2008 - Modelling Digital Natives' International Collaboration: Finnish-Korean Experiences of Environmental Education I Leppisaari - Environmental Education - Learning Networks & Personal Knowledge Management. Promoting a critical, creative and ethical use of the web M Cinque - Teaching democracy to digital natives SM Waring, PJ VanFossen - education for citizenship, 2008 From creative industries to creative economy S Cunningham Knowledge policy: challenges for the 21st , 2008 Documentaries: Motivating the tech generation to research and write D Price - Gifted Education International, 2012 - Youthful 'fictions', creative 'journeys' and potential strategies of resistance CA Myers - Media, Culture & Society, 2012 - The Mobile School: Digital Communities Created by Mobile Learners

TJ Franklin - Bringing Schools into the 21st Century, 2011 Mythbusting the digital native YT Nordkvelle Stanford University, H-STAR Institute, USA; to , 2011 - Image Narrative E Penninger - abstraction and critical competency 147 abusive behavior see cyberbullying access see digital divide and inequalities in access T Adorno - education, 2012 Digital or Diligent? Web 2.0's challenge to formal schooling JPL Tan - 2008 - Digital or Diligent? Web 2.0's Digital or Diligent? Web 2.0's Challenge to halle nge to hallenge to Formal Schooling JPL Tan - Local Environmental History and the Journey to Ecological Citizenship MB Smith - Citizenship across the curriculum, 2010 Dialogue and Difference: The Sorry Story of the Digital Native PESA December 20 09 R Buchanan, A Chapman, MR Buchanan - Communities and citizenship: paths for engagement? H Doering - Beyond Current, 2008 - Managed apprentices or autonomous agents? Assessing online civic designs for dig ital natives D Freelon - 2008 - Digital skills for digital disruption and value creation L Warren Global Knowledge Work: Diversity and Relational , 2011 Why the Google Generation Will Not Speak:The Invention of Digital Natives. T Brabazon, Z Dear, G Greene - Nebula - The 'digital native'in context: tensions associated with importing Web 2.0 practices into the school setting C Crook - 2011 Music two-point-zero: How participatory culture is reclaiming knowledge, power a nd value systems from the inside out P Drap Research Centre Twilight Series Public Lecture, 2007 - The uses of digital literacy J Hartley - 2010 Should We Teach Students to Be Digital Citizens? Anastasia Trekles, MS Purdue University Calumet IN Hammond - Beneath the'Digital Native'myth: Understanding young Australians' online time us e J Smith, Z Skrbis - Journal of Sociology, 2012 - Social Education, 2008 -

Please stay: pied-a-terre subjects in the megacity A Ong - Citizenship studies, 2007 Hearing ordinary voices: Cultural studies, vernacular creativity and digital sto rytelling J Burgess Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 2006 Educational Technology: Past, Present, and Future Trends E Mathews - 2012 - The future of media literacy in the digital age: some challenges for policy and practice D Buckingham Euromeduc, Media Literacy in Europe: , 2009 - Connecting informal and formal learning experiences in the age of participatory media: Commentary on Bull et al.(2008) C Greenhow - Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher , 2008 - Thriving in the 21st century: the report of the LLiDA project (Learning Literacies for the Digital Age): Competency frameworks H BEETHAM, LOU MCGILL - Identity, communities and citizenship H Haste - K. Facer Educational, Social and Technological , 2009 - Digital DramaToolkits, Dilemmas, and Preferences S Davis - Youth Theatre Journal, 2011 Investigating Student Use of Technology for Engaged Citizenship in A Global Age BM Maguth - Education Sciences, 2012 - Investigating SMARTBoard Technology for Mathematics Education to Improve the Learning of Digital Native Students AY Spears - 2011 - Supporting young new media producers across learning spaces: A longitudinal study of the digital youth network B Barron, A Levinson, CK Martin, V Mertl - Proceedings of the 9th , 2010 - Pre-service Teachers in Second Life: Are Digital Natives Prepared for a Web 2.0 Experience? CT INMAN - 2010 - Classroom Remix: Patterns of Pedagogy in a TechnoLiteracies Poetry Unit M Callahan - Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 2011 Generation NeXt comes to college: 2006 updates and emerging issues ML Taylor - A collection of papers on self-study and , 2006 - Learning: Peering backward and looking forward in the digital era M Weigel, C James - 2009 - MIT Press Media literacies: a critical introduction, by Michael Hoechsmann and Stuart R. Poyntz

R Zak - Pedagogies: An International Journal, 2012 Web 2.0: Passport to Digital Citizenship J Kron - The MOOC model for digital practice A McAuley, B Stewart, G Siemens - :< http://davecormier. com , 2010 - Surfing the past: digital learners in the history class O Nyirubugara - 2012 - DIGITAL NATIVE PRESERVICE TEACHERS: AN EXAMINATION OF THEIR SELF-EFFICACY BELIEFS REGARDING TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION IN CLASSROOM SP Southall - 2012 - From encyclopaedias to search engines: technological change and its impact on l iteracy learning. J Carroll - Literacy Learning: The Middle Years, 2011 - Digital learning and participation among youth: Critical reflections on future r esearch priorities S Livingstone - 2010 - MIT Press Tag Archives: Education ICTD ORG - Teachers discovering computers: Integrating technology and digital media in the classroom GB Shelly, TJ Cashman, GA Gunter - 2007 Potential to reality: drama, technology and education D Cameron - Drama Education with Digital , 2009 Media Preferences of Digital Natives J Friedl - 2009 - Entrepreneurial learning in the networked age M Senges, JS Brown - Journal of the , 2008 - Re/mediating Social Justice Education:Using On-Line Digital Animation Software to Foster Pre-Service Student Engagement with Equity Issues Christine Cho L Taylor - Copyright 2012 Shirley Van Nuland and Jim , 2012 - Instructional Design LSJ Farmer - 2011 - ALT/space L Reeder Teaching Artist Journal, 2011 Principles for Teaching the Millennial Generation: Innovative Practices of UM Fa culty T Pinder-Grover - CRLT Occasional Papers. Center , 2009 - Using participatory media and public voice to encourage civic engagement H Rheingold - Foundation Series on Digital Media and Learning, 2007 - MIT Press The Scenes of Seeing: Frances Benjamin Johnston and Visualizations of the Indian i n Black, White, and Native Educational Contexts T Cooper - American Literature, 2011 - Duke Univ Press COMMUNICATION IN THE 2008 US ELECTION: DIGITAL NATIVES ELEC

MS McKinney - 2010 DISEMPOWERING BY ASSUMPTION S Banaji - na - ACTUAL AND PERCEIVED ONLINE PARTICIPATION AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE IN SWEDEN S Zimic - na - Youthful participation: what have we learned, what shall we ask next? S Livingstone annual Digital Media and Learning Conference, La , 2010 - Ecologies of expertise: assembling flows, managing citizenship A Ong - Global assemblages, 2005 One-to-one Computing Initiatives: Success Factors for Optimal Learning What are the critical features of successful integration programs that contribute to T Alesch - Creative and Innovative Citizenry: Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Citizenship Education in New Zealand C Mutch Citizenship curriculum in Asia and the Pacific, 2008 Using digital tools to connect learners: Present and future scenarios for citize nship 2.0 SL Alam - Proceedings Ascilite Sydney, 2010 - INTERNET LITERACIES FOR ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP AND DEMOCRATIC LIFE. D Hicks - Contemporary Social Studies: An , 2011 Integrating" employability" into the HE curriculum: case studies of online port folio implementation in the UK L Harris, P Harrigan - 2010 - Thriving in the 21st century: The report of the LLiDA project (Learning Literacies for the Digital Age): Literature review H Beetham, L McGill - 2009 - Writing for the instant messaging and text messaging generation: Using new literacies to support writing instruction SM Sweeny - Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 2010 Japanese Youth and Mobile Media T Takahashi - na, 2011 - User-led Content and Self-creating Communities: History Repeating Itself? Understanding" Internet Radio" in the Context of the Development of Radio J Hartley - 2005 - Hyperuchit Moves the Teacher Educator's Boundary N Senjov-Makohon - What do we mean by a digital environment? Shift from primary engagement with th e physical to a mutual reliance on the virtual within the physical D Bell, B Kennedy, C Reader, C Leadbetter - Youth Projects and Digital Stories from Turkmenistan

MN Yildiz, G Komekova - Society for Information Technology , 2011 - Technology Integration Curriculum Framework for Effective Program Evaluation BB Wilsey - International Journal of Information and , 2012 - Blogs: A Genre of Virtual Platforms for Collaborative Discourse in Education A Moghaddam - Digital and Inter-Generational Divide P Ferri - International Journal of Digital Literacy and Digital , 2010 - Mobile learning technologies and the move towards 'user-led education' A Bruns, RS Cobcroft, JE Smith - 2007 - Rock Mars: cross-industry collaboration on a rich media educational experience R Lachman, A Clare - Procedia-Social and Behavioral , 2010 Teaching Multimodal and Digital Literacy in L2 Settings: New Literacies, New Basics, New Pedagogies H Lotherington - Annual Review of Applied , 2011 - Cambridge Univ Press Teaching digital media as an art class: A search to define a curriculum JK Watts - 2008 - Leading schools in the digital age: a clash of cultures P Williams School Leadership and Management, 2008 AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST VOLUME 112 INDEX S Charnley, WH Durham, M Mead's - American , 2010 Cyber Connectivity and Citizenship G Long - Text meets technology HG Klaebe Writing in Education, 2007 - Is the Google generation information literate Z Ercegovac - Information Transforming People; Presented at the , 2008 - Bursting with Potential: Mixing a Media Specialist's Palette A Lamb - TechTrends, 2011 Web 2.0 and higher education: Pedagogical implications L Simes - 2008 - Global media and culture M Poster New Literary History, 2008 - The creative workforce: How to launch young people into high-flying futures E McWilliam - 2009 - Mobile Learning: At The Tipping Point T Franklin - TOJET, 2011 - Mapping citizen coverage of the dual city L Rutigliano - Journalism and citizenship: new agendas in , 2009 The digital production gap: The digital divide and Web 2.0 collide J Schradie - Poetics, 2011 New Media Arts, Public 31: digipopo, 2005. Copyright is shared equally between th

e authors and the publishers. Contents may not be re-printed without S Lord, J Marchessault - Principal Palmerston North Girls' High School M Scott - Citizenship and GEMS at Guam Community College: Transforming Students into Islan d Citizens RD Somera - Virtually theretransforming gifted education through new technologies, trends and practices in learning, international communication and global educati on G Eriksson - Gifted Education International, 2012 - Digital media literacy education and online civic and political participation J Kahne, JT Feezell - Center for Society and Media, 2010 - II. Edutainment, education, digital natives: new paradigms and emergent trends on cultural consumption on XXI century. learning: It's not just the digital natives who are restless - Van Eck : It's Not Just the Digital Natives Who Are Restless. - Eck : Integrating technology and digital media in the - Shelly Timbuktu the first magazine for future digital natives | The Lounge ... 15, 2011. Timbuktu iPad magazine for children. The term digital citizenship has been around for ... Mobile Phone Numeracy - Telstra Foundation - Inspiring Story research project by Renato Schibeci, associate professor in science education at ... Digital Educational Games, e-Learning and m-Learning ... The success of Digital Educational Games (DEG)().Edutainment, as suggested by the term, it is a field combining education with ... ON Glocalize, if you are working, researching or concern about digital Creative Writing Essays 28 May 2012 ... researching or concern about digital natives, as citizens, edutainment and pleasures on leisure time, and ... EL NIO INCOMPRENDIDO - Sabadell, Spain - Non-Profit ... - Translate this page

... granting an emerging role in the edutainment, to beginners and amateurs, in the preservation and ..... Are you a tolerant and democratic citizen on the Earth, 24/7? .... Obviously, in the case of DIGITAL natives, the risks of contamination

ETEC 510 wiki - University of British Columbia 1 May 2012 New Media in a Networked Society Informationalism Digital Divide in Education with Open Source Software ... Main Page - University of British Columbia MareA's blog | digital natives 12 Nov 2010 Digital Divide: Digital natives and Digital outcasts ... How are both concepts connected to the practice of citizenship C12 Episode 4 Blog of the Week: Education Rethink & Tap into Teen ... 19 Apr 2012 We (including me) write about the need to teach digital citizenship to thedigital natives. Digital Game-Based Learning: It's Not Just the Digital Natives Who ... 16 Mar 2006 Digital Game-Based Learning: Auto to teach ethics, morality, citizenship, and law enforcement. "(...) La mayora de los profesores dominicanos viven AUN con marcos de referenci a de la guerra fra, viven en los anos 70s DEL PASADO SIGLO XX, (....) cada da, lo s estudiantes, en las aulas, desafan esos conocimientos, esos saberes, con nueva s Y MEJORES referencias, estn mejor informados, mejor conectados, ms cercanos a l a produccin de innovaciones y reflexiones, investigaciones y propuestas, que su s propios profesores, pues al ser ms jvenes, TIENEN MAS TIEMPO LIBRE, PARA PENSAR E INVESTIGAR, que los profesores mal pagados, con una carga acadmica que les ahog a, desde el PLURIEMPLEO, para poder INVESTIGAR... sin hablar de sus temores O RESISTENCIAS al cambio y entorno TECNOLOGICO... O TECNOFOBIA (...)" Jos Ramn Holgun (2008)

Socilogo Entrevista Z 101 FM, Santo Domingo ________ El libro de educacin, no es para lo que yo entiendo HOY como adulto.. . casi u n anciano... que es la REALIDAD, MI REALIDAD, y MIS MARCOS DE REFERENCIA DE LO QUE FUE MI PROPIA INFANCIA, EN LOS 60S Y 70s: ese es un mundo que muri, como mur i el dlar a la par del peso dominicano, que viva con el y la democradura de la poca. El libro de texto es como una BRUJULA PARA ENSENAR A PENSAR, para proporcionar a l nio y a la nia: MARCOS POSIBLES DE SUPERVIVENCIA, EN LA COMPRENSION / orientacion DEL PRESENTE Y LA CONSTRUCCION DEL FUTURO...cuando ya ni t, ni yo estemos vivos, en la tierra...2020, 2040, 2060... ES POR ESO que muchos hemos reaccionado de forma frontal, a Katz (2010), PORQUE el ESTA EN CONTRA DE LO UNICO QUE FUNCIONA HOY, AUNQUE se descubri o desarrollo en EL PASADO del benchmarking: de la escuela y la universidad del ayer- los descubr imientos, hallazgos de 1920s-1990s en las ciencias HUMANAS, porque de lo que se trata este juego es de mejorar la calidad de vida, individual e institucional de las PERSONAS, vi stas , TRATADAS Y CONCEBIDAS (iguales, libres, en dignidad y derechos) desde orientadas a la mag nificencia y a la trascendencia, CONSTRUCTIVA, POSITIVA, SI LES DAN LA OPORTUNIDAD QUE PERMITEN las intersecciones, entre estmulos, saberes, actitudes, valores y c osmovisiones, en: LA EDUCACION, el consumo cultural, el ocio instruccional o edutainment, la neur oplasticidad y el desarrollo de sus identidades, elecciones vocacionales, talentos e intelige ncias- como nicas, histricas e IRREPETIBLES- sin considerarlas objetos, ni cosas, ni reducirlas, PU ES EN TALES ENTORNOS (de alienacin, objetualizacion o reduccin) SE EMPOBRECEN Y NO PUEDEN DESARROLLAR, todas sus potencialidades - NI LA IMAGINACION, NI EL EMPREDUDURISMO, NI LA INNOVACIONclaves para la cultura, la sociedad y la economa emprendedoras o educadora, en la s claves de los paradigmas del siglo de la llamada economa del saber, que vivimos h oy: DESPUES de la cadena de montaje de Ford y la concentracin en las cosas, los objet os ES EN PARTE LA OTRA CARA DEL LEGADO DE LOS MARTIRES DE CHICAGO, del siglo XIX: 8 horas de trabajo, 8 horas de sueo, 8 HORAS PARA EL RESTOEN EL SIGLO XXI:Urbanizacin, SOCIEDAD DE MASAS Y EL EDUTAINMENT HOY, en el siglo XXI. (Algunas notas y lecturas seleccionadas del contexto actual, en glocalize) by Yoe F. Santos/cciav Teachers discovering computers: Integrating technology and digital media in the classroom GB Shelly, TJ Cashman, GA Gunter - 2007 - Mythbusting the digital native YT Nordkvelle - Stanford University, H-STAR Institute, USA; to , 2011 - Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct for Using ICT in Education F Pivec - Organizacija, 2011 Versita abstraction and critical competency 147 abusive behavior see cyberbullying acces s see digitaldivide and inequalities in access T Adorno - education, 2012 Academic honesty, 7782 Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), 35, 62, 7274 Adobe Photoshop, 22 Advertising, 83 P Allison, L Anderson-Inman - Center for Digital , 1976 - net.interact-simulations .com Utilising podcasts for learning and teaching: a review and ways forward for e-Le arning cultures W Kidd - Management in Education, 2012 - Digital learning and participation among youth: Critical reflections on future r esearch priorities S Livingstone - 2010 - MIT Press [PDF] Youthful participation: what have we learned, what shall we ask next? S Livingstone - annual Digital Media and Learning Conference, La , 2010 - aeforum .org Promoting Community Service and global awareness through gamucation LA Sharp - SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - The Use of Videogames to Mediate Curricular Learning B Gros - Digital Games and Intelligent Toys Based , 2008 - New Learning Paradigms: Open Course Versus Traditional Strategies. The Current P aradox of Learning and Developing Creative Ideas J Albors-Garrigos - Social Media Tools and , 2011 - Mobile gamebased learning in secondary education: engagement, motivation and lear ning in a mobile city game J Huizenga, W Admiraal - Journal of Computer , 2009 Digital and media literacy: A plan of action R Hobbs - A White Paper on the Digital and Media Literacy , 2010 -

Developing and validating a media literacy self-evaluation scale (MLSS) for elem entary school students CS Chang, EZF Liu, CY Lee, NS Chen - Turkish Online Journal , 2011 - A Study on Exploiting Commercial Digital Games into School Context H Panoutsopoulos - Educational Technology & Society, 2012 - Making the case for computer games as a learning environment K Royle - Retrieved February, 2003 - D is for Digital C Shuler - 2007 - Convergence of technology and diversity: experiences of two beginning teachers i n web-based distance learning for global/multicultural education W Gaudelli - Teacher Education Quarterly, 2006 - Connect P a Student-Led - 2011 - PhD Research in Digital Games in the context of School-based Education I Panoutsopoulos - Digital and Media Literacy: A Plan of Action. A White Paper on the Digital and M edia Literacy Recommendations of the Knight Commission on the Information Needs R Hobbs - Aspen Institute, 2010 ERIC Marketing and Recruiting in a User-Generated Content Environment: The Opportunit ies, Challenges, and Ramifications P Bouman - University Business, 2005 - The Educational and Political Significance of the New Social Media: a dialogue w ith Linda Herrera and Michael A. Peters L HERRERA - E-Learning and Digital Media, 2011 - Using Prime-Time Animation to Engage Students in Courses on Aging LM Curch - Gerontology & Geriatrics Education, 2010 Games for WR Watson Designing L Doucet Social Studies Education - entertaining educational games using procedural rhetoric: a case study - Proceedings of the 5th ACM SIGGRAPH , 2010 -

]IMMIGRANT AND REFUGEE ACULTURATION THROUGH DIGITAL GAMES T Munanga - 2011 - Toward a theory of game-media literacy: Playing and building as reading and writ ing IH Caperton - International Journal of Gaming and Computer- , 2010 - igi-global.c om [PDF] A Digital City? Attitudes to technology and learning in Hull J Edge, N Fuller, I Springate - 2005 -

Race and Identity in Digital Media L Nakamura - Mass Media and Society - I. What research perspective on ethics? D Frau-Meigs - Ethics beyond Access: A Plea for the Plasticity of Human Rights D Frau-Meigs - Earbuds Are Good for Sharing: Children's Sociable Uses of Headphones at a Vermon t T Bickford - Vox Internet-Programme de recherche soutenu par l'ANR D Frau-Meigs - KIDS AS CULTURAL PRODUCERS: CONSUMPTION, LITERACY AND PARTICIPATION RH Stephenson - 2008 - Selling the green revolution, not greenwashing it C Bettiol - Requirements to create a persistent, open source, mirror world for military appl ications K Sanders - 2007 - Eastern Westerns: enlightened edutainment and national transvestism A Imre - New Review of Film and Television Studies, 2011 CHILDHOOD 2025 AND BEYOND CHILDREN, MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY D Buckingham - Playful Learning, Teaching Games L Vergouwen - Building bridges between serious game design and instructional design J Kirkley, S Kirkley - The Design and Use of Simulation , 2007 - Digitized Youth: constructing identities in the creative knowledge economy TAC BESLEY - Policy Futures in Education, 2010 - Risk for Our Languages and a Challenge for Language Technology G Rehm - The Catalan Language in the Digital Age, 2012 Springer Location, location, location: rethinking space and place as sites and contexts f or learning J Sefton-Green - Review for the Beyond Current , 2009 - .uk E-Learning Resource Management Knowledge L Saxena - Technologies for E-Learning and Digital Entertainment, 2006 Languages at Risk: A Challenge for Language Technology G Rehm - The English Language in the Digital Age, 2012 Psychology for the Classroom: E-Learning J Wollard -

Situated learning and teachers' digital competence RJ Krumsvik - Education and Information Technologies, 2008 Page numbers referring to figures and tables are in italics. F Adely, A Agha, HS Alim, D Allen - global , 2011 Can Games Based Learning Assists Teachers in Achieving the Aims of Curriculum to Bilingual Students of Different Ethnic Minorities? K Kalemis - and Collaborative Systems (INCoS), 2011 Third , 2011 - ieeexplore.iee [PDF] [PDF] Learning in immersive worlds S De Freitas - London: Joint Information Systems Committee, 2006 - [PDF] Understanding the Game: An Examination of Ludoliteracy M Poulsen - 2010 - Rethinking technology in schools primer VE Domine - 2009 - Media Literacies: A Critical Introduction M Hoechsmann - 2011 - Welcome to the Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching at Greensboro R Purdom, L Wyrick, R Owens - La scuola animata: congetture ed ipotesi per una metodologia didattica del segno animato F Pecori - Cartoon, 2010 - Virtual Worlds J O'Connell - 2010 - Nanotechnology: Education and Workforce Development GL Hornyak, JL Feather - 2009 - Ubiquitous learning B Cope - 2009 - Accessibility of interactive children's books: issues and implications C Baird - Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An , 2011 - Creating the school you want: learning@ tomorrow's edge AB Shostak - 2010 - Semiotics for Citizens in Government Web Sites JANM BROEKMAN - International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, Literature review into mobile learning in the university context R Cobcroft - 2006

From Classical Mobile Learning to Mobile Web 2.0 Learning C Chaka - The Evolution of Mobile Teaching and Learning, 2009 Transforming Regional Economies and Communities with ICT Developing Countries: A n Indian Perspective A Jaggi - Closing the digital divide: transforming regional , 2003 Games and Creativity in eduCation and traininG MBA Trifonova - Digital Game-Based R Van Eck - 2006 - Privileged migration: American undergraduates, study abroad, academic tourism M Breen - Critical Arts, 2012 Constructing a 3D virtual world for foreign language learning based on open sour ce freeware HJ Chen - Edutainment Technologies. Educational Games and , 2011 Reading, Writing, and Reality TV: Encouraging Media Literacy and Critical Think ing in American Classrooms Through Popular Culture K Barak - 2009 - Related articles - All 5 versions - Import into EndNote [PDF] Stakeholders' forum general report A Jorge, D Cardoso, C Ponte - 2010 - [PDF] Simulerad interaktiv arbetsmilj E Antoniadis - Engineering play: A cultural history of children's software M It - 2009 - Identity games: globalization and the transformation of media cultures in the ne w Europe A Imre - 2009 - Designing Digital Experiences for Positive Youth Development: From Playpen to Pl ayground MU Bers - 2012 - NaMu III SA Naguib - [HTML] Online Communities CH Hae-Joang - Adult environmental education programming in the Twin Cities metropolitan area r elated to critical natural resource issues AJ Markle - 2008 -

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TODAY. Education is not a boring activity, EXCLUSIVE for teachers,

is not confined on the school -and time for schoolingTHANKS TO: edutainment, learning by doing, lifelong education and early childhood education The strategically value for time, permits a re-cycling, 24/7.This is why I will not accept most tourist exchanges -or sharing process with indifferent persons and organizationsabout those new scenarios, ONLINE ON GLOCALIZE after 28 years trying sensibilize them, about it Other concrete reason for our B2B, migratory process -or Numeracy Membership- on CCIAV, CC4AVE. this 28th anniversary -Parenting has a component on education fields. -Brotherhood has a component on education fields. -Mass Media has informative and recreational, components on education fieldsand so on Digital surrounds permits synergistic approaches, for all of them based on evidence and democratic and humanistic values, as recognition codes the ICT curriculum for early childhood education - Siraj-Blatchford : Play and learn: potentials of gamebased learning - Pivec

between learn through play and edutainment - Rapeepisarn That's Edutainment! 4 Sep 2011 The convergence zone of entertainment and education. ... Dr. Brad Sachs, Ph.D., a family psychologist, says, "When a child is forced into doing ... Substantiating Education in Edutainment through ... by C Perrone In educational contexts the WWW can be viewed as source of edutainment that is ...At the Center for LifeLong Learning and Design game is learning by doing--players are authors. ICT and Lifelong Learning by LTO E-LEARN OECD Background Paper for OECD-ENLACES Expert Meeting ... by M Claro - 2007 Cassell and Jenkins (1999) explained, this is a problem because boys' and girls' early.... Third, that in 'knowledge societies' where lifelong learning in a rang e of sites ... Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education - Singapore ... The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education consists of 21 modules ... EDU 240 The Impact of Special Needs on Learning and Development: The Early ... launch an online or retail store to offer children's edutainment products. Planning for education in the context of HIV/AIDS; Fundamentals of ... by MJ Kelly - 2000 Edutainment by S Walldn - 2004 Manual for Educators Multilingualism in Early Childhood Education THE URBAN SHOPPER | Learning 2 Count 26 Apr 2011 Once the child is born, the race is on to not only Edutainment products are designed with a focus on education. ... By

toward a lifelong love of learning. Top Online Teaching Courses : Training & Continuing Education This in-depth course reviews early childhood learning and developmental theory, ... the ICT curriculum for early childhood education - Siraj-Blatchford Video games: research, ratings, recommendations - Cesarone in early childhood mathematics: Building Blocks as an - Blocks Learning Strategies - Edutainment debate in the field of early childhood education about what is called "developmentally appropriate practices" in the primary grades. Children's Edutainment Centers: Learning Through Play Glendale Edutainment Hyderabad, affordable daycare hyderabad ... Edutainment: How the Teletubbies Teach Children Therefore "early childhood education" has moved to the forefront of the "lifelong learning" agenda. America's PBS and its British partner, BBC, fit right into the ... A guide to developing the ICT curriculum for early childhood education I Siraj-Blatchford - 2006 Editorial: Play and learn: potentials of gamebased learning M Pivec - British Journal of Educational Technology, 2007 [PDF] Similarities and differences between learn through play and edutainment K Rapeepisarn, KW Wong, CC Fung - Proceedings of the 3rd , 2006 - Taking Play Seriously Children and Play in Early Childhood Education--an Excitin g Challenge OF Lillemyr - 2009 Implementation of edutainment contents for Touch-Face system DH Song, JW Park - Control, Automation and , 2008 - Point and Click: theoretical and phenomenological reflections on the digitizatio n of early childhood education A MANGEN - Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 2010 - [PDF] Effective Learning in Early Childhood Education? A Hatherly, V Ham - Universal Preschool's Promise: Success in Early Childhood and Beyond J Lasser - Early Childhood Education Journal, 2011 Feed the dragon wisely: designing for childhood awareness as a means of lifelong obesity prevention S Blevis, J Bardzell - Universal Access in Human- , 2007 Parents, expertise and identity work: the media conceptualised as a lifelong lea rning practice LA Aarsand - Pedagogy, Culture & Society, 2011

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Developing inclusive e-learning and e-entertainment to effectively accommodate l earning difficulties A Savidis, D Grammenos - Universal Access in the , 2007 Interactivity and pedagogy in'edu-tainment'software D Buckingham - 2.0: languages and cultures of the , 2006 Media education: sociology surveys - 2007 -

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Museum and school partnership for learning on field trips A Bhatia - 2009 - Community Literacy: Commodifying Children's Spaces L Wasam-Ellam, A Ward, C Fey - Language and , 2004 - Conceptualizing Latina/o philanthropy in higher education: A study of Latina/o u ndergraduate alumni from a predominantly white Jesuit institution JA Cabrales - 2012 - Preschool and Kindergarten Teacher's Views on School Readiness: A Comparison bet ween Silkeborg, Denmark and Truro, Nova Scotia J Gillis - 2007 - Analysis of Local and Foreign Edutainment Products--An Effort to ... by ZC Embi - 2005

Uniquely Michigan: Edutainment Erica Beck (left) became a fan of U-M Child Care & Education after enrolling her older ...some with nearly 30 years of experience with early childhood education. GLENDALE EDUTAINMENT - Babukhan Glendale Early Learning Academy of Edufun. Computing With Kids: Top Edutainment Titles Combine Learning, Fun Edutainment - ETEC 510 5 Mar 2012 Other forms of edutainment are created specifically for educational Video games: research, ratings, recommendations , on Elementary and Early Childhood Education - 1998 - Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education ... Technology in early childhood mathematics: Building Blocks as an innovative tech nology-based curriculum B Blocks - Standards for early childhood mathematics education, 2004 Emergent media literacy: Digital animation in early childhood J Marsh - Language and Education, 2006 A 'benign addition'? Research on ICT and preschool children L Plowman - Journal of Computer Assisted , 2003 Popular culture and early literacy learning L ARTHUR - Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, The State of Children's Software Evaluation-Yesterday, Today and in the 21st Cen tury W Buckleitner - Information technology in childhood education, 1999 - editlib.or g Taking Play Seriously Children and Play in Early Childhood Education--an Excitin g Challenge OF Lillemyr - 2009 - Parental pedagogies: An analysis of British 'edutainment'magazines for young chi ldren D Buckingham - Journal of Early Childhood Literacy, 2001 - Edutainment: is learning at risk? Z Okan - British Journal of Educational Technology, 2003 - Wiley Online Library Analysis of local and foreign edutainment products-An effort to implement the de

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THIS IS WHY YOUR TICKET EXPIRES IN OUR TRAVEL sharing together (1984-TODAY) and this is why, we WILL CONTINUE sharing information and making alliances, just only with persons, organizations - business, cooperatives, municipal agencies, leadership, educators, web communi ty managers, artists, politicians, religious leaders, colleges, colleagues, think tanksindependently of their religion,

political ideology, AGE (14-99 YEARS OLD) OR EXPERTISE LEVEL (beginners, buffs, experts, teachers, practitioners, technicians, scientific le aders, managers, researchers, journalists, semioticians, viewers, listeners, readers, content ma nagers, content producers, social marketing professional and practitioners, public policies desi gners, citizens) IF, EACH ONE OF THEM WERE PREVIOUSLY ENGAGED WITH DEMOCRATIC AND HUMANISTIC VALUES AND GET SOME INTEREST OVERCOME: -TV TRASH, radio trash, press trash, -OVERCOME prejudices, ignorance, MISOGYNYC AND FUNDAMENTALIST worldviews, and fordists, Euclidean and Cartesian paradigms, -technophobical and boredom texts books on the schools, by alliances - on traditional and emergent medias- everywhere on glocalize: if they are WORKING, making ORIGINAL proposals - experiments, suggestions, theoryor CONCERNED ABOUT digital natives, culture of peace and NEW literacies, on glocalize, following worldwide standards on: - quality, -personalization, -services, - innovation and creativity: this is the reason for keep walking supported and inspiring on Numeracy Membership, THIS 28 TH ANNIVERSARY ON CCIAV, CC4AVE. See additionally, other useful contribution by Taran Rampersad (Jul, 28, 2012): "The rules" a really practical and useful notion and system -for everyday lifeon curatorial methods on and other web communities and personal w eb pages or personal accounts on facebook and web 2.0 surrounds... "(...)The Rules. by Taran Rampersad on Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 6:09am Things have become a bit OUT of control lately ON MY page and I've gone from se date to irked. Therefore, these are the RULES. (1) Tagging me in images that appear on my timeline IS NOT in good taste. Th ere are a few people who have done it and done it properly and they may continue to get away with it. If, however, you GET TAGGED in this note it means that you've done it WRONG repeatedly. (2) Captain Obvious COMMENTS will be deleted on sight. WHY? First, they make the person making the comment LOOK stupid. Second, because it's annoying. (3)Unless I specifically MENTION YOU BY NAME, it's NOT ABOUT you. It's not about what your Doctor said. Don't make it ABOUT YOURSELF; if you consistently make it abou t yourself you're likely to GET BLOCKED. (4) No PERSONAL ATTACKS are permitted within the comments on my posts. I don't personally ATTACK OTHER people though I RESERVE THE RIGHT to ridicule PUBLIC figures. (5) Downloading an IMAGE so you can share it in *your* PICTURES is not only wro ng, it actually BREAKS THE FACEBOOK TERMS of Service. I share other people's stuff so t hat THEY GET CREDIT and, should you like it, you CAN GO VISIT THEIR STUFF. If you break that you break the system and ROB OTHERS of appreciating where you REALLY got it. (6) More to be added as needed. We're starting with no tags. Don't be tagged(.. .)". I liked that, sense of justice, Taran: this is why we had preferred, USE, in ou

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