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Hari Bajoji 732-421-6540 _____________________________________________________________________________


Lead SAP BI/BW consultant with 8 years of extensive experience in IT industry playing various key roles in Architecture, Design and Development. Over 7 years of extensive experience in SAP BI/BW this includes Data Modeling, ETL, Report Development and ABAP/4. Extensively worked with SAP R/3 Modules MM, SD, PP, FICO and Interaction with Business Analyst in requirements gathering and creating Functional/Technical specifications. Involved in 3 complete life cycle implementations of BW, which includes requirement analysis, data modeling, technical design and development, data extraction, report generation and transport. Developed Business process documentation including Technical Design Document, Functional Design Document and Gap analysis. Developed InfoObjects, InfoSources, InfoPackages, ODS, DSO, DTPs, Transformations, InfoCubes, Infosets and MultiProvider. Rich experience in Data Extractions from flat files and from SAP R/3 using Generic extractions, LIS, LO Cockpit, FI (GL, AP, AR) and CO-PA. Expertise in BW components like DataSources, Full/Delta upload, Scheduling, Process Chains, Data Mart, Legacy Systems and DB Connect. Experience in Performance Tuning using Aggregates, Rollup, MultiProviders, Indexing, Partition, and Compression. Excellent expertise in performance tuning in ABAP and Application side of BI systems. Hands-on experience in ABAP debugging, tuning, along with BI extractors and user exits. Worked on implementing the BW Accelerator and its performance improvement. BEx expertise in front-end Business Warehouse Components like Queries, Workbooks, Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Structures, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions, R/RI, Ad-hoc Queries, Info Set Queries and Web Application Development. Excellent debugging and monitoring capabilities using Query Trace, BW Statistics, Monitoring etc. Received training on SAP BW Accelerator (BWA) from SAP America and extensively worked with BWA. Very good knowledge on Business Objects (BOBJ 4.0) components. Extensive knowledge in SAP MDM and SAP BPC components. Hands on Experience in Performance Tuning. Experience in activating standard Business Content, extending and enhancing using User Exits according to the end-user requirements. Full understanding of business environment, excellent communication skills, leadership qualities and ability to work proactively in a fast paced environment. Conducted training for end-users.

TECHNICAL SKILLS: SAP BI/BW (NW 2004s, 7.0,3.5/3.1C/3.0B), BEx, WAD, SAP R/3 (5.0,4.7,4.6C/4.6B/4.6/4.0B), FI/CO, MM, PP, PM, SD, CRM, SCM, ABAP/4, MDM,C, C++, VB, SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA, JavaScript, Visual Composer, Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Xcelsius, Solution Manager, Visio, Oracle 9i, MS-SQL Server, DB2 UDB, TestDirector, Unix, Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP. The HomeDepot, GA Sr.SAP BI Consultant Responsibilities: Jan 10 -- Current

Working on SAP BI Upgrade and Implementation of SCORE BI project to support the HomeDepot Canada operations. Working on BW 7.3 upgrade scoping and preparing the upgrade strategy. Working on the Performance improvement of the backend / frontend objects as part of the continuous performance improvement of SCORE BI project. Working on the validation scoping from BI side on the SAP Infrastructure improvement project which involves SAP dual stack split and netscaler load balancing. Analyzed the existing complex BI landscape and assisted in the preparation of the BI Service Pack Upgrade project plan and coordinated various teams during the upgrade, analyzed and implemented SAP Notes. Analyzed and improved the performance of the BW Accelerator and optimized the performance along with Basis by implementing new parameters. Implemented the BWA failover strategy and configured and tested the backup blade along with basis. Worked on the Enhancement pack upgrade project from BI side along with other BWA Revision upgrade, BWA firmware upgrade, and zOS upgrade. Worked on the index and partition related issues in the system at DB2 level and implemented new parameters. Fixed all the issues resulted due to the system copy across the landscape and made sure all the systems are in sync across the landscape. Created the test scripts for before, post upgrade validations in the Quality Center. Worked with SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence 4.0 and directly used SAP BEx queries to build a Webi documents. Implemented Business Objects 4.0, from Patch 2.1 to Patch 2.6. Worked with SAP support to resolve important issues. Worked with POS defect related to the local currency issues in POSDM system. Worked on Open PO Analysis Defect. Analyzed and fixed the data flow issues and the BEx Report. Implemented the GL minute based extraction to improve the load performance of General Ledger data loads. Created the Open Hub Destinations (OHD) to deliver the weekly/monthly report outputs files based on User requests. Analyzed and modified the existing Master Web Template using WAD to incorporate new changes. Analyzed and worked on the performance improvement of the BEx queries. Trained some of the functional users on running the Portal reports and assisted them during the functional testing. Worked on Open tickets and analyzed with End users to resolve them.

Environment: SAP NW 2004s BI 7.0 Ehp1SP6, SAP ECC 6.0 Ehp4, ABAP/4, Quality Center 9.2, BOBJ 4.0, Windows XP, DB2 9.1.5.

The Coca-Cola Company, GA Sr.SAP BI - OTC Developer Responsibilities:

Oct 09 Dec 10

Worked on SAP BI-OTC implementation of SCALE Global template project.

Worked on new template design tasks and fixing the existing issues within the customer localization area. Re-designed the existing Cooler Deposits and Empties management design to move away from LIS structures. Created the Generic datasource in delivered version based on the custom Material and Empty Material mapping table to load the master data into the Empty Material Compounded infoobject. Worked on Start Routine to load the text for only Empty Materials. Enhanced the Billing Item extractor with three additional fields Serial and Equipment number of the equipment and the cancelled doc status field. Created the custom Multiprovider, Infocubes, DSOs and Transformations for the Billing Item data and the Opening Balance. Created flatfile datasource to load the Opening balances into the custom Infoproviders. Retro-fitted the new design carried out for Customer localization into global template and transported the build to Quality Template system. Transported build through the landscape and fixed the errors. Transported the template build through the landscape in Delivery mode and fixed the issues in installing the template build from the business content in the quality template system. Designed and developed queries in BEx using complex functionalities like User Exit Variables, Cell Editors, RRI, Conditional reporting etc. Created Empties Analysis, Empties-Inter Company Detail, Empties Customer Detail, Cooler Deposits Analysis reports using BEx Query designer. Created CRs based on the IM tickets in Solution manager and resolved the tickets. Created the Process Chains for the transaction and master data loads and monitored them. Documented the Process Flows and Design of the Infoproviders.

Environment: SAP NW 2004s BI 7.0, SAP ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, Solution Manager, Windows XP. Provimi, OH SAP Lead Analyst/BI Developer Responsibilities: Worked on SAP BW/BI implementation of MM, SD and FI-CO as part of Project PROVIMI. Feb 09 Aug 09

Performed the initial settings on the BI and ECC for the data transfer to BI.

Activated the business content for the MM, SD, and FI-CO and converted the data flow 3.x to new version. Worked on the design and development of the SD pricing. Created the Generic extractors to pull the pricing master data from the condition tables in the ECC. Designed custom generic extractors on pricing condition tables A504, A506 and A507 with Delta functionality and created the functional specifications for the development of function modules to extract the data. Enhanced the Pricing generic extractors in the user exit to include the condition rate and condition quantity from KONP table based on the condition record number and condition type. Designed the custom data flow in BI to bring in the pricing item data from ECC KONP table. Written the conversion routines for time characteristics and tuned the ABAP coding in other user exits for improving performance. Created the Generic extractor based on the table ISEG to bring the Physical Inventory cycle count data into BI. Built multiprovider based on the Physical Inventory cube and the 0IC_C03 for the Inventory reports. Created the Text generic extractor based on the table T052U to bring the text for the payment terms. Created the class and characteristics Inventory Reporting Groups" and "Production Reporting Groups" in ECC for Material classification. Created a classification data source to bring material classification data into BI from ECC. Created the ZCOMP_CODE authorization object. Activated BCT DSO for authorization values and created the copy of that DSO. Loaded authorization data via flat file and generated the user profiles for the particular set of users. Created the Process Chains for the transaction and master data loads and monitored them. Performed Troubleshooting to help the team members to complete the development activities. Performed the Technical Reviews of all BI Deliverables, unit test of the build and validation of the queries. Transported the build through the system landscape and fixed the transport errors. Fixed the loading issues and made the settings in SPRO to fix the data transfer issues along with the IDOC frequency because of the new system. Documented the Process Flows and Design of the Infoproviders.

Environment: SAP NW 2004s BI 7.0, SAP ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, Windows XP, DB6. Hallmark Cards, MO SAP Lead Analyst/BI Developer Responsibilities: Jan 08 Nov 08

Involved in the Full life cycle of the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) implementation as part of the Project Horizon. Involved and provided inputs in the preparation of AP and PUR functional design documents, and translated them into Technical design documents. Designed and developed the Account payable and purchasing solutions in BI. Developed Custom DSO, Infocubes, transformations, created DTPs and Generic datasources.

Developed custom ABAP code for AP and PUR related enhancements. Enhanced the purchasing item extractor in the user exit to populate the contract quantity and contract value. Developed function module and built Generic extractor based on it to bring in the master data related to Purchasing. Performed the Currency conversions for Spend Analysis Reports in the Purchasing Area. Used Front-end 7.0 Query Designer and Report Designer to create reports with variables, filters, calculated key figures, restricted key figures, exceptions, conditions etc. Developed Report Report Interface for various queries to drilldown from Cube level to ODS level and then to R/3 level. Extensively worked on Web reports using Web Application Designer for creating Custom Web Templates and used Bex Web Printing. Created BEx reports on Account Payable Info provider (Invoices paid with no receipt, UnInvoiced Receipts, Invoices received on same day with latest receipt numbers etc). Created queries using BW reporting variables, Navigational attributes, Filters. Developed Complex Procurement reports involving Formula variables of replacement path type, text variables, conditions and Exceptions. Assisted Microstrategy team understanding the reporting requirements and solved the interface problems. Worked with third party TeraData system, developed Open hub destinations, assisted DataStage team to extract the data from BI and solved data flow/interface related issues. Consolidated the security requirements and Created Security Matrix, designed the security profiles based on the Microstrategy service accounts for the users to access the reports on web. Created the process model using APD to extract the data from General Ledger infocube into a flat file, this file eventually picked up by the datastage and loads the data into financial legacy system. Optimized the data loading and improved the performance of Queries. Performed the Technical Reviews of all BI Deliverables, Unit tests of the build and validated the queries. Trained the End users along with the Microstrategy team over the reporting functionalities.

Environment: SAP NW 2004s BI 7.0, SAP ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, Windows XP, DB2 9.1.5. Corbis, WA Sr SAP BI Developer Responsibilities: Migrated the Emulated BW 3.5 DataSources to BI 7.0 DataSources. Worked with BSAs to finalize the requirements and documented these requirements in the FDDs and translated the FDDs to TDDs. Created the design as per the technical design document in 2004s NetWeaver platform for SAP BI. Created complex ABAP routines (start, field and end routines) to fulfill the business reporting requirements using the new object oriented ABAP programming. Created DSOs, InfoCubes, Infoobjects, transformations, DTPs and new datasources for Netweaver 2004s BI. Unit tested the build and supported the integration and user acceptance testing of the solution. Transported the build through the system landscape and fixed any errors Created Process chains to automate the data loads. Jun 07 Dec 07

Was involved in creating templates for documenting the ABAP code. Applied OSS notes to solve technical issues during the upgrade. Resolved technical issues part of the upgrade and tested various elements after the upgrade. Was involved in the unit testing, integration testing and regression testing of all the pieces of data warehouse as a part of the upgrade project. Worked on debugging reports, queries, workbooks and system loads as per service level agreement (SLA) tickets raised by both the system and users. Documented the actual technical build in TDDs and created documents for standard operating procedures for fixing errors during loads. Was involved in prod support to monitor and debug daily delta loads.

Environment: SAP NW 2004s BI, SAP ECC 5.0, ABAP/4, Windows XP, ORACLE South Florida Water Management District, FL SAP BW Developer Mar 07 May 07

Responsibilities: Involved in designing and configuring the Data Model for BI and Open Hub Destination. Extensively involved in Activating Business Content for standard DSO, Info Sources and Info Objects of GL Modules as per the Client Requirements. Created necessary extractors/Cubes /DSO/objects in BI. Created necessary DTP and Transformation for DSO. Created necessary Open hub for the GL data from DSO. Sent GL data from BI to feed store via Open hub through ABAP. Written a parameterized code to sent only delta records from BI 7.0 to Feed store VIA Open Hub. Created necessary Start routine and End routine. Created Process chains for end to end mechanism. Managed & Monitored data loads with full update and Delta mechanism and optimized the performance by adjusting Packet Size and data Selections. Developed reports using BEx Analyzer and Web Application Designer. Set up reporting agent with the ability to write exception/condition queries that automatically notify users using e-mail alerts. Created reports with Restricted Key Figures, RRI, Calculated Key Figures, Exceptions, Conditions, Variables and Filters. Environment: SAP NW 2004s BI, ECC 5.0, ABAP/4, Windows XP, Oracle

Medrad, PA. SAP BW Developer

Sep 06 Mar 07

Responsibilities: Involved in Business/user requirements gathering and Understanding the current Business process, data applications and reporting methodologies, in order to meet the Gross Margin and Detailed cost components split, Fixed and Variable costs, Level and Lower Level costs reports.

Designed technical design document based on the functional specs and Software requirements specification documents. Worked with Business Content and enhanced standard datasources 0CO_PC_PCP_01 and 0CO_PC_PCP_02 to meet reporting requirements. Designed and Enhanced the Cost Estimate data extractors for the ODS ZCOPC_01, standard Info Cubes 0COPC_C08 and 0COPC_C09 with appended structures. Worked on User exit for transaction data to populate the enhanced field with data from KEKO and KEPH tables. Created ZCOPC_O09 ODS for Data Staging in BW. Worked on Start routines to filter out data packages based on cost component structure, Update routines for deriving 0calmonth, 0calyear and 0calweek from the 0fiscper and worked on Routine for Data selection on Infopackage to pull the current period data based on the system date. Built MultiProvider on Released Cost Estimate cube 0COPC_C08 and Custom built Margin Cube ZFIMARGINB to meet the critical Gross Margin Report. Created Currency Translation Keys for converting local currencies into 3 different Target Currencies and employed them in the update rules before loading data into the InfoCubes. Created Calculated key figures, Restricted key figures, Characteristic/ Formula/Hierarchy/Hierarchy-Node/Replacement path variables/Text Variables Structures, Exceptions and Conditions for Detailed Cost Component Split and Gross Margin Reports. Worked with manager on calculating Material Variance, Labor Variances , direct and indirect cost and labor values based on the standard price of the materials and Actual price of the materials. Worked with 0CO_PC_01, 2LIS_04_P_MATNR data sources to bring the data into BW. Designed and developed reports such as Plan /Actual Comparison of material, Material variance, Materiel pricing summary etc Created web reports using WAD and these reports are then published in internal 3D web reports.

Environment: SAP BW 3.0B, SAP R/3 4.7 (FI/CO), MM, PP, ABAP/4, Oracle, BEx Report. ModusLink, MA. SAP BW Developer May 05 Jun 06

Responsibilities: Successfully rolled out a Business Warehouse Global implementation Project in the modules of MM, SD and FI-CO. Involved in complete life cycle implementation of SAP BW. Interacted with Business owners, Functional team and End users to gather requirements for writing Functional and Technical Specifications and conducted GAP analysis. Worked with Business Content and enhanced standard datasources to meet client requirements. Extracted data from SD, MM, FI, CO-PA of SAP R/3 and from Legacy Systems into SAP BW system using Generic, LO, FI and CO-PA Extractors. Created custom Info Sources & Info Objects in BW and mapped them with R/3 fields using transfer rules. Extensively involved in customization of Master Data Datasources and Info Objects for 0MATERIAL, 0CUSTOMER, and 0MAT_PLANT with navigational attributes like ABC indicator and Inspection code to meet the end user requirements. Created Start Routines, Update Routines and Transfer Routines using ABAP/4 and debugged the Update rules and Transfer rules.

Involved in activities such as loading data for Initialization of stocks, Handling materials and movements and revaluations of materials. Involved in data loading, full update with delta initialization and delta update. Extensively used performance enhancements features such as BW Statistics, Indexing, maintaining aggregates and compression. Involved in Sales, Billing and delivery MultiProvider maintenance & enhancements. Used ST05, RSRT and RSRTRACE to improve the report performance by creating Aggregates. Created management reports Daily sales report and customer analysis reports. Worked in the following areas of Reporting: Business Explorer (BEx), Web Application Designer (WAD), Reporting Agent, Calculated/Restricted Key Figures, Structures & Cells, Hierarchies, User Exits, Characteristic/ Formula/Hierarchy/Hierarchy-Node/Replacement path variables/Text Variables, Conditions, Exceptions & Currency Translation, Web templates and pre-calculated web templates Scheduling and monitoring the data loads in production. Created process chains for the above environments and scheduled them. Integrated e-mail alerts in the process chains to alert about the load failures. Trained end users in BEx Reports.

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, SAP ECC 5.0 (MM, SD, FI/CO), ABAP/4, Oracle, WAD, HTML, BEx Report. Andrew Corporation, IL. SAP BW Consultant Jul 04 Mar 05

Responsibilities: Worked extensively on design and development of two projects: Collections and Lead Development. Involved in Implementation of SD and FI-CO modules. Worked extensively with Custom Built Data targets, InfoObjects, and datasources/infosources. Created ODS objects and loaded data into ODS for data staging in BW Created and activated Communication Structure, Transfer Structure, Transfer Routine, Update Rules (both ODS and Info Cube level). Developed Start Routines, Update Routines and Transfer Routines using ABAP/4 and debugged the Update rules and Transfer rules. Enhanced Data Load performance using Number Range Buffering, DB Statistics and indexing. Designed custom Bills and Lead Development InfoCubes and designed loading scenarios for Full load and delta loading. Involved in InfoPackage management for data loads (Daily Job Monitoring) via IDoc and PSA, flat file creation/load PSA (used to source data from legacy system into BW). Developed strategies for nightly/weekly/monthly production data loads. Worked extensively on BEx Analyzer and BEx Browser. Developed flexible queries using filters, navigational attributes in BEx Analyzer to facilitate data analysis in a drill down or summarized way to give detailed levels of information. Developed complex queries for AR Balance, Lead Development, performance reporting and taxpayer discovery and analysis using Structures, RRI, calculated and restricted Key Figures, VBA for BEx, query properties and Variables etc. Environment: SAP BW 3.1C and SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3 4.6c (FI/CO, SD), ABAP/4, Windows XP, Oracle