August 2012 Vol. 1, Issue 1

The Blue Issue

Vol. 1, Issue 1

The Blue Issue

Welcome to the inaugural issue of KZine! I’m excited about this venture, and I can’t wait to showcase more art in the issues to follow. Like anything new, everything is up for consideration. I welcome all comments, questions, and constructive suggestions. Enjoy the first issue of KZine, and keep in mind that the issues to follow will showcase several artists and different types of artistic expression. Feel free to submit your own work, as well! Thanks for reading! -Kris

All content in this issue is the creation of kmh Photography and Graphic Design.




Blue [bloo] noun
the pure color of a clear sky; the primary color between green and violet in the visible spectrum. Effects Relaxing; associated with the night. Calming; associated with the sea and blue sky. Broadens perspective; conducive to learning. Symbolism Peace Distance Tranquility Inspiration Order Spirituality Security Sincerity Calmness Sadness Serenity Responsibility Flowing communication

Quotes “O suns and skies and clouds of June, And flowers of June together, Ye cannot rival for one hour October’s bright blue weather.” -Helen Hunt Jackson “The blue we bathe in is the blue we breathe. The blue we breathe, I fear, is what we want from life and only find in fiction. For the voyeur, fiction is what’s called going all the way.” -William Gass Factoids According to ChaCha, 40% of people worldwide chose blue as their favorite color.


in a pattern of blues,
I could swear I found myself in your voice.
Beneath the wooden canopy, there was nothing between us but hesitation.
Now, when I hear this song, all I can think of is the path we walked, the discourse we sparked, and the conception I dismissed.
3 4



The splintering chaos of each waking hour somehow finds a way to lift up my skin and make its way in.
By the end of the day, my psyche is spent and my flame forlorn.
But with one wisp from your eyes, a solitary breeze from your peace, I have found ABUNDANCE.
7 8



There’s a certain rhythm tonight That takes me back To a soft-spoken phrase collection. It’s a tempo that changes At the moment I am about to unravel. Somehow you hear me— Tuning in to the regularity of my tears— The ones that had me hanging From the edge of the most ambiguous limbo. Tonight, I am giving my attention To the ageless melody that brings me peace, Even if I don’t wholly appreciate it. To the last refrain, I am captivated— Secured by every progression of cadence. So enthralled by the glorious grandeur, I failed to give consideration to the on-raging tempest, Trying its best to acquire my undivided fear. All I see are the notes; All I hear are the lyrics. It could be on top of the world Or the bottom of the sea— You see, it matters not; Time marches on,

Whether or not I’ve found resolve. You’ve found my apathy And transformed it into a glorious penning Of a most skillfully hypnotizing aria. -k.hartley -august 5, 2008 1 1:30pm



A nighttime tune fell from your lips, And it descended straight into my lungs. These roads seem to lead somewhere, But the depth of mud and water flow over. I feel the electric of your feet on this same highway, Though miles away. You have become the foundation for my roaming. All things head back to you. In you I know my mysteries are secluded. In you I know every facet of me is received. It all spins around me But you are still there. I have circled the world twice, But you have been right beside me. The night of renewal breezes into my window, And the scent brings you to me While the twilight air harmony Sings to me of your breathing. I’m still on this road Yet your energy continues to jolt me.

We have not yet been to the horizon, But I am in no rush, For every step I take with you— No photograph could wholly convey. I’m finding that my every footfall Coincides with yours. There is no more wondering; There is no more seeking. We are free; We have found infinity. All I want now Is to seize the night air And inject myself with your tides. -k.hartley -may 15, 2007 9:01pm



Speech Communication Tips: Volume 1
This section is dedicated to the invaluable information I received in my speech communication class back in the summer of 2009. This was the class that I most dreaded in my college career. It turned out to be the most useful, not only in the area of giving speeches, but also in the areas of listening and communicating with others.

1) Listen to things with which you don’t agree because you might hear things that make sense. 2) Speech is only one of the ways to transmit language. 3) Avoid using fallacies. It’s a slippery slope.



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