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Rajesh Reddy Dornala

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Rajesh is a B.Tech graduate who has been currently working as Probationary Business Leader at Hasman Software Solutions in Oracle Applications since Jun-11 with experience of 8 months. During his tenure with Hasman he has worked on various areas related to Oracle Applications such as Setting up Set of Books, Multi-org Configuration, Setting up BOM, Routings, Costing, Purchasing and Wip in oracle 11i and Release12. He has good working knowledge in various technical areas of Oracle Applications such as SQL, PLSQL, RDF, XML Publisher, Discoverer Reports, Form Customizations and Form Personalizations etc. He developed POCs/ Reusable Components for various Interface/ Conversion programs that are being showcased/ demonstrated to various Customers of Hasman.

Oracle Applications Skills

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System Administration - Creation of Users, Responsibilities, Profile Options, Menus, Concurrent Programs, Value Sets etc General Ledger – Fundamentals of Accounting, Concepts of SOB, Multi Currencies, COA, Calendars etc Multi Org - Organizations, Organization Classifications, LE, OU, INV Org, BG, Org Access etc Inventory - Inventory Org Setup, Inventory Parameters, Subinventories, Attribute Controls, Status Controls, Setting up Items etc Bills of Material: Setting up Departments, Resources, Routings and Bills of Material Cost Management: Standard Costing, Setting up Costs, Rollup Costs Purchasing- Purchasing Options, Receiving Options, Create POs and Receiving Transactions. Payables- Financial Options, Payables Options, Creating Supplier and AP Invoice. Work In Process – WIP parameters, WIP Accounting Classes, WIP discrete jobs, WIP material Transactions, WIP Resource Transactions, WIP value summary etc.

104, Pragati Elegance, B/S Kolan Raghava Reddy Garden, Nizampet Road, Hyder Nagar, Hyderabad – 500 085 Ph: +91-40-64645510 www.hasmansoft.com


Technical Skills

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SQL/ PLSQL - Concepts of SQL, Sublanguages, Functions, Procedures, Packages, Triggers, Cursors, Loops and Conditional Operators etc Oracle Reports (RDF & XML) - Different types of Reports, Developing RDF and XML Publisher Reports, Converting RDF Reports into XML, Managing rtf templates etc Interfaces – Items Interface Supplier Interface Purchase Order Interface Tools – SqlDeveloper, Winscp

Probationary Business Leader | H a s m a n S o f t w a r e S o l u t i o n s P v t L t d JUL-2011 – Till Date Rajesh has worked on the below applications and components during his tenure with Hasman.

Customer Type of Engagement Duration Applications Involved Environment
Scope of Engagement:

: NeoPhotonics : R12 Upgrade Testing : JAN-12 till date : INV, BOM And WIP. : Oracle Apps 11i, Reports 10g, Discoverer Reports.

NeoPhotonics is a leading provider of optical components, modules and subsystems that enable the delivery of video, voice and data over telecommunications and cable TV networks. Neophotonics has been using Oracle Applications 11i to perform its Business Operations and is currently upgrading it to version Release 12. The testing part of the upgrade is being performed from Offshore by Hasman.

Rajesh is proposed to be involved in the Testing assignment of R12 upgrade. Hence he worked on the Familiarization part of the project through executing the Business Process Test scripts in Current 11i Version of Oracle Applications. He had executed the below test scripts and familiarized the Neo environment in the related Business Functions. List of Processes/ Reports Tested and Familiarized • MFG – Manufacturing Finished Goods Based On Standard BOM • MFG – Manufacturing Finished Goods with OSP • NEO Single BOM Single Cost Extension
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104, Pragati Elegance, B/S Kolan Raghava Reddy Garden, Nizampet Road, Hydernagar, Hyderabad – 500 085 Ph: +91-40-64645510 www.hasmansoft.com


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POC On Sub Ledger Accounting Verified All Setups In R12 Prepared Documentation For GL Module Setups

Customer Type of Engagement Duration Applications Involved Environment
Scope of Engagement:

: Hasman Software Solutions : POC/ Reusable Component Development : JUN-11 till date : GL, INV, BOM, PURCHASING, PAYABLES And WIP. : Oracle Apps 11i, Reports 10g, Discoverer Reports

Hasman is emerging IT Consulting Company focussed in ERP Applications particularly in the space of Oracle Applications. As part of its business, Hasman Builds various POCs and Reusable Components to provide quick and cost efficient solutions to its Customers.

Rajesh has participated as a Techofunctional Consultant in a POC that was intended to implement Oracle Applications for a Discrete Manufacturing Organization. He played the role of Manufacturing Consultant and performed the following activities during this POC.

Functional • Conceptualization of COA Structure and setting up Set of Books in Oracle • Conceptualization of Organization Structure and Setting up Multi Org in Oracle Applications • Implementing Data Access Security at OU level and Inventory Organization level • Conceptualizing the Manufacturing Process, Setting up Resources, Departments, Routings and BOM • Setting up Costs and Cost rollup • Setting up Oracle HRMS and Purchasing Modules to create Purchase Orders • Creation and Approval of Purchase Orders • Receiving goods against Purchase Orders • Setting up Payables and Creation of Payable Invoices • Setting up wip parameters, wip Accounting Classes and creation of wip discrete jobs, performing wip material Transactions and wip Resource Transactions. Technical Rajesh has developed the below components during his tenure with Hasman
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104, Pragati Elegance, B/S Kolan Raghava Reddy Garden, Nizampet Road, Hydernagar, Hyderabad – 500 085 Ph: +91-40-64645510 www.hasmansoft.com


Reports • Purchase Order Report RDF • Sales Order Report Using XML And RDF • Standard Purchase Order Report Modification • Purchase Order Report (XML Report without RDF by using PL/SQL Stored procedure) • Inventory Value Report using Discoverer. Interfaces • Items Interface using Open Interface with Insert and Update functionality. • Supplier Interface using Open Interface. • Purchase Order Interface using Open Interface Form Personalization • Defaulting of values • Adding concurrent program window to the tools menu • Displaying the messages • Restricting the user not to work on holidays.

B.Tech (Computer Science Engineering) from Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science Affiliated to Kakatiya University (Passed out in 2010 with 66.6%) BIE (Board of Intermediate Examination) – Nalanda Jr College (MPC), Vijayawada (Passed out in 2006 with 90%) SSC – Vani Vidyalayam, Sattupalli, Khammam Dist (Passed out in 2004 with 89%)

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104, Pragati Elegance, B/S Kolan Raghava Reddy Garden, Nizampet Road, Hydernagar, Hyderabad – 500 085 Ph: +91-40-64645510 www.hasmansoft.com

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