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Issue 1 June 2012

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Tweets from F1

TWITTER FEEDS who to look out for

With this newsletter, NEO_COULTHARD1 and I will endeavour to keep you up to date with the latest news from the world of Twitter in the motorsport world. We will be looking at the multitude of tweets that occur and share with you any profound or interesting comments as they are said and shared. Along with this for our first edition we have included all the Formula 1 teams main twitter feeds all you need to do is click on any one to see what is getting said:@redbullracing @Lotus_F1Team @WilliamsF1Team @TheFifthDriver @clubforce @InsideFerrari @OfficialSF1Team @MercedesAMGF1 @ToroRossoSpy

If you're after clean & competitive online F1 racing on X360, check out @TRL_News and join up to one of their leagues -

This one is a bit of a worry guys @Formula1game

Helmet designer is on our wish list of things to include at some point in the future. It's a big list though :) @Formula1game


@HRTF1Team @Marussia_F1Team

Most interesting quote that we could find in May was from @MyCaterhamF1 who posted this about their pit crew safety gear Our pit crew helmets and out equipment? googles are made by @Ruroc_tweet. Check who knew that all it was was snowboarding

Glad you enjoy the game; the penalty system is something the team is really looking at improving this year.

The World of Online Motorsport Games

In this section well take a look at the latest news and insights to the current crop of driving games that are out there.
So at E3 in June it is rumoured that Grid 2 will be announced and if the rumours are correct it is geared to be everything that we have asked for Video Replay, Qualifications, Customisations and a new addition that will be in is Rain. Yes theyve perfected the wet dynamics and effects in the last 2 F1 games so do expect that to be in the game.

GBM_BEARDY_UK Has chosen to be our first TRL member to share his thought and experiences with us. What do you enjoy most about racing online?

F1 2012 we know will be out by September and after speaking with Steve Hood (Lead Design Manager) he says the feel of the game is very much a combination of what we have done in 2010 and 2011 it is now much easier to drive with the assists off as you really do get a feeling of knowing how far to push the car I asked if the cars were still going to be very erratic when you attempted to clip the apexs or run over the rumble strips or kerbs. There will be a much more forgiving feel when you do hit the kerbs he replied. The car will feel unsettled however there will be much greater satisfaction when you are able to bring the car back under control.

In a nutshell its about the competition, the ability to be quite close to other racers from around the world in a virtual world. What would you say is your greatest achievement so far? In the pre-season race the last 5 laps at Spa, the weather got worse and I had just changed to inters when everyone stayed out on drys. Within the 5 laps I had overtaken 4 racers to come 4th from 8th before the pitstop. What would you say is your favourite driving game? I would say the F1 2010 game from Codemasters. I also use a Logitech GT wheel which makes it more enjoyable. What motorsport are you interested in real life? Formula1 (Michael Schumacher is my fav). BTCC (Matt Neal and Gordon Sheddon are the guys I enjoy watching the most). MotoGP (Jorge Lorenzo) What would be your Dream job in Motorsport? I would say that my dream job would be to race the Mercedes F1 car. What Driving Game in the Future would you be looking forward to the most? Definitely F1 2012, but also Project C.A.R.S. because its bringing a multitude of styles to a racing game that looks very realistic and full of noise and fun.

F1 2012 will also be the 2nd Game to be merged in with the new Racenet feature that Codemasters have created. Each driver will be able to have all their statistics and records all kept under one roof so to speak and these will be able to be shared against any other people you know.

The other eagerly anticipated game to come out hopefully in 2013 will be Project C.A.R.S. this is developed by Slightly Mad Studios who have created a unique and groundbreaking way of developing the game. Each person can choose to pay a certain amount of money towards the development of the game and depending on the amount paid allows you certain privileges. These range from being able to see the forums to playing the latest developments of the game and giving direct feedback to the developers, on top of this there is the unique opportunity to have your name in the game or a logo or brand of your business permanently in the game also. Costs range from 10Euros to 10,000Euros. For the larger investors there is a deal where you will receive back your investment plus a % of the profit from the game globally as well. Im pleased with how the game is progressing says Andy Garton Development Director and with the support from the community we are on track to have the game bug free before its release. Its not unusual for a game like this to have about 20,000 bug fixes before its on sale.

Driving Game review of the Month

Dirt Showdown
Arcade-style racing games although perennially popular, have been surprisingly thin on the ground in recent times, so credit is due to Codemasters for muscling into that current gap in the market with DiRT Showdown. Showdown fills a very Destruction Derby-shaped hole in our hearts and does so well enough that we arent even left lamenting the fact that Sony no longer has any intention of bringing us a new DD game. For cheap thrills, a single-player mode that is engaging enough to keep you dipping in and out for a long time, and a multiplayer mode that is pretty much ingrained in the entire game and its systems, its easy to recommend Showdown alongside the likes of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Blur and Split/Second.

Mays Month of Racing Online in TRL

May started well for the TRL league with 16 racers comprised into two Mains on GT5. The track was Grand Valley Speedway in the Subaru with only oil and tyres that could be altered. The majority of the A-Main was filled with RER and Neo drivers but also included GBM_VECTRA_UK and PRO_FUBBY making up the grid. The last race of the month took us back to In Formula 1 at Catalua the times were very close between all the drivers in A Main which just goes to show how well everyone is driving. The other thing was that the car selection process appears to be working well as we are not getting the usual people up in front winning. Formula 1 and in the real world it is the Jewel in the F1 calendar so to speak however online it seems to be a breakers yard normally hence getting one full main and nothing more. At least that track is out of the way. Onto the 2nd GT5 race of the month saw a slightly more sedate race around Madrid in Minis no less however the racing was still very frenetic with the positions constantly changing lap by lap. Tyre wear was still all important and those that toom more care benefitted come the end.

Score Breakdown

8.0 / 10

Race Results for the Month of May

The Top 3 Podium winners in each race of May
May 6 GT5 Grand Valley Speedway

7.7 / 10 8.1 / 10 7.2 / 10

Game play Longevity Multiplayer

May 13




8.6 / 10

F1 Grand Prix of Espana Catalua

Podium 1st PRT_LH22_UK 2nd FCR_VELOCITY 3rd NEO_BLUR

May 19th GT5 Circuito de Madrid

8.4 / 10 Final Verdict

Its big but it isnt clever but then, who wants to be clever when you can just drive into each other at high speeds? Dirt: Showdown successfully transplants the rally formula into an arcade mould, mainly because SMASHING STUFF IS FUN.

May 24th F1 Grand Prix de Monaco

Podium 1st PRT_LH22_UK 2nd GBM_MAZ 3rd NEO_BLUR

Hot Wheels
There isnt much to put in here this time round but what I thought might be fun is for you guys to submit the best quote for the picture that gets posted So below is the first pic please send your quotes to either NEO_COULTHARD1 or GBM_SCOTPAGS_UK via the TRL Website

Upcoming Events
Saturday June 2nd will be the first race of June and the car will be the FT 86 Toyota G Sports Concept 10. The circuit will be Tsukuba Circuit

F1 Canadian Grand Prix *Montreal*

The 8th of June will be the first day of qualifying for the Montreal F1 race for members of TRL with the race being on the Sunday of the 10th at 8:30 pm


Saturday June 16th will be at the Indianapolis Road Course and the car that has been chosen is the Seven Fireblade 02

F1 European Grand Prix *Valencia*

Sunday the 24th see the return to Spanish shores with the qualifying again starting on the Friday at 8:00 pm and Saturday 3:00 pm


Saturday June 30th will be at the Fuji Speedway F and the car that has been chosen is the Nissan GTR Black Mask