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Study N.G.O. Project Management @ British Council and Gimpa Step up N.G.O. Work with Competence, Skill and Performance

People who are coming include:  Staffs of NGOs  Persons who want to work in an NGO to make opportunities and contacts  Persons who want to start their own NGOs.

– Centre for Excellence –
Tel: +(233)030-2-952915 024-2-605592 027-3-338081


hether you are seeking to start up an N.G.O., you are a Corporate Climber or seeking employment in an N.G.O., whatever its orientation - social, humanitarian -staying ahead and building your capacity on reliable information, training and guidance is what would guarantee your success. There is no other way. The exploits of every organisation rests on people with specialized skills to help resolve problems, manage personnel, communicate effectively, affect their working environment and help complete project assignment.

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This shall be paid at the Centre on Admission/Open Day. 30 (Full Days) – Reserved for workers (GIMPA). Click on choose to make a drop down selection. Please state whether or not you are domiciled outside Accra at the ‘RESIDENCE’ item. iii. Please ensure that contact details provided are valid. Program Officers may take up to 3 working days to process your application. This application form may always be requested from: sc-edu@ghanastudylab. Due to volumes of applications received. vi. x. All applicants applying before/on the 7th of June gets to enjoy the Melgraffe Copy of this online form may be distributed to friends/colleague provided they reach us before/on the 30th of June. xi. v. located opposite the Cedi House in Accra. ix. installment is permissible) to cater for study materials. Applicants for the Melgraffe Scholarship shall receive a full grant. Attach completed form to email and send back to us via: The name you provide will serve as the ‘Print name’ for the issuance of certificates and other graduation documents. xiii. Thank you for your interest in our programmes. Place the cursor inside direction text to make entry. Where there is a radio button . xii. Group C: June 25 – 29 (Camping Experience) (University of Ghana). Duration: There will be 3 Groups in all. viii. Online applicants will pay together with their admission fee on Open Day. vii. . and shall pay a fee of Gh¢85 (due to short time notice. xiv. xv.Applicant’s Information i. Please complete this form in BLOCK LETTERS. Group A: June 7 – 16 (British Council). certificate documentations and other ancillary expenditures. Registration fee for the application of the Melgraffe Scholarship is set at Gh10. Further details (if need be) will be communicated to you on phone. Allocation will be done on Open Day. click inside button to make a selection. fill appropriate details and present on day of admission. Group B: Saturdays June 23. Online applicants are to print out the Letter of Introduction. Admission/Open Day is on the 7th of June at the British Council. ii. iv.

Box ------- No.O. West Africa +233-30-2-952915 024-2605592 027-3338081 Email: edu@ghanastudylab.G.O. Practice Course was previously designed for middle and top-level professionals in response to growing demand for cutting edge skills and expert assistance for successful project delivery within the non-profit sector. LETTER OF INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your application for the Melgraffe Scholarship Programme for summer 2012 scheduled to take place in Accra-Ghana at the British Council. M.G. Dear Applicant. management training to guarantee sterling job performance.O. We offer a comprehensive N. and details of courses undertaken)  Please fill appropriate details below and submit this letter on Admission Day Form Code Scholarship Official Name Application Date ------. Accra-Ghana. North Legon P. Management  Certificate of Competence (A bill documenting knowledge in Fishbone & PRINCE2 Methodology)  Testimonial/Transcript (Attesting your admission & . for which participants have stood tall in project initiation. Our programme officer will contact you as soon as your application is processed.K. The Melgraffe Scholarship offering 87% in sponsorship is carried out only in summer to enable personnel with desire to access rich professional experience the centre brings. summer 2012 1st May 2012. Ahinkorah Program Coordinator Certification The following documentations are awarded after completion of course:  Certificate in N.Cambridge Centre for Excellence The Melgraffe Scholarship Experience.O. GIMPA and the University of Ghana. 5 Melon Street.G. implementation and accomplishment. The Project Management and N.

North Legon PERSONAL DATA Name Enter your names separated by a space. this name shall be displayed on your certificates. 5 Melon Street. Date of Application No. West Africa +233-30-2-952915 024-2605592 027-3338081 Email: edu@ghanastudylab.Cambridge Centre for Excellence www. Please read through Applicant’s Information Section before completing this form. Box KN4948. This form can also be requested from: sc-edu@ghanastudylab. . and any other document. Residence Region Email District EDUCATION Educational Qualification Last School Attended/Currently in Attendance Start Year Area of Study End Year I certify that I have read and understood all the questions set forth in this application and the information I have provided are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false information deliberately relayed may result in the refusal of my application. Note.cambridge. Date of Birth Marital Status (Single or Married) Mother Tongue Sex Nationality Birth Country CONTACT DATA Postal Address City/Town Phone No.O.ghanastudylab.

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