“ANGELS ON ASSIGNMENT” My first knowing encounter with an angel occurred as I was returning to college having been home for

the weekend. I was waiting to change buses at a station in Modesto. He looked very ordinary crossing the street coming directly toward me. He was clean, wearing well pressed khaki shirt and pants; very unassuming. He walked right up to me as I was leaning against the edge of the building waiting for my bus and asked me for sixty-seven cents. That was exactly the amount of money I had in my pocket. I gave him fifty-seven cents, keeping a dime to make a phone call to have someone pick me up and take me to my dorm once I had arrived at my destination. He thanked me kindly and stepped around the corner of the building. Thinking that was a strange request I looked after him with wonder and to my surprise he had totally disappeared! I searched the area and asked some people close by if they had seen him, but none had. By now reality set in and if I could have found him I was going to give him my last dime also! I realized I had just had an angelic encounter. Do I believe in angels you may ask? My answer is simply YES! God’s angels are everywhere. They appear in many ways. I have been very interested in them most of my life. They were created before the world yet with purpose. I know people who “see” angels everywhere (usually those of great prophetic gifting). I personally have had very few experiences where I “know” I had an angelic meeting but all are unforgettable. The Bible gives many accounts of angels meeting with people, but one of the most prolific modern day encounters was by Pastor Roland Buck of Idaho. I read his book “Angels On Assignment” a couple of decades ago and was delighted to discover that his daughter has preserved his experiences for us on the internet. He describes for us four different levels of angels when he said, “Gabriel then shared with me that God has four different kinds of angels. There are ministering angels who live among the people. They ride in our cars, live in our homes, and are camped about us all the time. Their orders from God are to take care of us. They look exactly like a human being. The only way you would know them would be if they disappeared in front of your eyes, or if you saw them do some super-human feat. There are more of these on the earth than there are human beings. Since they do not dwell in heaven, they do not have the glow that emanates from the angels who live in heaven. "The next group of angels are the worship angels. Their function is to worship Jesus. When I was taken to heaven I saw these angels in action, and it was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

These are the only angels with wings. There are six wings, however, they don't really look like wings because they are filmy material. The worship angels put two wings over their faces as they bow down. There are two more that drape around their feet like a bride's train, and two short ones on their back. The cherubim and seraphim are a very high order of these worship angels, but they have the same type of wings and the same function. Lucifer was the archangel of the worship angels before his fall. "The third type are the great warring angels. These angels come from the presence of God and therefore a strong glow radiates from their skin and clothing. I never get used to their presence although I am not afraid. The heavenly radiation from them saps my strength, and I start to fall until they touch me and pick me up. Then I am strong again. After they have gone there is such a tingling sensation in my legs that for some time afterward I do deep knee bends and run in place because there is such power it is hard to handle in these earthen vessels. Michael is the archangel of all the warring angels. "Then there are the special forces which include the messenger angels God uses to bring announcements and messages to the world. They also work in various ways in the unfolding of God's plan. The messenger angels also dwell in the presence of God, and glow with that special heavenly radiance. "Gabriel is the archangel of the messenger angels and his chief purpose is in the unfolding of God's plan, and in the closing of one chapter of time, and the opening of another. Every time he has been referred to in the Bible he has brought announcements of a new day dawning. After he told me what his function was, it made me wonder what he is doing down here now? Could it be that another chapter is about ready to close and another one open? "After Gabriel had finished telling me about the angels, he said that the highest and greatest divine being, One far above the angels, the highest in all the courts of heaven is Jesus. At the name of Jesus ringing thru heaven, every angel, regardless of their rank falls in worship before Him.” To read his books visit the website at: http://www.angelsonassignment.org/sequel/index.html. The quotes above were from chapter twenty one. We are not entitled to command angels, pray to them and certainly they are not to be worshipped. But they can appear so divine that many of the Biblical writers felt an urge to worship them, yet were quickly corrected because that was not to be. The Apostle Paul gives us a clear answer about the purpose of angels in the form of a question

when he said in Hebrews 1:14 [KJV], “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” My most recent encounter with an angel was last spring while riding my motorcycle in the Sierra Nevada Mountains just above Springville on a splendorous afternoon. I had just left the city limits and was heading up to over the eight thousand foot elevation. I was alone, I thought! The first several miles out of Springville are perfect for aggressive motorcycling. I rolled the throttle on my Gold Wing and it seemed happy to oblige. As I lay into one curve after another and felt the rush of adrenalin intensify the true thrill of riding, I saw something along side me in my left peripheral vision. I glanced over to see what it was and there was nothing to be seen so I looked back at the road ahead. There it was again. A second glance that direction and again it was not there. So, focusing on the road but aware of the “being” on my left, I laughed with joy as I realized that an angel was with me. It was as if He were riding in a side car, except he was flying beside me with his face pressed into the wind and his long blond hair was whipping gloriously down his back as he was stretched out enjoying it as much as I. He was surely looking out for the both of us! The sight of him conjured up memories of an old nineteen forty something hood ornament of a grand old car. What a ride! I suppose one could get addicted… Nevertheless, angels are real. The good ones are called “ministering spirits” and the bad ones may be called what they really are, “demons.” There is a war going on in the heavenlies and the people of the earth are more often than not, the reason for the conflict. We who have read the Book know that God and His angelic host win and so do we! Bishop Leon Brokaw

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