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About MercBelize : Commodity Futures, Commodities Exchange The Mercantile Exchange of Belize (MercBelize), is an offshore exchange, domicil ed in Belize.

It is unique in that it is an all-electronic, one-hundred-percent online exchange that is tradable from anywhere in the world. The Exchange is lic ensed by the International Financial Services Commission of Belize .bz License No: IFSC/60/161/TS/11 issued under the International Financial Servi ces Commission (Licensing) Regulations (S.I 67 of 2007) and is authorized to tra de a wide range of commodity and financial derivatives. The Exchange maintains i ts own clearinghouse, enabling it to clear all contracts traded by the exchange. MercBelize will be marketed both online and through representative offices that will be established worldwide We at MercBelize are committed to operate a world-class mercantile exchange that is both cost-efficient (through its Automated Trading System) and transparent. MercBelize will allow market participants all over the world to manage risk whil e offering a plethora of profitable trading opportunities. The exchange will be self-regulating; supplementing to the oversight provided by the International Fi nancial Services Commission and will provide trading and clearing systems that a re both safe and secure. Mission To initiate and operate a robust, cost-efficient, multi-asset-class exchange tha t is well regulated and transparent, serving customers, and which is internation ally accessible to trade cash instruments, structured products and other financi al instruments, which includes commodity and financial derivatives. When accessed through MercBelize electronic trading platform and its plug-and-tr ade portal, it will allow market participants to utilize the Exchange to manage risk and enable profitable investments in a secure environment with central coun terparty clearing. The Exchange expects to pioneer a new level of internationalstandard financial trading to all participants. Vision To make MercBelize the strongest, most cost efficient, liquid and transparent mu lti-asset offshore exchange accessible to global users, with ease of access. The Mercantile Exchange of Belize will become the recognized venue for price dis covery for the products it will trade, driven by MercBelize members and their cl ients to meet the market conditions and requirements. By pooling regional liquidity and capital of its members from around the world, MercBelize will concentrate and retain that liquidity and capital within one mar ket, creating an environment of virtuous circle solely for investment and growth opportunities.