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Steven Maviglio 1901 45th Street Sacramento CA 95819

July 31, 2012 Mr. Chris Parker, Vice Chairman Democratic Party of Sacramento County 1033 S Street, Suite 200 Sacramento, California 95814 Dear Mr. Parker: I am writing to request that the Sacramento Democratic Party officially discipline, and remove, Ms. Kerri Asbury as Chairman of the Democratic Party for repeated violations of the Partys Bylaws, including a press release/letter concerning our Democratic Mayor Kevin Johnson, under the provisions in the Bylaws, Article 5. As a former elected delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Sacramento, elected delegate to the California Democratic Partys State Convention, and staff member to three Democratic Assembly Speakers and to a Democratic Governor, as well as serving as an elected Democratic legislator, I am outraged my Ms. Asburys personal grudge against Mayor Johnson being extended to the business of the Sacramento Democratic Party. The last time I looked, the Sacramento County Democratic Party should be spending its energy and resources on electing Democrats not attacking members of its own party -- articularly a Mayor who is actively raising funds for our presidential nominee and who just last week testified before the Democratic National Committee on behalf of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. Ms. Asbury has repeatedly spoken against Mayor Johnson because of her own personal history with Sacramento High School. She is welcome to do that as an individual. But to use the Sacramento County Democratic Party as a forum to elevate her personal disagreements with our Democratic mayor, is in appropriate and a violation of the County Partys Bylaws. The Bylaws speak very clearly about the purpose of the Democratic Party in Section 2. Purpose: Democrats united to serve and elect Democrats for the common good. Ms. Asburys actions serve none of those purposes and are clearly beyond the bounds of the committee and her role of chairperson. In fact, her actions directly contradict the purpose of the committee to bring Democrats together and elect Democrats. In addition, Article 5, Section 2 of the Committees Bylaws require discipline of any County Committee member who violates provisions (C) unbecoming conduct (H) Publicly advocating that the voters should not vote for the nominee of the Democratic Party for any office; and (J) Supporting a candidate who is opposed to a candidate

nominated for any office by the California Democratic Party. Ms. Asbury has been actively involved in opposing Mayor Johnsons election, and it is my understanding that he assisted with the efforts to not only oppose any endorsement of Mayor Johnson, but assisted in efforts to assist the candidacy of one of his opponents, Jonathan Rewers, a registered Republican and Schwarzenegger contributor. Sacramento Democrats elect our party leaders to work on behalf of Democrats not work against them. Under the provisions of the County Bylaws, I request that you hold a disciplinary hearing as soon as possible. Please provide me with notice of this hearing so that I, along with many other Sacramento County Democrats, can attend. Thank you,

Steven Maviglio