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31. Job satisfaction is a persons attitude towards the job.

Positive attitude to wards the job are equivalent to job satisfaction where as negative attitude towa rds the job isequivalent to job dissatisfaction. Job satisfaction has been defin e variously from time to time. The term job satisfaction refers to an individual s general attitude towards his orher job, while a person who is dissatisfied wit h his or her works holds negative attitude about the job Definition: Human resource management is a management functions tha t helps manager s recruit, select train and develop members for an organization. It focuses on the people in organizations According to Michael J . Jucius defined a s the field of management which has to do with planning, organizing, directing andcont rolling the functions of procuring ,developing .maintaining and utilizing the la bourforce . , such that the 1. Objectives of the company is established are attainedeconomically and effecti vely , 2. Objectives of all levels of personnel are served to thehighest possibl e degree, and 3. Objectives of society are dually cons idered and served. HRM can be defined as managing (planning, organizing ,directing and controlling )thefunction s of employing ,developing and compensating human resource resultin g in thecreation and development of human relations with a view to contribute pr oportionatelydue to them) to the organizational ,individual and social goals. Hu man ResourceManagement function concerned with hiring, motivating and maintainin g people in anorganization. It focuses on people in organizations. Human Resourc e views people as animportant source or asset to be used for the benefit of orga nizations, employees and thesociety. It is emerging as a distinct philosophy of management aiming at policies thatpromote mutuality mutual goals, mutual respects, mutual rewards and mutualresponsibilities. The be lief is that policies of mutuality will elicit commitment which inturn will yiel d both better economic performance and greater human resourcedevelopment.32. Com ponents of human resource are skills knowledge value Creative ability. Humanreso urce management: While managing the human resources one has to perform taskslike a. Employing the people b. Developing the resources c. Utilizing the resources andcompensating their services in tune with the job and organizational requireme nts Humanresource refers to the knowledge skills abilities talents aptitude, val ues and beliefs of anorganization s workforce. Knowledge skills, creative abilities and talents play animportant r ole in deciding the efficiency and effectiveness of an organizationsworkforce. H uman resource development improves the utilization value of anorganization. The difference in the level of performance of two organizations alsodepends on utili zation value of human resources. SOURCES OF JOB SATISFACTIONSeveral job elements contribute to job satisfaction. The most important among them arewage structure , nature of work, promotion chances, quality of supervision, work group,working conditions. Wages Wages play a significant role in influencing job satisfaction. This is because of two reasons. First, money is an important instrument in fulfi lling onesneeds and two employees often see pay as a reflection of management co ncern for them.Employees want pay system, which. Is simple, fair and in line wit h their expectation.