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Engineering Mathematics 2B (Math 248) - 2012 Information Sheet

Instructors: Mr. T. van Heerden Ms. J. Morgan Dr. K. Arunakirinathar, (Course Coordinator) Oce 310, Desmond Clarence Building Oce 309, Desmond Clarence Building Oce 304, Desmond Clarence Building E-mail: Phone (031) 260 3830

Course Web Site: Recommended Text: There is no prescribed text book. Printed lecture notes will be provided and should be collected from the oce 301 at Desmond Clarence building. Assessment Scheme. There will be three tests and one comprehensive nal exam. Each Test is of 45 minutes duration, written at Student Union. These are scheduled as follows: Test 1: Wednesday August 15 @ 17.15 Test 2: Wednesday September 12 @ 17.15

Lecture/Tutorial Schedule: Monday 10.30-12.10 (L) Tuesday 7.45-8.30 (L) 10.30-12.10 (L) Wednesday 8.40-9.25(L) 14.10-17.40 (T) 7.45-8.30(L) 14.10-17.40 (T) Friday Venue S9 S3,S5,S8 S8 S3,S5,S8

Test 3: Wednesday October 10 @ 17.15 The nal exam will cover entire course, and of 3 hours duration. DP You are expected to attend lectures and tutorials regularly. Announcements may be made, from time to time, to give you fresh information regarding the course. Ignorance of such announcements will not be accepted as an excuse. In order to obtain DP certicate your course mark must be at least 35 % and attendance be at least 80 %. Cell phones. All cell phones should be turned OFF. Be aware that your cell phone at work is very disruptive to the class, your fellow students, and the instructor. If you expect an emergency call, please clear it with me before class. If a cell phone rings during class or an exam, the student will be asked to leave for the remainder of the class or exam. Academic Honesty. Academic dishonesty is unacceptable, will not be tolerated, and entails sanctions since it undermines the universitys educational mission and the students personal and intellectual growth. Be aware that ignorance of the guidelines are not an excuse and that academic dishonesty may have severe consequences in your student career.

Group 1
(M E,CH,CV )

Group 2

13.15-14.00 (L)

Note that L and T denote Lecture and Tutorial respectively. In addition to this, there will be another tutorial session on Friday from 2.10 - 5.40 for UNITE students, all in the venue S7. Course Description. This course consists of three components: Intermediate Linear Algebra, Linear Ordinary Dierential Equations (ODEs), and Complex analysis. Key topics: Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Orthogonal matrices, Projections, First,Second-order ODEs, The Laplace transform, Systems of equations, Complex dierentiation and integration. Instruction Format: Lectures: focussing on illustrating the concepts of the course content with examples. Tutorials: Tutorials will be given in every week. A selection of these will be discussed in a subsequent week. The students will have the opportunity to work out solutions to the problems. Tutorial problems do not count towards your nal grade. Yet working the tutorial problems, without which you will not learn the material, is essential to your success in this course and is one of the best ways to prepare for the exams. Everyone is strongly encouraged to participate in the class activities and ask questions.

Tentative Semester Plan: Week 1 Lecture Topics. Greens Theorem, Divergence Theorem, and Stokes Theorem. Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, Eigenspaces, Similar matrices, diagonalization of a matrix, and numerical application. -Continued from Week 2. Orthogonal and orthonormal Vector spaces, Construction of orthogonal basis, Orthogonal matrices. (Test 1 ) -Continued from Week 4. Linear 1st , 2nd order ordinary dierential equations (ODEs), system of ODEs, Laplace transforms and Inverse Laplace transform and their properties. (Test 2 is written on the 8th week). Midterm break Solving System of ODEs using Laplace transform. Complex dierentiation, Complex Integration. (Test 3 is written on the 12th week). Tutorial Questions 16.2: Q 8, 9, 16.3: 1 - 8, 16.4: 1-13, 16.5: 1-10 Page 35 Q1 - 13

3 4

Page 36: Q14 - 27 Page 76: Q28 - 41

5 6,7,8,9

Page 76: Q42 - 65 Tutorial questions will be provided in the class every week.

10 11 12,13,14

,, Page 21 Q1- 18, Page 42 : Q19 - 45

NB: Specied tutorial questions are for your practice, but at beginning of every week, a fresh additional set of questions will be posted in the course website.