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Trinity Tidings

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church ELCA

A UGUS T 2012 V OLU M E 6, IS SUE 8 Our Mission Statement: Sharing the Word of God Through Worship and Teaching, With Love and Service, In Our Congregation and Our Community.

Vacation Bible School August 10-12, 2012 Friday, August 10, 5:30-8:30 dinner served Saturday, August 11, 9:00 AM -3:30 PM lunch served Sunday, August 12, 10:30 - lunch

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Pastor Peterson Trinity's Council News 2 3-5 ___________________________ __________________________ Service to Others Birthdays ____________________________ Notes of Thanks News for Women of TLC Circle News 7 6

Sunday, August 12th for the Annual Church Picnic Plan to come to the Annual Church Picnic Sunday Aug. 12th following worship. Everyone is asked to bring a dish to share. Fried chicken, drinks, plates, silverware and condiments will be provided. A sign up sheet is posted in the lobby, so that we may order enough chicken for all. The WTLC will again have a Silent Auction as part of the fun and fellowship. Please join us for good food, good friends, fun and help support this ministry. Congregational Life Committee SILENT AUCTION at Trinity Annual Picnic. WTLC will again be sponsoring the SILENT AUCTION on Sunday August 12th. Please plan to donate time, talent or items for the Silent Auction to be held at the picnic. Any items are welcome and may be brought to the Church before August 10th. Thanking you in advance for your donations.


VO LUM E 6 , I S SUE 8

The Latest from Pastor Peterson

[Paul reminded the Corinthians] I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither the one who planted nor the one who waters is anything, but only God who gives growth. I Corinthians 3:6-7 Dear Sisters and brothers in Christ, +Peace+ Just outside my office window our Green Teams community garden has been growing like gangbusters. Peppers, basil, and marigolds are strong, beautiful, and fragrant. The tomato vines are just about tall enough to give the office shade. It took us three years, but if at first we did not succeed with this garden, weve tried and tried again, until it finally looks like weve found a way into fruitfulness. Walk by and check it out this Sunday. Way to go, Green Team! Our community garden grows in distinct contrast from my own at home. Ive been working on it of years and I got out in good time this spring to plant it, but from then on Ive neglected it. It turns out that if you want to have a fruitful garden, you cant just put stuff into the groundyou also have to weed and water. This year Ive been too consumed with other things to care for my home garden. In a year when nature has not supplied much rain, my lack of care has been disastrous. My greens, corn, beans and tomatoes are shriveled, though the weeds are doing absolutely great. I wont be harvesting much of anything this year. Here at Old Trinity the end of the summer is the time to plan out and prepare for the ministries well begin or resume or refresh in the fall. It may be that you also find that your own life tends to run in a September-to-September cycle. Planning out our ministries and making plans for our lives are a lot like planning and organizing a garden. And as Ive learned at home, theres not much point in planting a garden if we are not going to care for it. It seems to me that prayer and daily scripture reading are to life and ministry what weeding and watering are to a garden. Prayer is like weeding: in prayer we identify the cares and concerns which would choke or crowd out that which we hope will bear fruit in our lives, we pull up those cares, and we throw them into a heapat Gods feet. In daily bible reading we dip our ladle into the well of the water of life and pour the Word onto our lives and ministries. Through these, prayer and divine reading, God gives growth. This fall Ill be challenging and nudging, each of our ministry groups, teams, committees, and organizations to begin each meeting with a considerable time for prayer and divine reading, for the sake of the growth of the ministries God wishes to bear fruit here. I also urge all members of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church to daily weed and water the garden which is your lives, that you may enjoy with abundance the fruits of the Spirit. +Peace+ Pastor Chuck [The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, 23gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against such things. 24And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. 25If we live by the Spirit, let us also be guided by the Spirit.--Galatians 5:22-25


VO LUM E 6 , I S SUE 8

Presidents Report Hopefully everyone is having a great summer. So far this summer, we have been able to experience a new contemporary approach to the singing of our hymns on Sunday, which will be used occasionally throughout the year. The Women of the Church had a very successful Red, White, and Boom! event. We have been able to enjoy a couple of ice cream socials. And groups are working to develop more activities. Judging by attendance on Sundays, people have been enjoying vacations. While you have hopefully had a super time away from home, please remember to keep current with your offering pledges. Were running a tight budget right now, so please be sure to provide the funds on which the budget was constructed. Lets be the exception to the trend of lower income during the summer. While we are all relaxing this summer, things are still happening at Trinity. August is going to be a very busy month. Vacation Bible school will occur on Friday through Sunday, August 10-12. We will be taking Water Lessons on those days and everyone can participate. (Be sure to register by August 3rd.) On that Sunday, the twelfth, we will be enjoying the annual congregation picnic. The church will host a follow-up breakfast for representatives from the downtown churches on Wednesday, August 15th, to try and coordinate the services being provided by all of these congregations. On the 24th, you can give the gift of life at the Trinity blood drive to be held on that Friday from 2 to 7. Make sure you participate in as many of these activities as you can. As you can see, theres a lot going on at Old Trinity. We hope to see you being a part of as many of these events as you can. They promise fellowship and fun. Come join in. Vacation Bible School Vacation Bible School will be returning to Old Trinity August 10-12. Participants will be learning Water Lessons to see how the Lord is working through us. Activities will begin with dinner on Friday evening and end with the Congregation Picnic on Sunday. In between will be lessons, singing, crafts, recreation activities, and a lot of fun. You need to get registered so we know to expect you. Forms are available on line or at the entrance to the church. Programs will be available for children and for adults. Everyone can be a part of our Bible school. Dont miss out on the chance to improve your knowledge of the Word in fun, exciting ways. Come to Trinitys Bible school in August.

Trinity Blood Drive August 24th, 2-7 pm


VO LUM E 6 , I S SUE 8

New Sunday School programs for children and youth begin this fall Starting in September, Trinity will provide some new Sunday School programming for our children and youth. The programs include: our ongoing program for children ages 3 through fifth grade, a new pre-confirmation program for students in sixth grade a program for high school youth.

Our programs for adults include: Wednesday evening Bible study Sunday morning Bible study Adult Forum - will continue.

Special Spiritual Formation team meeting The Spiritual Formation team will meet Tuesday, August 7, at 6 p.m. to continue preparations for fall programming. The group's next regular monthly meeting will be Thursday, August 16, at 6 p.m. Everyone is welcome, so please plan to attend.

Save the date! Trinitys Rally Day is Sunday, September 9.


VO LUM E 6 , I S SUE 8

Garden Update

Whats that smell? Its wonderful. It smells like an herb shop in here. If you were in the kitchen or fellowship hall following worship on Sunday, July 15, you also may have experienced the wonderful aromas of fresh basil, chives, dill and parsley. That was the first day we picked fresh herbs from our garden and hung them to dry. We also made fresh herbs available for members on Sunday, July 22. If you have use for any of these fresh organic herbs, please help yourself and pick what you can use. Dried herbs will be available in a few weeks. There is plenty. Some of our tomatoes are getting quite large, although they are still very green. There may be some ripe tomatoes available by the time this newsletter is printed, mailed and delivered. Our sweet green pepper plants are looking good but are not yet bearing fruit. Volunteers still are needed to help water, weed and pick. Please sign up on the bulletin board or contact LeNan Empey at
New Adult Forum Class Topics for Fall/Winter

Trinitys Spiritual Formation team is working on fall and winter programming for the Adult Forum class that will resume in September. The team is excited to offer a class on the history of Trinity, to be lead by Robert Neymeyer. We also are looking at a series offered through Green Faith that will help us look at environmental stewardship and how we use resources, including energy, within our place of worship.

We Welcome Alexis Jordan Wilhelm born on July 11, 2012 to proud parents Jaqueline Graham and Geoffrey Wilhelm.


Volume 6, Issue 8

Service to Trinity in August

Greeters 05 Marcia Buban 12 Beth Fraley 19 Peg Beeson 26 Bev Speasmaker Lectors 05 Timothy Edwards 12 Evan Hively 19 Jill Brandt 26 Matt Heinlein Worship Assistants 05 Evan Hively 12 Earl Dickerson 19 Timothy Edwards 26 Sheila Hively Cantors Kristina Tucker Emily Godshalk Maura McClelland Neal Coryell

Service to our Community

FAITH MISSION The next date for Faith Mission is Thursday, August 23rd at 6:30pm Dinner is served from 6:45 to 7:45pm. Please be at Faith Mission by 6:30pm. Those serving at Faith Mission in July were: Dwight Garner, Karen Gunderman, Kathleen Phillips, Cathy Johnston, Mike Loyd. For more information on service at Faith Mission, contact Sharon Thacker at 443-6149. Thank you again, Sharon Thacker
While serving at Faith Mission please take all safety precautions. Please wear closed-toed shoes, all clothing must cover arms and abdomen. Shorts must not rise higher than the knee. Long hair should be covered by a hair net. Volunteers who are not dressed appropriately will be asked to reschedule their service. Please understand this is for your safety.

Altar Guild Anita Minshall, Nancy Robinson Communion Bread Baker Marcia Buban Open/Close Peg Beeson Ushers Peg Beeson-Captain, Sharon Heinlein, Janet Robertson, Dorothy Bazell, Anita Telfer Offering Assistants Anita Minshall, Nancy Robinson

LUTHERAN SOCIAL SERVICES (LSS) FOOD PANTRY Remember to sign-up on SIGNUP CENTRAL the bulletin board in the lobby for this very important service for our community. Contact Mary Roberts at 614-588-2031 or email: for information on Saturday service at the LSS food pantry. Contact Bev Speasmaker at 231-2891 if you would like to help during the week.

AUGUST BIRTHDAYS WISHAugust 04 Kenneth Fultz August 05 Bob Nida August 05 Kurt Barger August 08 Rachel Hammer August 08 Jennifer Brello August 12 Myles Heinlein August 15 Mark Hively August 16 Darcy McCarthy August 17 Peg Beeson August 18 Robert Forks August 18 Chris Myers August 23 Olive Workman August 24 Neal Coryell August 26 Kirsten Kilhefner August 29 Christiane Buuck August 30 Jaqueline Graham August 31 Dorothy Bazell

Volunteers are always needed.

Samaritan Update from 6/23-7/23 32 lunch bags 4 State ID 4 $10.00 gas vouchers 16 COTA Day passes Each month Trinity is able to help assist people with Cota Day Passes. We also assist people each month by helping them to get their State ID. Another program Trinity offers is gasoline for your vehicle. We currently work with a local BP station. Trinity continues to offer brown lunch bags with bottled water for those in need.



NEWS FROM THE WOMEN OF TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH Shirley Griffin, President RACHEL CIRCLE Rachel Circle's next meeting will be August 2nd at 12:00 p.m. Table prayers will be presented by Amanda Greiner and the word is Women.
HANNAH CIRCLE will meet on Monday, August 20 at 7:00 pm. Bible Study Leader and Hostess will be Peg Beeson. Please remember to bring your bars of soap for Lutheran World Relief. We will continue to collect soap through October.

SILENT AUCTION at Trinity Annual Picnic. WTLC will again be sponsoring the SILENT AUCTION on Sunday August 12th. Please plan to donate time, talent or items for the Silent Auction to be held at the picnic. Any items will welcome and may be brought to the Church before August 10th. Thanking you in advance for your donations.

There is a need for bath size bars of soap. Trinity will be collecting soap until October 2, 2012. Please bring your donations to the church before the October cutoff date. There will be a collection box located in the Fellowship Hall. Your love offering will be used to support the activities of Lutheran World Relief where there is a need. If you have any questions contact Sharon Thacker at 443-6149.

My name is Sergeant First Class Joshua Mann and I am the historian for the Ohio Army National Guard. Additionally, I am a member of the Ohio War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission. June 18, 2012 marks the 200th anniversary of the declaration of war beginning the War of 1812. The Ohio War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission is committed to creating awareness of this important time in our country's history and Ohio's involvement in this 3-year action. Our first big project is a flag raising remembrance event to be held at the Statehouse on June 18, 2012. The Commission has purchased a fifteen star, fifteen strip flag (also known as the Star Spangled Banner) that will be raised there. At noon we will ring the state's bicentennial bell to bring in the start of this commemoration. This nationwide initiative is led by the United States Daughters of 1812 and is appropriately titled "Ring the Bells for 1812". As a downtown church we hope you can help us by ringing your bells at noon. Imagine the grand sound of these bells filling the streets of our capitol city in honor of those Buckeyes that made great sacrifices 200 years ago. Thank you to Shirley Griffin, Mark Plescia and Mary Reed-Farris for ringing the church bells for this occasion.

Please continue to save ink and toner cartridges Staples will recycle ink and toner cartridges and give us money back which then gives us rewards to purchase church supplies.

WTLC ICE CREAM SOCIAL UPDATE held June 3 and July 15 was a big success again this year. Thanks to everyone that stopped to have some ice cream treats.

The smallest things can change our lives, one hand reaching out to another, one prayer whispered in faith, one moment that shines with His presence... Thinking of you with deep appreciation and warmest thanks for hosting the Central Ohio Conference Spring Gathering. Everything was great! Gods Blessing on everyone. Dolanise Bray

RED, WHITE & BOOM UPDATE!!! WOW did we have fun this year at RWB. We made a profit of almost $600.00. The Women Broad would like to thanks everyone who came out and supported us this year. We especially would like to thank Matt Heinlein for getting things ready for us. We are grateful for all the volunteers that work so hard in the hot weather, Pastor Peterson, David Huskey, Larry Faelchle, Anita Telfer, Frank Bazell, Todd and Susan Downs, Arlene Dykeman, Beth Fraley and Greg and Jill Brandt.

The TLC Caregivers annual picnic is Tuesday, August 7th at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Frank and Dorothy Bazell.

August 2012
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The deadline for submission of articles for the September Trinity Tidings is Wednesday, August 15th at 12:30p.m. Assembly of the Trinity Tidings will be Monday, August 20th at 10:00 a.m.

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Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is a Reconciling in Christ Congregation. The members of Trinity Lutheran Church recognize that God loves, Forgives, and calls each of us unconditionally and that every human being is created in the image of God. As a result, we welcome all people into our community of faith and invite them to join us as we seek to understand Gods love for us and struggle to be faithful messengers of that love in the world. Although our world is a place of alienation and brokenness, Christ calls us to reconciliation and wholeness. In response, we join hands with all our sisters and brothers, grateful for the unique gifts that each of us has to offer, regardless of our race, age, gender identity, marital status, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, national origin, or economic status. We celebrate together both the diversity of Gods creation and our unity as Gods people.