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English 11


76 AL: Read 190-192; answer p. 192, 13-14
WKBK: Do ex 57
VS: Do p. 44, Review 2, ex. C
77 AL: Read pp.193-196; answer p. 201, #2
VS: Do p. 46, Review 2, ex. E-F
Wkbk: Do ex. 59
78 AL Read pp. 197-201; answer p. 201, #5
VS: Write 12 different prefixes, roots or suffixes from units 1-6, from ex.
C(1) of each unit
79 AL: Read 202-204; answer p. 204, #1
VS: Study for review quiz two in the next lesson over units 1-8 (definitions,
synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, roots and suffixes) and Spelling Lists 1A-
80 AL: Read 205-206; answer p. 212, #2.
Wkbk: Do ex. 60.
81 AL: Read 210-212. Answer p. 212, 6 and 7b
WKBK: Do ex. 61
82 AL: Study for a uiz over unit 7. Study units 4-6 for (semester
exam) in L85; review plots, themes, settings, characters, authors,
terms, atists, and works of art. Write a 10-question review quiz.
WKBK: Finish ex. 63-64.
83 AL: Study Scarlet Letter and unit 7 for Semester Exam in L85;
review themes, setting, characters, authors, terms, artists, and works
of art.
Wkbk: do ex.
84 AL: Study for semester exam in next lesson over units 1-7 and The
Scarlet Letter
Handbook: Study for Exam over sections 1-7, 13-19, 21-24, 26, 36-
40, and 43-44.
85 AL: Read pp. 213-215; answer p. 215, #2.
86 AL: Read pp. 216-218. Snwer p. 216, #4.
WKBK: Diagram ex. 68, 1-4
Composition: Choose essay topic and write purpose of essay
Book Review: Choose book for check in L91
87 AL: Read pp. 218-221; answer p. 220, #5
WKBK: Diagram ex. 68, 8-10
Composition: Outline for essay is due

88 AL: Read pp. 222-228. Answer p. 228, 1-2

Composotion: First draft of essay is due
Vs: Do p. 52, ex. A
Book Review 4: Choose book for check in L91
89 AL: Read pp. 229-234. Answer p. 234, #1.
Composition: Rewritten draft of essay is due
VS: Study for Quiz 7A in next lesson over Vocab. List 7 and Spelling
List 7A.
Bring book for book check in L91
90 AL: Read pp. 235-238. Answer p 240, #1
Wkbk: Do ex. 69.
Composition: Edited draft of essay is due
VS: study synonyms and antonyms; do pp. 52-53, ex. B
Book Review 4: Bring book tomorrow.
91 AL: Read p. 239; answer p. 240, #5. Study Unit 8 Review, sections
WkBk: Do ex. 71
Composition: Write final draft of essay
VS: Memorize p. 53, ex. C(1), prefixes, roots, and suffixes. Do ex. C
Book Review 4: Begin reading book for L102
92 AL: Study unit 8 Review, sections IV and V; Read pp. 241-245;
answer question on p. 245
Wkbk: Do assigned dictionary ex. For L95
Book Review 4: Continue reading book for L102
93 AL: Read pp. 246-249
Wkbk: Assigned dictionary ex are due in L95
Composition: the planning of your narrative is due
VS: Do p. 54, ex. D
94 AL: Read pp. 250-254; answer p. 256, #1
Wkbk: Finish assigned dictionary exercise
Composition: First draft of narrative is due. Bring Composition
Checksheet to class
95 AL: Read pp. 255-256; answer question on p. 255, and #2 on p. 256
Composition: Rewritten draft of narrative is due; use Composition
VS: Do p. 54, ex. E
Cont. reading book for report in L102
96 AL: Rad 257-263; answer p. 263, #1
Wkbk: Do ex. 82; write substitute words for each
Composition: Edited draft of narrative is due
VS: Study for Quiz 7B over unit 7 Vocab. And Spelling list 7 B in next
97 AL: Read pp. 264-269; answer p. 266, 1 and p 268 #1
Composition: Write final draft of narrative for next lesson
98 AL: Begin studying for Test 7 over units 8-9 in L100 Answer p. 270,
part III of Unit 9 Review, giving titles and important facts for each
Handbook: Write a 5-question quiz with agreement sentences where
students have a choice of answer (see section 9)
99 AL: study for Test 7 over units 8-9 in next lesson
Hdbk: Study for Test 7 over sections 8-9 and 27-28 in next lesson
100 AL: Read 271-278; answer p. 278, #5
Hndbk: Read sections 47.1-47.3 , the paraphrase
Finish book for L102