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Swami Naranda - A Remembrance

Swami Naranda Devi had the devotion To float us in style through the tribulations of lifes ocean For our tsouris she had that mystically sacred loving potion She was always, a Mitzvah in motion.... Most glorious Cosmic Jewish Mother divine... A heartfelt magnanimous cornucopia of vegetarian feasts sublime Boundless generosity, a perpetual banquet of Prasad Hearts content, stomachs so full, all expressing a joyous, Oh my G-d Not only that her creations were so intensely delicious Never forget, her food balanced and nutritious Soups, salads, appetizers, bounteous vegetarian main courses, breads, cakes, deserts, mangoes, and exotic herbal tea Then one could rest and kibitz, or kibitz and rest, what better than Naranda's heavenly hug and cosmic kiss there could never be.. While our hearts sought comfort and sustenance in the presence of her sacred company Most devoted and beloved of all, was that night When after satsang, her Guru, Sri Brahmananda Sarasvati, beheld her sumptuous banquet in his sight In preparation were three planetary revolutions of creative passion, karma yoga, and culinary fire.. More than 75 delectable dishes were presented by Swami Naranda to satisfy all our hearts desire.. Whether it was food for the stomach, or sustenance for the spirit..

The end of Swami Narandas praise, you'll never hear of it... Let it be remembered that night, for all eternity When Gurji deeply bowed to Narandaji to salute her sublime divinity That eve there was heavenly Prasad for all in attendance and beings in the planes above Who witnessed her purest heart and example of untold boundless love Dog Cat, Bird, or wild Creature All sought to reside in the purest vibration of this loving teacher Homeopathy, fasting, cleansing, papaya enzymes, acupuncture, herbs, or propilis from the bee Swami Naranda could always come up with the best remedy Should there be an instance of contrary belief There was always Aloe Vera and the purified water of the sacred Life Leaf When this was your moment of perfect relaxation, inner corn fields, clouds, and Blue Sky Our hearts so free, our spirits on the fly A bliss of meditative grace Her ashram was certainly that ever special place She adored her family, yet to her students and devotes, most kindred were we all Hangin out with Naranda was always a ball No weekend was ever so complete Unless you went out with Naranda for your special bagel treat. Those that knew her know, how we honor her in this pensive recitation of reminiscence and blissful thought A more loving giving soul there never was, so only a little taste to you we have brought To those who are believers in the Dharma Know that to have feasted at Swami Naranda's banquet, was the result of many lifetimes of good Karma Remember mind controls the body, and breath the mind A greater Master of Hatha Yoga and Pranayama, one could neer ever find Hashem had wanted in Paradise, the most wondrous heavenly feast. So, He called to Swami Naranda, and her Soul was released Often we mythologize those who have passed on from this treasure of life and living But not for Swami Naranda, she was already an Icon of love, sharing, and giving Remember for those with still mind, and heart blissful and pure .. Meditate on the life and countenance of Swami Naranda, and you will find your cure. by Sheldon Stein - 11.16.1994 Naranda Devi on 11.09.1994 Commemorating the Mahasamadhi of Swami