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Many promotional mailings such as catalogs. your goals. A lift letter is always used in addition to the regular letter in the mail package. Lift letter: Letter added to a direct-mail promotion package to lift (increase) response. The original envelope package is the one with a lift letter. minimally. . List brokers provide lists that. coupons. sex. 2. lift letters are in the 5 x 6-inch range. or businesses that are “going green”. Additionally. Example If you wanted to reach consumers who subscribe to National Geographic magazine. then you would need the services of one of helpful list brokers. promotional offers and credit offers utilize lists purchased through list brokers. List brokers do not have readymade lists if they are truly 'brokers'. "If you've decided not to order.1. etc. also called publisher letter. This larger-than-normal size lift letter measures 8 x 10-inches. Here’s how we work: list brokers listen to you while you discuss your project. Typically. then they get to work researching the best lists to fit your needs. please read this. lists may include additional information such as age. They then present you with a proposal and you can decide how and when to move forward. your budget and your timeline. List broker A list broker acts as an agent for those who wish to conduct direct marketing campaigns via direct mail. For example. email or telemarketing. Most list brokers should give a client a set of options or 'lists' to consider using in their campaigns." This is a common technique that does not add significantly to the cost of the mailing. a person wrote about the two distinct versions of a subscription solicitation envelope package mailed by Archaeology Magazine. it may be a note signed by the publisher a small and enclosed in envelope saying. Example A few days ago. contain a prospect's name and contact information. The overall design and copy are much different and both packages use different components.

communicate with the customer in a number of ways and gather customer intelligence for marketing purposes. adding extra legroom for seats occupied by frequent fliers or opening a separate checkout lane for loyalty members) • Providing ancillary services or additional amenities (such as pre boarding an airplane or delivering wine. A good rewards system. 2. issuing requests for quotations. Examples Tailoring products and services based on customers’ preferences (for example. Once upon a time managing a loyalty system would have been a nightmare. Purchase cycle: Frequency with which an inventory item is ordered or consumers by a good or service. Selecting suppliers. newspapers. or fruit in hotel rooms) • Offering a specialized customer service line or Web site for members • Helping members get the most of out of their expenditures by using the members’ transaction history and profile data to create unique promotions A company’s analysis should identify whether there are ways to use a loyalty program to more effectively differentiate the products and services it provides. Not only do reward cards and loyalty systems offer incentive to customers to return to your store. 4. but with modern technology and the latest in point of sale software. this is no longer the case. with the right pos software behind it allows the retailer to increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases. receiving and .3. Receiving and analyzing purchase requisitions. Purchasing Cycle: The Purchasing cycle consists of the following steps: 1. finding potential suppliers. Loyalty system A customer loyalty system is a marketing tool used more and more in today’s competitive retail world. they can provide valuable information to the retailer about customer buying habits.

and selecting the right supplier. 7. For example. but recently I have split ordering twice weekly . List rental Purchase of a list for one-time use. Our members are profiled in considerable depth. An arrangement in which a list of names and addresses of possible customers is rented by one company or organization from another or the amount paid for this: Direct mail to those RSC members willing to receive materials could not be easier. pharmaceuticals). combined with stock on hand converted to number of periods (months) on hand. Most list rentals are delivered to the list user on Cheshire labels or in magnetic tape format. Approving supplier's invoice for payment. the other two on Thursdays. Urgent orders can be picked up in other branch orders from our overseas head office. 6. we distribute spare parts for road construction equipment. List rental agreements are arranged for the list owner by list broker most lists are rented on a net name arrangement at a rate of about $50/thousand. For regular moving items. For example. 3. 4. industrial. and to "top up to maximum stock from reorder point (if required). Also. You may request refined name selections on several bases. through effective targeting.two of our four branches on Monday's. chromatography). employment category (e. Determining the right price. and transferred locally. I head purchasing in a weekly purchasing cycle (routine) per branch. divisional or subject specialization (e. Only those willing to accept direct mail are . You can select names in fine detail to minimize wastage and maximize your potential customer's interest.analyzing quotations. by air freight I purchase only for sales requirements.g. 5.g. or geographical location. Following up to assure delivery dates are met. Issuing Purchase Orders. I use average rolling periodic (monthly) forecasts. Receiving and accepting goods. 5.

using the same selection process outlined above.g. It usually requires two files.. Analytical) Employment areas(e. the size of each label. Microsoft Word) are capable of performing a mail merge. spreadsheet. so there is no wastage of your budget. state. fellow. city. pharmaceuticals) Membership level (e. Running a mail merge with the two files results in a set of labels. mailing labels.g. one storing the variable data to be inserted.made available. Traffic builder: A promotional tactic using direct mail. the mail merge would combine this letter with a list of recipients to produce one letter for each person in the list.g. For labels. For example. 6. member. Most major word processing packages (e. and the type of printer you will use to print the labels. address. Industrial. with each label formatted according to the information in the main document. Mail Merging: A mail merge is a method of taking data from a database. or other form of structured data. graduate) Geographical area Age Electronic direct mail is now an option selecting from those members who have agreed to be contacted by this method. for example. 7. and inserting it into documents such as letters. you would construct a source document containing the addresses of the people you wish to print labels for and a main document that controls where each person's name. and the other containing both the instructions for formatting the variable data and the information that will be identical across each result of the mail merge. one for each entry in the source document.500 chemists and focus upon the precise audience you require using any combination of criteria:      Membership divisions (e. The main document would also contain information about how many labels are on a page. You can select from a pool of 47.g. . you might include instructions to insert the name of each recipient in a certain place. in a form letter. You can also print a set of mailing labels or envelopes by doing a mail merge. designed to draw customers to the sender's location or store. the size of the sheet of paper the labels are attached to. and name tags. and zip code will go on the label.

. 866 or 855. Toll-free numbers can be dialed directly to your business or personal telephone line.the initial part of the introduction. 800. Opening . store. 877. "the opening established the basic theme" For example: Example of the teaser trailer was the one for the Superman film by Richard Donner. 8. 888. An attention-getting opening presented at the start of a television show. Toll-free numbers allow callers to reach businesses and/or individuals without being charged for the call. the newer Star Wars films and the Spider-Man films. For example: Planet M music retail store organise one event called “DJ Maja” to increase the traffic in their website use multimedia. Second example of SAREGAMA. Toll-free numbers are very common and have proven successful for businesses.Promotional campaign or special attractions aimed at increasing the number of shoppers passing through a shopping area. particularly in the areas of customer service and telemarketing. 9. Teaser: An advertisement that attracts customers by offering something extra or free. or website. Toll free number: Toll-free numbers are numbers that begin with one of the following three-digit codes: 1800. the Disney/Pixar film Cars. The charge for using a toll-free number is paid by the called party (the toll-free subscriber) instead of the calling party. mall. videos and songs to increase the website traffic. Recent examples of major motion picture events that used teaser trailers to gain hype are the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Toll-free service provides potential customers and others with a “free” and convenient way to contact businesses.

For example: SBI bank 24 hours ATM service toll free number is 1800 112211 Dena bank 24 hours ATM service toll free number is 1800 225086 Corporation bank 24 hours ATM service toll free number is 1800 425 2407 Reliance Big TV toll free number is 1800 200 9001 10. . for example) into more easily processed components. function. Computer Science To analyze or separate (input. and syntactical relationship of each part. Parse: To break (a sentence) down into its component parts of speech with an explanation of the form.