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Rider University School of Education Curriculum Resource Center

Technology and Web Based Resources for Today’s Teachers Presentation Tools (alternatives to PowerPoint)Google Presentations- (cloud-based) Ignitecast- (for PC only software download and cloud) Slideshare – (cloud-based) Prezi- (cloud-based and software download) Jing- (cloud and software download) Animoto- (cloud) Vuvox- (cloud) iPad- Resource Sites for Teachers and Parents iPads in Education- Imagination Soup: Whiteboards Show Me – whiteboard tool- Educreations Whiteboard- Splashtop Whiteboard: Doceri Whiteboard UPad:

Organization Apps Recording Pro-

Notability Box- Dropbox App Scholastic Reading Timer Evernote Classroom Management My Horse Skitch iEarnedThat iRewardChart VoCal Visual Schedule Planner Shopping List Communication Apps Keynote for iPad Prezi Hootsuite Twitter Pinterest Stories2Learn Edmodo GameChanger Teacher’s Assistant 123D Language and Quiz Builders Question Builder Language Builder Conversation Builder Story Builder Evernote Peek Practicing Pragmatics Following Directions Yes/No Responses WH School Questions Academic Subjects Apps Geography- Stack the States, Geowalk, My World Atlas, Shake em up Captials Reading- Toonstastic- 4 years to 10 years old – storytelling app Goofy Mad Libs- 8-15 years old- vocabulary (23 stories) Fingerprint Play Maker- 4 years to 8 years- storytelling app, Reading Comprehension

Science- iLearn Solar System, Science Glossary, iGIS HD, Google Earth Math- Fractions, MakeChange, Coin Math, Math Drills, Elevated Math All Subjects- BrainPop- 8 years to 21 years oldFitnessNike+ GPS Nike Training Nike FuelBand Nike Boom White Noise Blogging Tools- Great for writing and social studies Tumblr- Great for Grades 7-12 Tumblr is a blogging platform for posts larger than Twitter and smaller than a traditional blog. Posts are usually rich with a combination of text and multimedia. A unique feature is the ability to “tumble” blog posts. This takes a post of a friend and posts it on your page. If you use Twitter, this is similar to retweeting. CheckThis- Great for Grades K-12 CheckThis differs from blogs because it produces single pages not linked to each other. It is not a series of posts. Think of it as a single piece of paper that can include multimedia. No accounts necessary. OhLife- Great for Grades 7-12 Sign up requires an email address, so once again, older students are the focus. Once signed up, you receive an email every day asking to reply with your thoughts. This works great for longer curricular units. You can see all past posts under the Past tab. Remember, the only way to publish content is via email. This is great for writing as a particular literary character or from a particular time period. Storify- Great for Grades 7-12 Storify is a platform for combining writing and stories from social media into a unique mashup. Once signed in, you can create a story by searching various social media platforms for content. Great resource to teach media literacy and post stories for current events. NotePub- Great for Grades 3-12 NotePub, like many online writing tools, works great for role playing assignments. Students choose a username and password. Students can assume the role of a person they are studying or character from literature. Then, students write a daily journal entry. Completed entries can be shared in several ways including email.

Communication Tools, Games and Learning Strategies- Great for managing parents, learning strategies for students, and other school leaders. TeachHub- a website for teachers by teachers. Key Curriculum- Real connections in math Study Stacks: FOG: Starfall: Learning Games: Fun Brain: Interactive Websites: Compiled lists of Interactive Websites: whiteboard_interactive_site.htm