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By Rabbi Richard Gamboa2

He had already warned the famous German theologian Karl Rahner when he said: "twenty-first century will be spiritual, contemplative, mystical ... or not3. David Walker in his book Angels Can Change Your Life talks about the angelic host that the issue has been receiving from the eighties of the twentieth century. Apathetic people complain that this issue has been dealt a marketing strategy promoted by the leaders of the New Age movement, and others say it is a human expression of the Information Age that has taken refuge in a heavenly figure symbolic and "mythic" to take refuge in it in the midst of their anxieties and frustrations. But the evidence speaks for itself. Walker says: It seems that the relationship of the angels - or at least certain angels with our world is being reorganized in recent times. Certain changes are already occurring in the collective consciousness allows us now and they're a little closer, at least from the standpoint of our appreciation, our intuition and our consciousness. For me it is clear that they who have decided to jump into the pages of magazines and movie screens

Fragment of the book Under Angels Wings (2012).

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This phrase was also awarded the French Andr Malraux.

and television, perhaps as a way to make us more aware of the higher planes of existence and presence in our lives4. Pastor William D. Webber says about it: At one time there was much fear of talking about experiences with angels fear was that other people would regard a little "weird". Today, people speak more frankly about their personal experiences, especially those in spiritual or angels. We see on television talk shows, magazine articles, books, or in the newspapers daily. Today it is safer to go out and talk about angels. Some think they are more active today. It may be that God is working his purposes, and His divine plan this is a period when the angels are sent to do more. May also be that the angels are preparing to us for the next chapter that God will write the history5. What will the next chapter that God and history will write that this Christian clergyman is referring? Repeatedly through his speeches and lessons, my teacher the Rev. Sun Myung Moon has been warning to humanity that has happened since the late twentieth century a series of demonstrations of the Spiritual World in the Physical World, and this situation has to become a constant and normal states as the years pass and the world enters a new historical stage, which is characterized by deeper interaction between the celestial and the human and interreligious cooperation, international and interracial to establish an ideal world of peace. This is also the time when the creation which her Lord lost by the fall, is relieved of his complaints, that is when the Father and his children who have been separated meet themselves; this is the time when the new heaven and new earth without tears is established, this is the age of opening free communication between the spiritual and the physical world in which the kingdom of God is established. This is the era in

WALKER, David. Los ngeles pueden cambiar tu vida. Rosario (Argentina): Eleven, no date. p. 12. This e-book is available in Internet [consulted on april 9, 2012]: pueden_cambiar_tu_vida.pdf

WEBBER, William D. Un susurro de ngeles. Miami, FL: Unilit 1995, p. 12.

which direct ownership of the Living God is shown clearly by his omnipresence and omnipotence ... the time has come!6. In another aside, Moon warns that the moment of contact between the physical world and the Spiritual World has arrived: Today we have reached the stage where can connect the spiritual and physical world on the world stage. The situation in which the spiritual world and physical world can unite is not join in a calm situation, still, but one in which the earth shakes, the heavens and the earth shake ... in order to unite in heart the divisions of the world, centralized in a standard that transcends race, bringing together global representatives to make one in heart; so if the spiritual world also joins us and we make contact, from there the light will shine, unfolding a global movement to a big scale 7. Yehuda Berg, one of the most famous cabbalists of the twenty-one century, makes the same warning to Humanity: We can no longer rely on our old and familiar parameters of thinking about life. Physicists say that there are forces of energy awareness out there, and that influence our lives every nanosecond of every day, even though we are not aware of it. These forces exert an invisible but powerful control over our minds and brains, as well as what we perceive as "reality" ... what are these forces? Angels. 8. Mexican angelologyst Ariadna Tapia also has warned that action of angels has increased during last decades across the world, but another angelologyst,

CHEON SEONG GYEONG. Book 13, Chapter 6. Section 4: the way for America and Humanity in the last days. Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon to political and religious leaders of more of 100 countries invited to celebration of his 80th Birthday.

TALKS AND PREACHINGS OF REVEREND MOON. Volume 11 Life in the Earth and in the Spiritual World, Chapter 3, Section 1. To deepen the Unificationist vision of angels, see in YouTube the documentary "The World of Angels" by Dr. Sang Hun Lee [online], [consulted on may 31, 2012], in Internet:

BERG. Yehuda. Inteligencia Angelical. New York City, NY: Kabbalah Centre International, Inc, 2009, p. 5.

Juliana Acosta, opines: should not consider this spiritual awakening as a new era, because this spiritual calling has always existed9. One of the most powerful angelic actions that are audio-visually recorded an outlet is a youth group performed on a highway in Israel, where they could shoot an angel flying around them and playing "like Juan Pablo Montoya" on Highway10.Another high-impact case was the visible presence of angels in the midst of an evangelical Christian vigil held on the beach in La Guaira, Venezuela, an event that was reported by journalist Gerardo Pozo 11 but fundamentalist Christianity sectors dismiss these angelic manifestations in the physical world are saying satanic manifestations, arguing in his own readings of the Bible, that Satan is an angel of light too!12. This is where I ask how can a supposed manifestation demonic, satanic or dark (whatever it is called) can generate feelings of peace, love, joy, joy, courage, solidarity, perseverance and hope in people who witness of these manifestations and leads them to love more deeply to God and neighbor ... really makes no sense that charge against the angels! Hundreds of thousands of people through social networks and online forums have shared their experiences with the angels in their daily lives and in crucial situations. People of all ages, genders, religious beliefs, social strata, nationalities, ethnicities, professions... Newagers say that this increase of angelic manifestations in the physical world is no accident, part of cosmic events that must happen for humanity to rise to a level of consciousness far deeper. And some say it is no coincidence that the

ACOSTA, Juliana. Mantenerse en la luz con la ayuda de los ngeles. Bogot: Intermedio Editores 2007, p. 148.

This video is available in Internet [consulted December 25, 2011]: http://www. SVXD3HGRcdM

This video is available in Internet [consulted December 25, 2011]: .com/watch?v=V-r6xEnecao&feature=related

This statement is based on the words of St. Paul: "And no wonder, for Satan masquerades as an angel of light too!" (2. Corinthians 11.14), used as a metaphor to explain how many of his opponents self-proclaimed "apostles of Christ "to discredit him and taking advantage of the faith of believers. In this context we must understand this term and not make the mistake of removing it from its context, reading it and understanding it literally is, as it is written.

last 7 years before the dreaded Year 2012 was submitted with more intensity this dynamic. So, the question "must believe in angels?" To spare and it sounds as absurd at this point in history. In the same way as we cannot deny the existence of air just because you do not see with our physical eyes also cannot deny the existence of angels just because we see them as well. We cannot pretend to study the wind speed using a seismograph, we can also study the angelic dynamics of scientific methods availing limited only to the material, and then expose the ridiculous conclusion positivist "what is not, does not exist". Antony de Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Prince, gave us the key to access a beautiful and valuable scientific method with which to study and explore the spirit world, and did so with the following sentence: only looks good with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eye. But to study the spiritual realities cannot be accessed Any way and this has involved the failure of all professional theologians who have tried to talk about Angelology, because unfortunately the theological exercise in many cases is conditioned by selfish desire and arrogance to assume wisdom in front of humanity, and in hundreds of cases by the limitations imposed on them by the rigid doctrines of religious structures to which these academics belong. In the same way scientists purify their standard of protection to preserve the purity of the product under study or with which they work and so not to pollute, the heart must also be sterilized of any claim ambitious, arrogant or selfish to access the realities spiritual. In the case of angels, you must have a pure heart, that is, sincere, transparent, free from selfish feelings, warlike and grim, to see, hear, feel to these celestial beings, who are the hands of God at work. This is referred to Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth when he told his disciples: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God"13. For materialist who persist in denying the existence of God and the spiritual world, increasing heavenly action in the physical world for them is becoming a real problem, because their arguments which explain why and how of things are running out of foundation. His theorems, hypotheses, methods of analysis and synthesis based exclusively on the material and palpable amenable to laboratory studies, are being completely obsolete in the middle of thousands of spiritual events that exceed the boundaries of Western science established

Mathew 5,8.

between the seventeenth and mid-twentieth century and the testimony of thousands of people who confirm the veracity of these events the Spiritual World. Many now are trying to justify the dynamics the Spiritual World by evasive answers, accusing the events of "fraud", "assembly" and "somatization or hypnosis induced individually or collectively," making it still a significant group of people believe them ... ... But the time in which action will increase even more angel, to the point that materialists have to acknowledge with humility and resignation that something is far beyond the physical world, that this is only a stage of life, that there is life after death, that man is composed of energy is, that human life does not end with death, there really is a living God who created all beings living and nonliving, the visible and invisible.