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Council Election Packet

Dear Council Candidate,

You are about to embark on a journey of involvement that is available

only at the International House. Becoming a part of the I-House Council
opens a door to a unique world experience specific to working with 11
other colleagues from around the globe. Your mission is to enrich the
lives of your fellow residents by fostering a blend of activities and events
that stimulate interaction and discourse among the many different
people that comprise the I-House community. As a spokesperson for the
community you will have an opportunity to become deeply involved in
the inner workings of the I-House administration and impact your
community in a very positive way.

What follows is all the information you need to run for a post with the I-
House Council. Included in this packet is:
 a list of election process important dates
 the structure, role, and influence of Council
 procedures for fair elections
 a platform sheet
 a copy of the I House Mission Statement. Should you wish to
review a copy of the I House Council Constitution, I have
copies available in my office. Also, if you have any questions
regarding the process, please do not hesitate to call or drop
by my office.

Thank you for demonstrating an interest for one of the I-House’s best
volunteer opportunities. No doubt, the return on your investment will be

Good luck in your campaign.

Ira Young
Assistant Director of Programs
Council Elections

Election Process and Important Dates

Please keep the following dates in mind for the Council Election. Late
applications will not be accepted. Filing your Candidate Platform
Statement and Council Availability schedule will be considered a
complete application and as such, must be submitted to the Program
Office no later than Friday, January 25, 2008 @ 4pm.

Council Forum: The Council Forum is your opportunity to speak to the

residents about your candidacy and provides a public forum where all
residents can hear from each candidate. Come prepared to speak about
your platform and any other matters relevant to the election. The
Forum will be held on Monday January 28, 2008 @ 8pm in the Great

Voting: Voting will be conducted during the dinner hours in the Dining
commons; February 4 – 7, 2008

Vote Counting: The votes will be counted in the Program Office after
the voting process on Friday morning, February 8, 2008. All Candidates
are invited to witness the counting at 9:00 AM on Friday. Results will
be announced immediately following the ballot counting and posted at
the Program Office.

Council Meetings: Council meetings are usually scheduled weekly due

to schedules of Council members. They usually last for two hours or less.
Newly elected members will have to attend a mandatory retreat
on Wednesday February 13, 2008 @ 7:00 PM.

For more information and a copy of the Constitution please come to the
Program Office

Remember to turn in your Platform Statement along with a

photograph and a completed class schedule no later than
January 25, 2008 4pm.
Council Elections
Procedures for Fair Elections

Note: The I-House Residence Council Constitution, Article XI

Section 3 gives the Program Office the responsibility for arranging

Prior to Election:

1. Residents may pick up candidate application packets in the

Program Office.

2. The platform and photo will be posted on the entrance bulletin

board outside the dining hall, and on a world map, geographically
showing where the candidates are from.

3. The Program Office sponsors a Candidates Forum to discuss the

issues of the election with equal time given to each speaker (3
Minutes each).

Election Procedure:

1. Before the elections, platforms and pictures will be posted on the

Council board outside the Dining Hall near the polls.

2. Official ballots are prepared the day before the election. They are
counted and locked up to prevent duplication. Each ballot will be
checked before being given to a voter.

3 Only residents are allowed to vote.

4. The Accounting Office will give the Program Office a current list of
valid residents before the election. Election Officials will mark the
students name off the master list as the resident is given a ballot.

5. No campaigning is allowed at the polls or in the face of voters as

they vote. All posters, hand-outs, or other publicity is to be kept
outside the dining room area. All questions from voters to staff will
be referred to the statement and constitution posted on the easel.
This is to prevent any possible bias arising from answers to

6. Voters must mark their candidates names themselves. Program

Office staff and Election Officials will not write on ballots.

After the Election:

1. After the polls close, the Program Office staff and Election Officials
will count ballots after the locked ballot box is opened. Candidates
are invited to keep their own tally. Program Office Staff will keep a
general tally. After each 50 ballots, a check is made to insure that
everyone has the same number - candidates and staff. If the
numbers don’t agree, a recount is made at that time. In the case
of a dispute, representatives from both sides are asked to count
along with the Program Office Staff.

2. Resident lists and marked ballots are kept in a locked area of the
Program Office until some time after the election.

3. All candidates are notified of election results.

4. The platforms and photos of winning candidates are put on the

Council board case for all residents to see.

5. A memo is written to all I House Staff announcing the winning

candidates and a luncheon for Managers and Council members is
International House Council

Candidate’s Platform Statement

Family (last), First, Middle (if applicable)

Email address: Phone Number:

Country of Citizenship:

Please Attach Photo:

Resident Sponsors (names and room numbers of residents endorsing the



Platform Statement (attach separate sheet if necessary - no more than

100 words):

Signature: Official
Signature Date

This form must be submitted to the Program Office

Candidates will be invited to a forum in the
Great Hall on Monday, January 28th
Elected officials must attend a training session on
Wednesday, February 13, 7:00 PM