Ang Mahusay Flood 7 At ang Panginoon ay nagsabi sa Noah, "Halika sa ang kaban, sa iyo at sa lahat ng iyong bahay, dahil

nakita ko na ikaw ay matuwid bago Akin sa henerasyon na ito. 2 ay dapat mong dalhin ka ng pitong bawat isa ng bawat malinis na hayop, isang lalaki at ang kanyang mga babae; dalawang sa bawat isa ng mga hayop na ay marumi, isang lalaki at ang kanyang babae; 3 din pitong bawat isa ng mga ibon ng hangin, lalaki at babae, upang panatilihin ang mga mga species na buhay sa mukha ng lahat ng lupa. 4 Para sa pagkatapos ng pitong higit pang mga araw ko ay maging sanhi ito sa ulan sa sa lupa mga apatnapu araw at apatnapu gabi, at ako ay pupuksain mula sa mukha ng lupa ang lahat ng naninirahan sa mga bagay na ginawa ko. "5 At Noe ay ayon sa lahat na ang Panginoon commanded kanya. 6 Noe ay 600 taong gulang kapag ang mga floodwaters ay sa earth.

ikalabimpito araw ng buwan, sa araw na iyon ang lahat ng mga fountains ng malaking malalim ay nasira, at ang mga bintana ng langit ay nabuksan. 12 At ang ulan ay sa sa lupa mga apatnapu araw at apat-napu gabi.

13 Sa napaka-parehong araw Noah at Noah ng anak, Shem, Ham, at Japheth, at Noah ng asawa at ang tatlong wives ng kanyang anak sa kanila, ipinasok ang kaban-14 sila at bawat hayop matapos ang kanyang uri, ang lahat baka pagkatapos ng kanilang uri, bawat bagay sa gumagapang na kilabot sa lupa matapos ang uri nito, at bawat ibon matapos ang uri nito, ang bawat ibon ng bawat uri. 15 At nagpunta sila sa kaban sa Noah, dalawang ng dalawang, ng lahat ng laman kung saan ay ang hininga ng buhay. 16 Kaya ang mga ipinasok, lalaki at babae ng lahat ng laman, nagpunta sa bilang Diyos ay commanded kanya; at ang Panginoon ay isinara sa kanya in

7 Kaya Noah, sa kanyang mga anak, kanyang asawa, at ang kanyang anak wives, nagpunta sa kaban dahil sa ang tubig ng baha. 8 ng malinis na hayop, ng mga hayop na ay marumi, ng mga ibon, at ng lahat na kilabot sa earth, 9 dalawang ng dalawang nagpunta sila sa kaban sa Noah, lalaki at babae, ng Diyos ay commanded Noe. 10 At ito dumating na ipasa pagkatapos ng pitong araw na ang tubig ng baha ay sa earth. 11 Sa anim na ikasandaan taon ng Noah sa buhay, sa ikalawang buwan, ang

17 Ngayon baha ay sa earth apatnapu't araw. Ang tubig ay nadagdagan at lifted ang kaban, at rose mataas sa itaas ng lupa. 18 Ang mga tubig prevailed at lubhang nadagdagan sa lupa, at ang kaban ng inilipat tungkol sa sa ibabaw ng tubig. 19 At ang mga tubig prevailed lubha sa lupa, at ang lahat ng mga mataas na Hills sa ilalim ng buong langit ay sakop. 20 Ang mga tubig prevailed mga labinlimang cubits paitaas, at ang mga bundok ay sakop. 21 At ang lahat ng laman ay namatay na inilipat sa sa lupa:

mga ibon at mga baka at beasts at bawat bagay sa gumagapang na kilabot sa lupa, at bawat tao. 22 Lahat sa na nostrils ay ang hininga ng espiritu [a] ng buhay, ang lahat na noon ay sa tuyong lupa, namatay. 23 Kaya siya nawasak ang lahat ng naninirahan mga bagay na sa mukha ng lupa: parehong tao at mga baka, gumagapang bagay at ibon ng hangin. Sila ay nawasak mula sa lupa. Lamang Noah at ang mga na kasama niya sa kaban nanatiling buhay. 24 At ang mga tubig prevailed sa sa lupa 150 araw.

Long ago, the land of Ibalon, known as Bicol, was a land of lush and virginal beauty, but no one lived there. One day, a mighty warrior called Baltog came upon the land. The richness and beauty of the region made him decide to take his family and his workers to this wonder place. Here they lived in peace and prosperity. But one day, the tranquility of their lives was threatened by a huge man-eating wild boar. The ferocious beast destroyed the linsa or gabi plants and other crops as well. It also killed people. Soon, vast areas in Ibalon were reduced to waste, and countless people were either killed or maimed. Baltog was dumb-founded as he surveyed the depredation wrought on his kingdom. Leaving his home under the cover of the night, he went to the muddy fields to wait for his enemy. Baltog waited for long, long time. Finally, when the moon was bright, the man-eating boar came snorting and tearing crops as it went along. Baltog hid under the bushes. When the boar came within reach, he sprang at it. Man and beast tumbled to the ground in mortal combat. Fortunately, Baltog was able to pin down the beast and summoning all his strength, he finally subdued the boar, not with a spear, but breaking its super-sized jaws with his own strong arms. Baltog’s victory put an end to a terror that had ravished his kingdom for a time. Ibalon, however, saw few years of peace. One day, huge carabaos followed by winged sharks and giant crocodiles rushed to Ibalon. Every mortal was in fright: death and destruction took a heavy toll. The mighty Baltog could no longer defend his kingdom, for years had sapped his strength. Defenseless, Ibalon had become an easy prey. Luck, however, was still with Ibalon. On that tragic day, Handiong, a mighty warrior of the neighboring kingdom, happened to pass by Ibalon. Handiong came to the rescue. Handiong and his brave seasoned men threw themselves at the stampeding and winging wild enemies. For untold hours, Ibalon saw mortal combat. Blood flowed freely over the land and the streams. One by one, they slew the beasts. Only one monster escaped Handiong’s mortal blows. This was Oriol, the serpent who could transform itself into a beautiful woman. With her seductive words, she enticed him. But Handiong pursued her through the forest without rest. To save itself, the she-snake struck an alliance with Handiong. She promised to drivethe evil spirits out of the mountains if Handiong would leave her alone. And at last, peace came to Ibalon again. Handiong encouraged the people to plant, invent farming equipments, build banca and houses. Under his wise administration, Ibalon became rich and peaceful again. Outside Handiong’s domain, there appeared another threat to his kingdom. This time it was Rabut, a far more terrible monster, for under its spell, mortals could turn to stone. Handiong called his friend and companion, the mighty Bantong, to deal with the enemy. Together with a handful of men, Bantong raided the monster’s lair. He found the enemy taking its nap. With a cat-like agility, Bantong delivered a mortal blow at the monster’s neck.

The wounded monster cried in agony, and in his struggle for breath, the earth cracked and the water in the sea rolled landward. Ibalon underwent great physical change. New island began to dot the water near the peninsula. Finally, a tall and perfect cone reared its head to lord over the leveled ruins. This perfect cone is now known as Mayon Volcano. Thus ends Ibalon.

when cicadas themselves were asleep. assured me that she had in her childhood seen her passing in the distance over the reed grass so lightly and airily that she did not even make the flexible blades bend. According to eyewitnesses. all flooded with the moonlight. and calm were renewed. An old maid-servant we had. According to general belief. was after a storm. life. others assert that they saw only wretched hut with a patched roof and bamboo sides. the kayumangging kaligatan. and disappear amid the shadows of the neighbouring trees. order. born under the moonbeams of Filipinas. Generally everyone loved and respected her and no one over dared to question her. The trees again straightened up their over-thrown . Then she would salute them ceremoniously. In those same hours and under the same circumstances was the time when the mysterious and melancholy notes of her harp might be heard. and contrary to the reputation imputed to the nymphs and goddesses. Her hands and feet were small and delicate and the expression of her countenance always grave and serious. She was a fantastic creature. Her favourable time for appearing. when the hunters built bonfires to attract the deer by the scent of the ashes of which these animals are so fond. They said that on the night of Good Friday. and nothing disturbed the charm of solitude. There was an old hunter who claimed to have seen her bathing in a secluded fountain at midnight. it is true but it may also be due to the fact that Mariang Makiling. neither did they remember the way. the murmur of the waves on the neighbouring shore. like many persons in comfortable circumstances. simple. half nymph. as though watching the gentle currents of the stream. or to watch her. in the mystery of its ancient woods. Her colour was a clear pure brown. half sylph. and whenever she passed. unable to return. Such a contradiction may give rise to the belief that both parties were romancing. for they drew away and became hushed when any attempt was made to follow them up. surrounded by gardens and fine parks. as the Tagalog say. Her dwelling place was never definitely known. might have had dwelling places. While some say her home was a beautiful palace. tall and graceful with big black eyes and long and abundant hair. nor were they agreed as to the place and its description. it is said. letting her long hair float in the wind. and mysterious as the genius of the mountain. she was a young woman. when the moon reigned in the midst of silence. Then she would be seen scurrying over the fields. to follow. because those who had the good luck to deal with her would wander about for a long time lost in the woods. bright as a golden reliquary. an Amazon who defended her house against the outlaws and once killed one of them with a lance thrust. She has also been seated for a long periods upon a cliff beside a river. pass on. Persons who heard them stopped. they have discerned her motionless on the brink of the most fearful abysses. Mariang Makiling always remained pure.The Legend of Mariang Makiling The Legend of Mariang Makiling -Retold by Jose Rizal The many legends of Mariang Makiling tell of a young woman who lived on the beautiful mountain that separates the provinces of Laguna and Tayabas.

as they say. coins. ang mga iba igiit na sila nakita lamang kahabag-habag na kubo na may isang ng patched bubong at kawayan gilid. charging him to give them to his wife for her cooking. one that had never laid an egg. and now lovers get married without receiving from her jewels and other presents. and from time to time people of the countryside go to watch for her there. A hunter who has one day chasing a wild boar through the tall grass and thorny bushes of the thickets came suddenly upon a hut in which the animal hid. When the poor country folk on the slopes of Makiling needed clothing or jewels for solemn occasions of life. he could never find even one. Before he left. and jewels. “The wild boar belongs to me and you have done wrong to chase it. The melancholy tone of her harp is no longer heard. maliwanag bilang isang ginintuang relikweri. the young woman gave him some pieces of ginger. and besides charmed by the beauty of the young woman. Kanyang lugar sa tirahan ay hindi tiyak na kilala. na pinalilibutan ng mga hardin at pinong mga parke. But for many years now. withdrew in content. dahil ang mga na nagkaroon ng good luck sa makitungo sa kanyang mahibang tungkol sa para sa isang mahabang panahon na nawala sa mga gubat. Many fear that she has disappeared forever.trunks. she avoids any contact with mankind.” Confused and startled. On the way home. So I come in and eat and then you may go on your way. and the legend persists that the vapory figure may still be seen reflected in this pool in the mists of early dawn. But I see that you are very tired. she would lend them and besides. Ang Legend ng Mariang Makiling -Retold ni Jose Rizal Ang maraming mga legends ng Mariang Makiling ay sabihin ng isang batang babae na nakatira sa magandang bundok na naghihiwalay sa mga probinsya ng Laguna at Tayabas. without being able to speak a single word. your arms and legs covered with blood. But what his surprise and regret when the next day he discovered that what the he had taken to be ginger was solid gold. Now often has she not. Tulad pananalansang ay maaaring pagsimulan ang paniniwala na ang . hindi upang bumalik. Habang ang ilang sabihin ang kanyang tahanan ay isang magandang palasyo. a dumalaga. Soon a beautiful young woman issued from the hut and said to him gently. Maria Makiling’s presence has not been manifested on Makiling. Yet on the side of the mountain. at hindi rin ay sila sumang-ayon sa lugar at paglalarawan nito. in the guise of a simple country maid. aided poor old women who went to the woods for firewood or to pick wild fruits. The hunter put them inside the crown of his broad hat and after thanking her. quiet pool. and all traces of the unchained elements were wiped away. or at least. he felt his hat becoming heavy so he took out many of the pieces and threw them away. Mariang Makiling was very charitable and had a good heart. Her vapory figure no longer wanders through the deep valleys or hovers over the waterfalls on the serene moonlight nights. there is a clear. give her a pullet white as milk. bright as a ray of sunshine. by slipping among the latter nuggets of gold. ni tandaan sila ang daan. the man went in and ate mechanically everything she offered him. Although he tried to look for them later.

Pagkatapos ay siya ay nakita scurrying sa ang mga patlang. Isang matandang dalaga-lingkod namin ay may. simple. Ayon sa eyewitnesses. maaaring may mga lugar tirahan. isang dumalaga. at mahiwaga bilang ang henyo ng bundok. sa misteryo ng kanyang mga sinaunang kagubatan. Mariang Makiling ay laging nanatiling dalisay. Ang kanyang mga kamay at paa ay maliit at maselan at ang expression ng kanyang mukha laging libingan at malubhang. bigyan ang kanyang isang dumalaga puti ng gatas. Sa pangkalahatan lahat mahal at respetado sa kanya at walang isa sa paglipas ng dared sa tanong sa kanya. at kalmado ay renew. ang aliw-iw ng mga alon sa pampang kalapit. ito ay sinabi. matangkad at matikas na may malaking itim na mga mata at mahaba at likas na buhok. Rin siya ay makaupo para sa isang mahabang panahon sa isang talampas sa tabi ng ilog. Ayon sa pangkalahatang paniniwala. ay siya bang ipahiram sa mga ito at bukod sa. kapag ang mga hunters na binuo mga bonfires upang maakit ang usa sa pamamagitan ng ang pabango ng mga ashes na kung saan ang mga hayop na ito ay kaya mahilig. ipasa. kalahati marikit na dalaga. at mawala sa gitna ang mga anino ng kalapit ang mga puno. at salungat sa ang reputasyon imputed sa nymphs at goddesses. buhay. Nagkaroon ng isang lumang hunter na inaangkin na nakita ang kanyang damit sa isang liblib na balong sa hatinggabi. isang Amazon na defended kanyang bahay laban sa mga outlaws at sabay pumatay ng isa sa kanila sa isang manibat thrust. panatag ako na siya ay sa kanyang pagkabata nakita ang kanyang pagpasa sa distansiya sa ibabaw ng damo tambo kaya sa babahagya at magandang kumikilos na hindi siya ay gumawa ng kahit na ang mga mga nababaluktot liko blades. Kanilang sinabi na sa gabi ng Biyernes Santo. para malayo sila Drew at naging hushed kapag ang anumang pagtatangka ay ginawa upang sundan ang mga ito. lahat baha sa ang liwanag ng buwan. Mga tao na marinig ang mga ito tumigil. ay matapos ang isang bagyo. sunod. Mariang . tulad ng maraming mga tao sa komportable pangyayari. at walang nabalisa ang alindog ng mapanglaw na lugar. tulad ng sinasabi nila. at ang lahat ng mga bakas ng unchained elemento ay wiped malayo. sundin. na tila nanonood sa ang mga magiliw na alon ng stream. siya ay isang batang babae. Kanyang kanais-nais na oras para sa paglitaw. kalahati diwata. ang kayumangging kaligatan. kapag ang buwan ang reigned sa gitna ng katahimikan. Ang kanyang kulay ay isang malinaw na purong kayumanggi. Pagkatapos ay siya saludo sa kanila ceremoniously. bilang ang sinasabi ng Tagalog.parehong partido ay romancing. at kapag siya lumipas. kapag ang cicadas kanilang mga sarili ay natutulog. Ang mga puno muli unatin ang kanilang mga over-thrown putot. Kapag ang mahihirap na bansa ng katutubong sa slopes ng Makiling kinakailangan damit o jewels para sa solemne okasyon ng buhay. isa na ay hindi kailanman inilatag itlog. nila discerned kanyang walang galaw sa bingit ng pinakanatatakot abysses. na ipinanganak sa ilalim ng ang mga moonbeams ng Filipinas. ito ay totoo ngunit ito ay maaaring din dahil sa ang katunayan na ang Mariang Makiling. o panoorin ang kanyang. pagpapaalam kanyang mahaba Float ng buhok sa hangin. Siya ay isang hindi kapani-paniwala nilalang. Sa mga parehong oras at sa ilalim ng parehong pangyayari ay ang oras na kapag ang mahiwaga at mapanglaw na mga tala ng kanyang alpa maaaring marinig.

Maria Makiling presensiya ay hindi naimanifested sa Makiling. Ang isang mangangaso na may isang araw habol ng ligaw bulugan sa pamamagitan ng mataas na damo at mahirap bushes ng thickets dumating biglang sa isang kubo na kung saan hayop ang itinago. Ngunit kung ano ang kanyang sorpresa at ikinalulungkot kapag ang mga susunod na araw natuklasan niya na kung ano ang siya ay dadalhin sa luya ay matatag na ginto. at bukod sa bighani ng kagandahan ng mga batang babae. Kaya ko dumating sa at kumain at pagkatapos ay maaari kang pumunta sa iyong paraan. withdrew sa nilalaman. at mula sa oras-oras ang mga tao ng kabukiran ang pumunta sa panoorin para sa kanya doon. avoids siya ang anumang mga contact sa sangkatauhan. Bago siya kaliwa. Pa sa gilid ng bundok. " Lito at startled. o hindi bababa sa. nang hindi magagawang magsalita ng isang salita. Ang mapanglaw na tono ng kanyang alpa ay hindi na narinig. barya. at alamat ay umulit na ang vapory numero ay maaari pa ring makita na nakalarawan sa pool na ito sa mists ng maagang liwayway. . sa pamamagitan ng pagdulas sa sa huli nuggets ng ginto. aided mahihirap lumang mga kababaihan na pinuntahan ang kagubatan para sa kahoy na panggatong o upang pumili ng mga ligaw na bunga. Ngunit nakikita ko na ikaw ay masyadong pagod. siya nadama kanyang sumbrero magiging mabigat kaya kinuha niya ang maraming ng mga piraso at threw ang mga ito palayo. maliwanag bilang isang ray ng sikat ng araw. tahimik na pool. Maraming mga takot na siya ay nawala nang tuluyan. at jewels. Sa ang paraan ng bahay.Makiling ay napaka-kawanggawa at nagkaroon ng magandang puso. Ngunit para sa maraming mga taon sa ngayon. Kahit na siya ay sinubukan upang tumingin para sa kanila mamaya. Kanyang vapory pigura hindi na wanders sa pamamagitan ng malalim na lambak o hovers sa ibabaw ng waterfalls sa matahimik na gabi liwanag ng buwan. hindi siya mahanap kahit isa. ang iyong mga armas at binti sakop sa dugo. Hunter ang ilagay ang mga ito sa loob ng korona ng kanyang malawak na sumbrero at matapos na thanking kanya. singilin sa kanya upang bigyan ang mga ito sa kanyang asawa para sa kanyang pagluluto. at ngayon ay mga lovers makapagasawa nang hindi pagtanggap mula sa kanyang mga jewels at iba pang mga regalo. ang mga batang babae ay nagbigay sa kanya ng ilang mga piraso ng luya. ang tao ang nagpunta sa at kumain nang wala sa loob ang lahat na siya inaalok kanya. "Ang ligaw bulugan nabibilang sa akin at nagawa mo na mali sa Chase ito. sa balatkayo ng isang simpleng dalaga bansa. Sa lalong madaling panahon ng isang magandang batang babae inisyu mula sa hut at sinabi sa kanya malumanay. Ngayon ay siya madalas hindi. may isang malinaw na.

and ending with the largest ones. They tried to punish him. His wrath was boundless. Tubluck Lawi. Further. in fury at such boldness. and swore to them that they should be punished for such a villainy. His other bird counselors. The sky. At last both grew weary. King Manaul begged that he be given light. called to its assistance Canauay and Aminhan. From that time. The sky discharged a torrential rain. Once after the end of the long and painful imprisonment of King Manaul by his opponent King Tubluck Lawi after a bloody war which they fought with the result of the rout of King Manaul. always escaped and mocked at the infuriated elements. Enter the king of the air. with his powerful wings. he began successively to devour and eat.The Creation of the World The Creation of the World as Told by the Mangians and the Negritos Away back in the long ago the earth did not exist. and the desires of King Manaul having been fulfilled. light and agile. he could not restrain his gluttony. These. But no one yielded a bit in his boasting. The liquid element sent out waves which raised themselves in anger. suffering still the punishment of King Manaul. begged to know each other's desires. until not the least sign of them appeared. but King Manaul. tried to punish King Manaul. He (Captan) sent from the sky huge . and then years. he went out flying into space with the intention of avenging himself on his most fierce and feared enemy. and in a trice he had every kind of bird at his side. Days and months went by. many of whose counselors Manaul had devoured. the gods who rule the air. So he obliged them to stay awake during the night. he desired counselors. Seeing some exceedingly fine chicks. first among the smaller birds. like tremendous peaks. to send out furious winds. Since there were no other chicks on which to satiate his appetite. we see owls with their big eyes that are wakeful during night. flying hither and thither without finding any place where he could alight and rest from his long and tiresome journey. and gave them double-sized eyes. began to devour his small fireflies. in order to punish the boldness of Manaul. thunderbolts. and there was only a vast immense sea formed by a huge ocean. Many years passed during which King Manaul wandered through the air. and whirlwinds. so that in the future they might see better and not eat his beloved fireflies. He sought aid from King Cantan of the Higuecinas. and vomitted up terrible lightnings. in its turn. or the genius of the men of the sea. and after Manaul had broken the enormous chain with which he was fastened. He stamped his feet. withdrawing lightly from their colossal discharges. which by chance were passing that place. Angered by so gross an insult. and having resolved to conclude their long and quarrelsome rivalry. scattering foam and minute particles of water into space. and instantly there appeared revolving about him an immense number of little lights produced by a multitude of fireflies. and in one bound ate up all that were there. he called his owls. He declared himself the enemy of the earth and of the sky. on the other hand.

King Manaul lived happily forever. at nagkaroon lamang ng isang malawak na napakalawak na dagat na nabuo sa pamamagitan ng isang malaking karagatan. at pagkatapos taon. Ang langit. but this had no result. Those lands had their beginning from that time and are still here today. Nakikita ilang lubha pinong chicks. na tinatawag na nito ng tulong Canauay at Aminhan. for it was avoided by King Manaul. Hari Manaul begged na siya ay bibigyan ng liwanag. begged upang malaman ng bawat isa sa mga desires. Ang langit discharged isang torrential and stones to crush Manaul. Araw at buwan ay nagpunta sa pamamagitan. Sinubukan nila sa parusahan kanya. hindi siya maaaring sawayin kanyang katakawan. sa pagngangalit sa tulad ng katapangan. . Sa huling parehong lumago pagod. Here the earth found its beginning. palaging escaped at mocked sa ang infuriated elemento. ang mga gods na patakaran sa hangin. at sa isang nakagapos kumain up lahat na doon. ng scattering mga particle bula at minuto ng tubig sa espasyo. sa kanyang makapangyarihang pakpak. at agad na may lumitaw umiinog tungkol sa kanya ng isang napakalawak na bilang ng mga maliit na ilaw na ginawa ng isang tao ng mga fireflies. paglipad paroo't parito nang hindi paghahanap ng anumang lugar kung saan siya maaari hapunan at pahinga mula sa kanyang mahaba at nakapanghihina paglalakbay. Dahil doon ay walang ibang chicks kung saan upang mabusog nang husto ang kanyang ganang kumain. ngunit Hari Manaul. sa pagliko. the world had its beginning Ang Creation ng Mundo ang Mangians at ang mga Negritos Layo pabalik sa matagal na ang nakalipas sa lupa ay hindi umiiral. Ang likido sangkap na ipinadala ang mga waves na itinaas ang kanilang sarili sa galit. liwanag at masigla. nais niya tagapayo. Mga ito. sinubukan upang parusahan ang Hari Manaul. Ngunit walang isa yielded isang bit sa kanyang bansag. Ipinahayag niya sa kanyang sarili ang mga kaaway ng lupa at ng kalangitan. unang na kabilang sa mga mas maliit na ibon. withdraw gaanong mula sa kanilang napakalaki discharges. for then Manaul. Sa sandaling matapos ang dulo ng mahaba at masakit na pagkabilanggo ng Hari Manaul sa pamamagitan ng kanyang mga kalaban ng Hari Tubluck Lawi pagkatapos ng isang marugo digmaan na kung saan sila fought sa resulta ng bulabugin ng Hari Manaul. at pagkatapos ang Manaul ay nasira ang napakalaking kadena na kung saan siya ay fastened. tulad ng napakalaking peaks. findling a support in those big stones made them remain fixed forever. at na malutas upang tapusin ang kanilang mga mahaba at palaaway agawan. at nagtatapos sa mga pinakamalaking mga. They having become his dwelling. Karagdagang. Maraming lumipas ang mga taon na kung saan Hari ang Manaul wandered sa pamamagitan ng hangin. Thanks to the rage of Captan against Manaul. at sa isang saglit na siya ay nagkaroon ng bawat uri ng ibon sa kanyang tagiliran. Tubluck ang Lawi. upang ipadala ang mga galit na galit hangin. siya nagpunta lumilipad sa espasyo sa intensyon ng avenging kanyang sarili sa kanyang pinaka-mabangis at feared kaaway. nagsimula siya sa sunud-sunod na sumila at kumain.

at whirlwinds. kung saan sa pamamagitan ng pagkakataon ay dumadaan sa lugar na iyon. Sila nagkakaroon maging ang kanyang tirahan. at ibinigay sa kanila double-sized na mga mata. Siya (Captan) na ipinadala mula sa langit na malaking bato at bato sa crush Manaul. Mula sa oras na iyon. Siya na hinahangad ang aid mula sa ng Hari Cantan ng ang Higuecinas. Hari Manaul nakatira masaya magpakailanman.Ang kanyang iba pang mga ibon tagapayo. marami ng na ang mga tagapayo Manaul ay devoured. at swore sa kanila na dapat sila ay parusahan para sa tulad ng isang kataksilan. o ang henyo ng mga tao ng dagat. Ipasok ang hari ng hangin. Narito lupa nahanap ang simula nito. para pagkatapos Manaul. namin makita ang mga owls sa kanilang malaking mata na hindi makatulog sa panahon ng gabi. nagsimulang lamunin ang kanyang mga maliliit na fireflies. Kaya siya nagpapasalamat sa kanila upang manatiling gising sa loob ng gabi. para ito ay iwasan ng Hari Manaul. findling ng suporta sa mga malaking bato ginawa mananatiling kanila naayos magpakailanman. thunderbolts. upang sa hinaharap ay maaaring makita nila ang mas mahusay at hindi kumain ang kanyang minamahal na fireflies. Angered sa pamamagitan ng kaya mahalay isang mang-insulto. Mga lupain ay kanilang simula mula sa oras na iyon at pa rin dito ngayon. hanggang sa hindi bababa sa mag-sign sa kanila lumitaw. ang mundo ang nagkaroon nito simula . naghihirap pa rin ang parusa ng Hari Manaul. Ang kanyang galit ay walang hanggan. sa kabilang banda. Salamat sa galit ng Captan laban Manaul. ngunit ito ay walang resulta. upang parusahan ang katapangan ng Manaul. at ang mga desires ng Hari Manaul na natupad. at vomitted up ng mga mga nakakikilabot lightnings. Ang siya naselyohang kanyang mga paa. siya na tinatawag na kanyang mga owls.

When he was gone. In this place order and regularity began. and her crown the sun. He decided to arrange the world so that the heavenly bodies would move regularly. It was not known just where these two deities came from but it is related by old Bisayan folk that Tungkung Langit fell in love with Alunsina. Alunsina set the breeze to spy on Tungkung Langit. he would cry out his pent-up emotions and his tears would fall down upon the earth. One day Tungkung Langit told his wife that he would be away for some time. But in spite of these. . the sea. Alunsina's necklace became the stars. Then he took his wife's jewels and scattered them in the sky. Tungkung Langit found this out and he became very angry. He realized that he should not have lost his temper.The Tale of Tungkung Langit and Alunsina story (Visayan Myth) In the beginning everything was shapeless and formless. and comb her long. The earth. sit down by a pool near the door. In a word. jealous. No one knew where she went. he decided to do something to forget his sorrow. In his anger. they married and made their home in the highest part of heaven. he told her that it was ungodly of her to be jealous since there were no other gods in the world except the two of them. he would find himself alone. Alunsina was a lazy. Tungkung Langit was a loving. and they quarreled. the old folk say Tungkung Langit lives alone in his palace in the skies. There the water was always warm and the breeze was forever cool. the old folks say that it is Tungkung Langit sobbing. He hoped that when Alunsina should see them she might be induced to return home. And so in his desperation. She sat at the window all day doing nothing. The people say that rain is Tungkung Langit's tears. For months Tungkung Langit lived in utter desolation. Sometimes she would leave her home. The sight of the lonely sea and the barren land irritated him. When the thunder rolls. On the other hand. he would feel loneliness creeping deep or soothe his aching limbs. After he returned home. Once vibrant with Alunsina's sweet voice. After he had courted her for many years. He said he must make time go on smoothly and arrange everything in the world. Tungkung Langit felt very lonely. calling for his beloved Alunsina to come back . her comb the moon. Then from the depth of this formless void there appeared the god Tungkung Langit and the goddess Alunsina. jetblack hair all day long. In the morning when he woke up. Sometimes. Alunsina did not return home. In the afternoon when he came home. But it was too late. He wanted to impose order over the confused world. there was only confusion. So he came down to earth and planted trees and flowers. Tungkung Langit drove his wife away. selfish goddess. Several days later. Alunsina resented this reproach.entreating her so hard that his voice reverberates across the fields and countryside. Up to this time. and the air were almost mixed up. Try as he did he could not find Alunsina. hard-working god. his home became cold and desolate. the sky.

a mighty warrior called Baltog came upon the land. the tranquility of their lives was threatened by a huge man-eating wild boar. Every mortal was in fright: death and destruction took a heavy toll. Blood flowed freely over the land and the streams. Here they lived in peace and prosperity. build banca and houses. Handiong encouraged the people to plant. Baltog hid under the bushes. Together with a handful of men. Bantong raided the monster’s lair. He found the enemy taking its nap. saw few years of peace. the mighty Bantong. Baltog was dumb-founded as he surveyed the depredation wrought on his kingdom. the land of Ibalon. On that tragic day. One by one. Luck. was still with Ibalon. Soon. to deal with the enemy. With a cat-like agility. Bantong delivered a mortal blow at the monster’s neck. The richness and beauty of the region made him decide to take his family and his workers to this wonder place. huge carabaos followed by winged sharks and giant crocodiles rushed to Ibalon. but breaking its super-sized jaws with his own strong arms. Ibalon saw mortal combat. Man and beast tumbled to the ground in mortal combat. they slew the beasts. for years had sapped his strength. Fortunately. Baltog waited for long. but no one lived there. One day. Finally. a mighty warrior of the neighboring kingdom. peace came to Ibalon again. Outside Handiong’s domain. With her seductive words. he sprang at it. One day. Handiong. She promised to drivethe evil spirits out of the mountains if Handiong would leave her alone. long time. for under its spell. To save itself. invent farming equipments. It also killed people. Defenseless. Ibalon had become an easy prey. The . But Handiong pursued her through the forest without rest. known as Bicol. The ferocious beast destroyed the linsa or gabi plants and other crops as well. This time it was Rabut. But one day. Handiong came to the rescue. there appeared another threat to his kingdom. when the moon was bright. And at last. not with a spear. he went to the muddy fields to wait for his enemy. Baltog was able to pin down the beast and summoning all his strength. Ibalon became rich and peaceful again. vast areas in Ibalon were reduced to waste. mortals could turn to stone. Handiong called his friend and companion. Only one monster escaped Handiong’s mortal blows. the serpent who could transform itself into a beautiful woman. she enticed him. This was Oriol. Leaving his home under the cover of the night. When the boar came within reach. For untold hours. and countless people were either killed or maimed. a far more terrible monster. happened to pass by Ibalon. the man-eating boar came snorting and tearing crops as it went along. however.IBALON Long ago. Ibalon. the she-snake struck an alliance with Handiong. however. was a land of lush and virginal beauty. Baltog’s victory put an end to a terror that had ravished his kingdom for a time. Under his wise administration. The mighty Baltog could no longer defend his kingdom. Handiong and his brave seasoned men threw themselves at the stampeding and winging wild enemies. he finally subdued the boar.

Baltog ay pipiitinatag bilang siya surveyed panloloob ang yari sa kanyang kaharian. Dito sila nakatira sa kapayapaan at kasaganaan. ay isang lupain ng masagana at birhen kagandahan. patlang upang maghintay para sa kanyang mga kaaway. Baltog ay naghintay para sa mahaba. Isang araw. Ang mabangis na hayop ay nawasak ang halaman linsa o gabi at iba pang crops pati na rin. Baltog ng tagumpay tapusin sa isang malaking takot na ay ravished kanyang kaharian para sa isang oras. isang malakas na mandirigma na tinatawag Baltog ay dumating sa lupa. gayunpaman. ang lupa ng Ibalon. nakita ng ilang taon ng kapayapaan. Handiong at ang kanyang mga taong matapang lalaki na tinimplahan threw ang kanilang sarili sa ang stampeding at winging ng mga mabangis na kaaway. malawak na lugar sa Ibalon ay nabawasan sa basura. na kilala bilang Bicol. ang tao-pagkain bulugan ay dumating ng snorting at pansiwang ang mga crops bilang ito nagpunta kasama. This perfect cone is now known as Mayon Volcano. Handiong. Baltog itinago sa ilalim ng bushes. Ang kayamanan at kagandahan ng rehiyon ginawa magpasya siya sa kanyang pamilya at ang kanyang mga manggagawa sa lugar Wonder na ito. at hindi mabilang mga tao ay alinman namatay o lumpo. para sa mga taon ay sapped kanyang lakas. Dugo flowed IBALON Matagal na ang nakalipas. Ibalon ay maging isang madaling biktima. siya sprang ito. hindi sa isang sibat.wounded monster cried in agony. Walang pagtatanggol. mahabang panahon. Ang malakas Baltog maaaring hindi na ipagtanggol ang kanyang kaharian. siya sa wakas sakop bulugan. gayunpaman. ang kapanatagan ng kanilang mga buhay ay threatened sa pamamagitan ng isang malaking tao-kumain ng ligaw bulugan. ang nangyari sa pumasa sa pamamagitan ng Ibalon. the earth cracked and the water in the sea rolled landward. Isang araw. Bawat mortal ay sa sindak: kamatayan at pagkawasak kinuha ng isang mabigat na toll. kapag buwan ay maliwanag. Tao at hayop tumbled sa lupa sa mortal lumaban. Panghuli. ay pa rin sa Ibalon. Kapalaran. and in his struggle for breath. siya ay napunta sa sa maputik na mga . Ibalon. Thus ends Ibalon. malaking mga carabaos sinundan sa pamamagitan ng mga pakpak na pating at higanteng mga crocodiles rushed sa Ibalon. a tall and perfect cone reared its head to lord over the leveled ruins. Para sa mga hindi nabunyag oras. ang Ibalon nakita mortal lumaban. Aalis ang kanyang tahanan sa ilalim ng takip ng gabi. Lalong madaling panahon. Ito rin pumatay ng tao. Finally. Ibalon underwent great physical change. ngunit paglabag nito sobrang-laking jaws sa kanyang sariling malakas na armas. isang malakas na mandirigma ng kalapit na kaharian. Handiong ay dumating sa ang iligtas. Kapag ang bulugan ang dumating sa loob ng abot. Ngunit isang araw. Sa kabutihang palad. ngunit walang nakatira doon. Sa na trahedya na araw. New island began to dot the water near the peninsula. ang Baltog ay daganan sa hayop at summoning ang lahat ng lakas kanyang.

malayang sa ibabaw ng lupa at ang mga daloy. which bird in this world flies and yet suckles its young? Answer: Bat · Uppat iti adiguina.) Kalabao . Ibalon naging mayaman at mapayapang muli. at sa kanyang pakikibaka para sa paghinga. liko sila sa beasts. and two bolos. Bagong isla ay nagsimula sa tuldok ng tubig malapit sa peninsula. Handiong tinatawag na ang kanyang mga kaibigan at kasamahan. dua iti boneng. ang kapayapaan ay dumating sa Ibalon muli. bumuo ang banca at bahay. Ang nasugatan halimaw cried sa matinding paghihirap. Sa pamamagitan ng isang cat-tulad ng liksi. Ibalon underwent dakilang pisikal pagbabago. Sa ilalim ng kanyang matalino pangangasiwa. Riddles (Part 1) · Ania iti pinarsua iti Dios a balin suec a maturog? Answer: (Iloc.) Panniqui · What thing that God made sleeps with its head down? Answer: Bat · Pantas ca man. Oras na ito ito ay Rabut. ang lupa ang basag at ang tubig sa dagat lulon patungo sa lupa. ang isang matangkad at perpektong kono reared ang ulo nito upang pagharian sa ibabaw ng leveled mga lugar ng pagkasira. upang makitungo sa ang kaaway. aling ibon dito sa mundo ang lumilipad ay sumususo ang anak? Answer: (Tag. Sa kanyang mga nakatutukso salita. ilikha ang mga equipments pagsasaka. ang malakas na Bantong. Ito ay Oriol. Sa wakas. Siya natagpuan ang kaaway sa pagkuha nito siyesta.) Kabag · Although you are wise and know how to read and write. one whip. Kaya nagtatapos Ibalon. Handiong hinihikayat ang mga tao sa planta. may lumitaw isa pang pagbabanta sa kanyang kaharian. Ngunit Handiong pursued kanyang sa pamamagitan ng kagubatan walang pahinga. isang malayo mas kahilahilakbot halimaw. siya ay enticed sa kanya. Bantong inihatid ng isang mortal na pumutok sa leeg ang halimaw. ang siya-ahas struck ng isang alyansa sa Handiong. ang mga demonyo na maaaring ibahin ang anyo mismo sa isang maganda na babae. two fans. maysa iti baotna. Ang perpektong kono na ito ngayon ay kilala bilang Mayon Bulkan. mortals ay maaaring buksan sa bato. At sa wakas. Labas Handiong ng domain. at marunong bumasa at sumulat. Isa-isa. Answer: (Tag. Ipinangako niya sa drivethe ang masamang espiritu ng mga bundok kung Handiong ay umalis sa kanyang nag-iisa. Isa lamang halimaw escaped Handiong ng mortal blows. Answer: Carabao · Apat na tukod langit at isang pang hagupit. Bantong raided pugad ang halimaw. para sa ilalim nito spell. Answer: (Iloc. Upang i-save mismo.) Carabao · Four posts. Sama-sama sa isang dakot ng mga tao. dua iti paypayna.

) Dueg · One pointing. · Eto na si “Nuno. na sangay ualang dahon. Answer: Rat · Kahoy cong Marigundong. Answer: Pig The pig is a constant scavenger and frequents the space below latrines and privies. Answer: (Pamp. Answer: Horse · Carga nang carga ay ualang upa. ipusna quen maysa nga ulona nga aoan ti imana. yacu naman ing quian. it is a common thing that his snout is yellow as result of his search. Answer: Dog · Adda maysa nga parsua ni Apo Dios nga adda uppat a sacana.) Babuy · Here comes “Nuno” with gold on his head. · Maco ca quian. two air posts and whip. Answer: (Tag.” may sunong na guinto. Answer: (Gad.) Ding bitis daring animal a tiapat a bitis nung lalacad ya. Answer: The pig He is ever eating garbage and waste. Answer: Carabao The head points. Answer: (Iloc. who always drags rattan. Answer: (Tag.) Caballo Riddles (Part 2) · There is one creature of our Lord God which has four legs and a tail and one head. Answer: (Tag.) Babuy · Always working and no pay. two moving. but it has no arms. Answer: A little pig · Adda maysa nga lacay gomogoyod ti oay. Answer: (Iloc. Answer: Horn The branching horn of a deer. nu mat-tadag ay ibbafa. Answer: Carabao · Saquey so torutoro duaray quepay-quepay a patiray mansobsoblay.) Atu · If he sits down he is high. four changing.) Burias · While the mother is walking the child is crying.) Bao · There is an old man. Answer: (Iloc. Riddles (Part 3) . the ears move.· Four earth posts. · Nu mat-tut-lud ay atanang udde.) Sungay · My tree in Marigundong (town in Cavite) has branches but no leaves. Answer: (Pang. the legs change position. · Magmagna ni inam sangsangitam. if he stands up he is low.

) Campana · Tapal's ——— hanging within the corral is crying to get out. Answer: The forward legs of an animal The hind feet tread in the prints of the forefeet. Answer: (Iloc. crown but not king. Answer: (Pang. Answer: (Tag. Answer: (Iloc. Answer: (Iloc. Answer: (Tag. the priest's cope. Answer: (Pang.) Campana sa misa · I rang the banca and the fishes came. but not priest.) Ang bungang isinasama sa itso · Still in his mother's body was taken and made to marry. Answer: Bell · Nasatiyan pa nang kanyang ina. Answer: Betel · Papel a berde sinoratac ti purao Page 30quet intedco iti sangaili dina insubli. puso balasang baro.) Mama · A tiptipparo leaf. a young man and a young woman.) Campana · I strike upon the washout and the bagsang come for help. kinuha at pinapagasawa. Answer: Betel-leaf · Nagcapa dimet nagpadi.) Manoc · Gown but not priest. Nagcorona dimet nagari. Answer: (Tag.· Away! let me have your place. · Nang hataken co ang baging nagkagulo ang matsing. Answer: Bell · Tinugtog co ang bangca nagsilapit ang isda. the heart. ya agnaecal. Answer: Cock · Nancorona agimiet ari.) Batingao · When I pulled the vine the monkeys came around. Answer: Betel · Bulong tiptipparo. Answer: Cock · Ania ti pinarsua ni Apo Dios nga ag-gungon ti maquimbaba quet agpidot ti maquin ngato? . Answer: Bell · Togtoquec ti teppang agarayat ti bagsang Answer: (Iloc. Answer: Bell · Otin nen laquic Tapal ni baleuet ed corral manaquis.) Manoc · The king's crown but not king.) Gaoed Riddles (Part 4) · I wrote a green paper with white: I gave it to my visitor and he did not return it. nan capa agmuet pari.

na pinamamahalaan nang unang panahon ng ating tunay na mga kababayan niyaong hindi pa tumutulong sa mga lupaing ito ang mga Kastila. sila’y kabilihan at kapalitan ng mga kalakal. bata’t matanda at sampung mga babae ay marunong bumasa at sumulat ng talagang pagsulat nating mga Tagalog.) Manoc · What creature of God is with meat on its head? Answer: Cock · Ania a parsuo ni Apo Dios ti nagsusoon ti carne nga aoan ti imana? Answer: (Iloc. Ito’y siyang tinatawag na “Pacto de Sangre” ng haring Sikatuna at ni Legaspi na pinakakatawanan ng hari sa Espana. tayo’y aakayin sa lalong kagalingan at lalong imumulat ang ating kaisipan.Answer: (Iloc. at kaginhawaaan. Kasundo niya ang mga kapit-bayan at lalung-lalo na ang mga taga-Japon. Sa mabuti nilang hikayat na diumano. Dumating ang mga Kastila at dumulog na nakipagkaibigan. kahit abutin natin ang kasalatan at kadayukdukan. malabis ang pagyabong ng lahat ng pinagkakakitaan.) Tapingar · What creature of our Lord God carries meat but has no hands? Answer: Cock · Uyana-uyana mamuntuk yang baya! Answer: (Pamp. iginugugol natin ang yaman. ang nasabing nagsisipamahala ay nangyaring nalamuyot sa tamis ng kanilang dila sa paghibo.) Manuc · Here he comes with glowing charcoal on his head! Answer: A cock · No umayac idiay balayo agtuptupuaccayo. Answer: (Iloc. Ngayon sa lahat ng ito’y ano ang sa mga ginawa nating paggugugol ang nakikitang kaginhawahang ibinigay sa ating Bayan? Ano ang nakikita nating pagtupad sa kanilang kapangakuan na siyang naging dahil ng ating Ang Dapat Mabatid ng mga Tagalog Andres Bonifacio Spanish Period Itong Katagalugan. kaya’t dahil dito’y mayaman ang kaasalan ng lahat. at gayon din naman nakipagbaka tayo sa mga Insik at taga-Holandang nagbalang umagaw sa kanila nitong Katagalugan. dugo at sampu ng tunay na mga kababayan na aayaw pumayag na sa kanila’y pasakop. at yao’y inihalo’t ininom nila kapwa tanda ng tunay at lubos na pagtatapat na di magtataksil sa pinagkayarian. Buhat nang ito’y mangyari ay bumubilang na ngayon sa tatlong daang taon mahigit na ang lahi ni Legaspi ay ating binubuhay sa lubos na kasaganaan. ay nabubuhay sa .) Manoc lubos na kasaganaan.) Manoc · What thing that Lord God made Page 31sifts below and picks up above? Answer: Fowl · Dinay pinalsay Dios ya managtay carne? Answer: (Pang. Gayon man sila’y ipinailalim sa talagang kaugaliang pinagkayarian sa pamamagitan ng isang panunumpa na kumuha ng kaunting dugo sa kani-kanilang mga ugat. ating pinagtatamasa at binubusog.

Ngayon wala nang maituturing na kapanatagan sa ating pamamayan. ang landas na dapat nating tunguhin. Itinuturo ng katuwiran. ngayon lalo’t lalo tayong nabibiliran ng tanikalang nakalalait sa bawat lalaking may iniingatang kapurihan. Ngayon panahon nang dapat simulan ang pagsisiwalat ng mga mahal at dakilang ani na magwawasak sa masinsing tabing na bumubulag sa ating kaisipan. may hiya at pagdadamayan. ngayon tayo’y nalulunod na sa nagbabahang luha ng Ina sa nakitil na buhay ng anak.paggugugol! Wala kudi pawang kataksilan ang ganti sa ating mga pagpapala at mga pagtupad sa kanilang ipinangakong tayo’y lalong gigisingin sa kagalingan ay bagkus tayong binulag. Ang bawat isang himutok na pumulas sa ating dibdib ay itinuturing na isang malaking pagkakasala at karakarakang nilalapatan ng sa hayop na kabangisan. Ano ang nararapat nating gawin? Ang araw ng katuwiran na sumisikat sa Silanganan. Itinuturo na katuwiran ang tayo’y magkaisang-loob. ang nagiging kasagutan ay ang tayo’y itapon at ilayo sa piling ng ating minamahal ng anak. Itinuturo ng katuwiran. bao’t mga magulang ng mga kababayang ipinanganyaya ng mga manlulupig na Kastila. ang kukong nag-akma ng kamatayang alay sa atin ng mga ganid na asal. aswa at matandang magulang. ang liwanag niya’y tanaw sa ting mga mata. na sumasalang sa mahapding sugat ng ating pusong nagdaramdam. . Panahon na ngayong dapat na lumitaw ang liwanag ng katotohanan. na huwag nating sayangin ang panahon sa pag-asa sa ipinangakong kaginhawahan na hindi darating at hindi mangyayari. at kung tayo’y mangahas humingi ng kahit gabahid na lingap. Kaya. Itinuturo ng katuwiran. lalo’t lalong kaalipustaan at lalo’t lalong kaalipinan. Itinuturo ng katuwiran ang tayo’y umasa sa ating at huwag antayin sa iba ang ating kabuhayan. may puri. ating idila ang bulag na kaisipan at kusang igugol sa kagalingan ang atin glakas sa tunay at lubos na pag-asa na magtagumpay sa nilalayong kaginhawahan ng bayan tinubuan. Araw na itong dapat kilalanin na sa bawat isang hakbang natin y tumutuntong tayo at nabibingit sa malalim na hukay ng kamatayan na sa ati’y inuumang ng mga kaaway. ngayon lagi nang gingambala ang ating katahimikan ng umaalingawngaw na daing at pananambitan. pinilt na sinira ang mahal at magandang ugali ng ating Bayan. buntong-hininga at hinagpis ng makapal na ulila. magkaisang isip at akala at nang tayo’y magkaisa na maihanap ng lunas ang naghaharing kasamaan sa ating Bayan. iminulat tayo sa isang maling pagsampalataya at isinadlak sa lubak ng kasamaan ang kapurihan ng ating Bayan. inihawa tayo sa kanilang hamak na asal. na wala tayong iba pang maaantay kundi lalo’t lalong kaalipinan. ay malinaw na itinuturo sa ating mga matang malaong nabulagan. panahon nang dapat nating ipakilala n tayo’y may sariling pagdaramdam. O mga kababayan. panahon na ngayong dapat makilala ng mga Tagalog ang pinagbuhatan ng kanilang mga kahirapan. sa pananangis ng sanggol na pinangulila ng kalupitan na ang bawat patak ay katulad ng isang kumukulong tinga.

A short colorless worm marched blindly to Dodong's foot and crawled calmly over it. The beast turned its head to look at him with dumb faithful eyes. Dodong thought to himself he would tell his father about Teang when he got home. resilent. I will tell it to him. I will tell it to him. Forever spilled in the great name of freedom. our sinews are Grown flaccid with dependence. which he had learned to do from his mother. O souls And spirits of the martyred brave. and let it to its shed and fed it. are become Like the molave. The ground was broken up into many fresh wounds and fragrant with a sweetish earthy smell. Sleep not in peace: There are a thousand waters to be spanned. Dodong's grandmother. Out of the depthless matrix of your of your faith In us. unafraid. Rizal. seeing.LIKE THE MOLAVE by Rafael Zulueta da Costa Not yet. seventeen. staunch. and on the silent cliffs of freedom. Forever oblate on the altar of The free? Not you alone. until We pick up your Promethean tools and. but he wanted his father to know. after he had unhitched the carabao from the plow. There are a thousand crosses to be borne. Rest not in peace. Rising on the hillside. Dodong looked at it without interests. like the molave! Footnote to Youth Footnote to Youth by Jose Garcia Villa The sun was salmon and hazy in the west. Dodong unhitched the carabao leisurely and gave it a healthy tap on the hip. firm. Dodong gave it a slight push and the animal walked alongside him to its shed. flinging the worm into the air. not yet. There are a thousand mountains to be crossed. strong. what younger than your own. rizal. Dodong did not bother to look where it fell. at a thought came to him his father might refuse to consider it. arise! Arise and scour the land! Shed once again Your willing blood! Infuse the vibrant red Into our thin anaemic veins. . smug with ease Under another’s wing. He placed bundles of grass before it land the carabao began to eat. yes. but thought of his age. What he had to say was of serious import as it would mark a climacteric in his life. We carve for all time your marmoreal dream! Until our people. He was hesitant about saying it. Many slender soft worms emerged from the furrows and then burrowed again deeper into the soil. not yet. Dodong finally decided to tell it. Rizal. The land has need Of young blood-and. and he said to himself he was not young any more. Strong in its own fibre. Not yet. His father was silent hard-working farmer who chewed areca nut. Dodong go tickled and jerked his foot. Our shoulders are not strong.

He lifted his leg and looked at the hurt toe and then went on walking. . what he had to say. thinking how he would break his news to his father. A small angled stone bled his foot. Dodong knew. Dodong felt he could do anything. his girl. Dodong ate fish and rice. graying the still black temples of his father. How desirable she was to him. His parents and he sat down on the floor around the table to eat. He got another piece and wanted some more. There it was out. doing all the housework alone. Dodong did. sucking a diseased tooth. He was seventeen. Dodong had told him often and again to let the town dentist pull it out. a gray undershirt and red kundiman shorts. the down on his upper lip already was dark--these meant he was no longer a boy. and caked sugar. he had pimples on his face. He turned back the way he had come. She had a small brown face and small black eyes and straight glossy hair. He wished as he looked at her that he had a sister who could help his mother in the housework. invigorating but it begrimed you. dipped it in his glass of water and ate it. rice. but he dismissed it cursorily. The he went into the water. bananas. prodded by the thought of his virility. She made him dream even during the day. then he marched homeward again. Dodong felt insolent and big at the thought of it although he was by nature low in statue. He did not tell that to Dodong. Thinking himself a man grown. then he marched obliquely to a creek. He pitied her. Teang. Dodong felt relieved and looked at his father expectantly. They had fried fresh-water fish. on the grass. Dodong broke off a piece of the cakes sugar. The petroleum lamp on the ceiling already was lighted and the low unvarnished square table was set for supper. His father looked old now. He had said it without any effort at all and without self-consciousness. Dirty. smudged you terribly. A decrescent moon outside shed its feeble light into the window. It was paining him again. In the cool sundown he thought wild you dreams of himself and Teang. but he thought of leaving the remainder for his parents. but he was tired and now felt lazy. but Dodong guessed it. Dodong tensed with desire and looked at the muscles of his arms. but he was afraid. He wanted to marry. The bath made him feel cool. Dodong said while his mother was out that he was going to marry Teang. The bananas were overripe and when one held them they felt more fluid than solid. Dodong's mother removed the dishes when they were through and went out to the batalan to wash them. Afterward Dodong himself thought that if he had a decayed tooth he would be afraid to go to the dentist. He walked faster. he would not be any bolder than his father. and over which he had done so much thinking. and rubbed at it vigorously. This field work was healthy. He was growing into a man--he was a man. his father was.Dodong started homeward. She walked with slow careful steps and Dodong wanted to help her carry the dishes out. but did not partake of the fruit. It was dusk when he reached home. His father remained in the room. wet his body over. Dodong stripped himself and laid his clothes. He was not long in bathing.

I want to marry.. but later he got confused. Dodong did not read it.. Dodong. Dodong was immensely glad he had asserted himself. In a few moments he would be a father. it.. he realized now. this indifference." "Tell your mother. to compares his thoughts with severe tyranny." he whispered the word with awe. Teang was giving birth in the house. He sat down on a saw-horse with his feet close together. "Your son." There was a strange helpless light in his father's eyes.." His father kept gazing at him in inflexible silence and Dodong fidgeted on his seat." "That's very young to get married at. want.. It had seemed to cage him." Dodong felt tired standing.. father.. did not cry. He was young." "I. "You are very young.. For a while he even felt sorry for him about the diseased tooth. "Must you marry. I want your permission.Teang's a good girl. Afraid also of Teang. He lost his resentment for his father. "You tell her. "Your son.." people would soon be telling him. when they gave birth. Dodong was uncomfortable and then became angry because his father kept looking at him without uttering anything. His mother had told him not to leave the house. "I will marry Teang. sweating profusely." "I'm. contradicting himself of nine months comfortable." his father said.. of course."I am going to marry Teang. Dodong made a quick impassioned easy in his mind about selfishness... his father himself had married.. Then he confined his mind to dreaming of Teang and himself. Afraid of the house.... He did not want her to scream like that. but he had left." "You tell her. Dodong. He cracked his knuckles one by one. if that is your wish.." Dodong repeated." Dodong said. ------------------------------------------Dodong stood in the sweltering noon heat.." "All right." "Dodong.yes. so that his camiseta was damp. He began to wonder madly if the process of childbirth was really painful. He looked at his callused toes. Sweet young dream." There was impatient clamor in his voice. Some women... Dodong. seventeen. "Father. He had wanted to get out of it without clear reason at all. "I asked her last night to marry me and she said. tatay. and the little sounds it made broke dully the night stillness. and Dodong wished his father would suck that troublous tooth again. he seemed to be rebuking him. He was still as a tree and his thoughts were confused. he felt. so absorbed was he in himself. Dodong?" Dodong resented his father's questions. I. "I will marry Teang. she gave screams that chilled his blood." "You will let me marry Teang?" "Son.. an exacting protest at this coldness. with strangeness. Suppose he had ten . Dodong looked at his father sourly. His father looked at him silently and stopped sucking the broken tooth... The silence became intense and cruel.. you tell your inay. He was afraid.

to go back to the yard. What made him think that? What was the matter with him? God! He heard his mother's voice from the house: "Come up. Dodong saw Teang. "Teang?" Dodong said. He dropped his eyes and pretended to dust dirt off his kundiman shorts." Suddenly he felt terribly embarrassed as he looked at her. "It is a boy. What a moment for him. His eyes smarted and his chest wanted to burst. His father thrust his hand in his and gripped it gently. He wanted to hide from them. he avoided his parents eyes." Dodong traced tremulous steps on the dry parched yard.. He felt guilty and untrue." He turned to look again and this time saw his father beside his mother.. They flowed into him. He felt like crying. Dodong did not want to come up and stayed in the sun. He did not want her to look that pale." "I'll. “You give him to me. Dodong felt more embarrassed and did not move. Within. "Dodong. making him strong. And his mother: "Dodong. Dodong got angry with himself sometimes. For six successive years a new child came along. You come up.. "She's sleeping. as if he had taken something no properly his.. But you go on. but they came. The thin voice pierced him queerly. Dodong heard it cry. Somehow he was ashamed to his mother of his youthful paternity. but again that feeling of embarrassment came over him and before his parents he did not want to be demonstrative. Many more children came. It seemed the coming of children could not be helped.children. . "Dodong.. He wanted to turn back." his father said. He wanted somebody to punish him.. "Dodong. Dodong did not want any more children. You give him to me." His father led him into the small sawali room.. come up. asleep on the papag with her black hair soft around her face. his girl-wife." he mother said." Dodong said. He could not control the swelling of happiness in him. It made him feel guilty.. to push away that stray wisp of hair that touched her lips. "Dodong." his father said. His parents' eyes seemed to pierce him through and he felt limp. He beckoned Dodong to come up. It is over. The hilot was wrapping the child." his mother called again. ------------------------------------------Blas was not Dodong's only child. you come up. to run away. Dodong wanted to touch her." How kind were their voices. "Son. Dodong. He walked ahead of them so that they should not see his face. His heart pounded mercilessly in him. Dodong. He ascended the bamboo steps slowly.

Dodong returned to the house humiliated by himself.. "Itay . One night. Maybe the question was not to be answered. That was a better lot. Why it must be so. "You better go to sleep.. It must be so to make youth Youth. But she loved Dodong. Dodong would not find the answer. wanted to know a little wisdom but was denied it. Young Dodong.. whom she loved. She wondered if she had married Lucio. Maybe not. Youth must be dreamfully sweet. He did not want Blas to marry yet. "You want to marry Tona. "Yes. but he was childless until now. She accepted me tonight. The house. There was interminable work to be done." Dodong lay on the red pillow without moving. Laundering.. after Love. tired and querulous. Lucio. either. and that was why she had chosen Dodong. Dodong did not answer and tried to sleep. wishing she had not married.Teang did not complain. He stood in the moonlight. where everything was still and quiet. He watched Blas undress in the dark and lie down softly." Dodong said. Seventeen.. Cooking. Dodong stirred and asked him what it was. not wishing him to dislike her. he rose and went out of the house. I want her. Not even Dodong.. She was shapeless and thin now. The children.. Lucio had married another after her marriage to Dodong. He wanted to ask questions and somebody to answer him. The moonlight was cold and white. for he could not sleep well of nights. He wanted to be wise about many things. but the bearing of children told on her. "I am going to marry Tona.." Dodong rose from his mat and told Blas to follow him.. He had "Itay.. Blas raised himself on his elbow and muttered something in a low fluttering voice. They descended to the yard. Blas was very young. older than Dodong by nine years. Why one was forsaken. She did not tell Dodong this. Blas was restless on his mat and could not sleep. even if she was young." Blas called softly. Dodong whom life had made ugly. would she have borne him children. you think it over." . Dodong heard Blas's steps. "I love Tona and.." Dodong said. Blas said he could not sleep. It is late. She cried sometimes." Dodong lay silent. The life that would follow marriage would be hard. Dodong called him name and asked why he did not sleep. as he lay beside his wife. When Blas was eighteen he came home one night very flustered and happy. It was late at night and Teang and the other children were asleep. There has been another suitor. One of them was why life did not fulfill all of Youth's dreams. Dreamfully sweet. Yet she wished she had not married.

We wondered what happened. the rich man’s children became thin and anaemic. He could not do anything. Itay?" Blas asked acridly..." Dodong kept silent. Father’s farm had been destroyed in 1918 by one of our sudden Philippine floods. Love must triumph. now... Dodong looked wistfully at his young son in the moonlight.." (But truly. Youth must triumph. The chickens were young and tender and the fat that dripped into the burning coals gave off an enchanting odour. We were always in the best of spirits and our laughter was contagious. Sometimes we wrestled with one another in the house before we went to play. We watched the servants turn the beautiful birds and inhaled the heavenly spirit that drifted out to us. . not yet. As time went on. "I will marry Tona. Now. As long ago Youth and Love did triumph for Dodong. He looked at us one by one."Must you marry?" Blas's voice stilled with resentment... and the aroma of the food was wafted down to us form the windows of the big house. At night their coughing sounded like the barking of a herd of seals... He felt extremely sad and sorry for him. I lived with my mother and brothers and sisters in a small town on the island of Luzon. Other neighbours who passed by our house often stopped in our yard and joined us in laughter. I don't want Blas to marry yet. his children stayed inside and kept the windows closed. I can remember one afternoon when our neighbour’s servants roasted three chickens. whose sons and daughters seldom came out of the house. our whole family stood outside the windows of the rich man’s house and listened to the musical sizzling of thick strips of bacon or ham.. We knew that they were not sick from the lack of nourishment My Father Goes To Court (Carlos Bulusan) When I was four. and then Life. We hung outside their windows and listened to them.. it will be life. His wife began coughing too. Sometimes. Some days the rich man appeared at a window and glowered down at us.) But he was helpless. The rich man started to cough at night. when there was any food in the house to eat. as though he were condemning us.. "You have objections.. this rich man’s servants were always frying and cooking something good. then he coughed day and night. n-none. Our faces were bright and rosy. now. His house was so tall that his children could look in the window of our house and watched us played. I don't want Blas to marry yet. Afterwards. or ate. Then the children started to cough. while we grew even more robust and full of life. We had as a next door neighbour a very rich man. hurt.. so several years afterwards we all lived in the town though he preferred living in the country. "Son. God.. but theirs were pale and sad... or slept. in the morning. While we boys and girls played and sang in the sun. one after the other. We were all healthy because we went out in the sun and bathed in the cool water of the river that flowed from the mountains into the sea. We hung about and took all the wonderful smells of the food into our beings.

The rich man’s lawyer jumped up and pointed his finger at Father. and no matter how tight the windows were shut. We were the first to arrive. One morning a policeman from the presidencia came to our house with a sealed paper. The children did not come out anymore. then at my brothers. father brushed his old Army uniform and borrowed a pair of shoes from one of my brothers. The rich man had filed a complaint against us. the aroma of the food came to us in the wind and drifted gratuitously into our house. He told Father the man claimed that for years we had been stealing the spirit of his wealth and food. “Do you or do you not agree that while the complaint’s servants cooked and fried fat legs of lamb or young chicken breast you and your family hung outside his windows and inhaled the heavenly spirit of the food?” “I agree. He looked at my sisters. Judge. scratching his head thoughtfully. One day the rich man appeared at a window and stood there a long time. “Proceed.” Father said. “Do you or you do not agree that you have been stealing the spirit of the complaint’s wealth and food?” “I do not!” Father said. “Do you or do you not agree that while the complaint and his children grew sickly and tubercular you and your family became strong of limb and fair in complexion?” “I agree. which is the sturdiest tree in the Philippines. they were so amazed to see the children so thin and pale. We children sat on a long bench by the wall. Spectators came in and almost filled the chairs. shutting all the windows. his face was scarred with deep lines. whose arms and legs were like the molave. Father kept jumping up from his chair and stabbing the air with his arms. From that day on. Father took me with him when he went to the town clerk and asked him what it was about.because they were still always frying something delicious to eat. He had grown old and feeble. The judge entered the room and sat on a high chair. the judge looked at the Father. “Do you have a lawyer?” he asked “I don’t need any lawyer.” Father said. We stood in a hurry and then sat down again.” “Bring in the children of the complaint. He banged down the window and ran through his house. The children walked silently to a bench and sat . Father sat on a chair in the centre of the courtroom. Then he said. “How do you account for that?” Father got up and paced around. The rich man arrived. Mother occupied a chair by the door. Judge. “I would like to see the children of complaint. the windows of our neighbour’s house were always closed.” They came in shyly. who had grown fat in laughing. We could still hear the servants cooking in the kitchen.” he said. When the day came for us to appear in court. With him was his young lawyer. After the courtroom preliminaries. as though we were defending himself before an imaginary jury. The spectators covered their mouths with their hands.” said the judge.

The doors of both rooms were wide open. My sisters started it. Finally he said. The rest of us followed them soon the spectators were laughing with us. It was almost full of coins.” Father said. “As you wish. . “Did you hear it?” he asked. The rich man opened his mouth to speak and fell to the floor without a sound.” He said. And the laughter of the judge was the loudest of all. “Hear what?” the man asked.” “Do you claim that we stole the spirit of your food by hanging outside your windows when your servants cooked it?” Father said.” Father said. “The spirit of the money when I shook this hat?” he asked. The sweet tinkle of the coins carried beautifully in the courtroom. Father strutted around the courtroom the judge even came down from his high chair to shake hands with him. “By the way. “I should like to cross – examine the complaint. “Case dismissed. Father came back and stood before the complaint. “May I walk to the room across the hall and stay there for a few minutes. Father could not say anything at first.down without looking up. My brothers threw in their small change.” he whispered. “Are you ready?” Father called. He walked over to where we children were sitting on the bench and took my straw hat off my lap and began filling it up with centavo pieces that he took out of his pockets. He just stood by his chair and looked at them. “Yes. The spectators turned their faces toward the sound with wonder. “Yes. Judge?” Father said.” “Then you are paid. who added a fistful of silver coins. He went to Mother. He strode into the other room with the hat in his hands.” “Thank you.” The judge said. The judge pounded his gravel. The lawyer rushed to his aid.” “You like to hear my family laugh.” “Then we are going to pay you right now. holding their bellies and bending over the chairs. “Proceed. “I had an uncle who died laughing. Judge?” Father asked? “Why not?” “Did you hear that children?” father said. They stared at the floor and moved their hands uneasily. “Yes.” “Proceed.” “Do you claim that we stole the spirit of your wealth and became a laughing family while yours became morose and sad?” Father said.” father said.


make me three bright masks For the three tasks in my life. *writing of this new group was characterized by liberalism in thought and outlook. -Writing in English was consigned to limbo. Philippine Literature was interrupted in its development when the Philippines were again conquered by another foreign country. * In other words. Philippine literature in English came to halt. Filipino had by this time. Three faces to wear One after the other For the three men in my life. * This had an advantages effect on Filipino Literature. the reason was that almost writings in English were stopped or strictly prohibited by the Japanese. the threat of new ideas and morality had to be grappled with side by side. however with a fervor and drive for excellence that continues to this day. it took some time before the writers could find their bearings. Japan. w/c experienced renewed attention because writers in English turned to writing in Filipino. They were influenced by new literary theories by a new of symbolism. a saint With a staff to his fork And his horns a crown. After the war. Moreno To this harlequinade I wear a black tights and a fool’s cap Billiken. * After the war. In the year 1941-1945. . by ideology and practice of communism. Until 50th years – literary output still carried the stock theme of war and its hardship. Later a new group of writers sprung up. new communication Order for Masks Virginia R.Philippine Literature POST – WAR PERIOD (1945-1960) modes. learned to express themselves more confidently but post-war problems beyond language and print like economic stability. When my Brother comes Make me one opposite If he is a devil. I hope my contrast To make nil Our old resemblance to each other . Bitterness was a common tone. Filipino literature was given a break during this period. by existentialism by the post-war European.

Make me three masks. When my Father comes Make me one so like His child once eating his white bread in trance Philomela before she was raped. she tries to differentiate herself from her brother that is why she does things that are completely opposite or in contrast with the things her brother does. content and create texts whose polyvalence of idioms allow readers to contend with their very own historicity. I hope by likeness To make him believe this is the same kind The chaste face he made. who is the persona in the poem. She is recognized not only as a poet but as a Philippine woman artist whose vision of art includes both aesthetics and politics. is clearly talking about the different roles that the woman. having been immersed in English and American Literature The poem. She is a poet whose works are deeply imbricated in her country’s socio-political and cultural milieu. She is a poet who has an interest in French Impressionism and Symbolist poetry while the rest of her generation.And my twin will walk me out Without a frown Pretending I am another. It presents the woman's three masks which represent the three tasks in her life and the three faces she has to wear for the three men in her life. Moreno has. If my lover comes Yes. "Order for Masks". The first role that is illustrated is that of a sister – the woman towards her brother. has to portray throughout her life. Make it bloody When he needs it white Make it wicked in the dark Let him find no old mark Make it stone to his suave touch This magician will walk me out Newly loved. And my blind Lear will walk me out Without a word Fearing to peer behind. when my Seducer comes Make me the face That will in color race The carnival stars And change in shape Under his grasping hands. however. managed to marry form. She wants to be unlike him in every possible way so to make him feel secure in his masculinity and to make him believe that she is not a threat to him. As a sister. The next role . Not knowing why my tantalizing face Is strangely like the mangled parts of a face He once wiped out. About the Author: Virginia Moreno is a feminist.

mentioned is that of a daughter – the woman towards her father. the woman is projecting to him that she is still the same child he knew and the same face he made. it is sad to . Literary Merits: Universality: The message of the poem was universal because just like in the main character or persona of the poem. Elements of the poem: Simile: a figure of speech in which unlike objects are compared using the words like and as. innocent and chaste. leading him to believe that she is the perfect or ideal daughter. Even decades. it can be said that the woman shapes her behavior. As a daughter. In the three roles that the poem discusses. This. Permanence: The poem will last long for the reason that the topic being tackled there is so much applicable in real life. Ex. At first you will feel glad because the persona of the poem is a versatile woman who can adjust her attitude into different situation. degrades or lowers the status of the woman as it reduces her whole being to mere instrument that satisfies and pleases men's needs and wants. The last role that she plays is that of a lover – the woman towards her lover. she is making herself the best partner for him. through her ability to make the men in her life see and believe what she wants them to. a saint Make it bloody when he needs it white Alliteration: repetition of a sound at or near the beginning of words. Make for me the face That will in color race Free Verse: poetry which does not follow a regular pattern of rhythm. And everyone can relate themselves of what the poem tells us. Also. it will remain and serve as an inspiration in every reader. we are also experiencing different roles or tasks in our life. she wants to show her father that she is the kind of woman that he expects her to be – pure. Emotional Value: In reading the poem you will have a mixed feeling. in a way. Ex. Make me one so like his child once eating his white bread in trance Not knowing why my tantalizing face is strangely like the mangled parts of a face Antithesis: a contrast of words or ideas. If he is a devil. Ex. This time. It makes ideas more emphatic and most effective if the phrasing of the contrasted ideas is parallel. But this conclusion is compensated by the other fact that the poem is trying to imply. she projects herself as someone who does her best to satisfy and fulfill the needs and wants of her partner. But as you had deep realization. actions and personality in accordance to the needs of the men. She makes him believe that by being the woman he wants her to be. The poem shows that the woman. centuries had passed.

Bautista points out to us that instead of hating the situation his facing his expressing the opposite feeling towards the situation. the excitement Better than demos or rock & roll. In the first stanza w\c says: “I love it! I love it! This tear gassed sanctifies my corrupted soul. He maybe one of those ralllyists fighting for their freedom from the Marcos regime.” From the choice of words of Bautista. Now. But we have secret marshals & policemen & most of all we have a lot of teargas. No food on the table. the poet creates for us a situation where we are made to see man That could be a rally’s during the Martial Law. In the 3rd stanza w\c says… Songs of a Tear gassed Man In this poem. The poem has 7 stanzas. & 6 have the same lines w\c says. then this man was one of those in the poverty level of Filipinos living during the Marcos regime.” On the metaphorical level of interpretation. actions and personality in accordance to the needs of the men. He’s encouraging somebody to join him from his Struggle. If he’s not able to have money in the bank. no food on the table. This is the right stuff. From this stanza. He’s been living in the streets. Pure imported chemicals from Frame. most women did not attend school and could neither nor write. . fighting for freedom because he’s been already to teargas as stated in this line. he’s actually describing he status of the man in the poem.” “We may not have money in the bank. Oh! The divine color of it. This can attract the reader in all ages. He has been tear gassed in return and for him his having the real taste of his fighting the one whom was the responsible from there struggles. Years ago. no seat on the Love been.know that the main character which was a woman shapes her behavior. 4. Artistry/Style Value: The symbolism used by the author caught the attention and curiosity of the reader.” “Don’t save your tears. This in a way degrades or lowers the status of the woman as it reduces her whole the status of the women her whole being to please men’s needs and wants. brother. the real McCoy. the man was persuading somebody to be w\ him in his struggle. “but we have secret marshals & policemen & most of all we have a lot of teargas. brother while it’s free. The stanzas 2. The discrimination among the women was stopped. Intellectual Value: Education has changed the outlook of women. But as time goes by. it was already changed. You may never get another chance. women already have shown capabilities and powers of leadership in their homes and society. He speaks of his experience from having To be “tear gassed by the policemen. “Get aloud of it. no seat on the love een.

Mrs. Mrs. There are taxes to be fade & what they got was all hardships.. M: Visitors. Mrs. You cannot turn them into cash. But if you join me in this martial festival You’ll get a taste of refreshing tear gas. we’ll be going here in Tondo. M: Last Monday. Mrs. The taxmen may be running after us. Here.. She wants to come back here at once. But we have floods. you could see the similarity in the 3rd stanza. But come in. & most of all we have a lot of teargas. Tony: I didn’t know it ‘till I read it in the newspaper. Aling Atang for a moment. must bring her back as soon as possible. no. you know. Think it’s horrible? Tony: Oh. We miss her when we play mahjong. sit down. New Yorker in Tondo Marcelino Agana Jr. M: Oh. . they will be able to make the Marcos’s to step down from their position & they will soon have the freedom & peace that they needed from the start. She must be bored out there. you are so palikero as ever. she says she’s not homesick at all. M: of course. Once a Tondo girl always a Tondo girl. M: I understand. You look just wonderful.” From this stanza. I’m beginning to feel like a society matron. garbage. amendment 6. Mrs. In the 5th stanza… “We may not have houses or running water. he’s showing braveness to persuade his other fellow Filipino brothers to join the force & fight the administration of the Marcos’s. Tony: When did Kikay arrive Aling Atang? Mrs. How is your mother? Tony: Poor mother. She is homesick for Tondo. M: Only 3 months!!! It’s too long for a Tondo native to be away from Tondo.” From this stanza. M: Tony! I thought you were on the province.They are meant to be shed. always visitors. I wonder if that’s fit my Kikay because after a year in America . Why? Tony: You don’ look like Aling Atang. M: Yes. M: I had a hair cut. Mrs. no. The description of way of living of the man in the poem was being described.. My poor kumare. Mrs. It’s I. But as soon as I finish the bridge in Bulacan.. I thought you were Kikay. foolish boy. we engineers are always on call. M: How long have you been away? Tony: Only 3 months. He has been living to a most Filipino living during the Martial Law. nothing but visitors all day long. Tony: That is what she misses most of all. Tony. Tony: Well. He’s suggesting that if more people joined the rally. Tony: Is that you aling Atang? Mrs. Scene 1: Mrs.

in New York . But if she doesn’t get up at 12 noon Mrs. And when I’m going to the market. M: You must call her Francesca. AIE DIOSMIO!!! . people don’t wake up until 12:00 noon. M: Wait a minute. I used lipstick! All my kumares are laughing. Welcome parties here and there. it sounds like “chi-chi” so Italian. M: You mustn’t call me “Aling Atang” Tony: Why not? Mrs. M: Oh! And Tony. she says that’s the way they pronounce he name. Tony: Yes. they’re nothing at all Aling Atang. Tony: Yes. And she insists that I should look like an Americana . Because of my age. Mrs. Tony: Yes Aling Atang? Mrs. nails manicured.. M: Besides. Visitors all day long. M: Because in New York . Mrs. M: Oh. Tony: Well. M: Not Francisca. My hair was cut. Mendoza? Mrs. M: Wait a minute and I’ll call Kikay. I’ll go and wake her up. I can come back some other time Mrs. M: Who? Tony: Kikay? Is she at home? Mrs. Mendoza. M: You must not call her Kikay.Mrs. M: She says. she’s busy. M: Kikay says that it’s more civilized to call me Mrs. Tony: You look just wonderful. and where is she now? Mrs. M: But surely you’re not going yet? Tony: I did want to see Kikay.. Mrs.. People think I’m a loose woman. Mrs. eyebrows shaved. Tony: Oh. Mendoza . Mendoza. Mrs. Tony: Please don’t bother Aling Atang. how expensive they must be Tony: Francisca? Mrs. will you tell her I called to welcome her. M: Wait right here. I mean. The flowers are beautiful. wait right here while I call Francesca…. Tony: But why Francesca? Mrs. M: She’s still sleeping! Tony: Still sleeping?! Mrs. Mrs. M: That girl only arrived last Monday and look what happened to me! She dragged me to the parlor. Mrs. Fran-CES-ca. Since she came home... be sure to call her Francesca and not Kikay. She’ll simply be delighted to see her childhood friend. M: Now. Yes. Aling…. but I can’t do anything because it’s hard to argue with Kikay. Tony: Yes aling… I mean. Mrs. And kindly give her these flowers. Tony: It’s only 10:00 now.. Tony.. Tony: Huh!! Mrs. She’s spinning like a top. Tony: And what shall I call her? Mrs.

Totoy: Studying what? Tony: Hair culture and Beauty Science. Is she at home? Tony: Aling Atang is trying to wake her up. What’s all this? A Canto Boy Reunion ? Totoy: We have come to greet the Lady from New York . Nana: To wake her up?! Is she still sleeping?? Mrs. Tony: I am.. I just came to say hello to Kikay. It is you the police are looking for. studying. Totoy: Tony. partner. Tony: Impossible! I’m a reformed character! Come in Totoy Totoy: Okay Tony. I’ve been hearing the most frightful things about that girl.. She got a diploma. Tony: Good to see you old pal. Totoy: People say she has gone crazy. She’s dressing. Totoy?! Totoy: Nena. Totoy: What was she doing in New York anyway? Tony: Oh. Good morning Nena and Totoy. have a smoke. Totoy: Fran-CeS-ca?? Tony: Our dear Kikay is now an American. Tony. huh!!?? Totoy: Hey hey!! More slowly there. She’s Fran-CeS-ca. Here.. Nena: So have I. M: Just tell them to wait.. Nena: And Tony. Totoy: Don’t make me laugh! Why I knew that girl when she’s still selling rice cakes. she’s awake already. Totoy: I thought you were in the province. she’s not Kikay anymore. Scene 2: Totoy: Tony! Tony: Totoy! Totoy: You old son of your father! Tony: You big carabao! Totoy: Mayroon ba tayo dyan? Tony: You ask me that… and you look like a walking goldmine! How many depots have you been looting.. Tony: So have I. she has only gone New York . M: No. Tony: She was dripping with mud! Totoy: Naku! How that girl could fight! Scene 3: Nena: Why... . I’ll answer it. Mendoza. Puto kayo dyan!! Bili na kayo ng puto mga suki!! Tony: Remember when we pushed her into the canal? Totoy: She chased us around the streets. Mrs. too. Tony: No.Tony: Never mind Mrs. my own. Totoy: Imagine that! Our dear old Kikay! Tony: Pardon me.

Nena: Well. Nena: Aling Atang. Nena: Oh. Nena: How could you ask me if you’re still engage with Kikay! Tony: This is what I get from being honest! Nena: Honest? Making me fall for you when you’re inlove and engaged with Kikay! Tony: I thought I didn’t belong to Kikay anymore.. M: Well. just give me a chance to be alone with Kikay for a moment. Tony. don’t you prepare anything for us. Tony! Tony: Use your head. Totoy? Nena? Why are you staring me like that? Nena: Is that you Aling Atang? Totoy: Good God. I don’t wanna jilt Kikay infront of everybody. M: Yes. Nena it’s not easy breaking off his engagement with Kikay or with the girl for God sake!! Nena: Are you in love with Kikay or with me? Tony: Of course with you!! I’m engage with you. when I was a li’l girl. you know how much I love you. Mrs. I proposed to her before she left for America . Tony: How can I talk to Kikay? Nena: Why not? Tony: Because you’re here and also Totoy. But when she stopped answering my letters. M: It’s only orange juice.. Nena: Not yet! I thought you said it last night. Tony: You shouldn’t have come today. . Nena: You want Totoy and me to clear out? Tony: No. M: It’s Kikay who prefers it. Nena: Oh Tony. Nena. I’m getting impatient. We’re not visitors Mrs. Nena: How you used to pinch and pinch me Aling Atang. Then we’ll tell them. it is Aling Atang! Mrs. Tony: I lost my nerve. Nena: I’m tired of being secretly engaged to you! Tony: Just give me a chance to explain to Kikay. It’s only a secret engagement anyway. and with Kikay. Tony: Yes. why not? Tony: I haven’t talked with Kikay yet. Nena: Well. you tell me to keep it a secret! Tony: Because I found out that Kikay was coming back. Nena: Yes..Mrs.. Nena: And so you proposed to me. Too! Tony: That was a year ago! Nena. you better hurry. I considered myself a freeman again. especially you! Always sneaking into our backyard for mangoes Totoy: Do you still have that mango tree? Mrs. I was preparing some for Kikay. Come and help me carry something in the kitchen. Nena: Then. M: Because you were all naughty.

M: Do I have to paint this old face of mine? Rancesca. Mrs.. as though I lived there all my life. M: No. New York . Mrs. she is so clumsy noh? But never mind. Tony: How long did you stay there? Kikay: 10 months. M: I give up! Kikay: Poor mumsy. 4 days. Bili na kayo. Oh mumsy!!! Mrs. poor li’l mumsy. Mrs. and Tony. Mrs. never to serve fruit juices in water glasses? Mrs. just out to our dear little backyard. How pathetic! Nena: Tell us about New York . . a little bloom on the lips. M: Here comes Kikay. Say mwah. Tony: Yes.. I must be going to the market Kikay: Oh. a little bloom on the cheeks. very quietly. will you come with me. Kikay: Oh hello darling people!! Nena my dear…… But how but you’ve become. don’t forget my celery. Tony. Here sit down. 7 hours and 21 minutes. this cannot be home because here.. my little pal… how are you? And Totoy… my raishing! You look goodness. Totoy: To the ends of the earth! Nena: No darling. Nena: Just leave it to me. munch all day. I’m not in New York . Nena: Totoy. no. Kikay: And remember. But which is home for me. don’t break your heart about it. M: Do I have to.. we shouldn’t disturb her. my heart aches with homesickness. Tony: That’s good. Nena: And leave her alone with her memories. as though I had never left it. Scene 4: Totoy: Puto kayo dyan. Kikay: Oh.. Totoy: Let’s all just walk out very. Kikay? Kikay: Again mumsy? Mrs.. But I look around me and I realized that no.. mwah. I’ like a rabbit. Totoy: And she’s still there…... M: Well. I can’t live without it.. remember me to your mother. what am I going to do with you? Mrs. you look like a Tondo Super Production in Technicolor!! But sitdown everybody and let me look at you. M: I couldn’t find those tall glasses you brought home... I’m not there. But she wants to call her Francesca.Nena: I’ll take care of Totoy. I feel as if I was still there. Nena: I don’t think we ought to be here at all. M: What’s the matter now? Kikay: How many times I must tell you. my own dear New York . Tony: Is that girl we used to go swimming with the mud puddles? Kikay: Ah. if you people will excuse me. Oh mumsy. I’m at home. what am I going to do with you? Kikay: But how dreadfully you put it. In her dreams… Kikay: Yes..

Don’t you see. So much had happened to me. the barong barongs of Mypaho.. Tony: There is something I must tell you… something very important. Tony: That was only a year ago. More can happen to you in just one year in New York . Tony. but surely you see that there can be no more talk of an engagement between us. Tony: When? 0Kikay: When you and I got engaged. Kikay: Oh. Tony: I’m not going to sit here and be insulted. don’t lose your temper. Tony. People in New York don’t lose their temper. nothing must drag on too long. The person you see before you is Francesca. and be just friends. marrying a Tondo Boy!!! It’s so insane!! Tony: Now look here.. I’d I’d… Scene 6: Totoy: Hold it Tony.Totoy: Oh. Tony. that girl doesn’t exist anymore. I’m a stranger to you. Not anymore. Kikay: And that’s what we cannot do Tony. give all your heart. a New York Girl. Nena: What’s all this? Kikay: Nothing. Kikay: I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you. Kikay: To me. you got engaged to a girl named Kikay. say thank you for slapping my face? Kikay: Yes. Totoy: What were you two quarrelling about? .. Imagine. never hit a woman. I don’t want to talk about New York … I want to talk about our engagement. I was only a child at that time. Do wake up. out Totoy still has a most terrific crush on Nena. smile. Tony. nothing must ever too serious. Tony: Why not? Kikay: Tony.. I’ve changed so much since then. Kikay: Just call me Francesca… that’s a good beginning. the backyards of Tondo. Tony: What are you talking about? Kikay: Tony. You must never. nothing at all. the streets of Sibakong. Tony. can’t we just forget all about it? Tony: Forget?? Kikay: That’s the New York way. Forget. Tony. anywhere at all!! Scene 5: Kikay: Apparently. let’s smile and shake hands. Tonight. What are you looking so miserable about? Tony: Kikay. forget. Tony: What do you want me to do? Smile. Nena: Listen Idiot! Are you coming with me or not?? Totoy: Anywhere dream girl. I don’t know how to begin. It’s so uncivilized. it seems a century. Well. Tony: Listen. huh? Tony: If you weren’t a woman. And when you meet again. Be a sport.. Tony.. Kikay: Hush! Tony! Hush! Don’t shout. She’s dead. I hate to hurt you. shake hands… just good sports. tomorrow.

huh!!?? Kikay: Because he was still engaged to me when he got engaged to you! Nena: Well. pull them apart! Kikay: You keep out of this or I’ll knock your head off! Totoy: Naku lumabas din ang pagka Tondo! Nena: Shameless hussy!! Kikay: Man eater!! Tony: How dare you suck her??!! Nena: She hit me first! Tony: Look what you’ve done to her! Nena: Are you trying to defend her? You never defended me! Tony: Shut up!! Nena: I hate you! I hate you Tony: Shut up or I’ll bash your mouth off!! Totoy: Hey.Kikay: We were not quarrelling.. People in New York don’t lose their temper. Kikay: He’s not your fiancé! Nena: Oh No!! And why not.. Nena: You ought to be ashamed of yourself! You’re just being a dog in the manger! Kikay: You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Stealing my man behind my back! Nena: What? What did you say!!?? Tony: Totoy. He’s my fiancé!! Kikay: And I tell you he’s not!! He’s engaged to me until I release him… and I haven’t release him yet. Kikay: Ah. but I didn’t know about all… Tony: I did try to tell you Kikay. we can tell them! Kikay: Tell us what? Totoy: What’s going on here? Nena: Tony and I are engaged!! Kikay: Engaged!! Totoy: Engaged! Engaged!! Nena: Yes! We’ve been secretly engaged for a month! Kikay: A month!? Why you…. carefully there!! You’re speaking top of my fiancé. you just said it yourself. is it true? Tony: Yes! Nena: Now. don’t you talk to Nena that way. Tony: You keep out of this! . I’ll teach you!! Nena: I told you to leave him alone. Kikay: I’ve never felt so humiliated in all my life!! You beast. he’s not engaged to you anymore. Kikay… it’s so uncivilized to lose one’s temper. Tony and I just decided to be good friends and nothing more Nena: Tony. Tony: Now remember. I was trying to tell you… Kikay: You unspeakable cad!! Nena: Hey.

you’re wrong! I’m not that kind of person at all..forget…. why have you never told me? Totoy: Well. get away from her! Nena: Take me away from her! Totoy: Are you still engaged to him? Nena: I hate him! I never want to see him again in my life! Totoy: Good! Come on.. nothing must ever drag on too long. you brute! Tony: I wasn’t talking to you! Kikay: Just one year that I’m in New York … and what did you do? But when we got engaged. Totoy. Imagine a New York Girl. Kikay: I….. Totoy. you promised to wait for me. He defends me! Tony: What you need is a good spanking! Kikay: Don’t you come near me. That’s the New York way. Tony: What are you crying about? Be brave…. Tony: Congratulations!!! Nena: Let’s go darling. and let’s go! Tony: Hey! Nena: Don’t you speak to me. you’ve ruined my life! I hope you’re satisfied. you’re a fickle. Kikay: And I wouldn’t touch you with my twenty foot pole. I’ve been such a fool. Tony: Don’t worry. you. you’re wrong. please! Totoy: Don’t you speak to me either! You have insulted the woman I love! Nena: Oh. huh!? . Ruined mine!! Tony: Besides. “person” is just a relative name.Nena: He’s more of a gentleman than you are.. you’ve save my life Kikay: Tony! Tony. Tony: Just one year in New York and you forgot your old friends. Scene 7: Tony: Now.. you swore to be true. Totoy: You take your hands off her! Tony: I told you to keep out of this! Nena: Oh. Nothing must ever be too serious.. I don’t want the smell around here. Tony. I wouldn’t touch you with my ten foot pole. I’m sorry.. Tony: Well. now you know. Kikay: Oh Tony Please.. fickle.. open you eyes! Tony: Oh. I’m not! I’m glad I found out what kind of a person you are! Kikay: Oh Tony.. Tony: Oh.. marrying a Tondo boy!! Kikay: Oh Tony. there could be no more talk of an engagement between us. And I believe you!! Oh. you Canto Boy. have ruined your life??? You….

you couldn’t live without it! Tony: That was Francesca... no. madame. I’m Kikay…. well. M: But Kikay is Francesca. Tony: uh-uh. I was right. The girl standing before you is Kikay Mrs. .remember me?? Tony: If I remember it right. I’m not Francesca……I’m Kikay! Mrs. Kikay: It’s true Tony. Aling Atang and Francesca is dead. Kikay: Yes. Inay. never mind. I hate celery! Mrs. Tony.. M: Hate celery? Why? You said. Kikay: Sorry darling. But Francesca exist no more. well. and you’re still engaged to her Tony! Tony: Welcome home Kikay!!! How was the trip? Kikay: Horrible!! I couldn’t wait to get back. M: Frances ……. are you still here? Francesca. I’m glad she’s dead! Mrs. Tony: In that silly dress? Kikay: Oh this is just a gift wrapping. Tony.. is Kikay. I was engaged to a girl named Kikay. Tony: Like it in New York ? Kikay: Uh-uh! Give me a Tondo anytime! Tony: Why didn’t you answer my letters? Kikay: Francesca wouldn’t let me write. that was Francesca saying all that. Tony. Kikay: Oh. Tony: Well.. M: I give up!! Kikay: That tune! What memories it brings back! I first heard it in New York ..Kikay: Yes Tony. at Eddie Candon’s. the girl standing before you now. Tony. don’t be angry but I couldn’t find any celery. Oh. May I have this dance with you partner? Tony: Delighted. Tony: That nasty girl. Inay. Kikay: Oh.

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