by Elspeth Greenfield

Let me not partake of Cake, bread or pudding, To assuage my hunger, Let me thrive on vitamin L Thats L for love or lust Let me not eat tenderloin But let me bask in the idolatry From a tender hunk of flesh Let my skin be plumped and pretty From pulsing and grinding Into the dark hours Let me feed on ecstacy and passion Let my ripe fruitiness Give succour to the Greedy devouring insect Let my glazed eyes mirror The dew-like sweat On my lovers face Like droplets on roses In the morning sun. Let me be satiated by fire and steam And let me drink in The heady martini of Libidinous desire So that I am limp and malleable Yielding, succumbing Satisfied.

Elspeth Greenfield, July 28th 2012.



I need a lover who reads my thoughts Sees inside my head Kisses like a suckling babe Throws me down upon the bed. A lover all consuming Enmeshing, entwining Passionate redemption. A lover in whose life-force I swim While he drowns in my salty sea Penetrates my underwater cave Blows apart my darkest secrets. A lover whose Hot breath Is like the fiery sun Melting away The frozen ice statue I have become. Elspeth Greenfield June 2012

SUPPLY AND DEMAND My supplier closed down No notice, no warning Too bad that I really needed his product Craved, longed for

Lusted after, in fact. Am forever tormented That I didn't appreciate it enough Until it was unavailable.

Elspeth Greenfield May 2012


I met Priapus at the airport I, with grey hair A bulge here, a wrinkle there So imperfect For the goddess fantasy His eyes of the sea glinted And spoke of promise

But were blinded by lust Then when all was spent Just a cynical smile And the curl Of a well-kissed lip Apparently, my apple trees Were too close together (Did he really mean my eyes) And of a painting The grassy field Was the wrong shape (Did he really mean my body) And he called me Miss Faversham (At least get the insult right, prick) Did I suddenly become Too naked and transparent A woman of mirrors Reflecting back His own sad and lonely life

Elspeth Greenfield

January, 2008

Swimming oh so silently In the deep Predator lurking Quiet as sleep Waiting for the moment The sign to strike Jaws open Ready to bite

A too easy conquest Far out at sea Devouring of flesh No-one can see Only water stained red Blood of the ingenue Limbs torn apart And heart ripped in two

Elspeth Greenfield February, 2008


He is full of extremes He is my desert boy Sets my blood on fire Treats my heart as his toy Searing heat by day Wind across the sand Icy cold like zero nights Hard to understand

Myriad of flowers Like after drenching rain Then dry and turns to dust Unable to explain His love like blinding sun Scorching my resolve Then frozen promises Only I can absolve Can I love him And go with the flow Give and receive the kisses Whichever way the wind blows

Elspeth Greenfield December, 2001

Tears that will not stop Flowing down like the rushing river From the heart of the mountain Fed by the rains of time Drenching over me And drowning My unquenchable heart Rivers that only your love Can still and calm

To ripple softly Over the pebbles Of my loneliness

Elspeth Greenfield November, 2000

Alien lover, Where are you Galaxy-man, Send me a sign from you Alien lover, Descend from planet Mars Cosmo-boy, Fly me to Venus and the stars Alien lover,

I need you so bad Here on this planet We're all going mad

Elspeth Greenfield May 1997


Page 9

The beautiful face of a long lost love Smiling through the screen (At just me) Ramped up the amps in my heart Power surge through my veins Neurons and electrons firing Current coursing through me Unable to sleep or sit still Wishing and wanting To hear and see The crackle and sparks from A Jacobs Ladder arc

Electric shocks through my blood Of what if, what if..... Never telling... never admitting..... But then Touching myself In a desire unable to be quieted Waiting for the fantasy kiss On my mouth Tongues entwining My nether lips inviting Willing to succumb And yield Be the ultimate Pleasure zone To the phantom lover The mirage on the horizon Finally the fizzing and hissing Of my body short-circuiting Flatlining, burnt up, But at peace at last.

Elspeth Greenfield

September 2012
Page 10

Brown skin and smiling eyes Salt of the earth, star in the sky Dolphin-boy in water so deep Harmony with land, harvest to reap Passionate hot-blood fruity sweet Tender warm-heart head to feet Mystic spirit of mountain and sea Hazy apparition wild and free Where does he fit in this harsh crazy world Marking time till his dreams are unfurled

Elspeth Greenfield 2009

His words make me smile They drive away the blues He makes me laugh for a long while He gives me pogo-sticks for shoes

Elspeth Greenfield 2007

Page 11

Are the stars at night sparks of diamond fire That glow in your eyes Is the half moon mango-like soft and sensual My desire igniting Is the black velvet sky eerie and inviting Inciting you to touch pale silken flesh

Is the warm air like breath on breath When bodies enmesh Are you real or are you star-man In the heavenly zone of no-mans land Drawing me into your cosmic sphere Where trance-like from this earthly plane I suddenly disappear

Elspeth Greenfield 2007

Page 12

His first kiss was like butterfly wings On my rosebud pout Fluttering lightly, for a fleeting moment His second kiss was like a damsel-fly hovering Above the watery depths of my soul Skimming over the threshold of my dreams His third kiss was like a gentle mother bird Nourishment for my greedy heart

Open, sighing, unfillable Wanting more........ His last kiss was like a furry bumble-bee Wings thrumming, stinging, burrowing deep For the nectar, the elixir of life The petals of my flow'r lips swollen, bruised But satiated.

Elspeth Greenfield


Page 13

His words are like the warm sun on my back My bones turning to molten gold Fluid, flowing His words are like soft feathers fanning my cheeks Pink blushing Red glowing His words are like gentle fingers caressing my flesh Wanting, waiting I am thinking what he is knowing

Elspeth Greenfield


Wrap your arms around me That I might only hear The beating of your heart Feel your pulsating body And like a warm bath Dissolve into its liquidity Wrap your legs around me That I may gasp and tremble With the strange duality Of your softness and hardness In me, in tandem Wrap your soul around me Our eyes like glassy rivers Unseeing, but all-knowing The unplumbed depths Of unconscious desire

Elspeth Greenfield

Page 14

I am the serpent In your garden of Eden Writhing and slithering Silently into your body I coil myself Around your blue-black heart Nestling in For winter's hibernation Compassionate, warm, empathetic Waiting, waiting For blue to change to purple Then red and begin beating, beating

At last when spring begins To kiss the budding branches I can unfurl myself from that Red pulsing beauteous thing And wriggle out into the world Where I stand transformed A woman with wings And with love I take your hand And we float upwards To the cosmos And bliss.

Elspeth Greenfield 1995

Page 15

I recognised you, my kindred spirit Through the ever crumbling facade Erected out of despair and longing And a thousand butterflies Danced upon my soul And your gentle eyes laughed at the moon Touching my heart with desire And your sweet velvet kisses Played upon my mouth Like a myriad of night moths Fluttering, fluttering In trapped ecstasy at a candle flame

And though I trek through that lonely desert by day Come moonlight; and the mysterious blue-black sky In its coolness be-calms my restless body And in the lingering silence of the night I dream of you, my kindred spirit.

Elspeth Greenfield 1989

Such bitter-sweet memories The clear starry nights Exquisite diamonds in black velvet Your bushman's hands Rough from work and sweat But so tender with each caress Birds sang their songs to me On crisp frosty mornings With dew glistening on window panes But my heart was singing More joyous melodies Fire crackling and sparking In the open grate The scent of gum leaves Making my head spin Dizzy with delight and passion You staring into the blaze Pondering this and that No words can express love Like a quick crazy smile Or the sideways glance And wink of an eye. But yet extinguish it With one curt nod Or ashamed stance And though I would Stoke the flames With ever eagerness

You, my love Stamped out the coals With a jackboot But time erases memories bad And mellows well the good Illusion paints With a delicate hand And like fields of wildflowers Consumes my heart with Yearning for what once was But even as I am swept away On this gust of emotion The cold hard fist of reality Returns me to the now And the awareness That it would never have worked …...Would it?

Elspeth Greenfield 1977

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