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Oh Dear Syria

An Apology

Oh Dear Syria, the following words I offer
In a form of a poem written solely for you
Though you deserve more for your sufferings
For what the tyrant Bashar is putting you through

You’re another story in a continuing nightmare
Innocent victims of another’s power and greed
Your forgotten history written in pure crimson
Your present a future tale for others to read

The apple really didn’t fall far from the tree
A craven son who followed his father’s malefic way
Like the massacre in February of nineteen-eighty-two

Oh Dear Syria, you are, once more, a dictator’s prey

You were hoping the world would react
To show their innate sense of “compassion”
By putting a stop to yet another demon’s war
But all you received were words without action

the “UN” declared its futile “orders” As if it has never dealt with a despot before And worldwide “leaders” meeting for a solution The result: flapping lips and nothing more You have the likes of Nasrallah and Ali Khamenei Hypocrites who pontificate about justice and what’s right A disgrace who now have a willing hand in your carnage Devoid of any humanity and to humanity a “blight” Had your oil been of value Oh Dear Syria The world would’ve intervened a long time ago But you’re now paying severely with your blood For your murderous oppressor to overthrow I can’t envision living your repressive lives Under a dome of an ongoing smothering yoke For survival and autonomy. you persistently strive Free from a man who’s just another odious joke Oh Dear Syria. Instead. your men are valiant warriors And your women incredibly brave and strong Your children fighting armed with courage And your elderly an inspiration for a song Hear me world. we should all bow our heads down in shame To witness Dear Syria go through all this again and again .

you will have won Inshâ’Allâh your days of dolour are numbered And brighter days of peace are drawing nigh Where you can select the leader of your choosing Innocent souls will no longer have to die Your revolution and your fight are the epitome of faith That the impossible. is attainable when you try Oh Dear Syria. Allâh ‫ س ْبحا َن ُه َوتعالى‬is there for you HE will not give you a burden you can’t endure Your current strife a testament to your strength For a happier future: one that’s safe and secure I pray you get to follow in the trail of “The Spring” And show the world what your resilience has done Diminishing your shackles with your own hands And on your own. Whilst in the comfort of our home we claim we care And Dear Syria living a life of unspeakable pain َ َ ُ Oh Dear Syria. your war. your prolonged battle will not be in vain Very soon only tears of love and happiness you will cry You truly are a beacon of light and hope A genuine exemplar worthy of admiration Because you alone are fighting the devil You are a source for respect and aspiration . on your own.

29th July 2012 . . When your day of freedom has come You will come out truly the victorious At least you can say you did it alone and . . . Your victory will become that much more glorious ♡ Oh Dear Syria ♡ Sunday. . I apologise Oh Dear Syria For not writing about you until today But words were truly hard to find All I could do for you was pray I was crippled by your recurring ordeal By your decades of continuous plight It was hard to justify our insouciance My words aren’t enough no matter what I write I’m sincerely sorry Oh Dear Syria I know no words will ever suffice For what we’ve allowed to take place You alone had to pay the deadly price But .