The 'Intergalactic Federation' The Pleiadian Initiative The Pleiadians Andromeda and the Pleiadians The Pleiadian Higher Consciousness Pleiadians in Human Dimension Human Pleiadians Awakening the Pleiadian Consciousness The Activation Process Activation THE 'INTERGALACTIC FEDERATION' There exists in the universal source a body of intelligence that observes the creative experiences of all beings of the universe. Humanity is just one example of numerous other creative manifestations. This body of intelligence sometimes termed the 'Intergalactic Federation', monitors the experiences of life forms in their universes to assess the evolution of the mass consciousness. If the chosen experiences lead to a sense of dislocation from the higher universal source, this federation creates assistance programs to return them to their original consciousness. THE PLEIADIAN INITIATIVE The Pleiadians belong to this federation. The Pleiadian Initiative is an enterprise designed to assist humanity (and races from other dimensions in similar predicaments) to return to its power. Although directed by the Pleiadians, this particular initiative utilises the help of beings from other dimensions to enact different types of assistance programs. THE PLEIADIANS The Pleiadians are a life form from the dimension called Pleiades. The Pleiades star cluster, also known as the Seven Sisters, is clearly visible in the night sky. The cluster contains thousands of stars, of which only a small number are commonly visible to the unaided eye. The brightest stars are named Alcyone, Maia, Asterope, Taygeta, Celaeno, Electra and Merope. According to human perception, the stars in the Pleiades are thought to have formed together around 100 million years ago. The faintest

stars in this cluster are 40 times brighter than our own Sun would appear at the same distance. Alcyone, the brightest star, is 1000 times more luminous! The Pleiadians have a light body that possesses a very high frequency close to that of the universal source. The human frequency range is so low that the Pleiadians are not visible to the human eye. They are simply vibrating too fast to be seen by humans. The Pleiadians operate their existence in accordance with universal law and live a very different reality to that of humanity. Their high sensitivity allows them awareness of energy forms in the universal source like Andromeda. There have been many such energy manifestations that have formed in response to calls from other distressed life forms. The Pleiadians have played a major role in assisting with the process of bringing these beings back to their power. ANDROMEDA AND THE PLEIADIANS Once the Pleiadians become aware of energy manifestations like Andromeda, they begin working with it. The Andromedan energy contains a wealth of information about the complex life form of the human being and the universe that it has created for itself. Andromeda assumes the position of information database that the Pleiadians can use for their initiative. THE PLEIADIAN HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS There are, presently, a number of Pleiadian groups working within the human dimension. All of these groups are attached to a higher consciousness anchored in the Pleiadian dimension. This higher consciousness serves as the information centre, the central point of higher universal knowledge. The human dimension is not equipped to hold high light frequencies and so the greater mind of individuals working on this planet from Pleiades is anchored on this higher frequency dimension.

The groups of Pleiadians that work in the human dimension work with the intent set by human beings to heal. Pleiadians do so by invitation, although the invitation lies in the

subconscious of most human beings. These groups all possess a different focus - they work in different ways, with different types of people. PLEIADIANS IN THE HUMAN DIMENSION Pleiadians in their natural form are not able to function in the human dimension due to its low frequency levels. The structure of the human body is linked to the environment -the human universe, in other words, is a human thought projection. For Pleiadians to wander around in the human universe would be the same as a human being trying to exist within an elaborate hologram created by a laboratory laser beam. The human dimension is a hologram of human thought processes. It is created by beliefs crystallised in the unconscious portion of the mind. A human being is incarnated into the dimension by way of this unconscious belief structure. Incarnation into any dimension is achieved by adopting the belief structures that create a backdrop for an experience. Human beings have become entrapped in this dimension by their mental holding of the backdrop experience. When the physical body dies, they simply begin the automatic process of creating a new one. Not only are they trapped in this dimension, but they have also become 'victims' of their own limiting beliefs. The purpose of the Pleiadian initiative is to return this awareness to humans and return them to their powerful multidimensional selves. Pleiadians are not able to assist human beings unless they incarnate into the human dimension, adopting the belief structures of the human race. This is a very difficult process because the human dimension is a very dense one, and Pleiadian consciousness needs to be very powerful to express itself within it. As Pleiadian consciousness attempts to express itself, the higher frequency light waves natural to this level of consciousness slow down to accommodate the density of form. So thinking as a Pleiadian is difficult. A Pleiadian, therefore, has to incarnate as a human, but with an altered DNA structure in order to remember itself. HUMAN-PLEIADIANS Pleiadians who incarnate as humans are actually human, but with a different heritage and altered DNA structure. To make an analogy of heritage and DNA information, an Englishman marrying a Spanish woman, would produce children, who, although continuing the English bloodline through marriage,

would carry a different gene. In the case of humans with Pleiadian heritage, this gene is encoded with a very specific type of information. Depending on the function of the volunteer, the Pleiadian incarnates numerous times, living through its human nature. Often, because of the density of the human body and its emotional life, this being has no recollection of its purpose. As far as it is concerned, it is human only. It is only when the Pleiadian gene of this human being begins activating, that the Pleiadian consciousness begins to surface in the human dimension. AWAKENING THE PLEIADIAN CONSCIOUSNESS When activated, the gene that a human-Pleiadian carries creates an electric circuit in the human body along which higher frequencies of light travel. This influx of energy raises the frequency of the existing DNA crystals, creating destabilisation in the established form. This results in a movement of belief structures and the inner conflict that comes with resistance to change. Projected externally, the individual undergoes a transformation of attitudes, behaviours and lifestyle as it attempts to balance the emotional upheaval of such inner change. A human-Pleiadian may carry this gene for many lifetimes before it becomes activated. Activation times depend on the degree to which an individual is immersed in and governed by its emotional life, and its specific Pleiadian purpose. THE ACTIVATION PROCESS Anchoring and merging The Pleiadian consciousness is chiefly anchored on the higher Pleiadian dimension and has a route into the human dimension by way of its human aspect. It routes through the DNA strand encoded with Pleiadian awareness. When a Pleiadian incarnates into the human dimension, it leaves a greater part of its consciousness on the higher Pleiadian dimension. The Pleiadian intent before human incarnation is to eventually raise the frequency of the human consciousness to the extent that a human-Pleiadian becomes aware of its ultimate purpose and acts on it. As the frequency of its physical structure rises, Pleiadian awareness of universal principles becomes more acute, more descended into the human form. A merging of consciousness takes place. The Pleiadian consciousness remains too high a frequency

still, for full Pleiadian expression to be established in the human form, but the human-Pleiadian uses meditative states to utilise the full range of universal knowledge required to fulfil a purpose. Relationship to Higher Consciousness Every human-Pleiadian works as part of a higher consciousness group mind. In other words, each human-Pleiadian is part of a group consciousness; it is not working individually. The way in which this might at first be viewed is that a human-Pleiadian has a number of Guides who assist the process of gradual transformation of beliefs. Due to the human belief in individuality and separateness, when a human-Pleiadian first encounters a higher guidance, it assumes it to be a separate entity. What this guidance is, in fact, is the human-Pleiadian's own higher mind, a group consciousness in which it plays an integral role. The human-Pleiadian in encountering this higher consciousness is consulting its own ultimate knowing. The human-Pleiadian is the one aspect of the group consciousness that incarnates. The other aspects evaluate the human dimension through the human-Pleiadian's experience. Pleiadians learn a lot about the human thinking processes that create such a low frequency existence. Through experiencing all aspects of human existence first hand, the human-Pleiadian is in a position to offer appropriate assistance. ACTIVATION At an appropriate moment, the Pleiadian gene within the human-Pleiadian receives its first activation. The higher consciousness of the human-Pleiadian sends the first current of higher frequency light through to the human form. This agitates the existing DNA crystals that represent our belief system. The human-Pleiadian is thrown into internal and external conflict. A heightened awareness of the nature of existence enfolds the individual, and the life it knows suddenly loses its meaning. The human-Pleiadian begins to see the mundane in everyday life, the sham of human existence. This is the start of the awakening of every human-Pleiadian to its purpose on the planet. This awakening process takes place over periods of time that depend on the resistance level of the individual. For some, the responsibility

of the greater purpose, evaluated through the human mind, is too much to bear. It takes a long time for the individual to come to terms with it. For others, limiting human beliefs may have to be systematically removed before the human-Pleiadian can accept the reality of a Pleiadian higher consciousness. It feels too far-fetched a concept for the limited human mind to take seriously. Whatever the reasons for resistance, and there are many, the human-Pleiadian has to work through the process. Once activation begins, there is constant conflict as the higher energies create movement within the DNA. Some individuals create even more inner conflict by resisting the process and it projects into difficult experiences. It is only when an individual eventually succumbs to its purpose by embracing the higher consciousness that it begins to live harmoniously. A human-Pleiadian, living according to universal rules like every other being, is not able to abdicate responsibility. Its higher will holds the intent to live with specific purpose - the human mind is a program of fear-based responses and therefore has little authority over the greater group mind. Aligning With Purpose Once a human-Pleiadian accepts its identity, it must evaluate the nature of its individual purpose in relation to the greater Pleiadian agenda. It then re-adjusts the circumstances of its life to align with its ultimate purpose of human incarnation. All of this can only take place in accordance with universal law. If human fear-based laws are adhered to, then the process of achieving the purpose will be hindered by obstacles projected by limiting beliefs.

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