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Dear Mr.


Greetings Mr. Obama, I am Hunter Pritchett representing the Antihypocritians in Quinlan, Texas. I am writing you today to evaluate your time in office based on the facts that exemplify themselves. I am currently a sophomore at Ford High School in Quinlan, Texas and I am taking all advanced classes that better prepare me to be an active US citizen. I, and the rest of my party, have been evaluating your actions in the presidency for the four years that you have been office with great scrutiny that has not been impaired with prejudice. My following statements accurately portray your time in office- the good items and the bad items.

Starting off on a good note, I believe that your presidency has been overall good. You have done well to pass bills with a mostly republican congress, and you have done well to secure the image of America. I understand that you have been under attack lately about the economic crisis, and I understand that a lot of that was not your fault. Other things you have done well include your response to domestic and foreign affairs. I believe you handled yourself greatly during the shooting involving Congresswomen Mrs. Giffords. Your speech there was magnificent and still echoes in your political history. So far you have done a great job in representing America and her values.

Some things I think you have done poorly generally revolve around your health care plan. Having a most in the home health field (she owns American Home Care) I understand that wrongs that have been imposed to those within the health care field and the ineffectiveness of the plan. I think that the plan was a major downside to your presidency that needs to be revised or revoked. I am not the only one. We understand that you are acting out of the common good of the lower and middle class but in the real world that cannot happen like it does in fairy tales. Many people in the professional world have been disappointed with your decisions regarding the bailouts as well, I am one of them. The ideal of America having a free enterprise system was breached when you allowed the bailout.

The actions you have made in your past term in office have generally directly affected your "reelectability" this year. It is obvious that the republicans will not vote for you, but most speculate that you will win this year's election. I believe that you will be reelected this year solely because of how America feels about our current economic crisis. I would personally not vote for you based on how your breached American values with the bailouts. You are a credible man whom I have great respect for without a doubt.


Hunter Pritchett