1. SERVICE DEFINATION………………..3 2. SERVICE IDEA………………………….4



4. FEATURES OF SERVICE.......................8



10. TERMS & CONDITION..........................24

11.CUSTOMER ACTIVATION…………...25 12.Future…………………………………….26 13.Management learning’s………………….27

Real Estate Business Services Public Administration..It’s business model which is purely based on providing a service by carrying a tiffinbox of customer from their home to their workplace. as water. appliances. They provide Tiffin to various customers from their home to their desired destination in mumbai. electricity. for supplying some accommodation required by the public: a television repair service. There are various services present in the market they are as follows:              Trade Hotels and Restaurants Railways Other Transport & Storage Communication (Post.. Though it looked very simple but time management played very huge role in it & it also has less chance for error. But still they are very successful in their business & it’s “A Real story of the Organization Which really shake all the Masters of Business Administration Experts !” 3 . employees. required or demanded by the public. Tiffin Carrier In India is known as “DABBAWALA”. SERVICE DEFINATION: The supplying or supplier of utilities or commodities. Telecom) Banking Insurance Dwellings. The organized system of apparatus. Defence Personal Services Community Services Other Services For this project I have select the “PERSONAL SERVICE” which is service of “MUMBAI DABBAWALAS”. or gas. etc.

Mahadeo Bachche.          . so a service was set up to bring lunch to these people straight from their homes. Later in 1930. started this service with only 100 men. SERVICE IDEA: HOW THE DABBAWALA SYSTEM STARTED?  It was the time when British were ruling the India. Bridges etc. 4 . New Government offices. There were no fast food chains like Mc’Donald or Pizza Hut which provide food in very less span of time. were being Constructed & lots construction was going on as part of city development programme. The present president of the association is Raghunath Medge. Slowly this evolved into the present 5000 strong Dabbawala System. he informally attempted to unionize the dabbawalas . His Colleagues too liked this idea and Started availing this service.Many British people who came to the colony did not like the local food. The comnmercial arm of this trust was registered in 1968 as Mumbai Tiffin carriers Association. Post Offices. In 1890. a charitable trust was registered in the name of Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Trust. A Parsi Banker employed a person to bring home made food to site of work because people always love to have fresh & homemade food which is good for their health.In 1956. This service was introduced in 1880.

000 Dabbas daily.Dabbawala is a person in Indian city of Mumbai who is employed in a unique service industry whose primary business is collecting the freshly cooked food in lunch boxes from the residence of office workers & delivering it to their respective work places and returning back the empty boxes by using various modes of transport. No strike for 116 years Icon Of Hard Work A management Guru          5 . There are total 5000 Dabbawala in Mumbai. WHO ARE DABBAWALAS ?  A dabbewala in Marathi . ISO 2000 Certified Most of employees working in organization are Illiterate. 00. They take Lecture in MBA institute due to their unique & innovative method of management.literally means box person. They are Six Sigma Certified. They carry 2. SERVICE & TARGET AUDIENCE: 1.

Annadan is Mahadaan. Mahadu Havaji Bacche Educated only up to Class 2 Started the Dabbawala System with a handful of 35 Dabbawala in 1890    Hon. Time is money. The Decedents of the Dabbawalas were the warriors in army of Chatrapati Shivaji Mahraj. Unity is Power. 6 . Serving People is serving god. BELIEVES OF DABBAWALA :       Work is Worship.2. FOUNDER OF DABBAWALA SYSTEM :    Hon. Dhondiba Medge Educated only up to class 4 Framed the Rules and Regulations of Dabbawala 3.

college aged children’s. of Dabbas:. 5.60Kms/ 70 Kms Employee Strength:. Affluent families for lunch to their school.5000 Mukhadhams:. for reasons of economy. 7 .00.Started in 1890 Charitable Trust.3 Hrs.85% Illiterate Total area Coverage:.000 transactions every day.635 No. entrepreneurs of small businesses. TARGET AUDIENCE :        Customer working in corporate. The range of customers includes students (both college and school). managers.000 Dabbas i. WHAT IS NUTAN MUMBAI TIFFIN BOX SUPPLIERS ASSOCIATION?         History.00.2. especially bank staff. rely on the dabbawala to deliver a home cooked mid-day meal. 4. Those who don’t want to go home during their lunch time. Time Taken:. hygiene.4.e. and mill workers. Many office workers who have cooked meal from their home or from caterers. Those who don’t want to pay for meal in café. They generally tend to be middle-class citizens who. caste and Dietary restrictions or simply because they prefer wholesome food from their kitchen.Registered in 1956 Education:.

Distance.m  Major features of supply chain : 1.Rs. Code of conduct.Nil Cost Of service:. 250.300 per Month Standard price for all (Weight. 6.9999 Performance 6. 30 Crore approximately Annual Turnover. 3. 0% Fuel 2. Food is taken from home or mess & is delivered at office. FEATURES OF SERVICE:  The features of their service is based on three point formula : 1. Hard work. 8 . Space) Rs.1 in 16 million transaction Six sigma Performance (99. 8. 4. 0% Modern Technology 3.  “Service Quality” factor provided by Dabbawalas : 1. “ No Strike” records as each one a share holder Earnings:. Discipline.4000 To 5000 P. 100% Customer satisfaction 7. 99. 0% Disputes 5. 2. 7. Error Rate:. 2.9999) Technological Backup:. 3. 0% Investment 4. 5.

3. the Dabbawalas discussed their problems and explored possible solutions. municipal corporation. No Alcohol Drinking during business hours  Organizational Flowchart Of Dabbawala : President Vice president 13 MEMBER General secretary Tresurer Director (9) Mukaadam Member (500) The Nutan Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers' Charity Trust had a very flat structure with only three levels. From the Governing Council. 5. The Governing Council held meetings once a month which were attended by the Mukadams and Dabbawalas. Reporting To Duty on time Behave Properly & respect the customers Carry Identity cards. etc. 1. the Governing Council. the Mukadams and the Dabbawalas . Wearing White Cap During business Hrs. The problems could be with the police. At these meetings. They also adjudicated disputes among 9 . Discipline: This is the important factor of their process which is decisive in their success. 2. a President and a Secretary were elected. 4. customers.

Following are the examples of coding system which is very simple to understand & to implement.Church gate 9:: Code for Dabbawala at Destination. E.Dabbawalas using their own system. EG. 1 E:: Code for Dabbawala Street at residential station VLP:: Residential Station Ville Parle 3:: Code for Destination station. Now using colour markers. Ex: Express towers ( Building name) 12:: Floor no.  Coding system:    Initial Coding System used colored threads to mark 7 Islands Then Utilized thrown away cotton waste from tailors. Although attrition rate is almost nil but still if some dabbawala leaves the organization for some or the other reason than he always finds his replacement so that work does not get disrupted. The Trust collected Rs.15 from each Dabbawala every month to maintain a welfare fund. It is not a written rule but they are following it for generations as they feel that they have some responsibility towards organization. 10 .. in the building. As it is quite understandable that members will play an active role in institution building if benefits which they derive far exceed the costs.G :.


That’s customer service. Also no need for parents to take their kids tiffin at school . 4. Save travelling : No need to travel by going home or to restaurant to have lunch. Sometimes. Affordable cost : Cost of service is 250 to 300 rs per month.Homemade lunch will be provide at desired destination in time. 3. 12 . 6. CUSTOMER BENEFITS FROM FEATURES: Customer will get benefit from this service which will help them to save their time & improve their health. So we can trust him. 8. 7. 2.she can cook a food properly within enough time before lunch & can provide very fresh & “GARMA GARAM “food to her family members. Threat of strike : “No Strike” records as each one is a share holder. It helps to improve their health & also keep energy ruining till afternoon. The dabbawalas even carry forgotten spectacles and mobile phones. So no need to carry along with us while returning to home. Empty Tiffin box : Dabbawala also take the empty tiffin box to the respective residence from destination. customers even send home their salary with the empty Tiffin box. 5. Fresh lunch : People & kids at office & school respectively get a homemade fresh cooked food during their lunch time instead of having packed lunch. Relief for housewives : Due to this service housewives don’t have to wake up early for making a tiffin box for their husbands & chidren. 1. This is very much affordable to everyone instead of losing money in filling fuel in vehicles & travelling by public transport. Identity : Each Dabbawala has his own identity card & also he is aware about particular area allotted to him.

2. The local dabbawala at the receiving and the sending ends are known to the customer personally. Use Suburban Railway Network which is fastest mode of transport in Mumbai city at an affordable price. 250 to 300 2. Known for time management and accuracy. 4. Referrals from friends and relatives 7. Flat structure 6. 13 .  Success factor : 1. Low cost delivery Rs. Value proposition for Dabbawala are as follows :  Uninterrupted services : 1. No dilution of service culture 8. not employees –Because each one is shareholder in an organization 4. Perceived equality ie. No strikes 5. People communicate between home and work by putting messages inside the boxes. Decentralization of work process 9. VALUE PROPOSITION: It is answer to customer question that why they should buy your product or service. Entrepreneurs. Cost of operation is same for any Tiffinbox 10. They are well accustomed to the local areas they cater to. 3. Delivery reliability – Because Error Rate 1 in 16 million transaction 3.

Included in a subject in Graduate School of Journalism University of California. 5. FM – Gold. Radio: • German Radio Network. The certificate is lying in cupboard eating dust. Radio City. SONY TV. Radio Mid-day. CNBC TV 18.2000 for Excellence in service. 2. CASE STUDY made by : • • • ICFAI Press Hyderabad & Bangalore Richard Ivey School of Business – Canada Also. MTV. Berkeley 3. Documentaries made by : • BBC . 2005 6. SAHARA SAMAY. Radio Mirchi. 14 . 8. Participated in “Deal Ya No Deal Contest” by Sony Entertainment Television Invited for marriage of Hon. NDTV. 7. BBC Radio. Prince Charles of England on 9th April. Achievements : 1. TV TOKYO. TV TODAY. Registered with Ripley's “ believe it or not”. Dabbawalas got ISO 9001. SCMHRD Nasik. ZEE TV. CII Delhi. 9. NIQR at Chennai 4. Invitations from : • CII for conference held in Bangalore. STAR TV.UTV. CNN. IIMA. Reddy’s Lab Foundation Hyderabad. Sadahana – Pune. Dr. World record in Best Time Management with Six Sigma rating. SCMHRD Pune.The only thing that they think is “ Error is Horror” Dabbawalas work with Great efficiency without caring for any certificates. Name in “GUINESS BOOK of World Records”. Rotary Club – Bangalore. Dabbawalas got six sigma . AAJ TAK. CII Cochin. IIML.Dabbawalas were invited to collect the six sigma certificate they did not know what it is made of Gold or Bronze.

how they retaliate the competition & emerged as toughest player in this business. 15 . Porters five force theory : It is included to show the industry competition in which Dabbawalas are operating.

& time management Low operation cost Customer satisfaction Low Attrition Rate  Weaknesses: • • • High dependability on local trains Funds for the association Limited Access to Education  Opportunities • • Wide range publicity Catering  Threats • • • • • Indirect competition is being faced from caterers like maharaja community Indirect threats from fast foods and hotels Change in timings Company transport Ticket restaurant 16 . team spirit. SWOT analysis : It is included to show the customer their various aspects of internal & external environment.  Strengths: • • • • • Simplicity in organization with Innovative service Coordination.

theoretical legacy in the design No use of computer technology Coding system Decentralized at the group level Workday schedule 30-35 deliveries (manageable) Sorting. 17 . *Journey in Local Train* Unloading and Sorting at Destination Station. Delivery to respective customers.coding essential – K-BO-10-19/A/15 – Clients name is not even existing – Easy coding scheme as the level of literacy is not very high  Supply Chain of Dabbawala : Pick up Dabba from Residence/Caterer and bring it to Andheri Station. Returning Dabba to Residence/Caterer. loading and unloading at peak rush hours – For handlings of a dabba in a day. Sorting at Destinations station. Collection of Empty Dabba. SERVICE DELIVARY:  Distribution Network : – – – – – – – – – Baton relay system Hub and spoke arrangement No historical.

 The Flow Logic : a) Grant road 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Churchgate 1 -10 Lower parel 14 Distribution by carriers at lunch time to office b) 18 .

19 .JOURNEY OF DABBAWALA In this topic journey of Dabbawala is explained through their routine root from Andheri station to Churchgate station.

9:30 A. 20 . The Dabbawalas load the wooden Crates filled with Tiffin on t the luggage or goods compartment in the train. they Choose to Occupy the last compartment of the train.000 Commuters 8.12:30 P:M ( Church gate Station) • • • At this stage. Generally.M.arrangement at Tiffin's takes place as per the Destination Areas & destination buildings Dabbas are Delivered by cycle. 12 coach Train 4.11:20 A.M ( Andheri Station) • • • • • • This time period is actually the journey time. hotels.M • • • • • This time period is Utilized for collecting Dabbas from Different places around Andheri Dabbas are collected from different resources such as homes.000 Disputes But no excuses Duty First. is crossed.  UNLOADING & SORTING AT DESTINATION STATION 11:20. Now these collected Dabbas are sorted according to Destination. messes etc.  JOURNEY IN THE LOCAL TRAIN 10:34. by Dabbawalas & brought to Andheri Station.There is Dabbawala. PICK UP DABBA FROM RESIDENCE & BRING IT TO ANDHERI STATION. the unloading takes place at the destination station Re. No entry etc. Wherever there is Dabba. Red Light.10:30 A. hand card or even walk.

 RETURN JOURNEY 2:48. ANNADATAS HAVE THEIR FOOD 12:30P. joking around singing. There is no cause of tension or worry as customer has eaten the lunch. • 21 .M( At all destination stations) • • • Here on begins the collection process where the Dabbawalas have to pick up the Dabbas from the offices where they had delivered almost an hour ago The Return journey by train where the group finally meets up after the day’s routine of dispatching & collecting from various destination offices.4:40 P.  SORTING & DELIVERY OF EMPTY DABBA 3:30.M. the Dabbawalas lighten up the moment with merry making.M ( At all Origin Stations. The group meets up at origin station & they finally sort out the Tiffin's as per the origin area & the empty Dabba is delivered at the Respected Residence.1:00P. The actual address of the residence is not mentioned on the Dabba.3:30P:M • • • Usually since it is more of a pleasant journey compared to the earlier part of the day. Even if the Return journey is delayed little bit there is no problem.) • This is the stage where the final sorting & dispatch takes place.M (LUNCH TIME) • • • Dabbawalas carry their Food with them Areas wise sit together & have their lunch The family that eats together stays together. It is remembered by the Dabbawalas.  COLLECTION OF EMPTY DABBA & SORTING AT DESTINATIONS STATION 1:15.2:30 P. The Dabbawalas meet for the segregation as per the destination suburb.

Money is collected in the first week of every month and remitted to the mukadam on the first Sunday.000 / £1. but members within a group do not. They get Diwali bonus one month’s from customers. Distance and Space). And this is the benchmark that every group tries to achieve. One dabbawala could collect 40 tiffin boxes in the same time that it takes another to collect 30. a twenty member group has 675 customers and earns Rs 100. An organizational fee is Rs 15 per head and Puja held per station Rs50 per head. loans and marriage halls at concessionary rates. The Dabbawalas Turnover is Approx Rs 50cr. Typically.000 / £60 to Rs 6.200/· Dabbawala Mug is Rs.200/· Gandhi cap is Rs 50/· Video CD is Rs. every dabbawala contributes Rs15 per month to the association. The amount is used for community improvement. points out one dabbawala.300/· Dabbawala T-shirt Rs 400/- Service charges vary from Rs 150 / £2 to Rs 300 / £4 per tiffin box per month. Maintenance Cost is Rs 35000 per year. The New York Times reported in 2007 that the 125 year old dabbawala industry continues to grow at a rate of 5-10% per year. Earning per person varies from Rs5000 to 6000/month. Maintenance Cost of cycles is Rs300 that is for 2cycles per month . It is assumed that one dabbawala can handle not more than 30-35 customers given that each tiffin box weighs around 2 kgs.If any Police robbery of Tiffin is Rs500 yearly. PRICING DOCUMENTATION: Price : The Cost of Service per person is Rs250/month it is Standard price for all (Weight. Other physical products : · Dabba ( Tiffin box) is Rs. Groups compete with each other.200 per month which isdivided equally even if one dabbawala has 40 customers while another has 30.000 / £70.Maintenance of wooden boxes is Rs100 per person . He then divides the money equally among members of that group. From his earnings of between Rs 5. It's common sense.Total Earning of 20 people is Rs125000. All problems are usually resolved by association officials whose ruling is binding. Tiffin Luggage Basket pass is Rs 180 per person. 22 . depending on location and collection time.

Before looking into internal disputes.999999) An online poll on the web site ensures that customer feedback is given pride of place. During these meetings. If a tiffin box is lost or stolen. No dabbawala is allowed to undercut another. an investigation is promptly instituted. If a customer complains of poor service. the association can shift the customer's account to another dabbawala. the association charges a token Rs 100 to ensure that only Genuinely aggrieved members interested in a solution come to it with their problems. particular emphasis is paid to customer service. 23 . Meetings are held in the office on the 15th of every month. SERVICE ASSURANCE:         Error Rate : 1 in 16 million transactions Six Sigma performance (99. and the officials' time is not wasted on petty bickering. Customers are allowed to deduct costs from any dabbawala found guilty of such a charge.

contract & agreement] Owners financial statements Credit report Permission license for opening business Resumes of owners as well as employees 24 . TERMS & CONDITION OF BUSSINESS:      Legal documents [ leases .

" said Gangaram Talekar-61. 25 . Promotion and education   Maharashtra government has roped them in to spread of AIDS awareness Owing to the tremendous publicity . Dabbawala goes high-tech: "The world is moving ahead on technology." New customers are generally acquired through referrals. Addresses are passed on to the dabbawala operating in the specific area. Informative newsletter Send your leaflet. the Hindi-speaking secretary of the Association. MODERN TECHNOLOGIES      E-COMMERCE BOOKING THROUGH SMS OR PHONE LINES ON-LINE BOOKING PROPER DRESS CODE OF EMPLOYEES DELIVERING FOODS ON BIKE INSTEAD OF CYCLE 2. So we decided to take advantage of technology to expand our business. Fees given for advertising are shared equally among dabbawala and are used for their welfare. Advertise With Dabbawala      Website www. 3. Some are solicited by dabbawalas on railway platforms.some of the dabbawalas were invited to give guest lectures in top business school of India. "and we have to move with times too.mydabbawala. product description also with the Dabba. who then visits the customer to finalize Website attracts more than 1 million visitors annually. CUSTOMER ACTIVATION : The customer activation is done through following activities 1. which is very unusual.

 Future : • Key concerns – Shrinking customer base and loyalty • • – Loss of textile mill workers in 80s amd 90s Each group authorized to target new customers (school children etc.) Lifestyle changes • Not a major damage for the business – Workforce management • • Next generations do not seem to be greatly interested Not many incentives for good workers 26 .

Be humble and do not boast your success. Just serve your customer – nothing else. Do not transfer your employees very often. Keep capital investment bare minimum. Strike means suicide – labor means life. Build your services around existing infrastructure. Do not be over dependent on technology. qualification doesn’t. Commitment matters. Complexity opposes compliance. Keep your employees emotionally united. Management learnings from Dabbawala :                     Keep operational costs as low as possible. Keep extras for fault tolerance. Flat organization – fast decision making Co operation inside – competition outside. Never deviate from your core competency. 27 . Penalize employees for non compliance. Know the implication of failure. High salary alone cannot retain employees. Customer is not the Raja but Maharaja. Abandon bad customers.


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