Fun Fact: Many bats, but not all bats
use echolocation to “see” with their ears. Bats have very sensitive ears and can even hear the flutter of moth wings and the movement of earwigs. Bats also have valves in their veins and arteries so that blood doesn’t pool when they hang upside down.

Fun Fact: worms slimy bodies help
them move through the tunnels they make in underground, and they are really important for making and keeping dirt healthy.

Fun Fact: Large mouth bass females
are larger than males, and babies eat more insects while adults mostly eat fish but are known to eat frogs, snakes, bats and even mammals and baby alligators.

Fun Fact: Fireflies can light up
their bodies and if they are in a group, they can all blink off and on at the exact same time, but they don’t always do this.