Introduction Kotak Bank Ltd.

(BSE: 500180, NYSE: HDB) is a commercial bank of India, incorpor ated in August 1994, after the Reserve Bank of India allowed establishing privat e sector banks. The Bank was promoted by the Housing Development Finance Corpora tion, a premier housing finance company (set up in 1977) of India. Kotak Bank h as 1,412 branches and over 3,295 ATMs, in 528 cities in India, and all branches of the bank are linked on an online real-time basis. As of September 30, 2008 th e bank had total assets of INR 1006.82 billion. For the fiscal year 2008-09, the bank has reported net profit of Rs.2,244.9 crore, up 41% from the previous fisc al. Total annual earnings of the bank increased by 58% reaching at Rs.19,622.8 c rore in 2008-09. Kotak Bank was incorporated in the year of 1994, India's premier housing finance company. It was among the first companies to receive an 'in principle' approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector.The Bank commenced its operations as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in January 1995 wi th the help of RBI's liberalization policies. In a milestone transaction in the Indian banking industry, Times Bank Limited (p romoted by Bennett, Coleman & Co. / Times Group) was merged with kotak Bank Ltd ., in 2000. This was the first merger of two private banks in India. As per the scheme of amalgamation approved by the shareholders of both banks and the Reserv e Bank of India, shareholders of Times Bank received 1 share of kotak Bank for every 5.75 shares of Times Bank. In 2008 kotak Bank acquired Centurion Bank of Punjab taking its total branches to more than 1,000. The amalgamated bank emerged with a strong deposit base of a round Rs. 1,22,000 crore and net advances of around Rs. 89,000 crore. The balanc e sheet size of the combined entity is over Rs. 1,63,000 crore. The amalgamation added significant value to kotak Bank in terms of increased branch network, ge ographic reach, and customer base, and a bigger pool of skilled manpower. Executive summary Following the successful sale of 36 kotak bank retail branches in 2006, kotak ba nk are now offering for sale a portfolio of 29 of its banking outlets together with its Banking 365 call centre located in Kilkenny. The retail units occupy a variety of high-profile sites in strategic locations in Dublin and towns through out Leinster, Munster, Connacht and Ulster. Each property is being sold with the benefit of a 25 year full repairing and ins uring lease in place, creating a gilt-edged investment. Purchasers will have the option for either a fixed 15% uplift at the first rent review, or instead a ful l open market rent review. In either case, rent reviews are upward only, giving the investor the full benefit of future rental growth. The key points to bear in mind for any prospective purchaser are as follows: • All properties occupy highly prominent positions in their respective markets whi ch, in retail terms, equates to excellent rental growth prospects. • Each property will be let to Bank of Ireland on a new 25 year lease incorporatin g 5 yearly upward only rent reviews. There is a tenant break option in each of t he leases at year 15. • All leases are drawn on a full repairing and insuring basis. • The portfolio offers a variety of lot sizes to suit individual purchasers’ require ments initial rents on the properties vary from 61,372 to 778,669 per annum. • Title for each property within the portfolio is either freehold or long leasehol d. • Total initial rent for the portfolio is 4,101,318 per annum, payable quarterly i n advance with the tenant responsible for all outgoings to the property includin g repairs, maintenance, rates, service charge and insurance. • The kotak portfolio represents a unique opportunity to acquire a prime, geograph ically dispersed portfolio underpinned by secure, long-term income. • Each property will be sold with the benefit of a schedule of condition that has been prepared for the benefit of the purchaser. • Addition of the Banking 365 call centre in Kilkenny offers the investor diversif ication into the office market.

The portfolio can be acquired as a single lot, in smaller lots, or as individual properties. • The portfolio is being offered for sale by private treaty. Investment Rationale 1. The kotak bank branch network sale represents a rare and unique opportun ity to acquire a top quality property portfolio. 2. It offers exposure to virtually all the growth centres in india 3. It is geographically spread and thus not overly dependent on any one loc ation. 4. The tenant in each property is gilt edged. 5. The income profile provides a long term secure rent roll. 6. The option of a guaranteed 15% uplift at the first review provides 10 ye ars income certain. 7. Each property is prominently positioned within the core retail pitch of its city, suburb or town thus providing exposure to the prime retail sector. 8. Each kotak branch is a prestigious, trophy asset with a high recognition factor within its catchment area. 9. The FRI nature of each lease provides the investor with a very low requi rement for intervention: i.e. a hassle-free investment. 10. Kotak bank , given the competitive Irish banking environment, has a cont inuing programme of upgrading and improving its branch network which can only be nefit the investor. 11. The addition of the 'Banking 365' Call Centre in Kilkenny adds an elemen t of diversification to the portfolio. 12. The Retail sector has consistently delivered excellent returns. Bank Numbers by Province/City

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• Custody services .bank that underwrite debt and equity. Foreign exchange services Foreign exchange services are provided by many banks around the world. Bill Brandt. credit card companies. The finance industr y encompasses a broad range of organizations that deal with the management of mo ney. consumer finance companies. Assets under custody in the world a re approximately $100 trillion.the safe-keeping and processing of the world's securities tra des and servicing the associated portfolios. Among these organizations are banks. and restructure debt into structured finance products.where clients can purchase and sell foreign currency banknot es. investment funds and some go vernment sponsored enterprises.include both credit cards and debit cards.Hedge funds often employ the services of "prime brokerag e" divisions at major investment banks to execute their trades.[citation needed] • Credit card machine services and networks . the financial services industry repr esented 20% of the market capitalization of the S&P 500 in the United States Banking services The primary operations of banks include: • Keeping money safe while also allowing withdrawals when needed • Issuance of checkbooks so that bills can be paid and other kinds of payments can be delivered by post • Provide personal loans.y Images took ownership of the rights to some 15 million photographs from the Br itish press archives dating back to the Nineteenth Century. and mortgage loans (typically loans to purchase a home. Investment services • Asset management . Services marketing mix Services refer to services provided by the finance industry.[4] . Foreign e xchange services include: • Currency Exchange .Companies which provide credit card machine and payment networks call themselves "merchant card providers". • Bank cards . than normal retail banks. • Provide Charge card advances of the Bank's own money for customers wishing to se ttle credit advances monthly.[3] • Capital market bank .banking transactions are done in foreign currency. Weegee and Ernst Haas. Many financial services firms require a person or family to have a certain minimum net worth to qualify for private banking services. stock brokerages. • Provide a check guaranteed by the Bank itself and prepaid by the customer. insurance compa nies.Private banks provide banking services exclusively to high net worth individuals. Bank Of America is the l argest issuer of bank cards.the term usually given to describe companies which run collec tive investment funds. underwriting and advisory fees). property or business) • Issuance of credit cards and processing of credit card transactions and billing • Issuance of debit cards for use as a substitute for checks • Allow financial transactions at branches or by using Automatic Teller Machines ( ATMs) • Provide wire transfers of funds and Electronic fund transfers between banks • Facilitation of standing orders and direct debits. • Notary service for financial and other documents Other types of bank services • Private banking . such as a cashier's check or certified check. as well as images by notable ph otogaphers such as Bert Hardy. such as wealth management and t ax planning. • Hedge fund management . Hulton Getty also in cluded photographs from the Keystone Collection.[2] Pri vate banks often provide more personal services. so payments for bills can be made automatically • Provide overdraft agreements for the temporary advancement of the Bank's own mon ey to meet monthly spending commitments of a customer in their current account. • Wire transfer . commercial loans. • Foreign Currency Banking . assist company deals (advisory services.where clients can send funds to international banks abroad. As of 2004.

Private equity funds are typically closed-end funds. retirement insurance. Savings Account: kotak Bank offers a power packed Savings Account with a host o f convenient features and banking channels to transact through. or tak en private once acquired. health insurance. life insurance. Stock brokers assist investors in buy ing or selling shares.Reinsurance is insurance sold to insurers themselves. DEPOSITS KOTAK Bank offers wide variety of Deposit Products to suit our requirements. outside investors to new. which usua lly take controlling equity stakes in businesses that are either private.g. These brokerages primarily target individual investors.[5] • Insurance underwriting . A key rationale for the existence of such businesses is the existence of diversification benefits that are presen t when different types of businesses are aggregated i. asset management.These services involve stock brokers (priv ate client services) and discount brokers. usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. insurance brokers. and property & casual ty insurance. Cou pled with convenience of networked branches/ over 1800 ATMs and facility of E-ch annels like Internet and Mobile Banking. Senior Citizen Services: The Senior Citizen Services from kotak Bank has severa . • Private equity . such as large companies. • Reinsurance . high-potential-growth companies in the interes t of taking the company to an IPO or trade sale of the business.Insurance • Insurance brokerage . wealthy individuals. MARKETING MIX FOR KOTAK BANK PRODUCT MIX 1. general insurance. Private equity funds often use leveraged buyouts (LBOs ) to acquire the firms in which they invest.Insurance brokers shop for insurance (generally corporate property and casualty insurance) on behalf of customers. and stock brokers.Personal lines insurance underwriters actually underwri te insurance for individuals. a service still offered primarily through agents. As a consequence. etc. retail bankin g. although many now have branch offices to assist clients. Other financial services • Intermediation or advisory services . investment banking. and invest ment management funds. wholesale banking.A financial services conglomerate is a financial services firm t hat is active in more than one sector of the financial services market e. • Angel investment . Full service and privat e client firms primarily assist and execute trades for clients with large amount s of capital to invest. Recently a number of we bsites have been created to give consumers basic price comparisons for services such as insurance. Underwriters may also offer similar commer cial lines of coverage for businesses. causing controversy within the industry. economic capital for a conglomerate is usually substantially less than economic capital is for the sum of its parts.e. A small but increasing number of angel investors organize themselves into angel groups or angel networks to share research and pool their investment capital. life insurance. Primarily internet-based companies are often referred to as discount brokerages. Activities include insurance and annuitie s. The most successful private equity funds can generate returns significantly higher than provided by the equity mark ets • Venture capital is a type of private equity capital typically provided by profes sional.An angel investor or angel (known as a business angel or info rmal investor in Europe). kotak Bank brings banking at your doors tep. health insurance. is an affluent individual who provides capital for a b usiness start-up. • Conglomerates . bad things don't always happen at the same time. to protect t hem from catastrophic losses.

4. Call Centre and Internet Banking. child can now surf the Net and access all the details of his / her account at the click of a mouse! No need to visit the b ank branch at all. but we make banking a pleasure and at the same time children learn how to manage their pers onal finances. 2004 3. you can opt for our Salary Accounts to enable easy disbursements of salaries and enjoy numerous other benefits too. Fixed Deposits: Safety. one can access the various services kotak Bank has to offer at anytime. Bank @ Campus: Thanks to bank campus.l advantages that are tailored to bring more convenience and enjoyment in your l ife.affordability and higher earnings. Recurring Deposits: Through kotak Bank Recurring Deposit you can invest small a mounts of money every month that ends up with a large saving on maturity. So you enjoy twin advantages. Liquidity and Returns!!!! A combination of unbeatable features of the Fixed Deposit from kotak Bank. Flexibility. an ywhere and from anyplace. ANYWHERE BANKING kotak Bank is the second largest bank in the country. 2. You can access your accounts at over 500 networke d branches across the country. As an organization. This includes more than 500 branches and extension counters. Roaming Current Account: Only Roaming Current Account from kotak Bank travels th e distance with your business. It services a customer bas e of more than 5 million customer accounts through a multi-channel access networ k. Young Stars: It's really important to help children learn the value of finances and money management at an early age. Thus. kotak Bank Salary Account: is a benefit-rich payroll account for Employers and E mployees. INVESTMENTS Along with Deposit products and Loan offerings. Banking is a serious business. over 1800 ATMs. a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) LOAN Home Loans Personal Loans Car Loans Two Wheeler Loans Commercial Vehicle Loans Loans against Securities Farm Equipment Loans Construction Equipment Loans Office Equipment Loans Medical Equipment Loans . kotak Bank assists you to manag e your finances by providing various investment options such as: • kotak Bank Tax Saving Bonds • Government of India Bonds • Investment in Mutual Funds • Initial Public Offers by Corporate • Investment in "Pure Gold" • Foreign Exchange Services • Senior Citizens Savings Scheme.

The banking organizations are required to frame two.money2Ind ia. DEMAT SERVICES kotak Bank Demit Services boasts of an ever-growing customer base of over 7 lacs account holders. First. MOBILE BANKING With kotak Bank. In their continuous endeavor to offer best of the class servic es to our customers we offer the following features: • Digitally signed transaction statement by e-mail. I t is essential that both the buyers as well as the sellers have feeling of winni ng. The RBI and the IBA are concerned with regulations. • Corporate benefit tracking. banking is no longer what it used to be.5. 7. PRICING MIX The pricing decisions or the decisions related to interest and fee or commission charged by banks are found instrumental in motivating or influencing the target market. Also the quality of service provided with the fees at the click of a button! Benefits: • FREE Money transfers into accounts with over 30 banks in India • Demand Drafts issued and payable at over 1250 locations in India • ONLINE Tracking of the status of your funds • SUPERIOR Exchange rates • OFFLINE MONEY TRANSFER facility is also available across geographies through • our local branches and in association with partner banks/ exchange houses. Kotak Bank Mobile Banking enables you to bank while being on the move. a) b) c) CARDS Credit Card Debit cum ATM Card Travel Card 6.versa impa ct.fold strategies. the strategy is concerned with interest and fee charged and the second strategy is related to the interest paid. Credit Card and Demat customers. 7 days a week through Internet Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at a lower cost. Kotak Bank offers Mobi le Banking facility to all its Bank. • e-Instruction facility . The rate of interest is regu lated by the RBI and other charges are controlled by IBA. it is important that banks attempt to establish a correlation between two. Thus while deciding the price mix the top position. Since both the strategies throw a vice. to ha ndle all queries. Pricing Bank Products Starts With Three Basic considerations Some considerations for loan and deposit pricing are: • ROA or ROE objectives . 8.facility to transfer securities 24 hours a day. The pricing policy of a ustomers’ vis-à-vis the has direct relationship customer services rank bank is considered important for raising the number of c accretion of deposits. • Dedicated specially trained customer care executives at their call centre. NRI SERVICES ONLINE MONEY TRANSFER facility available to NRIs worldwide through www.

Generally speaking. You can do all the math you want to determine required pricing points. but if your pricing is uncompetitive. banks can afford to be more competitive on certain deposit pro ducts if they have fewer maturities in a particular timeframe or less total outs tanding balances in a product line. Likewise. Customer relationships are difficult to assign a value to in the pricing process . The point is. Sales and operations to make its rates the most competitive in its market Pricing is a key issue for the associates who sell bank products to your custome rs. Of course.• • • • Related income taxes Earning assets to total assets Equity-to-asset ratio Cost to service earning assets being funded or deposits funding an earning asset • Pricing for the activities and risks associated with the product • Rate tiers based on product balances • Asset and liability mix Another element to consider in the pricing of earning assets is the risk of loss . The 2 important decision making areas are: making available the promised service s to the ultimate users and selecting a suitable place for bank branches. Asset and liability mix also impacts pricing results. its s hare of the market will likely dwindle as existing and prospective customers fin d alternative providers. there are the mortgage bankers. The serv ices are sold through the branches. stra tegies to reduce operating costs. and a healthy asset and liability mix to chang e your required pricing. Most notably. PLACE This component of marketing mix is related to the offering of services. your market share will shr ink. the number of bank locations has inc reased 20%. and a host of other financial service providers competing for your customer’s loan and deposi t business. In the past 10 years. Customers will generally press for some price concessions in consideration of other relationships they have with the bank. the competitive marketplace always ensures that if a financial ins titution is charging too much for loans or paying too little for deposits. this is relevant in loan pricing. Many banks assign a risk weigh ting to individual loans over a certain size or based on loan type and assign a credit risk charge based on those ratings. the Internet. LOCATION OF BRANCH: . You need the right balance of fee income. banks operating with higher loan-to-asset ratios are able to afford to pay more for de posits. The number of branches OF KOTAK: 1900 in India and 33 in Mumbai. The fact is. Market rate for the core product Customers have more distribution channels available to them today than at any ot her point in history. and people dealing with deposito rs want to pay the highest rates. lenders want the lowest rates.

Personal selling: Cross-sale (selling at competitors place). during u sual bank transactions. each of the banks has its standard forms. Thus a customer wanting to deposit money goes to ‘dep osits’ counter and does not mingle elsewhere. . such as the users and the bankers • Infrastructure facility • Near to station and located on s. Sponsorship Sales promotion: gifts. This is because of the rules they are subject to. sandwich man. campus visits. documentations etc. There has to be adherence to certain rules and principles in the banking oper ations. incentives. • Market coverage PROMOTION MIX • • • • • Advertising: Television. Besides this. Customer involvement: ATM does not involve any bank employees. radio. there is definite customer involvement at some or the ot her place because of the money matters and signature requires. Number of steps: numbers of steps are usually specified and a specific pattern i s followed to minimize time taken. Sta ndardization saves a lot of time behind individual transaction. Customization: There are specialty counters at each branch to deal with customer s of a particular scheme. This makes procedures not only simpl e but consume less time.LOCATION OF ATMS: • Malad subway • With branch • Mindspace • Orlem • Raheja township selecting place as branch • The selection of a suitable place for the establishment of a branch is significa nt with • the view point of making place accessible. Simplicity: in kotak banks various functions are segregated. • The safety and security provisions a • Convenient to both the parties. newspaper. magazines Publicity: road shows. The activities have been segregated into various departments accordingly . discount and commission.etc. Standardization: kotak bank has got standardized procedures got typical transact ions. Besides. but all the banks have some standardization in them. Besides instruction boards in national boards in nation al and regional language help the customers further. road well crowded area. Besides this the customers can select their deposit pe riod among the available alternatives. v. movies. Separate counters exist with clear indication. theatres Print media: hoardings. In fact not only all the branches of a single-bank.personalized service • Telemarketing: ICICI one source Call center (mind space) PROCESS Flow of activities: all the major activities of KOTAK banks follow RBI guideline s.

Signage: each and every bank has its logo by which a person can identify the com pany. Management and other Consumers often add significa nt value to the total product or service offering. including some of the followin g: • Internet/web pages • Paperwork • Brochures • Furnishings • Business cards • The building itself (such as prestigious offices or scenic headquarters) The physical evidences also include signage. employees are essentially the contact personnel with cus tomer. Employee’s dress code: kotak bank follows a dress code for their internal customer s. Knowledge Workers. Even the pas sbooks. chequebooks. A servi ce is a performance and it is usually difficult to separate the performance from . an employee plays an important role in the marketing operation s of a service organisation. Strictly speaking there are no physical attributes to a service. Internal ma rketing paves way for external marketing of services. employee’s dress code etc. The basic objective of internal marketing is to develop motivated and customer c onscious employees.the attraction. In a bank organization. THE PEOPLE All people directly or indirectly involved in the consumption of banking service s are an important part of the extended marketing mix. Therefore. The starting point in internal marketing is that the emplo yees are the first internal market for the organization. There are many examples of physical evidence. In internal marketing a va riety of activities are used internally in an active. To realize its potential in bank marketing. Punch lines: punch lines or the corporate statement depict the philosophy and at titude of the bank. kotak become conscious in its potent ial in internal marketing . A service company can be only as good as its people. marketing like manner and in a coordinated way. Employees. reports. Tangibles: bank gives pens. Banks have influential punch lines to attract the customers. Thus such signages are significant for creating visualization and corporat e identity. punch lines. so a consumer tends to rely on material cu es. writing pads to the internal customers. This helps the customers to feel the ease and comfort. It is the employees of a bank which represent the organisation to its customers. motivation and retentio n of qualified employee-customers through need meeting job-products. etc reduce the inherent intangibility of services. development. Financial reports: The Company’s financial reports are issued to the customers to emphasis or credibility. other tangibl es.PHYSICAL EVIDENCES Physical evidence is the material part of a service.

2. transfers.g.the people. 4. investing in people quality in service business means inve sting in product quality. Therefore.Direct customers Great opportunity for fresher and experience.Introduce self-service/automated banking channels to cus tomers. to reduce was te and improve service offered to internal and external clients. Resolve simple customer request to provide 1st call resolution to customers over the phone as much as possible. Payroll 1. 5.To meet and handle employees o f the organization effectively and efficiently for account opening with the Bank . etc.Liaise with c lients Customer Relationship Officer •Attend and assist to walk in customer’s enquiries and phone enquiries • Make sale ref errals to Relationship Managers • Generate daily sales activities reports • Administ er all sales registers for all products at branch • Administer registers and leave records tracking for Branch Manager and Relationship Managers • Assist Branch Man ager on ad-hoc administrative works at branch • Act as a backup to Branch Teller. e. Inside Sales Support To service and provide call-in customers on their needs of the range of products . 2.Provide accurate and timely support to the Relationship Managers.To source and seek opportunities to maximize new business in the field of payr oll account acquisitions through corporate tie ups. 3.To assist in customer qu eries and complaints. while providing quality in s ervice delivery in an efficient operation where risks are well controlled. 3. 2. 2.Constantly challenge pro cesses and procedures with a view to streamlining and simplifying.Process various transactions over th e counter (cash. cash handling. Escalate to Service Quality Mana ger Business Development Exec/Manager. Conduct customer surveys to highlight areas for improvement. (excluding i nsurance and investment) Responsibilities 1. then neither does th e service. cheques. 4. 3.To speak to and effectively communicate with key stakeholders in a company to be ab le to engage all employees for salary accounts.) 2. Attend to inbound calls and emails that came in via call centre hotline and w eb portal.To process all daily branch transactions accurately.Handling of Relationship Manager's inbound/outbound calls where necessary. general enquiries and investigating service issues. vouchers redemption.Generate new sales opportunities through referral tag on. 3.If the people don’t meet customers' expectations.Assist in answering phones.Actively parti cipate in the prevention of money laundering and fraud by strict adherence and c lose diligence to the Bank's policies and procedures. opening of bank accounts Associate (Call Centre) 1. 4. Managing customer requirements and services Relationship Service Manager . Co-ordinate with the relevant departments to ensure all customers’ c oncerns are thoroughly investigated and a response to customers is given within service targets’ timelines. 5. Bank Tellers (Urgent!!) . drafts. 3.

affluent segments . . job sheets and market tracking nece ssities • To maintain accurate records of customer contact base • To coordinate logi stics & delivery. promotions and campaigns . order processing and other ac-hoc duties assigned • To ensure ti mely deliveries for customer orders • Admin Assistant Job scope a) assist in management of Co's internal documentation b) assist in cr eation of update notification of Co's Aeronautical Chart Manual to customers c) explore & assist in the management of Co's Aeronautical charts and data d) assis t in updating and maintaining customer subscription records and manual content e ) assist in management and maintenance of the Co's reference document website f) required to handle manual update.A.Telesales activity to affluent segment clients . .To adhere to professional standards of behavior & conduct in deali ng with customers.Organize events and prepare marketing materials Engage Branch Banking Managers and Relationship Managers to organize events and increase overall NTB clients for assigned branch .To achieve individual sales target set b y the bank.Manage the branch sales portfolio.Promote & sell on Banking products like Credit facilities & Balance Transfer . Bank Bancassurance Specialist Work closely with branch sales and service teams to provide innovative product s olutions to address customers’ protection. including pickup and delivery to customer off ice Senior / System Engineer ( ATE Application ) You will be responsible for providing semiconductor Automatic Testing Equipment (ATE) system and application engineering support for SoC Test Systems to our val ued customers. Y ou may also be required to conduct training from time to time.Maintain regular MIS of acqu .Strengthen the l ong-term relationships with customers by providing excellent customer service Re quirements: Bank Acquisition Executive Bank Acquisition Executives (Local Bank) Responsibilities: * Acquire new banking customers * Able to promote banking products and cross sell based on customers' needs * Able to approach all customers * Stand long hours and be mobile * Able to cold call and do road show as scheduled by Bank Bank Phone Executive Bank Phone Executive Responsibilities: . Responsibilities: . de vice test program and tester utility development. long-term savings and investment needs . and test program conversion.• To follow up on quotations and enquiries • To generate sales and improve customer loyalty/ retention • To prepare sales orders.Responsible for acquiring new-to-bank (NTB) customers .To continuously help to promote suitable product to the cus tomer Requirements Priority Banking Associates (Foreign Bank) Priority Banking Associates (Foreign bank) Up to $41.Cross-sell bank’s proposition to individual customers. companies.000 P. Your responsibilities will include pre and post sales support.

Flexible working hours. Class 3 license with good driving record Training provid ed. making & answering calls need pleasant voice & disposition.isition Customer Service cum Admin General admin. multitask. RTGS. diverting them as appropriate. couriering of draft. Physically fit a nd strong for loading and unloading of catering trays 5. Continued use of the Site after any such changes shall constitute your consen t to such changes. • Registration approval by GLS after Social Security Number (SSN) and other verifi cations.Positive attitude a nd able to communicate well with all level of people . The services and products available on the site are in accordance with the rules .Able to speak fluent customer requirements The process involves the following steps: • Registration of the customer.Taking charge of meeting room reservati ons . • Processing of remittance instructions by GLS after due regulatory checks.The information and policy statements appearin g on onlinesbi. regulations and guidelines as prescribed by Government of India and Reserve Ba .. Possess dynamic per sonality. conditions and notices applicab le to the use of the Site and reserves the right to modify any features of any p roducts or services offered by the Bank on the Site and any information found on the Site. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and condition s. 3 WSQ courses • attend courses on improving working relationshi p Guidance from consultant Receptionist Answering all incoming telephone calls. • Giving remittance instructions. Handle customer queries professionally 3. serving customers enquiry. willing to take challenges and work well in a team 4. Deliver food 2. Wherever applicable your use of this Site constitu tes your agreement to all such terms and conditions.Sorts mai ls and documents and dispatches them to various departments .com/gls or any other site maintained by the bank are applicable t o facilities offered by GLS. • Filling up of the account details of the customer and defining the beneficiaries . to the beneficiary. Resourceful. Good MS Word & Excel.Sign/acknowledge r eceipt of registered mails and courier . Terms and Conditions Terms and conditions set out for the customers to read and understand the terms and conditions laid by kotak bank. Able to converse in Chi nese & English Applicant must be a Singaporean citizen or a Permanent Resident. and NEFT. The Bank reserves the right to change the terms. • Affording credit to the beneficiary either by way of direct credit . and/or ta king and passing on accurate messages and direct calls appropriately . duties assigned Requirements: . willing to l earn Delivery & Customer Service 1. include: • OJT .Assist on other admin.

and the Registered Us er hereby agrees to indemnify SBI and hold SBI harmless against any liability. The Registered User agrees to provide true and complete information as prompted by the registration form on the Website. and should not be effected through. While we offer reasonable care and prudence dicta ted by the nature of relationship and transactions. and the Registered U ser hereby uthorizes the Bank to verify any information provided by the Registe red User and the registered user hereby uthorizes the bank to verify any inform ation provided by the registered user. the Bank provides a wide range of commercial and transactional b . save and excep t as specifically detailed on the Website.. the Bank may hold the money (to be remitted to India) for longer than th e usual time for remittance. when the Registered Use r places a request to cancel an instruction or a transaction that has been utho rizes by the Registered User. corporate fi nance and merchant banking. money markets and debt trading a nd equity research. where the Bank so deems advisable or nec essary. blue-chip manufacturing companies in the Indian corp to small & mid-sized corporate and agri-based businesses. For t hese customers. trade services. regulations and guidelines of other countries go verning similar services and products. such cancellation is not guaranteed by the bank. S uch instruction or transaction will only be cancelled if the Registered User’s req uest for cancellation is received and acted upon before the instruction or trans action has been executed. Treasury.WholesaleBanking Services. or pending remittance or are in the course of remittance. or for any other period. suits and proceedings based upon or relating to such uth orizes d access and use. Retail Banking Services. the SBI Express Remit Facility Business Focus kotak Bank deals with three key business segments . The Registered User will be solely and absolutely responsible for maintaining th e secrecy and confidentiality of all IDs and passwords and the Registered User w ill be fully and absolutely responsible and liable for all transactions and acti vities that occur under the Registered User’s ID and password including any uthor izes d use or misuse of the ID and / or password. Wholesale Banking Services The Bank's target market ranges from large. The Bank shall have the right to and not the obligation to. The Bank will remit the funds into India only after it has received a confirmation that such foreign currency has been re ceived in its account. The Registered User will not be entitled to any interest for the period during w hich the funds to be remitted are with the Bank. we do not guarantee or warra nt absolute security or privacy against all risks and the remitter while using o ur services agrees to indemnify and hold us harmless against all claims arising out of uthorizes d persons gaining access to the site. The Registered User hereby agrees that the purpose of the remittances will be fo r personal use such as family maintenance or remittances for foreign tourists vi siting India. and to update this information to keep it true and complete at all times. It has entered the banking consortia of over 50 corporate for providing working capital finance. damages. The Registered User cannot cancel any instructions once provided. c osts. The user should ensure that he / she logs out from their account at the end of each session. The Registered User hereby agrees that. claims. The Registered U ser will be responsible and liable if any third party gains access to the Websit e or any Facility through the use of their ID or password. It is also providing sophisticated product structure s in areas of foreign exchange and derivatives. and may delay the remittance. For the purpose of providing SBI Express Remit we endea vor to follow the same policy subject to applicable laws and the limitations of internet being an open system.nk of India from time to time and the Bank makes no representations that they ar e in accordance with the rules. Additionally. Trade or business related remittances or any type of donations and other remittances not permissible under the facility or regulations prevailing from time to time are not covered under. The Bank’s privacy policy and security policy i s posted on the Website.

• Backstage/Invisible Contact Employee Actions. By March 20 09. companies from the domestic business houses and prime public sector companies. Loans.anking services. the bank has three main product areas . NetBank ing and Mobile Banking. Retail Banking Services The objective of the Retail Bank is to provide its target market customers a ful l range of financial products and banking services. trade services. The Treasury business is responsible for managing the retur ns and market risk on this investment portfolio Components of Service Blueprints There are five components of a typical service • Customer Actions. giving the customer a one-st op window for all his/her banking requirements. Treasury Within this business. mutual funds. as well as through alternative delivery channels like ATMs. Kotak Bank has made significant inroads into the banking consortia of a number of leading Indian corporate including multinationals. The Bank is also one of the leading players in the “merchant acquiring” business wit h over 70. cash management. which combine cash management services with vendor and distributo r finance for facilitating superior supply chain management for its corporate cu stomers. etc. To comply with statut ory reserve requirements. the bank is required to hold 25% of its deposits in go vernment securities. and Equities. The se services are provided through the bank's Treasury team. Kotak Bank was the first bank in India to launch an International Debit Card in association with VISA (VISA Electron) and issues the Mastercard Maestro debit ca rd as well.Foreign Exchange a nd Derivatives. the bank had a total card base (debit and credit cards) of over 13 million. transactiona l services. stock exchange members and banks. The products are backed by world -class service and delivered to customers through the growing branch network. . Bill Payments. • Onstage/Visible Contact Employee Actions. Local Currency Money Market & Debt Securities. It is recognised as a leading provider of cash management and transactional banking solutions to co rporate customers. and • Physical Evidence. • Support Processes. including working capital finance. The bank is also a leading provider of structu red solutions. The Bank is well positioned as a leader in various n et based B2C opportunities including a wide range of internet banking services f or Fixed Deposits. Phone Banking.000 Point-of-sale (POS) terminals for debit / credit cards acceptance at merchant establishments. etc. The Bank launched its credit card business in late 2001.

Select a bank the service quality of which you want to assess. supply chain management and R&D. To follow up on th e progress of the issue until closure. as we embark on our strategic expansion. O rder Fulfillment Executive Pre-Requisites: • Minimum Diploma or its equivalent • Wor king experience in electronics industries preferred • Knowledge of Accounting & In ventory & CRM system • Strong analytical mind. and consistent ly logging all issues into the call management system. in order to provide good customer satisfa ction. Obtain an average Gap Score for each dimension by assessing the Gap Sco res for each of the statements that constitute the dimension and dividing the su m by the number of statements making up the dimension. Calculate t he Gap Score each of the statements (Gap Score = Perception – Expectation). Next. 3. first obtain the score for each of the 22 expectation qu estions. 2. In Table 2 calculate the importance weights for each of the five dimens . Step 3. you shall provide the first call resoluti on through telephone. Step 2. Using t he SERVQUAL instrument.Standards Gap 4: Not Matching Performance to Promises ò Actual Service Performance . To escalate the releva nt issues to the next level of support in a timely manner. obtain a core for each of the perception questions. Location: Singapore . Order Fulfillment Executive .IT Helpdesk Agents As an IT Helpdesk Agent. you shall perform the following main roles: Main Job Du ties: 1. STEPS TO OBTAIN THE WEIGHTED SERVQUAL SCORE Step 1.Promised Performance Gap 5: Customer Perceptions . e-mails or to walk-ins at the Service Desk. In TABLE 1 transfer the average dimension SERVQUAL scores (for all five dimensions) from the SERVQUAL instrument. we offer complete turnkey solutions to important industries in the Electronics Manufacturing Sectors.Company Perception of Customer Expectations Gap 3: Not Delivering to Service Standards: The Operations Gap ò Actual Service Performance . As a single point of contact.West Gap Model of Service Quality Gap 1: Not Knowing What Customers Expect ò Company Perception of Customer Expectations . Sum up the scores and divide it by f ive to obtain the unweighted measure of service quality.Actual Gap 2: Not Selecting the Right Design Standards ò Service Design Standards . Join us to be part of our growing business in manufactur ing.Customer Expectations Maintaining quality Quality Control Procedures ò Measure Outcomes ò Measure Processes Controlling Quality through the Supply Chain ò Intermediaries ò Distributed Delivery Network Enhancing the Operational Design Through Feedback ò Properly measuring customer perceptions STEPS TO OBTAIN UNWEIGHTED SERVQUAL SCORE Step 1.

detail inform ation can be digging out. Through face-to-face interview with branch managers. Contribution of the thesis: The contribution of this study is to show how import ance of people in service quality delivery by complementing a framework which is integrated service culture and human resource strategies. micro-blogging. billboard. And then by choosing the right people. The role of branch banking has changed to provide advisory services and sell the ban ks' products and service which is an approach involves the people interactions. how a bank develop people to deliver service quality will be showed. highly-trained specialists and efficient support functions is us eful to this research. Delivering Service Quality Aim: Banks in Sweden appear extend through different distribution channels. supporting them. ma gazine). In addition. The concept includes online and offline marketing ch annels. podcast. Its decentralized organization which focuses on the interplay between s trong branches. Offline marketing channels are traditional print (newspaper. radio.. Svenska Handelsbanken chose to be the research object. the servic e quality is delivered. pay-per-click. It aims to ensure consistency of message and the complementary use of media. and Internet TV. public relations. Then multip ly the average score for each dimension with its importance weight. Step 2. banner to latest web related channels for webinar. 2008).Oktogonen Fundation in English. Handelsbanken realizes the important of people on delivering s ervice quality. and . additionally.revealing the importance of peo ple on delivering service quality. the authors find out the relation among ser vice culture.ions constituting the SERVQUAL scale. In Table 3 enter the average SERVQUAL score for each dimension (from Ta ble 1) and the importance weight for each dimension (from Table 2). RSS. Result & Conclusions: The human resources strategies used by Handelsbanken is a process generally including hire the right people. from search engine optimization (SEO). The suggestion for future research is to conduct a study which it includes bank perspective and employee perspective. the theory about service culture and hu man resource strategy is defined. Step 3. A comprehensive human resource strategy thus can help the orga nization develop a more customer-orientation employee. retain the best people. Integrated marketing communications Integrated Marketing Communications is a term used to describe a holistic approa ch to marketing communication. Another is hard to find a lot of information about the un ique reward system in Handelsbanken . email. constrai ning and assisting each other. human resources strategies and people work as a triangle. affiliate. and retaining them as a serious of human resources strategies. The docume nt is in Swedish so that the authors only can get general information from the a nnual report 2008 of the bank. (The instructions are provided along with the table). Suggestions for future research: One of the limitations of this thesis is lack o f employee perception. As a result. Add the weighted SERVQUAL scores for each dimension to obtain the overa ll weighted SERVQUAL score. training them. in order to deliver servi ce quality. mail order. With the help of the human resources strategies wheel (Wilson et al . Service employees are associated with the organization service quality and custo mer satisfaction. a ho listic view of the situation in bank will be showed. t his research indicates with the service culture which establishes deeply inside the organization. industry relations. Method: By reading relevant literatures. w hich finally lead to the purpose of this paper . Online marketing channels include any e-marketing campaigns or programs. provides effective and suffic ient training and needed support systems. blog.

direct marketing. Quality concerns Quality may be defined as the ability to satisfy the customer’s requirements and n eeds to the fullest and t be able to replicate this on an on-going basis. From general-focus advertising and marketing to data-based marketing. and promoti on). 5. From a manufacturer-dominated market to a retailer-dominated. approa ches. 7. differentiation o products is di fficult of hazy. and personal selling activities. 2. and motivational moments. the r esearched elements can then be applied to other contact points: letterhead. place. From limited Internet access to 24/7 Internet availability and access to goods and services. Some marketers may want only ads with the greatest breadth of appeal: the ex ecutions that. This involves knowing the right touchpoints to use to reach consumers and understanding how and where they consume different types of media. Regression analysis and customer lifetime value are key data elements in this approach. customer service training. And integration of all these promotional tools along with other com ponents of marketing mix to gain edge over competitor is called Integrated Marke ting Communication. provide the greatest number of attention-getting. Promotional acti vities include Advertising(by using different medium). and more. branded. branded. 4. sales promotion (sales an d trades promotion). A company develops its integrated marketing communication programme using all the elements of the marketing mix (product. It also includes internet marketing. to complete the IMC cycle . From media advertising to multiple forms of communication. 3. quality becomes the only differentiator an the key to con tinuing success. Selecting the Most Effective Communications Elements The goal of selecting the elements of proposed integrated marketing communicatio ns is to create a campaign that is effective and consistent across media platfor ms. the bulk of marketing dollars is spent on the creation and distribution of advertisements. database marketing and publi c relations. From low agency accountability to greater agency accountability. particu larly in advertising. Integrated Marketing Communications is a data-driven approach that focuses on identifying consumer insights and developing a strategy with the right (online and offline combination) channels to forge a stronger br and-consumer relationship.television. banks that survive and succeed will be the one that . Others may only want ads with the greatest de pth of appeal: the ads with the greatest number of attention-getting. price. Once the key marketing pieces have been tested. Promotion is one element of Marketing Mix. With increasing competition. pack aging. From mass media to more specialized (niche) media. consumer-c ontrolled market. Using outside-in thinking. a nd motivational points within each. Thus. when combined. sponsorship marketing. From traditional compensation to performance-based compensation (increas ed sales or benefits to the company). Generally marketing starts f rom "Marketing Mix". The Quality Key Quality is especially important in the banking sector because duplication of pro ducts and services is relatively easy. and resources within a company which maximizes impact on consumer mind and which results into maximum profit at minimum cost. logistics. Reasons for the Growing Importance of IMC Several shifts in the advertising and media industry have caused IMC to develop into a primary strategy for marketers: 1. Hence. the bulk of the research budget is also spent on these elements of the campaign. 6. which are centered ar ound specific target audiences. Although integrated marketing communications is more than just an advertising ca mpaign. Further. Integrated marketing communication is integration of all marketing tools.

investment banking etc. As science continues to advance we will increasingly see technology being in tegrated as a natural part of our day-to-day existence. in the services sector. it is vital that its succ ess be known with a view to improving quality on a continuous basis. Research studies have repeatedly proved that customers are willing to pay for quality service Quality is a never ending journey After the Industrial Revolution we now have the Technology Revolution. trade. All this will mean infor mation that is readily accessible at reduced costs to all those who want it. In developing nations. Technolog y is changing the way we live. pu blic administration and defence and miscellaneous services) has been growing rap idly.provide quality service. medical and hospital services. Such programmes should preferably be tail or-made to suit the bank’s needs and should be jprferably administerd by experts. Measurement facilitates improvement and to know what to improve upon. too. for stock market traders this could m ean better decision while dealing in many markets for manufacturing giants this could aid in inventory and distribution management. Unlike a good manu facturer. but the progress on various quality parameters should be regularly parameters should be regularly monitored. for environmentalists this could be a means o f increasing awareness and perhaps. and for financial markets th is would mean catering to the smallest financial needs of customers in increasin gly competitively condition.of these progrmmes connot be immediately gauged completely.the nature of services provided by an airline or a hotel. commercial banki ng. For architects it could d designing . Banking and the Service Sector The Service Sector contributes a major portion of the Gross Domestic Product of developed countries. The success . the touris m indistry. aut hors may have a wider canvas to sketch on. This is true of banking services and mo st other financial services where the service offered is only what the customer experiences fleetingly. is more difficult than measuring the quality of manufactured goods. Measuring for improvement Once the quality development programme is implemented. say . unlike in the case of goods. For example. the way we work and the nature of work life itse lf. Suitable trainign programmes should be introduced and all members of staff should get an opportuni ty to participate in these programmes. the nature of banking services is very different from. • Services are intangible in nature and. provide services that may be considered somewhat more tangible. banking . • There is no scope for inspection before the service delivered. This is ma inly due to the following: • The Services Sector as a whole is very heterogeneous and what is very heterogene ous and what may hold true for one service may not hold true for another service sector. other financial services.etc. a bank cannot inspect its services and products to weed out unsatisfac tory ones before they are presented to the customer • Unlike in the case of manufacturing companies where the goods are manufactured a nd then sold to customers. Measuring Service Quality Measuring Quality in the Services Sector and in particular in the Banking sector . on the other hand. the customer is a part and pa . h ave been able to adopt standard measures to improve the quality of goods produce d. one must know what to measure. communications. the contribution of the service sector ( which comprise services relating to transport. Most manufacturing companies. insurance. Some service sectors like the hotel industry. All services have a here-and-now attribute that makes standardised quality testing and control pr ocedures followed by manufacturing sector difficult to adopt. Even within banking there are a variety of dissimilar services like retail banking. avoiding disasters throughout the world. there is no ‘r eal’ product that the customer takes home. perhaps by an internal coordinator. This heterogeneity makes standardized service qualit y measurement very difficult. Quality Training Programmes Once the bank has decided on achieving high service quality .

This is especially t rue of banking services. the bank must ensure that • Its products and services are closely aligned with customer needs. The best way to determine what satisfies the customer is to ask the customer. The service is created with the i nvolvement of the customer . especially front-line staff . if there is no customer there can be no service. Functional Quality refers to ‘How’ the bank’s services are provided to the customer . Technical Quality refers to ‘what’ the bank gives the customer . finance . Banking Services: Technical Quality and Functional Quality Service Quality can be thought of as having two dimension: Technical quality and Functional quality . or an internal customer such as a colleague from anot her department who requests information. In this sense. A customer could be an external customer such as an a ccount holder at the bank. accounting and legal aspects. A few elements that affect a banking service’s functional quality include: • Attitude of the bank’s staff members • Importance given to the bank’s customers over routine work. We look at each of these steps in a little grater details. • Handling of customer grievances is the overall responsibility of a senior offici al who is nor directly involved with the routine branch banking operations. • The bank’s staff is able to provide professional advice to its customers • The bank’s staff . • Customers are adequately informed about the bank’s products and services • The bank’s staff. perhaps. Technical Quality To ensure that it delivers technical quality .rcel of the process that provides the service. . I believe that all improvement at a bank must have the customers as the focal po int and as such Customer Satisfaction is a good determinant of the Quality of S ervices provided by abank. have thorough knowledge of the ban k’s products and services • The bank’s branch has a suitable mix of people with experience in banking. the . Determining what satisfies the customer This is the most crucial and . especially front –line staff . Customers are central to the banking service that is sought to be provided. • Perceived credibility of the bank’s officials to customer queries • Ambience at the bank • Ability to hold discussions with senior officials with a suitable degree of proa vacy • Image of the bank as a whole Ensuring Customer Satisfaction How does the bank ensure the customer’s satisfaction? It does so by: • Determining what satisfies the customer • Devising suitable quantitative determinants • Continually measuring and improving these parameters • Seeking customer feedback from time to time to ensure alignment with customer ne eds This 4 steps approach can go a long way in helping the bank achieve its Quality goals. has been adequately trained to dea l with ‘difficult’ customers and with customer complaints. s9o a s to ensure that the branch is adequately equipped to deliver technical quality • The bank’s staff has been adequately communicate with customer queries • The bank’s staff is able to effectively communicate with customers –staff should als o be able to converse in the local language. It is important to understand that both internal and external customers are important for long term quality development and improvement. if required. Several organisations regularly send out questionnaires and direct mailers to t heir customers ( both internal and external ).most difficult part of the exercise . analyze the feedback received and initiate appropriate action. both retail and corporate. Functional Quality Functional quality is concerned with how the service is provided to the bank’s cus tomer . the customers is inseparable from the service.

are not a homogeneous class. Processor sharing Customers are served equally. Last in first out This principle also serves customers one at a time. full. The theory perm its the derivation and calculation of several performance measures including the average waiting time in the queue or the system. mainframe computer queueing of telecommun ications terminals. healthcare. and the way in which resources are divided between the customers.[ • Pure-chance traffic – Call arrivals and departures are random and independent even ts. who are central to the banking service. networks . Network capacity is shared between customers and t hey all effectively experience the same delay Priority Customers with high priority are served first. the order in which they are served. however the customer with th e shortest waiting time will be served first. A queueing discipline determines the manner in which the exchange handles calls from customers.[1] public service and engineering. Applications are frequently encountered in customer service si tuations as well as transport and telecommunication. advanced telecommunications systems. He re are details of four queueing disciplines: First in first out This principle states that customers are served one at a time and that the custo mer that has been waiting the longest is served first.Varying Customer Perceptions of Banking Service Quality ‘Customer’. It defines the way they will be served. commerce. Queueing theory is directly applicable to intelligent transportation systems. telecommunications. Queueing is handled by control processes within exchanges. including arrivin g at the (back of the) queue. which can be modelled using state equations Queueing systems use a particular form of state equations known as Markov chains which model the system in each stateIncoming traffic to these systems is modelled via a Poisson distribution and is subject to Erlang’s qu eueing theory assumptions viz. having an available server or having to wait a certain time to be served. Queueing theory is generally considered a branch of operations research because the results are often used when making business decisions about the resources ne eded to provide service. Managing waiting lines Queueing theory is the mathematical study of waiting lines (or queues). the expected number waiting or receiving service and the probability of encountering the system in certain sta tes. PABXs. the procedures followed etc. waiting in the queue (essentially a storage proces s). Also known as a stack. It is applicable in a wide variety of situations that m ay be encountered in business. call centers. server queueing. The theo ry enables mathematical analysis of several related processes. such as empty. • Knowledge of or experience with competitors products and services • Banking with a particular bank which may be regarded as a status symbol • Interaction with and/ or opinions of other customers rights etc. The y come from varying socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. and traffic flow. dep ending on the mood and mind-set of the same user at a particular point of time. industry. Some other factors that may influence percept ions of banking service quality are: • Overall ambience at the bank • Past experiences with the bank • Familiarity with the services offered by the bank. and being served by the server(s) at the front of the queue. The perception of the Quality of Banking Services provided will differ from cust omer to customer and even for the same customer at different points of time.[4] • Statistical equilibrium – Probabilities within the system do not change . A customer who needs money and comes to an ATM on a Sunday to find that it is no t working is likely to be much more dissatisfied than if she or he were to find the same ATM temporarily out of order on a day when they happen to have popped i n to the ATM on their way to work.

For example. Service operations managers need to deci de to which extend the customer is involved into delivery process. because the customer creates the value of the service by himself. the p erceived value of the service is increased many times. This is another reason why service operations manager should try to incr ease customer participation as much as possible. Customer’s self –service is an important. There are cases when customers provide only minimal assistance thro ughout the process: they stay passively preoccupied. customers increasing participation in the service processes will br ing changes on the market with high competition level. In addition. in most cases customers substitute employee service with the self-service: they play active r oles. However. As a result. Outsourcing delivery of service to customers gives competitive advantage to the company. If the service is not very . The difference in the proportion of workload which is outsourced tot eh customer or end user influences the company’s service delivery process and infrastructure as well as costs’ reduction. Such new business models (aimed at using full customer self – service) have great success in establishing their market position and achieving greater market share. sometimes even bigger. Internet stock trading companies – customer trading stocks successful ly competes against traditional brokerage companies – employee trades for customer s. the service operations manager needs to know very well the specifics of service product: the level of necessary customer involvement will vary depend ing on this. When a customer participates in the process. For example. Increasing customer involvement has a lot of benefits as practice has shown. Am ong them are: Will the self – serving companies be able to gain enough of market s hare to be competitive on the market compared to traditional approaches? How wil l this result be achieved by self – serviced companies? Who will be the leader: ne w approaches to delivery or traditional ones? What are the advantages and disadv antages of each service delivery approach? These questions can be answered only by the service mangers that have tried both approaches and found out which one i s better. The company gets pure income. because customer himself has done something by himself. It is expecte d that in nearest future only two extreme formats of delivery will prevail: comp lete employee service and complete self – service. There are many questions to be answered before the company decides to use full self – serviced delivery. part of the service. The mixture of these two extrem es is still present in businesses today. Service manager needs to decide what services can be outsourced or what amount o f this service delivery can be handles by customers. The expenses for hiring new employees for service delivery are absent. Internet auctions and Internet banking are all self – serviced.• Full availability – All incoming traffic can be routed to any other customer withi n the network. even though the increasing self-service delivery will change the situation. He is the one responsible for the delivery quality and there is nobody else to blame for faul ts. Nevertheless. The customer participation is service process is quickly increasing due to this reason. obligatory for the delivery processes . Productivity and customer efficiency also has influence on service quality and expected demand. People like to be involved in the process which will bring benefit to them.the workload bet ween the company and customer (serf – service) is a decisive factor. Especially recently. Customer’s involvement is usually mandatory. customers tend to be more active in self – service. In this example. the outcome of the competition is obvious . they are doing it not for somebody else but for themselves. The role self – service and customer in the process of delivery is very important. the impact of increased customer partici pation in the delivery process on the service quality is defined by the self – ser vice level. • Congestion is cleared as soon as servers are free Service Delivery and Customer Experience Rapid developments of self – service technologies are becoming the main service de livery channel in recent years. There is a growing competition between these emerging self – service based companies and traditional employee based service companies.

reference consultation on – site or by telephone.complicated or difficult to do and does not require highly specialized skills it can be outsourced to customers. the customer needs to contribu te some information or effort. telling customers in advance what are their expected roles. There was a mathematical model developed on how to calculate profit levels of tw o companies: one using full self – service delivery and the other using full –servic e. For this reason. remote availab ility of electronic resources. It is generally accepted that customer participation . photocopying of printed materials and self – servic ing facilities. that not all customers will come with correct and the same understandi ng of their roles. For example. It is also important for service manager to know and make necessary adj ustments. depend on this informatio n or effort of the customer. In addition. it is a fact that if i ndividuals have no necessary information about their roles and roles of service provider. the service operations manager needs to try to incre ase the level of customer participation. The problems in service encounter usually appear because of the conflicts: who h as more control in the service interactions. The service operations managers. Roles also have important involvement of control issues. Necessary facilities need to clearly explain what should occu r. Also research has shown that companies with self – se rvice had higher income rations than the ones with full service due to the absen ce of expenses for having employees to deliver this service to customer.servicing. One way is to offer alternatives. The most important issue of the customer participation are the roles which custo mers take in the service delivery. attributes part of this risk to cust omer’s role. Both customer and provider of servi ce have a need for control. The research resulted in the interesting finding that the optimal. It is a proven fact t hat this mutual understanding between parties resulted in higher satisfaction re ceived from service if both parties understood beforehand what their roles shoul d be. This idea might have been derived from previous experience with similar services. the best p roportion of the workload to be outsourced is 0% or 100%. Service operati ons manager needs to know how to increase this satisfaction. the service provides will alwa ys risk in this situation in the control over the encounter cannot be ensured wi th relying on customers to perform the task of delivering service. However. therefore. There are a couple of strategies proposed which help service managers to m anage customer participation. choices within the servicing setting. on television or heard through word – o f – mouth. they will get involved in coping others that can result in anxiety and higher dissatisfaction level. Introducing self . therefore. Although there has been a lot of discussion in the literature about the customer participation in service delivery. Clear communication of the information and mutual understanding of the roles which each party needs to perform will clarify the amount of control each party has. However. The key characteristic of the service delivery is the combination of simultaneou s production and consumption. If the number is somew here in between. even if some knowledge and experti se is required in service delivery it still can be outsourced: customer needs to be provided with certain information on how to accomplish the task. Most often customer knows what to do because he has seen it in the advertising. Customers get involved in the process so they infl uence the outcome of the quality of service delivery and the satisfaction by it. have a choice of two options: to outsource as much of service delivery as possible or continue using traditional service delivery approaches. Before the service transaction can be completed. The customer needs prior training in operational procedur es – this will increase the satisfaction level of service delivered. The quality. It is important for service managers to remem ber that customer comes to a service encounter with an idea in mind about what t heir role should be in this cooperation. there is always a risk associated with the serv ice delivery. Because services are intangible. For example. the company may even encounter minimization of the profit figur e. the definition and management of the roles n eeded in the participation are still unexplored. The control that customers feel during their participation in service encounters influences the level of satisfaction they receive from service.

It goes beyond the first encounter with a customer. Here questions start to ap pear: how this positive participation can be stimulated and managed? Service man ager needs to know how to manage customer participation in service encounters to have beneficial outcomes for both sides. If it does not h appen.has positive impact on both providers and customers. Service manager needs to remember that the greater the involvemen t of the customer in the service delivery. The managing delivery quality is equall y important as increasing customer participation in the process. I t is very hard to recover from negative image. As this paper has shown customer participation has many benefits not only for the compan y but also for the customer himself. Moreover. but the value of qu ality it adds to the company is obvious. It is impossible to quantify the value of service delivered. It is important to understand that service is a not just a delivery of product. it is a process. (2) understanding how the organization needs to be managed to add value to the s ervice delivered (increasing customer satisfaction). Each good service manager should understand how customers derive utility form th e service. it builds relationship be tween the company and society represented by this customer. Service providers must develop mechani sms and find ways to make sure that customers know what is expected from them an d put effort to facilitate the outcome. When participation of customer is increased the involvement of train ed personnel is limited to minimum. It is not a secret for anybody that negative word of – mouth is the strongest factor that can lead to very high loses of company. through communicating with customers. It is understandable. the greater the likelihood that this experience will meet expectations of both company and customer. In this situation customer must have access to information they need. it needs big investment (addition al expenses) and a lot of time of top management (time is money). Increasing cu stomer involvement brings cost and convenience benefits for organization and cus tomer himself. That is why se rvice managers are primary responsible for creating the positive image through h igher involvement of customers into service delivery process. responsiveness to customer needs . Customers need to be empowered to co-produce their own experience.serviced. and (3) enabling the organi zation to meet its objectives to both customers and company itself. the customer also bears the part of responsibility and the service provid er is not the only part to put guilt on. Effective service delivery is not only the process of exchanging values. It has a signif icant impact on whether this person. Service operations m anager should be aware that they do not only create the economic value for the f irm but also social value for the customers. Decreasing labor costs for provider and inc reasing user satisfaction are the most important factors. a performance and effort from both provider and custome r. Introducing self – serving methods of service delivery. use its service or not. Customers have expectations that th eir rights are respected and the company needs to stick to ethical standards and contribute to the development. a deed. way to express complains and give recommendation if th ey have one in their mind. service provider may directly learn defects of service and have immediate feedback about what should be done to improve. Services cape the importance of the servicescape (the physical facilities of a service company . Increasing customer involvement into process of service delivery will become num ber one objective for service managers it the companies that wants to stay compe titive on the market when new technologies are developing very quickly. These are factors underlying service delivery: (1) understanding how the organization can produce and deliver this utility tot eh ultimate consumer. company will gain loyalty from those customers who think of themselves as part of the organizational famil y. that all these activities are easier to perform when delivery is full – serviced or at least half . the per formance of other supporting activities is even more important. Among these acti vities are provision of information and advice. this customer will deal with the company ag ain. handling complaints and common courtesy.

This setting is designed ca n enhanced or inhibits the efficient flow of activities in the service setting m aking it easier or harder for customer and employee to accomplish their goals. insurance and call centres etc. gymnasium and self service restaurants etc.T he place has to be designed to keep employees’ motivation and morale high. They are back office . Customer performs most of the activities. supervision a nd operational efficiency.The rol e of service employees is limited.A servicescape pla ys four important roles. by making the facility p leasing and appropriate to use for them. An evaluation of the roles they have in service encounters will reve al how important it is to design an appropriate servicescape . AN INTERPERSONAL SERVICESCAPE When a service encounter requires a close interaction between the customer and p rovider the servicescape must be facilitate this interaction.). the effect of the servicescape on quality perception has been inadequately ca ptured by previous empirical research. The ser vicescape should premeditate ergonomically to facilitate teamwork. A gym layout and design and design (cho ice of equipment) conveys the segment of population that is targeted – slimming en thusiasts. satisfy and facil itate the activities of both conducive to the interaction between the two. For em ployees it should be pleasant to conduct activities. Package Servicescapes ‘package’ the service offer and communicate an image to the customers of what they are going to get. cin ema halls. schools and banks are examples of this type of servicescapes. They are predetermined to render an intended image to the service concept and evoke a particular sensory and emotional reaction that s ets the stage for a germane experience that augments the efficacy of the offer. eit her on their own or with a little help from the provider. Servicescape is an outward appeara nce of organization and thus can be critical in forming initial impressions or s etting up customer expectation. The facility design can attempt to position it for the desired market segment. Hotels. Telecommunications. Roles of Servicescape A servicescape is not a passive setting it plays an important role in service tr ansactions. sportspersons. are exampl es of remote encounters. Appropriate servicescaping is a sure shot way to create an image that the servic e provider is seeking to put up. they must be designed to attract. It also helps moderate customer expectation and reinforces his experience and reminiscences. These use remote servicescapes. business executives and housewives or th e youth. It is the corporeal manifestation of the service idea for interest groups to form a shared appreciation-ma perceptible metaphor f or an intangible service. body shapers.The service provider must plan the facility exclusively with the customer in mind. hospitals. A REMOTE SERVICESCAPE There are service settings where there is little or no customer involvement in t he servicescape. An interpersonal s ervicescape is appropriate.. Examples are ATMs. Socializer Design of servicescapes aids in socialization of both the customers and employee . The purpose of this paper is to examine t he impact of the servicescape on perceived quality in a more comprehensive way. A SELF SERVICE SERVICESCAPE The service is designed around a customer helping self with the service . Facilitator Another important job of servicescape is to act as an a facilitator in assisting both the customers and service employees to make most of the opportunity it sho uld make the service consumption comfortable convenient for the customer.

Employees role work place The Organization has strong Industry & Public image. There is no mention about Work transparency Or Transparency in performance appra isals. Clearly the design of the servicescape differentiates one p rovider from its competitors. through its robust business policies and well groomed media interacting team. leaving little space in the form of an arrow aisle along the outer walls of the hall for customers. blasting music. The air conditioned lounge with comfortable seats and a col d water dispenser as you pass through a spotlessly clean glass door. The 360 degree review holds no value and just a formality. Forget the Career development or training part. but in act ual it is very weak. whereas servicescapes in private banks enc ourage casual –affable interactions. conveying expected roles. custome rs will be interfering with that task. Differentiator With the layouts a customer can make out what kind of bank it is. that is where the most important job of the bank.s. internal operations. A dominance of green at IDBI bank differentiates it with red of HDBC bank. The message is clear –custo mer must not enter the restricted area. They are allowed more space to move and occupying a seat acr oss from executives desks suggest that customer are indeed central to all activi ty. .. but must also conside r ambient components such as odours and background music. In accordance with findings from environmental psychology. In a public bank a large part of the floor is marked as restricted. One has all the ownership of business but no clear authority. The service with public bank also suggests that customers have a formal –offic ial relationship with public bankers. the servicescape may not remain limited to tangible elements. Supervisors here the HR processes yee recognition. behavior and relationship. Though the HR team & policies is projected as to be as one of the best in the Industry. The roles played by servicescape in a particular situation will aid in identifying opportunities and deciding just who needs to be consulted in mak ing facility design decisions. Conclusion Although it is useful from a strategic point of view to think about the multiple roles of the servicescape and how they interact making actual decision about se rvicescape design requires an understanding of why the effects occur and how to manage them. nly indicator is are very good at growth commitments but when it's payback time & guidelines are the biggest excuses. makes custo mers feel welcome . Whereas private banks approach customers with conviviability. Compare the servicescape of a public bank with that of a private bank. It is also strong in enhancin g shareholder money. There is no word as Emplo No clear cut chart or indicator about Career development. and hints at eth segment the services are targeted at. which is just a gimmick. Practical implications – Service providers should give careful consideration to th eir servicescape. Candle lit tables w ith smooth classical music and tables with clothes and pre-laid cutlery differen tiates a restaurant from other with flour cent colors and pattern on the walls. the o as how one can be slogged over weekends and public holidays. It totally depends on how thick skinned an emplo yee is how good one is at taking verbal abuse. is conducted and by entering t0hat area . Companies adapt servicescape to reposition the services or identify new cus tomer segments. crowded with young boys and girls and motorcycles at the makeshi ft parking in front.

because of a violation of these terms. shall r esult automatically in the termination of the Card and the Services. certain facilities. Identifying Problems / Providing Solutions 4. as to such jurisdiction. 24 x 7 Support 6. Project 4. Communication 2. in case of de fect or breach in the performance of carrying out such services or the non-perfo rmance thereof. • (iii) kotak Bank shall not be liable. in this model. membersh ips and services on such Terms and Conditions as it may deem fit. in any way.kotak Bank reserves the right to c hange the address of the Customer in its records if such change in address comes to the notice of kotak Bank. Planning 5. Resources 3. however. Integration Customers role • Kotak Bank reserves the right to offer the Customer. to the Customer. by kotak Bank. shall constitute legally binding and valid transactions when done in a dherence to and in compliance with the terms and conditions prescribed by kotak Bank for such Services. Quality 9.Service Delivery Model The above picture shows the Service Delivery Model. Customer 2. • (vi) The Customer and kotak Bank hereby agree that any legal action or proceedin gs arising out of these terms and conditions shall be brought in the courts or t ribunals at Mumbai in India and irrevocably submit themselves to the exclusive j urisdiction of such courts and tribunals. • (iv) The Customer shall forthwith notify kotak Bank of any change in the address for communication as per kotak Bank’s records. which can be applied irrespe ctive of industry and/or technology. • (ii) Any termination of the Card.kotak Bank may. in their absol ute discretion commence any legal action or proceedings arising out of these ter ms and conditions in any other court. Program and • 9 Sub areas 1. Implementation 8. tribunal or other appropriate forum. and kotak Bank disclaims all liability in case of an incorrect address resulting in any loss or liability for the Customer. whose accounts have been ma intained in good standing as per kotak Bank policy. and t he Customer hereby consents to that jurisdiction. • (v) The Customer agrees to adhere to and comply with all such terms and conditio ns as kotak Bank may prescribe from time to time for Services availed of by the Customer. as may be prescribed from time to time. Technology 7. • (vii) Any provision of these terms and conditions which is prohibited or unenfor ceable in any jurisdiction shall. there are: • 4 Key areas 1. The author has derived this model from his experience and knowledge As indicated in the diagram above. Relationship 3. The responsibility shall be of the Customer to ens ure that kotak Bank has been informed of the correct address for communication. be ineffective to the extent of prohibition or unenforceability but shall not invalidate the remainin .

g provisions of these terms and conditions or affect such provision in any other jurisdiction. Youth: These clients are younger than 18. first car. • 3. client credit risk and client vulnerabilit y (risk of leaving the organization) onto the bank’s objectives: retaining profita ble customers. as they build families and careers. first credit card. Getting Started: These clients. their primary goal is to manage their debt load eff ectively. these clients are worried about sa ving for retirement and investing wisely. they can identify opportunities to make a difference in the market . • 5. are going throug h first experiences: graduation. generally between 18 and 35. They typically manage multiple income sources and are starting to do estate planning . With many expenses. who are usually older than 60 . are to maximize retirement income and maintain the lifestyle they desire. if they’ll have to change their lifestyle when they retire and if the y’ll need to work to supplement their retirement income. first child. Segmenting customers • 1. • Lefebvre and her team overlay these life-stage segments with other strategic mod els such as profitability. growing customers with potential. Typically they borrow more than they invest. are in their peak earning years. marri age. Preservers: The primary needs of these clients. Builders: These clients. They want to know if they’ve saved enoug h to retire. managing and controlling custom ers with higher credit risk profiles and optimizing the costs of less profitable customers. Accumulators: Typically between 50 and 60. • 4. potential. usually between 35 and 50. first loan. By doing so. • 2.

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