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Published by the SDDC 598th U.S. Army Transportation Group
Volume 6, Number 9, October 2007

Photo by Spero Pekatos
■ MS Chapman discharging containers in the Port of Astakaos, Greece,

1957 - 2007
50 years of
U.S. Military
Port Operations at Transportation
Astakos, Greece via BENELUX ports
Pages 5 - 6 Pages 6 -11

October 2007 . Views and opinions expressed in this electronic newsletter are not necessar- ily those of the U. force protection and grammar. activities and operations of the 598th Transportation Group.dejong2@us. All photo’s. to fit available space. are U. We reserve the right to edit all material for style.and enjoy the bright images of those we or call DSN 362-2460 or Com- mercial +31 10 4592460 ■ My sister-in-law Nancy and brother Bill Cobb with their grandchil- dren during Christmas 2005. to resolve libel. This is the digital age of photography so most of mine are Volume 6.who can include your husband.we pop them October 2007 onto our computer screens --. SDDC 598th Trans Gp overseas.S. Number 9 on a CD-ROM or an external hard drive. Government. Our families or the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command. Cobb Commander 1190th DSB 598th TRANS Just a few quick notes away from the normal “Commander’s Corner” topics: TRIBUNE Sometimes we are too lazy to put up a simple frame of photographs in our office. kids. authorized under Army Regulation 360. Army photo’s.S. Command Affairs Bram de Jong Asst Editor/CAO Martin Weteling Forward input for this newsletter to the Editor via e-mail bram. Depart- ment of Defense. Cobb Command Sergeant Major Maryeva Beesley Editor Chief.are what keep us 81 and is published quarterly by Chief. friends. It’s quick --. 598th Trans Tribune . From the Commander ■ Colonel Janet L. Department of the Army. Commander Colonel Janet L.Page 2 . The constant fun and activity of our Rotterdam Military Com- SDDC 598th TRANS TRIBUNE munity families. unless otherwise noted. The 598th Trans Tribune provides information of people. friends and kids prompted me to share two of my own This newsletter is an official publication photos with you. neighbors and of course our pets --. Command Affairs. wife.

Staff Sgt. The other wee folk are Samuel Cobb Kennis. Jermaine Dompig. The fantastic Halloween celebration put on by MWR and our FRG brought out boatloads of kids this year! The turnout of costumed youngsters.October 2007 .Page 3 . Mark Friends’ Girlfriend. Kudos to Ines Nargang and Donna Rucks of the MWR staff. 10th Sustainment Brigade. to include but not limited to: Masja LaRue. Renee Handyman. Sohraya Ghazi’s Cousin. Dexter Nelams. Definitely one of the best Haunted Houses I’ve ever screamed my way through. Scott is currently assigned as Battalion Chap- lain to HHD. Kavaughuya Smith. Many of the adults --. What a blast! The Rotterdam Military Community is truly blessed to have this support group in place ■ ■ Chaplain (1st Lieutenant) Scott Kennis was commissioned as one of the Army’s newest chaplains on 31 Aug 07 at Fort Jackson. He is the husband of my niece.strong in the service of our Army. Christy. Martie Blanton and her FRG volunteers and MWR Director Ray Landrau.26 Oct 07 598th Trans Tribune . Anna Cate Kennis and Mary Caroline Kennis. Edward Handyman. Lori Holland. Mark Ghazi. Nabiha Sir and Boyfriend. There was plenty of food. Gary Rucks and 1190th mem- bers. Catharine Russell. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to finish that project and to all the ghouls who populated it. Capt. Cieara Nelams. their families and friends increased the fun factor a hundred-fold. 548th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. Matt Grant. Dallas Brannon. well-organized games for the kids and a safe environment for shar- ing the Halloween tradition. New York.came down with “costume fever.” The Haunted House was simply incredible. our nation and our freedom. a USO band. Julie Shaw.even dogs! --. SC. Major Jesse Cavalier Halloween with the ‘Rotterdam Community’ 598th Transportation Group . Drew Meyers. ■ Photo by Sgt. who is shown holding Isabella Grace. 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum. Alicia Meyers. Miquel Delima. Stacy Nelams.

The members also toured the artificial harbor at Arromanches. France. 27-29 Sep 07. There is also an excellent website entitled “BATTLEMIND”.June 6. The Battlefield Staff Ride provided excellent lessons in understanding the core Army values of courage and commitment. Four training briefs are available for Leaders. National Guard/Reserves. Distribution Brigade (598th Trans Gp). paratrooper got his parachute entangled in the church steeple during the 82nd Airborne Division’s drop behind enemy lines. They also help Sergeant Major families to cope when a service member is deployed or rede- Maryeva Beesley. key to the logistics operations that contrib- uted to the allies’ success in the invasion of Normandy. and illustrated the vital role of logisticians on the battlefield ■ ■ Members of the Normandy Battlefield Staff Ride at the “Iron Mike” Statue. The home Corner page for this website states that the goal of their training “is to develop a realistic preview. Operations Officer Members of the 598th Transportation Group and the 838th Transportation Battalion took part in a Battlefield Staff Ride to Normandy. For more information go to www. ment and redeployment. Carrigan. 598th Trans Tribune . to study the history of “Operation Overlord. Command follow on assignments or to return to their civilian lives. This site was an amazing feat of ingenuity.S. and click on the heading for “Battlemind” Then select either Spouse or Soldier and have a look at the information available for dealing with Pre and Post Deployment. It was there that a U. We have plans set in place to Major’s receive those coming back and those departing and we can al- ways count on our Family Readiness Group for support.battlemind. At the same time the 1190th Have a good month and as always “Stay Safe”. 1944. ting ready to receive our Soldiers and Civilians back from their current mission in South West Asia.October 2007 . of the stresses and strains of deployment on Soldiers and families. Deployment Support Brigade Soldiers will leave Rotterdam for CSM Maryeva Beesley Normandy Staff Ride By Maj. Highlights of the tour included visits to Utah Beach and Omaha Beach. in briefing form. This website also has other information and links that will help us to cope with the changes of deploy- The 598th Transportation Terminal Group in Rotterdam is get. The briefings are designed to help Soldiers and their Command families adjust to their changing environments. The group also visited the small French town of Sainte-Mère-Eglise. A lot of changes are in store for all of us. Kevin C. While there. members viewed the beach- es and bluffs that the allied forces stormed on D-Day .Page 4 . and By families. 598th Trans Gp.” the Allied invasion that would lead to the liberation of Europe from the Nazi dictatorial regime during WWII. We all know that these are very stressful time periods 1190th Deployment and it is nice to know that there is a place to go for help. How will everyone cope? Sergeant The military has several ways to make this transition/reintegra- tion period as easy as possible.

Page 5 . The port authority explained that due to a lack of suf- everyone to make the change. Due to NEW restrictions the Greek East Coast port of Stylis. The Navy took a little longer. Turkey. Greece. They felt there would be numerous problems with fore we began any of the import vessels. our own home office would need to remain open for overlooking lots of open pier space and vessel berths with a deep a long time. discovered that another ammunition export mission to Lebanon. working with MSC and EUCOM and In June 2007. George Kokonos was going to supervise the mission in Astakos and I would supervise the Ashdod mis- George agreed with me.Port Operations at Astakos Greece Article and photos by Spero Pekatos. Greece “This port would be great for ammo transshipments. we received a schedule that worked. We had come to survey this private port on the west By August. at for the movement of 690 containers. SDDC Greece Detachment Terminal Manager. Since we would be working in both ports at the there were no vessels in port. we went draft of 46 feet. The Greek Coast Guard has always provided first can delay operations due to the vessels heaving to and fro. and having only a total of nine personnel. one class force protection for us during previous missions and this vessel may be delayed which requires the other one to wait. We would a week. Numerous mission and to formally request host nation support for force obstacles make these types of operations difficult. In the past few years we had done some sion. this schedule would not be supportable. approximately two vessels stuffing. we had worked (that we had been expecting to occur). 598th Trans Tribune . one week out. received a new schedule from MSC that was going to be much ing these operations here from Souda Bay. providing port services in Astakos result. who was standing next to me overlooking the port of Astakos. ammo transshipments for cargo to/from CONUS going to/from We went to the DAO (Defense Attaché Office) at the U. ■ Loading the MS Chapman at the Port of Astakos. George Kokonos and I started to call various agencies now have to actually close operations in the home terminal for and offices to discuss the idea of moving to Astakos. Eventually. Safety Office in Souda Bay Crete was somewhat skeptical in the there was going to be a small export mission out of Ashdod be- beginning. Spyros Vogiatzis. The port was funded and owned in the thick of planning for the mission. just three large gantry cranes same time. Greece. Terminal Director SDDC Greece Detachment. we began to have a few problems. The last few operations had been Embassy in Athens Greece to get the appropriate waivers for the done skin to skin. everyone was agreed that this George Kokonos.” I told the port. Bad weather protection.S. The port is also located far from any populated to our parent battalion. Bulgaria and Israel. and ing it in a port instead of in stream. George Kokonos com- by a private company and was just recently completed. and the equipment available (onboard or floating cranes) makes it very slow going. would be the best place to execute the mission. two days. The Explosives through the port of Piraeus. was going to happen with loads of 10 and 15 containers at a time. We wondered when more ambitious. Then we discovered. We then mission destined for Ashdod Israel and would need to be trans. Chief of Operations. the SDDC Liaison Officer to EUCOM was on. Fortunately this did not impact any cargo moving board right away. we heard the first rumblings of a large ammo the port authority. once they visited myself to check cargo and supervise the discharge of the cargo. During our visit. Theofanis Skepetaris would in Ashdod Israel. movement and loading of ammo containers. the port is still not very well utilized. the phones. shipped en route in September 2007. and Ashdod. in Souda Bay Crete. in stream. receiving vessels almost on a daily basis at the next one might take place and would we be able to convince times. persons in Ashdod. the shipment would be split onto six different go with a representative from the battalion S-3 to oversee the vessel loads over a four week period. However. ficient stevedores in the region. was going to be no different. As a pleted two requests for OTOs. along with us and MSC. In the past. This mission called during our first week of operations in Astakos and Ashdod. leaving only our System Administrator to monitor Deane Swickard. One week out. We planned only two doing such a large ammo operation and were not keen on locat. details of the mission were firming up and we were coast of Greece in early 2007. additional personnel. First we George and I talked about the efficiencies we would gain mov. the 839th Transportation Battalion for areas. Continuing to view the port of Astakos.October 2007 . We didn’t have long to wait.

Mike Pittas. things were also going well. Chief of Documentation. accom- NC. and the port authority to quickly discover where the problem was and solve it. POVs. one day before we were to begin operations in Astakos. Terminal Manager. Tony Escalona and by the Greek Government. These containers had to be destined for nearby ammo depots. The crew in Astakos met this challenge and ensured the Chapman was complete and on its way to Israel. Finally. George did a magnificent job of Sgt. inputting WPS. restart- ing again on the 16th of September and finishing on the 21st.000 dollars for the US Government was achieved by storing the containers awaiting transshipment on a pier instead of on a vessel. While we were working in Astakos. The last of deployed personnel returned on 24 September. John Dimakos was busy at the home terminal. It was just another month for the SDDC Greece Detachment ■ 598th Trans Tribune . 1st Class Charles Martin from the 839th Transportation coordinating between the DAO. The Jewish New Year brought a break to the operation for five days. EUCOM. routinely beginning at 2230 hours. the various Greek Ministries. This allowed trucks to make more than one run. George Kokonos discovered. and timely. Also the load needed to be redistributed for vessel stability and to spread the cargo far enough to allow two gangs and cranes to discharge her in Ashdod. receiving and shipping ■ Loading containers with ammunition on the MV Chapman at the port of Astakos. SDDC Greece Detach- the port authority that required waivers had not been granted ment. This discharge was not going to be that simple. no injuries. Harris Vaziourakis. explains the operation to Sgt. The plan was for us to do manual tallies of the cargo and then have our documentation folks in Astakos update WPS and FMS. translating it to a word document that we could make last minute changes to and print in Israel. No documentation personnel would be deployed to Israel. There was a require- ment to have the first 60 containers to discharged in Ashdod. ensuring all WPS inputs for all three ports were correct mentation in Astakos. and with guidance from John Kyzirakos.October 2007 . In Israel.Page 6 . Now we were going to need to create manifests and other vessel papers prior to the vessel leaving. custom clearing cargo. and plishing many administrative tasks that were required. the remaiing five vessel loads went smoothly. From this point on. The System the first vessel was to be the Chapman. No accidents. solved the problem by creating the vessel papers ahead of time. concluding this multi-port operation. Vessel operations oc- curred at night. meeting published sailing times. Mike would update WPS by phone upon completion. who was work- It was now 1 September and we were finally starting operations. We were going to discharge 474 containers in Astakos. from ■ George Kokonos. This operation enhanced the relationship the SDDC Greece Terminal has with its custom- ers in Israel and the port authorities in Astakos and Ashdod. Carl Smeltz assisted as much as possible. Maj. A savings of over 600. ing as an MCS in Astakos. monitored all this from ■ Mike Pittas from the Greece Detachment working the docu. Battalion. one of our documentation special- ists. Astakos. Administrator. send the remainder of the cargo for discharge in Ashdod. and over 1250 movements at three ports in two countries. This meant that more than the 474 containers that were going to stay in Astakos for follow on vessels would need to be discharged and then be reloaded. loaded in Sunny Point. as they would all be needed in Astakos.

Gelderen. the Deputy Chief of Mission of the U. The following luncheon was enjoyed by all. Com- mander of SDDC. and to our host Commander Van this luncheon at the Van Ghentkazerne. The event was hosted on behalf of the Dutch Marines.50 YEARS U. The focal point at the formal part of the event was Colonel Janet L. Embassy. the many strategic and technological changes in the ports be- fore and after the Cold War and SDDC’s planned move to the Marine Barracks in Rotterdam. for the com- bination of good food and an opportunity to informally exchange views and plans. On behalf of her command she received tokens of appre- ciation from the City of Rotterdam. Belgium and the United States commemorated 50 years of U.S. ■ Representatives of NDTA. Harbers. military transportation via the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Van Ghentka- zerne.S. thanked all Authorities. Rotterdam and Antwerp Port Au- Captain Verbist. the Rotter- dam Alderman for the port and represen- tatives of the Antwerp and Rotterdam Port ■ Colonel Janet L.October 2007 . Among the distinguished guests were a former Dutch Secretary of Defense. the Rotterdam Port Alderman. U. by Commander Van Gel- deren and organized with the assistance of the NDTA. U.S.Gen.S. Cobb. Cobb. President of the National Defense Trans- portation Association closed the formal session with a presentation in reference to what NDTA may provide for Government and civilian logisticians. 598th Transportation Terminal Group (Rear). Vice President at Large. Mrs. a Dutch Congressman. harbourmaster of Ant- thorities.■ 598th Trans Tribune . Colonel Cobb expressed her gratitude and presented a plaque to Mr. officials of The Netherlands. Commander of the 598th Trans Gp (Rear) . the Port of Rotterdam and the Dutch Marines. Dutch and Belgian military representatives for their great support over the years. Army and other institutes attended werp. European Region. U. Embassy. The speakers referred to the many years of close cooperation. Army (Ret) Ken Wykle. Rotterdam City Hall. and several other institutions.S.S. Lt. Van Iersel of the Port of Rotterdam. U.S.Page 7 . MILITARY TRANSPORTATION VIA BENELUX PORTS By Lou Woutersen. NDTA European Region During a luncheon at the Rotterdam Neth- erlands Marine Corps Base on 11 Octo- ber. Chief of Staff. Coast Guard.

striving to provide the best support to each other to support the NATO soldiers.. Army cargo through water ports.S. Army Public Affairs Officer (Retired) asked some former leaders for their most exciting experiences Jack L. I.sebacher@stanleyassociates.S. handling U. military. Germany and Rot- terdam.Page 8 . to July 1985.50 year U. who were in the Army. Personnel from the Rotterdam office also handled the import and export of U. vessel load ammuni. I never saw it.S. Army presence in Rotterdam and Antwerp! The Bremerhaven Port of Embarkation activated the subports. This mission is presently handled by the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC 598th Transportation Group). Army cargo in the the Port of Antwerp. MTMC Benelux Terminal during the period June 1983 Colonel. barge and trucking to Major Ralph I.S. tion at EEMSHAVEN. This was the of a phone bill for us. Army (Retired) My most exciting experiences The most exciting period of command at Benelux Terminal was Ralph I.October 2007 . Ports used for these exercises were Antwerp. This was the first activitiy which supported the U. I have many great memories of our The NDTA Benelux Chapter was an excellent association of time in Rotterdam. and the U. rience of working with during my entire Army career. U.S. The Bremerhaven Port of Embarkation was established in Bremerhaven. The Director of Operations from 1980-1984 Amsterdam exercise was conducted during the winter months of 1985 with lots of snow and ice falling during the entire exercise. and Amsterdam. a Present status DOD I retired from active duty on 1 October 1995. commercial rail. Forces in the Central European Theater of Operations. They were the four best years out of my 30 folks from Belgium. as the Chief of 598th Trans Tribune . along with Roger Ma. Planning included: the use of com- 1980-1984 mercial ports. R. Rotterdam. Transportation Group. This was the first time the Dutch let us do this in the Nertherlands. and government many Nationalities. My most exciting experiences The other exciting experience was the great relations that we Calling the Commander or his operations officer every AM for fostered being the German work force at MTMC Rhine River all the ports under MTMC Europe control must have been a hell Outport and the Dutch work force at Rotterdam. as the 17th Major Port on 7 June 1945.S. The Netherlands. 598th Colonel.S.S. Riley was the Commander. most professional multi national work force that I had the expe- guire worked the Dutch MOD to let a U. when they worked in the BENELUX. I met and worked with some great people of commercial transportation and ports. Sebacher filled the role as the MTMC TTCE move equipment from the Benelux countries to Germany. U. Riley 1983-1985 Lieutenant Colonel Jack L. highway. Germany . Present status Vice President for Army Programs for Stanley Associates Inc. Sebacher the planning and execution of three REFORGER exercises in a two year period. Mannheim. The Netherlands in 1957.. Bram de Jong.

riley3@us. The Thanksgiving dinner hosted by MWR and the families while we were preparing for Desert Storm was ■ Photo by Bram de Jong.S. headquartered in Alexandria. My email address is Rick J.. Non-Commissioned Officers and Civilians worked in positions of leadership far above their pay-grade with multi-na- My most exciting experiences tional teams and quickly demonstrated their expert capabilities My most memorable experience was working with the MTMC. and Canadian military. during Operation Desert events that focused on Hails and Farewells. Rhine River Detachment (RDD) to Bram. What a Morale Booster! I remember Leen Brand cooking at the Cadi. memories. civilian. Rick Barnaby. commanded by Col. His breakfast “Toasties” were outstanding. to support our power projection Army in multiple deployment Colonel. to deploy job done but almost all of the key players went on to advance- the 7th Corp from Europe to Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm. the other big event was the falling of the Berlin Wall and the resulting logistics operations that followed. 598th Trans Gp PAO beyond 598th Trans Tribune . I went to work for Stanley Associates.S. The major task in this job is to manage war reserve stocks loaded on Navy RO-RO or judor@aol. Virginia.S.1990 The Desert Shield and Storm experience of guiding an inter- I was Director of Personnel for national team that loaded 172 ships in 70 days was one of the MTMC Europe (1988-1990) highlights of my military career. No matter what the requirement we had a magnificent team of Sterbling leaders and a superb combined staff that accomplished every- thing. You should give Leen a privileged parking permit at the front door to unload his food! Next to Desert Storm.S.1992 Your editor needs more time for research to write about this It was my good fortune to be Detachment in a later Trans Tribune. Inc. Not only did they get the Europe Team. >>> and memories that will never fade.. scenarios and OCONUS locations. pictures about 10 July 1992. National Security. Army I have traveled the world and have had the opportunity to (Retired) reacquaint myself with many friends still working in the trans- portation and shipping There were many memorable experiences: Desert Shield and U. john. stories.Page 9 . Army (Retired) Desert Storm. SC. Present status I am the Staff Director for Military Personnel and Administra- tion for the Defense Logistics Agency My e-mail address is Phillip. Provide Hope and Provide Comfort and more. Of course the SDDC Rhine River Detachment in Mannheim. and family members together on a regular My most exciting at the house. 1988 . Fort Eustis. Our U. MTMC Europe made a difference in many lives and in U. all over Europe and the Middle East.dejong2@us. the Commander of MTMC-Europe from 3 August 1990 to Forward your comments. After retirement. While I was assigned to MTMC-Europe we had regular social ■ Port of Rotterdam. Colonel. The ment and positions of great responsibility and some even had the team work and dedication of the entire MTMC workforce was experience of doing another deployment 10 years or so later to superb. Steel Box. and Ethnic Shield Observances. Virginia with duty station in Charleston. It was an experience that created lifelong friendships the same geographic area.Staff. In conjunction with this job U. Beatrixhaven. Dutch. These events served as a way to bring US.October 2007 .the movement of the Gas Munitions Philip out of Europe. Barnaby Germany celebrates its 50 years anniversay as well!! 1990 . Dutch and Canadian and Chief of Staff (1990-1992) Officers.

signments to Rotterdam --. It was a magical time for we saw the future leaders being developed and experts in all of our critical areas creating and innovating for the benefit of a massive deployment of troops and equipment. Defense Logistics Agency Office of Operations Research and First and foremost was the incredible display of teamwork and Resource Analysis. but for me personally very important. as we faced innumerable challenges. half the globe. After the war was over and we were into the redeployment we thanked them all with a briefing and reception and told them how good they were at the ship loading and port operation business. Beatrixhaven -. and operation- U.Loading helicopters during Op- We are located in Ballston Va.Many of our team have become lifelong friends and I treasure that. the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations that happened for us and around us were just awesome. It seemed that everyone saw the challenges at hand and rose to the occasion. and the commercial firms who Harpole executed the transportation mission. Army al issues which arose at a mind numbing pace. It was a partnership which I believe was only possible because of the close and continuing professional and personal relationships which developed over 1991 – 1992 time and were greatly facilitated by professional organizations Deputy Commander. when she visited us in 1995 and was able to participate in events marking the 50th Anniversary of the end of My most exciting experiences that conflict. cultural. MTMC Europe incredible courtesy and kindness shown to my mother. not only the shear volume of materiel that we were moving back and forth across Colonel. Present status I am the Manager of the National Highway Institute. one of the agencies that is part of the US Department of Transportation. but also the host of legal. from DC. ■ Rotterdam. When we were all working 12 to 14 hour shifts the families brought in dinner on many of the evenings. both military and civilian of more than a dozen nation- alities. Second was the amazing partnership that developed between Telephone: (Work) 804-279-3344 self-sacrifice displayed by each and every MTMC Europe em (Mobile) 571-243-2717 and E-Mail: jan. The other part of the equation that made this all possible was the support from the families and MTMC-EUR Community ■ Photo by Bram de Jong. One of my best memories of NDTA Benelux Chapter are the briefings before and after Desert Storm. exciting and rewarding experiences of my two as.S. the techni- cal training arm of the Federal Highway Administration. However. It was an extraordinarily moving experience for It would be impossible for me to list in this short paragraph all her and helped me better understand what a significant impact the positive. My e-mail is rick.experiences which have both enriched my life and made an indelible imprint upon my view Present status of the 598th Trans Tribune .Page 10 . host governments. after considerable thought three things Jan Hess Harpole is the Contingency Operations Manager of always return to the top of my list. We initially gath- ered the group on a Saturday afternoon and outlined what was to happen for the Deployment as we went from 9 to 18 ports in 2 weeks and they all gave us their unbelievable support. was the Commander. the shared experiences of that time have on our world today. (Retired) Jan H.harpole@dla. 598th Trans Gp PAO throughout all of the operations. a World and Southwest Asia War II veteran.October 2007 . Leen in the Caddi was there before the sun came up every day with strong coffee and great food throughout the day. MTMC Europe 1994 – 1996 And finally. such as NDTA. just across the Potomac River eration Desert Shield. ployee.barnaby@fhwa.

(Retired) I decided to make it the best party ever. to get it right industry to maintain the cooperation that is necessary for world- in the end. One of the events planned during that time.S. immediately assigned me the “esteem honor” of putting together that they were real –lasting across the decades. VA.Page 11 . I was reminded of just how important it is to stop 1994-1997 and recognize the progress that has been made to date. Colorado Springs. and have been working been there. These people were. and other interesting venues. ries of Rotterdam. Wood importantly. sional employees of any organization in the world. My wife Carmen and I were extremely Though principally a briefer and an action officer for the 598th Trans Tribune . but My most exciting experiences one really stands out.S. and am currently in my first year of Seminary at the Virginia Theo- 1992-1993 logical Seminary (Episcopal) in Alexandria.S.October 2007 . When I returned to Europe 12 years later as the Commander of the 37th Present status TRANSCOM. The from barges to the mother ship that was anchored in the Thames Azores and the Middle East to visit our military and civilian away from the port. After swallowing a little humble pie. Capelle aan den Ijssel. good food. My com- toward the same goal. Army question.sowers@us.” Sowers Present status I retired in Feb 07 as the Chief of Staff of the 3d COSCOM. and met some of the most the most memorable trips was a month in Rochester England interesting people ever.there will always manders were COLs Tom Brown. As St Augustine reminds Susan R. Not knowing one thing about ship board employees. live music. and lots of Saudi/US attendees – it turned out to be a great time. We attended all I was permitted to travel a few times outside the HQ. The NTDA Benelux Chapter always did a wonderful job in Most often. utter professionalism and a spirit of for the past six years at the Joint Personal Property Shipping Of- cooperation. “This” is what I love about the Army. they made our joint mission of deploying Germany. the organization and the wonderful people. we are never really trained or prepared for doing a promoting the vital link between the military and commercial job – but we have the “right stuff.wood@jppso-cos. anniversary of the liberation of The Netherlands. S. With my recent completion of a Masters of Science in Transportation this operation was a joint effort. Bottom line – it all happened through My most exciting experiences relationship and trust – it is that bond that will enable us to do It is very difficult to mention only a few of my cherished memo- anything together in the future. you can imagine my reaction when Command I was attached to a reserve TPU from New Hampshire.the Richard. With friendship. both military and Dutch civilians. Jan Harpole and Kirk Miyake. Army Transportation Group (then MTMC that is possible as a result of the whole team working together Europe) Sergeant Major from July 1994 to July 1997. ships . fortunate and happy to be a part of the celebration of the 50th tions Division when I returned from those five months in Saudi.Colonel. but sometimes. it’s more important to pause and recognize the team. and class customer support and Captain whose first job was to I would love to hear from my old friends! deploy to Saudi (Dammom) to work at the Port for the redeployment of Desert Storm equip- ment. With Richard decorations throughout. fice. More Without U. One thing is for sure . progress I was the 598th U. be more work to do. luncheons and wonderful evening events at castles with my Dutch counterparts. Here again.” and each other. as the Safety Officer for an ammo vessel that we were loading I enjoyed my responsibility of traveling around Europe. near-beer. They deploy Since it was ammo and not just inert cargo. based units out of the Port at Antwerp to the port in Kuwait . there is nothing more valuable to be gained in life than (Retired) these bonds of respect. and they Sergeant Major. my Dutch friends remembered me like I had just I retired as a Command Sergeant Major. and provided me with a wonderful networking experience. and remain the most profes- operations. us: “Nothing is hard for love. and it was. both in employee and supervisory roles. I was assigned as an Army My email address is susan. Army a 400th ship loading party. We enjoyed some wonderful I will always treasure the teachers and the friends that I made port tours. love and trust. We con- vinced the Captain of the Cape Diamond to hold it on his ship – and we were able to bring in a rock band from the U. largest and most successful port operation since WWII. haul ammo off the barges. these kinds of assignments were always interesting. I quickly got smart at a moment’s notice and expertly perform their missions in an on the procedures for properly using the ship’s own cranes to ever-changing logistical arena. The best part of these relation.

■ The Port of Antwerp loaded with U.June 2000. 5 Present status ■ I now work part time as a consultant to The Howland Group. supporting company and all the other industries combined with the great operations in Croatia. 598th Trans Gp July 1998 . his Center at Rotterdam was working around the clock. WV with my wife.Colonel. and 14 goats. Victoria A. It was room and entering the great Port of Rotterdam by ship.October 2007 .Page 12 . Albania. We hosted many fine events with the first lady Present status Mayor of Capelle. also a great opportunity to renew old friendships such as Jean- The Kosovo Campaign kept everyone very busy. professionalism of the 598th is what made all our operations my driver. she was a great friend to the command and a Today I have the pleasure of being a faculty member of the wonderful speaker. Amsterdam as I traveled to our terminal operations at all of these locations. Italy. Industrial College of the Armed Forces. 598th Trans Gp PAO 598th Trans Tribune .2000 2002-2004 I was the Commander 598th I was the Commander. leignadierv@ndu. Hessen Noord-Natie.S. from June 2002 until July 2004. I rode the ship from Bremerhaven to able to work with world class professionals in transportation Rotterdam and really enjoyed the experience of living in a state supporting the largest movement of cargo since WWII. Army equipment to be Life is good in almost heaven. Inc in support of SDDC operations at the Port of Philadelphia. was kept busy taking me to and from the airport at such a success. shipped to Soutwest Asia. I live in Milton. Army U. Thompson Leignadier 1998 . U. West by God Virginia. Operation OIF in 2003. Colonel. My greatest experience while serving as commander was to be haven and Rotterdam. John Kamen. PA. Army (Retired) Tom E. The support of him. ■ Photo by Bram de Jong. The Operations Jacques Moyson. a cat. My most exciting experiences My most exciting experiences The USNS Watkins made it’s first overseas voyage to Bremer.S. and Turkey.S.

2007. 3 4 1. Frederick Boutte (right) reviews the 839th Unit Training Requirements with Sgt. The exercise was preceded by an alert drill which tested the unit’s ■ Staff personnel of the 598th Transportation Group tried out communication assets ability to contact its employees and give at the Van Ghentkazerne. ■ Photos by Roland Tanner (1 & 4) and Major Kevin Carrigan (2 & 3) 598th Trans Gp Operations Officer An Initial Command Inspection of the 839th Transportation Battalion was conducted from 9-12 October 2007. RFID. This was the second time vital that the 598th Trans Gp be prepared to relocate without degradation in its ability that the 598th Trans Gp has exercised this to fulfill the mission of supporting the warfighter. Management Support Assistant for the 839th. The inspection provided an initial assess- ment of the 839th’s strengths. Together the members of the 598th and the 839th came up with the solutions necessary to improve the unit’s readi- ness and its ability to conduct its global mission. 3. and Mark LaRue (left) discuss WPS. Italy.October 2007 . Robert King. MILSTAMP.Maj. Master Sgt. All emergency essential personnel were required to participate in the exercise to test the 598th’s ability to relocate and continue operations in an emergency situation.Page 13 . Over 20 personnel representing the primary staff plan. Tony Escalona (left). Kevin C. PLEX Chief. them emergency instructions. the 598th hopes to integrate more personnel with the inclusion of functions of the 598th participated in the support for other tenant units. 4. Carrigan. as well as identification areas of requiring improve- ment. 839th Transportation Planner.COOP exercise at Van Ghentkazerne By Major Jon Reeves. ICODES. Elise Holtan (right). ■ 839th Trans Bn receives a “Commendable” on the ICI By Maj. In the future. home of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps in Rotterdam. traveled to Livorno. to help facilitate the transition of the new Com. 1 2 mander. Alecia The 839th received ratings of Satisfactory Thomas (right) ensures that the 839th military personnel procedures comply with Army regulations with the assistance of Jeannette Truscelli or Commendable in all inspectable areas. The with an overall rating of Commendable ■ 598th CIP Team 598th Trans Tribune . Based on the continuing terrorist threat worldwide. it is COOP exercise. Staff Sgt. The 598th Inspection Team. made up of 15 members from all functional areas in the Group. 598th Trans Gp PAO Military and civilian members of the 598th Transportation Terminal Group conducted a Continuity of Operations (COOP) Exercise at the Van Ghent Kazerne.Col. The Nether- lands. (left). on October 26. Lt. 598th Trans Gp (Rear) ■ Photo by Bram de Jong. 2. TDRs and various other acronyms that are used in the port operations of the 839th Trans BN.

Col.Page 14 . Riddick. Visot (left ) and Col. 598th Trans Tribune . Westbrook.October 2007 . (Center). S3. Blanton. 4. Bonner 1. Marvin L. Maj. Commander 598th Trans Gp (Forward) and Command Sgt. Kotzman. 5 Brig. Sears. Deputy Commander 598th Trans Gp (Forward) and Maj. 3. NCODP with the Navy on Customs. Westbrook reenlists Sgt. Lt. 1st Class Simpson. Aucoin (Right) visited during Safety Day. Gen. Col. made by Master Sgt. West- brook. 6.Col. Col. 2. Westbrook reenlists Specialist Lovins. Lt. Col. Col. 598th Transportation Group Ash Shuaybah 1 2 4 5 6 3 Photos from SWA.

Marvin L.Page 15 . Licea award Staff Sgt. Aucoin and Command Sgt. Class members at Safety Day. Maj. 598th Transportation Group Ash Shuaybah More photos from 7 Master Sgt. 9. 10 and 11. 8 9 11 10 598th Trans Tribune . Col. Betts with an Army Commendation medal.October 2007 . Bonner 7. 8. Riddick awards Specialist Megary with the Army Commendation Medal. Agility Warehouse Tour. Maj. September 2007. 598th Trans Gp (Forward) Command Sgt.

Heater and defroster.Tires. . check the system. have it checked. . In heavy weather clean your lights often.the NO start miseries . .Keep your headlights on low beam for best visibility. 598th Trans Tribune . FOG: (slow down.Page 16 .Winter Driving in Europe By Rudy Magereij.6 mm) . . good visibility is essential. check for the correct pressure and tread depth (minimum 1. To avoid number one problem in winter time . .Is the radiator clean and leave free.Lights must operate at maximum efficiency.Check battery.Is the exhaust system in good condition and free of leaks? Check especially for blown gaskets. It is essential to both safety and comfort in winter. a time when winter driving in Europe soon must be reckoned with.October 2007 . keep your distance and use your lights) .Slowdown and put your lights on when traveling in fog or smog. leaking pipe constructions. even a new or well charged battery can quickly wear down in cold weather. .your engine must be in a good state of tune. .Clean your windows well. It helps to know your vehicle is winter road worthy. and is there enough antifreeze in it to provide the necessary protection? If in doubt about the strength of the antifreeze.Is the cooling system OK. 598th Safety Manager It is that time of the year again. and are the various hoses in good condition and clamped down tight? . and holes in muffler and tailpipe. so be certain they work properly.Maintain an adequate following distance. Pay special attention to: .