24 July 2012

Inland Revenue PO Box 39010 Wellington Mail Centre Lower Hutt 5045

For Commissioner R. RUSSELL

Dear Sir

Notice of Intent
I Angella Waiarani RAYNER acting in the capacity of the founding Company (―UPFNAL‖) as the person in respect to Allan M Barclay letter received 5 June 2012 for the investigation of the company’s GST affairs, is hereby now giving notice on the Commissioner’s letter dated 16 January 2012 and delivered to the door of UPFNAL from Mr Allan Grant Eichmann on 24 July 2012 between 4 pm and 5 pm. This notice of intent is for the transfer of past present and future excess tax incurred by the UPFNAL trading commodity number 103-151-376 and the future compromise the UPFNAL wishes to enter into.

The Trustee of the KARA WHANAU Trust natural person Ms Brenda Mihi Kara taxpayer number 103-697-964 have accepted the terms and conditions for the transfer to take place under section 173M of the Tax Administration Act 1994 –              A taxpayer or their agent may request that the Commissioner transfer all or part of the excess to another taxpayer. A request may be made for a transfer between a taxpayer and – a company in the same group of companies; or a shareholder employee of the taxpayer; or a company in which the taxpayer is a shareholder employee; or a partner in the same partnership; or a relative; or a trustee of a family trust of which the taxpayer is a beneficiary; or (fb) a tax pooling intermediary’s tax pooling account; or another taxpayer not listed in paragraphs (a) to (fb). A taxpayer, being a trustee of a family trust, may request a transfer to a beneficiary of the trust. The taxpayer may choose the date on which all or part of the excess is transferred, being – if subsection (2)(a) to (2)(f) or subsection (3) applies, a date allowed by section 173L: (ab) if subsection (2)(fb) applies, a date that occurs on or after the date of the request: if subsection (2)(g) applies, the later of the following dates: a date that occurs on or after the date of the request; and a date that occurs after the date that the relevant return is filed for the period in which the excess arose.  (5) In this section—

        

family trust means a trust that is established primarily to benefit— (a) a natural person for whom the settlor has natural love and affection; or (b) an organisation or a trust whose income is exempt under section CW 41 or CW 42 of the Income Tax Act 2007 of the Income Tax Act 1994; or (c) a natural person that satisfies paragraph (a) and an organisation or a trust that satisfies paragraph (b) relative means, in relation to a person, another person connected with the person by blood relationship, marriage, civil union or de facto relationship, or adoption. (6) For the purpose of the relative definition— (a) persons are connected by blood relationship if one is the child of the other: (b) persons are connected by marriage, civil union or de facto relationship if one person is in a marriage, civil union or de facto relationship with the other: (c) persons are connected by adoption if one has been adopted as the child of the other.

Please refer to the Inland Revenue IR713 for the private ruling to be discussed and the future meeting with the Trustee natural person Ms Brenda Mihi Kara and the director’s persons of UPFNAL. Therefore this is the compromise the UPFNAL under Part XIV of the Companies Act 1993 wishes to enter into with (―the Commissioner‖) under STATUTORY DEMAND PURSUANT TO SECTION 289 of the Companies Act 1993.

AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that the UPFNAL has made this notification with the comprising draft the (―Loyalty Scheme‖) to which is part of the compromise the UPFNAL verifies to (―the Commissioner‖), that the compromise can also be pursuant to Section EZ 39 (1)(a) of the Income Tax Act 2007. Therefore Lance Taylor the work broker whom the (―the Directors‖) have approached for an enterprise grant, to help kick start the UPFNAL future Company Prospectus, in respect to selling its shares of 49 000 000 at $5.00 based upon the Memorandum of Association of Articles for the prescribing and partaking to the UPFNAL (―Loyalty Scheme‖). The UPFNAL has made clarification to ―(the Commissioner‖) that the full sum of $22 877.40 can also be repaid in respect of Goods and Services Tax and Income tax allowing a time extension to be granted through a compromise? or, if this be the case under Section EW 44 of the Income Tax Act 2007 being (―the will‖) of the Testator the natural person Jesus probate/codicil through Brenda Kara book of Bible (―the will‖) Mark 16 : 16. If you or anyone have any concerns regarding the future events taking effect, or the arrangements concerning the meeting, please call the Directors on 027 392 3039 or the Trustee on 07 854 7153 between 10 am and 4 pm weekdays, or 10 am and 1 pm Saturdays. They’ll be happy to converse with you.

Yours faithfully

director For the Company United Protectorate Foreign Nations of Aotearoa

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